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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SGSouth

    Version: 2.0.0 | Updated: 01/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Guide Introduction
      1. About The Game
      2. About The Guide
      3. Version History
    2. Main Game Introduction
      1. The Story
      2. Characters
      3. Controls
      4. Items
      5. Mechanisms
      6. Enemies
      7. Bosses
    3. World 1
      1. World 1-1: Super Bell Hill
      2. World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave
      3. World 1-A: Chargin' Chuck Blockade
      4. World 1-3: Mount Beanpole
      5. World 1-4: Plessie's Plunging Falls
      6. World 1-5: Switch Scramble Circus
      7. World 1-T: Captain Toad Goes Forth
      8. World 1-Z: Bowser's Highway Showdown
    4. World 2
      1. World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon
      2. World 2-2: Puffprod Peaks
      3. World 2-3: Shadow-Play Alley
      4. World 2-4: Really Rolling Hills
      5. World 2-A: Big Galoomba Blockade
      6. World 2-M: Mystery House Melee
      7. World 2-5: Double Cherry Pass
      8. World 2-Z: Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade
    5. World 3
      1. World 3-1: Snowball Park
      2. World 3-2: Chainlink Charge
      3. World 3-3: Shifty Boo Mansion
      4. World 3-4: Pretty Plaza Panic
      5. World 3-A: Kamek Blockade
      6. World 3-T: Captain Toad Makes a Splash
      7. World 3-5: Pipeline Lagoon
      8. World 3-6: Mount Must Dash
      9. World 3-7: Switchboard Falls
      10. World 3-Z: The Bullet Bill Express
      11. World 3-B: A Banquet with Hisstocrat
    6. World 4
      1. World 4-1: Ant Trooper Hill
      2. World 4-2: Piranha Creeper Creek
      3. World 4-A: Brolder Blockade
      4. World 4-3: Beep Block Skyway
      5. World 4-4: High Bounce Highlands
      6. World 4-M: Mystery House Mad Dash
      7. World 4-B: Fire Bros. Hideout #1
      8. World 4-5: Spike's Lost City
      9. World 4-Z: Lava Rock Lair
    7. World 5
      1. World 5-1: Sunshine Seaside
      2. World 5-T: Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo
      3. World 5-2: Tricky Trapeze Theatre
      4. World 5-3: Backstreet Bustle
      5. World 5-A: Chargin' Chuck Blockade Is Back
      6. World 5-4: Sprawling Savanna
      7. World 5-5: Bob-ombs Below
      8. World 5-6: Cakewalk Flip
      9. World 5-B: Fire Bros. Hideout #2
      10. World 5-7: Searchlight Sneak
      11. World 5-Z: King Kathunk's Castle
    8. World 6
      1. World 6-1: Clear Pipe Cruise
      2. World 6-2: Spooky Seaside Wreck
      3. World 6-B: Fire Bros. Hideout #3
      4. World 6-3: Hands-On Hall
      5. World 6-4: Deep Jungle Drift
      6. World 6-A: Prince Bully Blockade
      7. World 6-5: Ty-Foo Flurries
      8. World 6-6: Bullet Bill Base
      9. World 6-7: Fuzzy Flood Mine
      10. World 6-M: Mystery House Throwdown
      11. World 6-Z: Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade
      12. World 6-C: Motley Bossblob's Big Battle
    9. World Castle
      1. World Castle-1: Fort Fire Bros.
      2. World Castle-2: Switchblack Ruins
      3. World Castle-3: Red-Hot Run
      4. World Castle-4: Boiling Blue Bully Belt
      5. World Castle-C: Fire Bros. Hideout #4
      6. World Castle-A: Brolder Blockade Is Back
      7. World Castle-B: Prince Bully Blockade Is Back
      8. World Castle-5: Trick Trap Tower
      9. World Castle-6: Rammerhead Reef
      10. World Castle-T: Captain Toad Gets Thwomped
      11. World Castle-7: Simmering Lava Lake
      12. World Castle-Z: Bowser's Lava Lake Keep
    10. World Bowser
      1. World Bowser-1: Spiky Spike Bridge
      2. World Bowser-2: Plessie's Dune Downhill
      3. World Bowser-3: Cookie Cogworks
      4. World Bowser-Y: The Bowser Express
      5. World Bowser-4: Footlight Lane
      6. World Bowser-5: Deepwater Dungeon
      7. World Bowser-6: A Beam in the Dark
      8. World Bowser-M: Mystery House Claw Climb
      9. World Bowser-7: Grumblump Inferno
      10. World Bowser-A: Motley Bossblob's Encore
      11. World Bowser-B: Hisstocrat Returns
      12. World Bowser-Z: The Great Tower of Bowser World
    11. World Star
      1. World Star-1: Rainbow Run
      2. World Star-2: Super Galaxy
      3. World Star-3: Rolling Ride Run
      4. World Star-4: The Great Goal Pole
      5. World Star-5: Super Block Land
      6. World Star-6: Honeycomb Starway
      7. World Star-T: Captain Toad Takes a Spin
      8. World Star-7: Gargantuan Grotto
      9. World Star-8: Peepa's Fog Bog
      10. World Star-9: Cosmic Cannon Cluster
    12. World Mushroom
      1. World Mushroom-1: Night Falls on Really Rolling Hills
      2. World Mushroom-M: Mystery House Brawl
      3. World Mushroom-2: Spiky Mount Beanpole
      4. World Mushroom-3: Deep Black Jungle Drift
      5. World Mushroom-4: Trouble in Shadow-Play Alley
      6. World Mushroom-5: Back to Hands-On Hall
      7. World Mushroom-6: Gigantic Seasick Wreck
      8. World Mushroom-7: Broken Boiling Blue Belt
    13. World Flower
      1. World Flower-1: Switch Shock Circus
      2. World Flower-2: Floating Fuzzy Flood Mine
      3. World Flower-3: Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark
      4. World Flower-4: Faster Fort Fire Bros.
      5. World Flower-5: Sprawling Savanna Rabbit Run
      6. World Flower-6: Shiftier Boo Mansion
      7. World Flower-7: Pipeline Boom Lagoon
      8. World Flower-8: Blast Block Skyway
      9. World Flower-9: Towering Sunshine Seaside
      10. World Flower-10: Honeycomb Skyway
      11. World Flower-11: Spiky Spike Bridge Sneak
      12. World Flower-12: Boss Blitz
    14. World Crown
      1. World Crown-T: Captain Toad's Fiery Finale
      2. World Crown-M: Mystery House Marathon
      3. World Crown-C: Champion Road
      4. Now What?
    15. Menus
      1. World Map
      2. Pause Menu
      3. Minus Menu
    16. FAQ
    17. The Three Cs
      1. Credits
      2. Copyright
      3. Contact Me

    Super Mario 3D World


    Written by Sean Sutherland (SGSouth)

    (C) 2013

    Version 2.0.0

    Guide Introduction

    I'll start by saying: if there is anything you feel I could do to improve the guide, let me know. See Contact Me for my e-mail.

