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    NES - SNES Changes FAQ by dgiglio84

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/02/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario All-Stars Changes FAQ
    By Dan Giglio
    Version: 1.4
    Last Updated: July 2, 2001
    This document was written by Dan Giglio, Copyright 2001.
    E-mail: dgiglio84@hotmail.com
    Version History
    1.4 - I added several changes to all three games (all submitted by Nick14578@aol.com) 
    1.3 - Added several changes to Super Mario Bros. 3 (submitted by DragonKnight Zero)
          I also fixed some formatting problems.
    1.2 - Added 1 very obvious change to SMB submitted by Fred XFighting17X
          (I can't believe I missed it).
    1.1 - Added 2 changes for SMB, submitted by Cynquh@aol.com
          Added 1 change for SMB3
    1.0 - First release of this FAQ.
    1. What is in this FAQ?
    2. Changes
       A. Super Mario Brothers
       B. Super Mario Brothers 2
       C. Super Mario Brothers 3
    3. Final Notes
    1. What is in this FAQ?
    