    About The Game

    Super Mario 3D World is the sequel to Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. These two games were created as hybrids of the two kinds of Mario platformers: 2D, like New Super Mario Bros., and 3D, like Super Mario Galaxy. 3D Land was an experiment that worked out incredibly well, providing addicting gameplay and sweet, sweet music. The levels were unique and creative, the new powerups worked wonders, and the story was kept simple - the way it should be in a Mario platformer. 3D World built up from 3D Land, adding in multiplayer, a new puzzle mode, more new enemies and powerups, and tons of levels to play through. Super Mario 3D Land is easily the best Wii U title so far, and if you own a Wii U, you're missing out if you don't give it a try.

    About The Guide

    The purpose of this guide is to provide you with all the information you need to play the game to 100% completion. I've listed characters, controls, enemy guides, and a walkthrough for each and every level in the game. I'm also open to taking any questions you have, but please check the FAQ section first to see if your question has already been answered. All feedback - both positive and negative - is appreciated as well.

    Version History

    Guide Started - 4 Dec 2013

    • Version 1.0.0 - 10 Dec 2013
      • First full version of guide completed.
      • Uploaded to GameFAQs.
    • Version 1.0.1 - 24 Dec 2013
      • Fixed strategy for World Star-1 (thanks to Rot8er_ConeX).
      • Uploaded to Neoseeker.
    • Version 1.1.0 - 30 Dec 2013
      • Updated a few level strategies.
      • Added screenshots for World 1 collectables.
    • Version 1.8.0 - 5 Jan 2014
      • Fixed some typos and altered some strategies.
      • Updated the World 3 Layout.
      • Added screenshots to Worlds 2 through Star.
    • Version 2.0.0 - 8 Jan 2014
      • Finished adding screenshots to entire guide.

    The Story

    Bowser has infiltrated the Sprixie Kingdom and kidnapped all of the Sprixie Princesses! ...Yeah, that sounds about right. Naturally the rescue falls to our hero of a plumber, and while Luigi and Toad are back to lend a hand, this time Peach is stepping up to the plate as well. Our four heroes are ready to take Bowser down and save the Sprixie Kingdom - are you?


    Our red and blue hero is back once again. Mario is probably the most recognisable game character in the world, and for good reason. He's ready to pummel Bowser back to where he came from with the help his brother and his friends. Mario is an all-rounded character, meaning that he doesn't have a special ability, but he isn't lacking in skill anywhere either.

    I've written the walkthrough using Mario as my character, unless otherwise stated.


    The younger brother dressed in green returns for another adventure. He doesn't have to spend any more time in Mario's shadow, now that you can choose anyone as Player 1's character. Luigi's talent is his massive high jump, allowing him to reaching places unaccessible by the others. His downside is that his shoes have no grip, causing him to slide around a little.


    Who says a princess can't be the hero? Kick misogyny's butt in a stylish pink dress to show the world that Peach is a force to be reckoned with. Apart from being awesome, Peach can also hover for a few seconds in mid-air. This ability gives her jumps greater range and more control over where she lands. While she runs slower than the others, she'll also break into a sprint quicker.

    Blue Toad

    With Peach taking the third player spot, Blue Toad is without his yellow buddy this time around. Don't let his genericness fool you though - this little fungus can run at higher speeds than the other characters. Once his sprint kicks in, however, he's not so fast anymore. He also can't jump that high.


    The girl from the stars is back! When you beat World Star-2: Super Galaxy, you'll unlock Rosalina. Rosalina has a spin attack in her arsenal that can be used when she doesn't have a powerup. It can also be used as a double-jump. Like Luigi, she has low traction, and like Peach, she runs slower than the others, but she starts sprinting sooner than anyone else.

    Captain Toad

    Captain Toad is playable only in certain levels and the poor guy can't even jump, but that's never stopped him. This spelunker always has a light on his head to help with spelunking, and he's always up for an adventure.


    ActionGamepad / ControllerWii RemoteRemote + Nunchuk
    MoveLeft Control StickDirectional PadControl Stick
    SprintX or Y Button1 ButtonB Button
    JumpA or B Button2 ButtonA Button
    SwimA or B Button2 ButtonA Button
    CrouchZL or ZR ButtonB ButtonZ Button
    BubbleL or R ButtonA ButtonC Button
    Adjust CameraRight Control StickN/ADirectional Pad
    PausePlus ButtonPlus ButtonPlus Button
    View MapMinus ButtonMinus ButtonMinus Button

    Check the game manual for more in-depth controls. You'll find the manual in the HOME Menu.


    • Coin - Collect 100 of them for an extra life.
    • Red Coin - Eight will appear after grabbing a Red Ring. Collect them in time for a powerup.
    • Blue Coin - These appear after pressing certain P Switches. Collect all of them before time runs out.
    • Green Coin - Eight will appear after grabbing a Green Ring. Collect them in time for a Green Star.
    • Green Star - These are hidden throughout every level. Collect them to unlock new levels.
    • Stamp - Most levels have one. Collect them to use them on Miiverse.
    • Key - Some levels have five scattered in them. Collect them to unlock Warp Blocks.
    • 1-Up Mushroom - Grab these for extra lives.
    • Blue + Clock - Pick up these to add 10 seconds to the clock.
    • Green + Clock - Pick up these to add 100 seconds to the clock.


    • Brick Block - Generic brown or grey blocks made of brick. Brown are easily destroyed, grey not so much.
    • ? Block - Yellow blocks marked with a ? symbol. Giant versions also exist.
    • Coin Block - Disguised as Brick Blocks and ? Blocks. Contains multiple Coins.
    • Roulette Block - Item dispensers. The item it gives depends on what it shows as you hit it.
    • POW Block - Blue blocks that send out a shockwave upon being activated.
    • Assist Block - Gives out an Invincibility Leaf. Appears after failing a level five times.
    • Warp Block - Transparent blocks marked with a ! symbol. Acts as a warp to somewhere else in the level.
    • Mystery Box - Purple blocks. Acts as a warp to a bonus room.
    • Crate - Light brown boxes. Easily destroyed and often hide items.


    • Super Mushroom - Grab one to transform Mario into Super Mario.
    • Fire Flower - Gives Mario the ability to shoot fireballs.
    • Super Leaf - Gives Mario the ability to tail whip enemies, as well as glide.
    • Boomerang Flower - Gives Mario the ability to throw boomerangs.
    • Mega Mushroom - Temporarily transforms Mario into Mega Mario.
    • Super Bell - Gives Mario the ability to attack enemies with claws, as well as climb walls.
    • Lucky Bell - Same as the Super Bell, except Ground Pounds turn Mario into a statue.
    • Double Cherry - Clones Mario. A maximum of five clones can be on screen at once.
    • Invincibility Leaf - Makes Mario invincible for the entire level in which it is collected.
    • Propeller Box - Allows Mario to fly upward.
    • Cannon Box - Allows Mario to shoot cannonballs.
    • Light Box - Attaches a spotlight to Mario's head. It can be used to defeat ghosts.
    • Coin Box - Earns Mario Coins as he runs around.
    • Goomba Mask - Disguies Mario to stop him from attracting enemy attention.
    • Ice Skate - Allows Mario to travel quickly across ice.


    • Baseball - Small white balls that can be picked up and thrown multiple times.
    • Bomb - Black balls that explode on impact. They can be picked up and thrown, or kicked.
    • Shell - Turtle shells that come in different colours. They can be picked up and thrown, or kicked.
    • Snowball - Large white balls that pop on impact. They can be picked up and thrown, or kicked.

    Beat Block

    Beat Blocks are pink and blue blocks that come in two varieties: Beep Blocks and Blast Blocks. Only one colour of block will be solid at a time. Beep Blocks beep three times before swapping, and Blast Blocks swap almost immediately. You need to time your jumps so that you don't misstep and fall.

    Boost Pad

    There are yellow and red pads that make you run super fast - these are Boost Pads. Step on to them to be thrust forward. While under the effect of a Boost Pad, your momentum will keep you constantly moving and you won't be able to stop.


    Cannons can fire many things, including you. Some cannons fire automatically, and others will hold you in them until you choose to fire. There are clear pipes with cannons attached that prevent you from returning through the pipe. Basically, they go boom.

    Checkpoint Flag

    The small flags you find midway through most levels are Checkpoint Flags, and they save your progress in a level. If you die after activating one, you'll respawn at the flag instead of at the start of the level. Leaving the level will negate the effect of the flag.

    Flip-Swap Platform

    Flip-Swap Platforms are two sided platforms that swap when you jump. You can see the outline of where each side of the platform sits, and the platform swings underneath a bar in the middle. Caution is advised around these guys - it can be easy to lose focus and jump towards the wrong side.

    Goal Pole

    Goal Poles are at the end of every normal level, and jumping on to them ends the level. You earn points based on how high up the Pole you land. Dropping on to the top will earn you a gold flag, which you need to get in every level with a Goal Pole in order to reach 100% completion.


    Pipes act as warping tubes. Hopping into one end will take you to the other end. Green pipes are direct paths, and often warp you to new areas. Clear pipes can have junctions and multiple exits, and you can control your path with the Control Stick.


    There are a few different kinds of switches. P Switches are blue switches that can activate a number of things, like Blue Coins and Green Stars. ! Blocks are giant red/blue blocks, and they are turned on by Ground Pounds or projectiles. Character Switches can only be pressed by the character indicated on the switch. More often than not they give you Stamps. Lastly, Gold P Switches turn everything gold. You can figure out what happens next yourself.


    Also known as "green arrow platform thingies", these green platforms are split in two, with an arrow on either side. Standing on one side causes the Switchboard to begin rolling along its rails in that direction.

    Ant Trooper

    Ant Troopers are black ants that march in a line, one-by-one. They can stick to walls and ceilings, and they can't be defeated by a normal jump. This comes in handy on occasion, as you can bounce off them to reach other areas. There are Horned Ant Troopers as well, which are Troopers with spiked helmets on. Don't jump on these guys.

    Baddie Box

    These little cubes with Bowser's face on them spit out enemies. Which enemy it lobs out depends entirely on the level you find it in. You can't get rid of them, but you can take advantage of the ones that give out Bob-ombs to wreak havoc.


    Biddybuds are small coloured bugs that waddle around, minding their own business. A simple bop on the head will take care of them. Their flying counterparts are Para-Biddybuds, and these guys love to flock together.


    Blocksteppers are extremely disciplined marching blocks that will stay in formation and leave you alone. That is, until you defeat one. Losing just one member from their ranks will make them scramble in fear, until they pull themselves together and realise you're the problem. At this point, they'll charge you. They're easy enough to get rid of, but you can quickly get overrun if they swarm you.


    The white squids that bloop along underwater are Bloopers. They slowly drift up and down until they find themselves level with you, at which point they lock on and swoop in. Powerups are the best way to clear them out, but you can also just change your vertical position and they'll shoot straight past.


    Bob-ombs are walking black bombs with short fuses. They stomp around careless and free until you enter their line of sight, then it becomes all business. They'll light their own fuse and charge you. When they start flashing orange, they're about to explode, so either jump on them to disarm them or RUN AWAY. Once disarmed, you can pick them up and throw them at stuff.


    Boos are white ghosts that follow you around when you aren't looking, but shy away when you are. Projectiles and other attacks have no effect on these poltergeists, so all you can do is run from them. You'll find them haunting mansions and other dark areas. If you can get yourself a bright light, you can shine it straight at them to make them disappear. Big Boos are also a thing, but they're basically just giant versions of normal Boos.

    Boomerang Bro.

    The first of the three kinds of bros favours the boomerang. They wear blue helmets and have blue shells, and they can jump long distances just to inconvenience you. Defeating them can sometimes cause them to drop a Boomerang Flower.


    Brolders are rolling boulders with a mind of their own. Attacking them makes them withdraw into themselves, paralyzing them momentarily. While incapacitated, you can pick them up and throw them around, but the only way to defeat them permanently is to throw them off the edge of whatever it is you're standing on.

    Bullet Bill

    Bullets with faces. Yep. When fired from Bill Blasters, they just truck on forward until they explode. Jumping on them takes them out. Cat Bullet Bills will hone in on you and chase you down, and Bonzai Bills are giant versions of Bullet Bills. You can probably figure out what Cat Bonzai Bills are.


    Bullies are big black balls with horns and feet. They attack by running at you and knocking you backward. You need to push back, and push hard. You'll find Bullies on platforms with little to no railing around the edges, as the only way to defeat them is to knock them off through the use of jumps or powerup attacks.

    Chargin' Chuck

    American footballers get represented in the Marioverse through Chargin' Chucks. With their helmets and pads, they charge at you to deal damage. Bouncing on their heads removes their helmet, causing them to become agitated. They'll charge harder and lose traction. A second hit will knock them out, but if you wait too long, they'll pull out another helmet and put it on.

    Cheep Cheep

    Cheep Cheeps are red fish that slowly swim back and forth through water. They keep to themselves and seem pretty relaxed, but that doesn't mean you can't take them out anyway. Don't touch them directly or you'll take damage.

    Coin Coffer

    These living coin pouches turn themselves invisible and hide in bushes. Attack them and they'll show themselves, at which point you should bounce on them to make them explode into Coins. Coin Coffers never attack and will flee if they are visible.


    Conkdors are flightless birds that attack by violently whipping their head down at you. Direct attacks only work if you hit them in the head, but all projectiles are effective regardless of where they hit. They're usually placed in the most inconvient locations, so you'll find yourself getting thumped if you don't pay attention.

    Fire Bro.

    The second kind of bro is the Fire Bro. With their magic powers, they can launch fireballs at you and that's about it, really. After throwing two, they'll hop off somewhere else. Jumping on them is the best offense since their attack stays low to the ground, but you can use projectiles as well. You'll recognise them by their red helmets and shells.


    These purple blobs melt themselves down, turn yellow, and become electrified for a short period of time. In this form they are invulnerable, and some can slide around. When they return to their purple form, they're defenceless, so that's the time to attack, and attack you should.


    Flopters are flying enemies that glide down to nail you from above. Watch for their shadows to keep track of where they are, and jump on them when they get low enough to take them out. If they touch the ground, they'll wait a moment before shooting back up into the air for another attack run.


    Fuzzlers are fuzzy logs that roll along the rails Switchboards follow to trip you up. Apart from Power Stars, no powerups will do any damage to these guys, and touching them will hurt you. The best strategy against Fuzzlers is really the only strategy - jump over them and leave them be.


    Fuzzies are fuzzy. They slide along set paths and hurt you if you touch them. Just keep your distance from them when you can, and when you can't, use potted Piranha Plants or Power Stars to clean up the fuzziness. You don't really come across them too often.


    Galoombas look like Goombas crossed with acorns- actually, that's a pretty fitting description of them in general. Normal jumps don't affect them at all, but Ground Pounds will squash them flat. Powerup attacks will take them out easily as well. Giant Galoombas are defeated in the same way, they're just bigger.


    Everyone's favourite generic enemy is back once again and no-one is surprised. These little brown mushrooms like to run straight at you to deal damage, but a simple bonk on the head will defeat them. Occasionally they team up and stand atop one another in a stack, begging the question: how did they even get like that? Micro Goombas are tiny Goombas that seem harmless, but bumping into them will still deal you damage.

    Hammer Bro.

    The final kind of bro packs hammers in their arsenal. With green helmets and shells, Hammer Bros. lob hammers high in the air to smack you senseless if you try jumping on them. While this is a good defence, it also means you can stand right next to them and their hammers will go straight over your head.


    These sentient trampolines hop around and ram you to dish out the hurt. Attack them with jumps and projectiles to smash them to pieces, but the occasional Hop-Chop will turn into an actual trampoline that you can then pick up and transport to wherever you want. It'll soon come back to life though, so don't spend too long with it in your hands.

    Koopa Troopa

    Turtles with attitude are not Koopa Troopas. Koopas are simple creatures that just walk around. Jump on them to make them pop out of their shell, which you can then take with you. While defenceless, they'll run around in a panic and try to get their shell back.


    Madpoles are mad tadpoles. They swim around peacefully until you interrupt, then they go wild. A single bonk from above will defeat them - just be careful of the rest of the group, as they don't spend time alone.


    Magikoopas are Koopas in blue robes with magic wands. They attack by shooting balls of magic at you to deal direct damage, and they move around by teleporting. A small ball of light shows their location at all times, so you'll know where they're gonna pop up. A simple jump attack will beat them.


    The little blue cannonball shooters are Octoombas. They waddle back and forth, and they spit three cannonballs at a time. Normal jump attacks do nothing, so use Ground Pounds. Your projectile attacks will often be blocked by incoming cannon fire.


    Strangely enough, Dry Bones do not make an appearance in this game, and instead their flying counterpart is introduced. Parabones fly around and attack through contact. They're resistant to fire, but other attacks will cause them to fall apart. Unless you can drop them into a chasm, they'll eventually reanimate and come after you again.


    Peepas are ghosts that stick together in groups and move in a pattern. They just chill out and do their own thing, and are more like moving obstacles than enemies. No normal attacks will do anything to them, so just let them be.

    Piranha Plant

    Piranha Plants are flowers that bite. They wind up before thrusting their head out to gobble you down. You can jump on them to take them out with no problems, but if they're in a pot, you might want to sneak up behind them and pick them up. They'll eat any enemies nearby. There are giant Piranha Plants, which are just bigger versions, and Venus Fire Traps, which spit fire at you and can't be jumped on. Introduced in this game are another kind of Piranha Plant called Piranha Creepers. They stick out from walls, floors, ceilings, and toxic water. Attacking them makes them retract, but if they have nowhere to go, they squash themselves and disappear.


    Porcupuffers are like giant purple Cheep Cheeps, only they aren't afraid to attack you. There isn't much else to say about them. They swim, and they swim some more. Use powerup attacks to take them out and try not to touch them or you'll hurt yourself.


    The sharks with giant heads are Rammerheads, and they're passive enemies. They consistently swim in the same pattern and block quite a large portion of the areas they swim through. You can't defeat them, so like Peepas, all you can do is move around them and continue on your merry way.

    Ring Burner

    Ring Burners are small mechanical enemies that shoot harmful pulses out in a square or circle periodically. You can't take them out, even if you're invincible, although invincibility allows you to touch the pulses with taking damage. Standing on top of them temporarily disables them.


    You'll run into mice that run on hills and other moving platforms. These are Skipsqueaks, and they run in place to block your path ahead. All attacks will do wonders against these guys, but the purple Spiny Skipsqueaks are immune to jump attacks.

    Snow Pokey

    No Pokeys are found in the Sprixie Kingdom, but a weird Pokey-snowman hybrid can be found in some of the snow levels. Snow Pokeys have segmented bodies that can be knocked away one piece at a time, or you can directly attack the head with a jump or a projectile to take out the whole thing at once. They body segments become snowballs after becoming detached from the enemy itself.


    Spikes are green enemies that throw spiked logs at you to try and take you out. You'll often find them at the top of hills and beside tough-to-cross platforms. Despite their name, they aren't actually spiky, so you can just jump on them to take them out. Don't do it when they're holding up a log though, for obvious reasons.


    Small, red, spiky, no-headed Koopas are actually Spinies. They trundle around aimlessly until you appear and give them an aim. They'll run at you to knock you about, and clearly jump attacks won't do very much. Use powerup attacks to clear them out.


    Splorches are big balls of lava that roll around, leaving trails of fire behind them. They'll follow you until you're either dead, or you jump to a ledge they can't reach. Direct contact with Splorches is a no-no, and ranged attacks will just knock them backwards a little. Knock them completely off the platform they're on and a few moments later, they'll jump back up.


    Splounders are puffer fish that float on the water in Plessie levels. You can use them to bounce to new heights, but if you mistime your jump, you'll ricochet off like a pinball.


    The bees that fly around are Stingbies, and their only mission is to destroy you. Jumping on them will defeat them, and projectiles work wonders, but if there's a lot of them, you can get swarmed pretty quickly. They're determined to take you down.


    Thwomps are giant blue blocks that drop at an alarming speed when you get close. If you get caught underneath, you'll get crushed, and that ain't good! To get past them, bait them by stepping close, then run under as they move back up. You can also climb on top of them and use them as elevators.


    The giant soft serve ice-creams with bad breath are Ty-Foos. They spend a moment collecting themselves, then they exhale with great force. If you get caught in the gust, you'll be thrown for a loop. Some move back and forth as they exhale. You can't damage them, so just focus on getting past them.


    Walleyes are walls with eyes. You heard me. They also have spikes along their edges. They shuffle left and right to block your path, and flinch every time they're about to swap direction. Some stay above ground permanently, while others pop out of the ground, move for a bit, then drop back down.

    Key:  S - Starting Point
          # - Level Number
          T - Captain Toad
          H - Mushroom House
          Q - Pipe To World 5
          R - Rocket To World Star
                           H Q
     |          H       ,-4-,
     |       ,--'       |   +----Z
     S---1---2---A---3--+   |
                        '-5-' T

    World 1-1: Super Bell Hill

    Super Bell Hill collectables.

    Green Star #1

    Here we go. World 1-1. Start off by running north to the stairs and jump up to the higher ground, toward the blocks. Hit the ? Block for a Super Bell, which you should then grab to turn into Cat Mario (or Luigi or Peach or Toad - for the sake of this guide, I'll be using Mario). Bounce off the nearby Goomba's head to defeat it, then move close to the pipe's entrance and it'll suck you in. Be careful of the Goomba on the other side as it too can move through clear pipes. Drop off the south side to the shallow water and continue right to find a lone Coin. Pick it up and a trail of Coins will pop out of the ground, so collect them as they appear. You should get a round of applause if you get them all.

    Jump back to the higher ground. Up here, either take the clear pipe or simply walk up the hill yourself. Hit the long ? Block you find here for another Super Bell. If you've avoided damage up to this point, the Bell will become your stored item, which you can use at anytime by hitting the Minus Button. Enter the next clear pipe amd hold up on your Control Stick/D-Pad. At junctions, Mario will go straight unless you specify a direction. By holding up, Mario will go up as well, launching him into the first Green Star. Exit out the right-hand side of the pipe.

    Green Star #2

    Take care of the two Goombas that charge you, then either climb the wall as Cat Mario or jump your way up the stairs. Give the Goombas here a bop on the head and jump the gap to one more Goomba. The clear piping here has a cannon for you to jump into. Get inside and it'll fire you through the pipe to the exit. Once you land, hit the nearby Checkpoint Flag. This Flag lets you restart the level from here if you should die further along. Step on to the round platform by the Sprixie to get a look at the rest of the level.

    Climb the tree just north of you to find a Super Bell at the top. Dismount, then chase down the rabbit. You'll be able to catch it once you start sprinting. It'll give up the second Green Star once caught. Grab it before heading north to the green pipe.


    The green pipe takes you to a small room with a clear pipe on the back wall. Use the pipe to reach the Stamp, then exit the room.

    Green Star #3

    Climb the tall tree slightly to your left all the way to the top. Jump off to the north and collect the + Clock to add more seconds to the level clock. Chase down the smaller rabbit if you wish, just make sure you get the big rabbit. It'll drop a Mega Mushroom for you to pick up. As soon as you get it, drop back to the lower ground and run to your right. Smash through the Cat Goombas and crates as you cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge are some grey Brick Blocks. Standing on them as Mega Mario will break them; do so and drop down, then break the Brick Blocks on your right. Here you will find the third Green Star. Grab it and jump into the Warp Block to be warped back to the surface.

    Goal Pole

    Before pushing forward, head back left to the bridge and stay south of the ramp. You'll notice some Brick Blocks in the side of the bridge. Somersault through them by crouching, then hitting the sprint button. Inside is a 1-Up Mushroom. Somersault back outside and run back to the right.

    After the effects of the Mega Mushroom wore off, you'll have lost your Cat powers. Use your backup Bell if you want, then either climb the wall for some Coins or just take the clear pipe. The lone Coin near the pipe exit does the same thing that the earlier Coin did: grab it and a Coin trail will appear. Follow it along the ground to the stairs, then up the stairs, then long jump over to the Goal Pole.

    World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave

    Koopa Troopa Cave collectables.

    Green Star #1

    Slide down the slope by crouching and bonk the Koopa on the head to separate it from its shell. The Koopa will be angry at you (obviously) and it will charge at you. If you hold the sprint button, you can pick up the shell. If the Koopa runs into you while you're holding the shell, they'll cancel each other out and both disappear. If you throw the shell at the Koopa, the shell will take out the Koopa and continue ricocheting off anything it hits, so watch out for the rebound. Enter the green pipe by standing on it and crouching.

    Use the clear pipe to get over the wall and you'll get the nearby Koopa's attention. Hit the ? Blocks while escaping the Koopa for a Fire Flower, then pick up the Fire Flower and hit the Koopa with a fireball. Kick/throw the shell and get out of the way so it takes out the Koopa, or just hit it with another fireball. Ignore the clear pipe and drop down to the right, then steal the Koopa's shell. Pick up the shell after disposing of the Koopa with a fireball and carry it into the small cave to the north. Follow the cave left and throw the shell into the small pit where another Koopa is waiting. The shell will ricochet all around and net you a few Coins.

    Head back through the cave and to the right, where a Goomba will charge you. Get rid of it and its buddy a little further along. The clear pipe in the wall just loops you around the wall, so you can ignore it. The open area ahead has a Koopa and some blocks on the back wall. Smoosh the Koopa and hit all the blocks on the bottom row. The top ? Block is a Coin Block, meaning you can hit it repeatedly to make multiple Coins pop out. Rapid fire on the jump button to get as many as you can, then pick them all up. Once you've cleared this area, jump into the nearby cannon. Around the corner are some moving platforms with the first Green Star sitting neatly between them. Jump to it while being cautious, then get to solid ground on the other side.

    Green Star #2

    Take care of the Koopa waiting for you, then get on top of the Glass Blocks. Jump from here to the clear pipe for a + Clock for some extra seconds. The next step can be a little tricky, so prepare yourself. Hop back on to the left-hand moving platforms. After going off the top of the screen, they disappear, so you'll drop to the next one down. As you reach the top, you need to run right and jump to the downward moving platforms, then leap again to the right. You should be off the top of the screen. The camera will pan up so that you can see yourself. Sprint all the way to the right and long jump the gap you come to. Zip through the clear pipe to be taken to a golden pipe. Inside is a bonus room with three golden shells. Kick one and it'll rack up Coins as it bounces around the room until it breaks. Once all three are broken, leave the room and shoot back through the clear pipe.

    Drop down through the gap and run back left until you reach the Checkpoint Flag. Move north to the back wall and jump between the torches to reveal a hidden ? Block. Get on this block and jump again for a hidden Fire Flower. With this, head back to the right and defeat the Koopa. Climb the Glass Blocks to a Mystery Box (the purple cube) and jump inside. You'll be warped to a small room with two Koopas and a ten second countdown. Kill the Koopas within ten seconds to be rewarded with the second Green Star. The game will warp you back out once you grab it, or if you run out of time.


    Continue right, bopping Goombas as you go. Your fireballs will travel through the clear pipes as well, so get creative if you want. You'll come across a crate that if broken will release three Micro Goombas. Beat them or leave them behind. Either way, you'll eventually reach another cannon. Jump in and be ready to change directions. The claer pipe has a loop in it with a few Coins if you take a quick detour. On the other side, hit the ? Block and get on it. Jump on the right-hand side to bonk a hidden block, then repeat to find another, creating stairs to the higher ground. Throw yourself into the clear pipe on the back wall to find a hidden room with some Coin piles and the Stamp. Leave through the same pipe.

    Secret Exit

    Koopa Troopa Cave secret exit.

    Required: Super Bell

    If you look at the top of the screen here, there is a gap in the ceiling. As a Cat character, run around on this little platform until you are sprinting, then jump on to the wall and climb up as high as you can. You should reach a ledge with a red pipe. Enter it to be taken straight to World 2.

    Green Star #3

    Hop the gap to your right and jump against the back wall to release a hidden Power Star. With temporary invincibility, launch yourself off the right side and topple the Goomba tower. You'll score the third Green Star as they fall. Pop back left and knock out the Koopa with your Star for a 1-Up, then take the green pipe on the right wall.

    Goal Pole

    Back out in the fresh air you'll find three trees, a Koopa and the stairs to the Goal Pole. The right-hand tree to the north of where you exit the pipe has three Micro Goombas inside that jump out when you climb it, so take care of them if you want. Otherwise, climb the stairs, pummel the Koopa, and jump to the Goal Pole.

    Green Star #1

    You'll be trapped inside a fairly big room with two Chargin' Chucks. Exactly as their name implies, they charge you. Each takes two hits to kill so you're not in for a difficult battle. Fireballs let you attack them from a distance, but if you're without, simply jump on their heads. Be careful not to miss though. Once they're both defeated, grab the Green Star that appears to end the level.

    World 1-3: Mount Beanpole

    Mount Beanpole collectables.

    Green Star #1

    Start by immediately climbing the giant tree on your left. At the top of either tree is a Sprixie with binoculars, letting you see the level ahead. Only the left tree, however, has the first Green Star.

    Green Star #2

    Back on the ground, run north. Be mindful of the Cat Goombas here on Mount Beanpole, as they run to higher ground before turning around and pouncing back to where they started. Bonk the first one out of existence, then jump up to the higher ground. Next to the wall is a Piranha Plant. Get too close to these guys and they'll bite you, but not before winding up a bit first. Jump on their heads or pounce in Cat form to wipe them out. Wait for the moving blocks behind the Piranha Plant to get near the higher ? Block, then hit the POW Block. It'll activate every block nearby as well as defeat enemies. The lone ? Block will spit out a Super Bell for your convenience.

    Climb the hill to your right and smoosh the Piranha Plant here, then jump north ONCE. On this small grass ledge, jump against the back wall to reveal a hidden 1-Up Mushroom. You can also get it with the next POW Block but it's pretty easy to miss. Trash the next two Piranha Plants and wait for the POW Block here to move all the way left. It'll smash all the Brick Blocks here to uncover a green pipe, which you should enter.

    Inside this room is a P Switch. Hitting the Switch will make a trail of Blue Coins appear, but only for a short time. Press the Switch and immediately run south, then follow the trail of Coins around the room. Once you collect the first set, three groups of four Coins will appear. Pick all of them up to make one final trail of Coins appear, starting between the P Switch and the Green Star Plate, and ending up the wall. Climb the wall as Cat Mario or wall jump up (wall jumps should work) to grab the final Coins and make the second Green Star appear. Collect your prize and exit via the green pipe.


    You'll see the Stamp the moment you exit the pipe. Simply climb up to it as Cat Mario or wall jump. Keep going up to the grass above and to the left.

    Green Star #3

    Wipe out all the Cat Goombas here and hit the POW Block nearby for some Coins. Jump up on top of the Brick Blocks that the POW Block activated and you'll find another POW Block moving up and down. Hit it at its lowest point for a shortcut to the higher ground. Climb the hills to your right while taking out/avoiding the Cat Goombas and get on to the cloud platforms. Wait for the highest cloud to reach its leftmost point, then jump left to land on an invisible cloud just in front of the tree ledge. Climb the tree to the top and jump north. Spin the cog here by attacking it as Cat Mario to raise a giant totem pole. Clamber your way up the pole to the top. Run right, jump over to the wall, and climb up. At the top is a 1-Up Mushroom just begging you to take it, so do so. Jump back left and hop into the Cloud Cannon. You'll be shot into the sky.

    Walk under the ? Block and hit it to release a Power Star. Time it so that you can grab the Star as you start running. Jump the gap and run over the Boost Pad to instantly get faster. Just keep running to the right as you work your way over Boost Pads and through Coins, + Clocks and Piranha Plants. Right at the end and hanging in the air is the third Green Star. Leap to it, then fall back to the main level.

    Goal Pole

    From here, head north across the bridge to the Piranha Plant and give it a whoopin', then continue north to the big fella. The Piranha Plant will smack you down hard, so bait it by getting close, then step back as it goes in for the chomp. Its head will stop level with the dirt ring, so be ready to quickly bop it on the top of its head to daze it. Bounce on it again while it's dazed to defeat it. A Warp Block will appear in its place to teleport you to the final area, so jump on in.

    A Cat Goomba will be playing with itself on the path here, so take care of it. The rightmost tree will dispense a Mushroom should you climb to the top, so grab that as well, if you'd like. To finish the level, simply continue right and jump on to the Goal Pole. You'll be hard-pressed to get a gold flag without Cat powers though. (Unless you have friends to boost you up, which I don't.)

    World 1-4: Plessie's Plunging Falls

    Plessie's Plunging Falls collectables.

    Green Star #1

    Oh, doesn't this level sound like fun! (It kinda really is, but I digress.) Standing in front of you is Plessie. This dinosaur will let you ride on its back as you plunge down the oncoming waterfalls. Your Control Stick determines both speed and direction, while the jump button makes you jump. Climb aboard to begin.

    Steer through the Coin Rings to earn multiple Coins, and hit Boost Pads for a temporary speed boost. After the first Boost Pads are sand bars that you either need to go around or jump over. By jumping at the right time, you can bounce off the Splounders floating in the water. Get past the sand bar section for another set of Boost Pads - make sure you hit them. With the speed boost, jump from the edge of the ramps straight into the first Green Star hanging above the Splounders.

    Green Star #2

    Slide over the next Boost Pads and you'll be at the three-way junction. You can take the tunnel on the left which is both figuratively and literally straightforward. You can follow the river down the middle for some Coin Rings to play it safe. Or, if you want a challenge, you can bounce off the Splounder on the right and hit the Red Ring to make eight Red Coins appear. They line up along the bridges and the plateaus. If you can slide your way into all of them, you'll receive a 1-Up Mushroom as a prize as you hit the Boost Pads at the end.

    Further ahead is another choice: left or right. Stay right to come to four Splounders that you can bounce on consecutively, through a few Coin Rings. The left path is trickier. You have to jump and bounce your way up the falls using the Splounder. The last one moves so you have to time it right. Should you nail the last jump, there is another 1-Up Mushroom at the top of the falls. Either way, you'll go flying over a waterfall.

    Once you're back on the river, you'll see a waterfall on your left. Go through it to find a secret tunnel with a whole bunch of Coin Rings and the second Green Star. Hit the Boost Pads and jump from the ramp to a lone plateau with a Power Star. Jump again to rejoin the river.

    Green Star #3

    Power down the rapids, hitting Boost Pads and dodging Splounders all the way to the bottom, but make sure you hit the last Boost Pad between two Puffers. Launch into the air, jumping at the edge of the ramp to get as much distance as possible and you should sweep up the third Green Star in mid-air, before plummeting through a few Coin Rings to the serene beach below.

    Goal Pole

    Plessie'll drop you off here on the sand. Wave goodbye, then enter the pipe. Before climbing the wooden steps, run underneath them to uncover some hidden Coins. When you're ready to finish, jump your way up the stairs, hit the Boost Pad, and leap to the Goal Pole.


    To get everything from this level, you need to play through twice. On your second time through, don't go into the waterfall that leads to the second Green Star. Instead, follow the river to the right. It'll take you along a winding path with some Splounders. You'll see the Stamp clear as day in the center of the river. Grab it and the river will cut back left to the start of the Green Star #3 section.

    World 1-5: Switch Scramble Circus

    Switch Scramble Circus collectables.

    Green Star #1

    This level's gimmick is the use of Flipswitches. When you step on it, you activate it and turn it yellow, but stepping on it again will deactivate it and return it to blue. Turning all Flipswitches in a set to yellow will permanently turn them all on, and will activate whatever they are connected to. In this first room, hitting the ? Blocks allows you to see that jumping on the same Flipswitch will change it, unlike in previous games. Turn on all the Flipswitches here to open the path to the next room and clear out the Biddybuds, if you hadn't done so already.

    Slide down the slope to two Stingbies, who will fly at you. If you're still sliding you'll deal damage, but just jump on them to be safe. Hit the Roulette Block for whatever item was pictured when you hit it. Jump to the first Flipswitch on your left, then move right acorss the next ones to the platform with footprints on it. When you jump while staindg on one of these, it will spring up and propel you higher into the air. Use it to reach the Flipswitch directly north of you. Drop down and left to the next Flipswitches and spring up once more. Once last propulsion will get you on to the last Flipswitch so you can proceed further into the circus. There are six Stingbies waiting for you behind the wall, so be ready for that. Take the springboard on either side and wall jump up to the first Green Star, then drop down and use the middle one to enter the Warp Block.

    Green Star #2

    Hit the Checkpoint Flag here and run up the steps. The fences here make this seem more complicated than it actually is, so just run around and hit all the Flipswitches while defeating/avoiding the Biddybuds. Continue north once you've moved the wall from your path, then spring up to the Red Ring on your right. The eight Red Coins are very easy to collect so don't fret. Pick up all of them before they disappear for a prize. Jump left from the end of the trail to a Mystery Box and some Biddybuds. Bonk the Biddybuds and bounce into the box.

    Inside the Mystery Box are some crates and a ? Block with a Fire Flower. Use fireballs to destroy the crates in the back left corner to release the second Green Star. Grab it to be ejected from the box.

    Green Star #3

    Jump back to the right and spring up to the path above you. A Magikoopa is here to make things a little more difficult, but you shouldn't have too much trouble. Just do a ring around the center hole to hit all the edge Flipswitches and Magikoopa should appear near you at some point. If it gets close, use a fireball or jump on it. If it stays far away, don't worry about it. Either way, ride the moving Flipswitches to the third Green Star and unlock the way forward.


    Enter the clear pipe to be fed into a cannon. It won't fire until you press the jump button, so wait until the Coin Rings are just about to line up, then shoot to grab them all and land at the end of the level. Activate the final Flipswitches here as you jump up the stairs and you'll drop the last stair down. Wall jump off the back wall to reach the Stamp.

    Goal Pole

    That's all there is to this level. Simply jump to the right to end the stage.

    Green Star #1

    Ready for a puzzle? The Captain Toad levels work a little differently to normal levels. There are five Green Stars to collect, but good ol' Captain Toad can't jump, so you'll need your wits about you. You also need to manually control the camera, but you get used to that pretty quickly. To start this level, follow the path around the first corner and turn the camera so you can see under the moving platform. In this little alcove is the first Green Star, so go grab it.

    Green Star #2

    Back on the outside edge, climb the hill and move back toward the moving platform. Use it to cross to the second Green Star, then hop back on and ride it towards the center of the stage.

    Green Star #3

    Get off on the other side of the pillar and walk up the hill. Twist the camera so you can see where the tunnels lead you and you'll find the third Green Star on the corner. When facing the tunnel entrances, the left tunnel takes you to it. Walk under and grab the Green Star, then head back through and into the other tunnel.

    Green Star #4

    You now need to contend with Biddybuds. Wait for them to stop on either side, then quickly scamper on to the hill. If you get hit, you'll shrink in size just like any other character. At the top of the hill is a platform with a propeller. Stand on the platform and blow into the Gamepad Mic to spin the propeller, lifting you up to the high ground. Be wary that moving the Gamepad shifts the camera as well. When the Biddybuds are out of your way, grab the fourth Green Star.

    Green Star #5

    Simply wait until the Biddybuds are once again out of the way, then cross the wooden plank to the final Green Star.

    World 1-Z: Bowser's Highway Showdown

    You need 10 Green Stars to unlock this level.

    Bowser's Highway Showdown collectables.

    Green Star #1

    Alrighty, time for the first Boss level. Immediately in front of you are some bombs that look like soccer balls (or footballs). It should be painfully obvious what you can do with them, but if not, here: you can kick them. Take a couple of practice shots at the two Goombas to the north. Before grabbing the weird green star outline thingy to the left (which shall henceforth be called a Green Ring), move right and take out the first Goombas you come across. Watch out for bombs being fired at you from the cannons. If you touch them after they turn red, you'll get exploded on. With the Goombas out of the way, go back and touch the Green Ring. Much like the Red Ring, it makes eight Green Coins appear, only this time the reward is a Green Star. Make sure you get them all in time and the first Green Star is yours.


    Take the moving platforms to the right and pass the first bomb cannon, but stop at the second. The grey Brick Blocks here can be destroyed if you kick a bomb into them, so do that with a bomb from the second cannon. Inside the small alcove is the Stamp.

    Green Star #2

    Above the alcove is a cog that can be spun by Cat attacks. If you don't have Cat powers, continue to the right and get past the first Thwomps. There is a Super Bell in the Brick Blocks behind them. Anyway, spin the wheel and climb the wall on your right. Scamper up the next wall to your right to find the second Green Star. The long ? Block to the left is a Coin Block, so go back for them if you want.

    Green Star #3

    Drop off the right side to end up at the Super Bell Brick Blocks. Clamber over the wall to avoid the next Thwomp and get the attention of the Goomba stack up ahead. Bring them back to the bomb cannon and kick one into them to knock out most if not all of them. This will bring the third Green Star down to your level so that you can snatch it.

    Goal Pole

    Continue moving right until you reach more Goomba pairs and bomb cannons. Take them out or leave them be - your choice. Just get to the grey Brick Blocks to the north. The two side cannons shoot bombs that are already bursting, so don't go near them. Focus on the middle cannon so that when it fires, you can kick a bomb straight into the wall and break a path through. On the other side is a Warp Block that will warp you to Bowser.

    Boss Battle


    Yep, it's the big spiky grouch himself to start off the boss battles. Climb the stairs and he'll make his entrance in a gnarly speed machine (the horn could be better though). The fight has three stages which take place as he quite slowly drives along his death highways. Small obstacles appear here and there, like jumps, Goombas and whatnot, and you may need to jump through one or two Warp Blocks.

    First up is basic stuff. He'll toss some bombs at you and you just kick them back. You can either smash his car three times, or do a jump kick while a bomb is mid-air to lob it into Bowser himself. Cat scratches also send the bombs straight into the big guy.

    Second, he'll throw two bombs and then spit a fireball at you. The fireball creates a small pool of fire around its impact zone, so watch for that. He might also throw a third bomb before the fireball that is already at breaking point. Three hits to the car or one directly to Bowser sets up the final stage.

    Lastly, Bowser will open up with two fireballs before dropping bombs. Dodge around them and don't be afraid to drop back a little if you need to. Kick those bombs back one last time to finish him off.

    With Bowser defeated, collect the Coins that appear and jump into the Warp Block. Run right and pick up the + Clock so you can make it to the Pole without running out of time. The first Sprixie Princess is trapped in a jar beside the Goal Pole, so jump up the stairs and leap to the Pole to break it open and save her. World 1, you're done.

    Key:  S - Starting Point
          # - Level Number
          M - Mystery House
          H - Mushroom House
          P - Pipe
          O - Sprixie Tent
          U - 1-Up Mushroom
      H--P             ,--Z
                       5   U
         P-,       |
        ,--2-,     4    M
        |    |   ,-'
     1--+    +--'
     |  '-3--'
     S     O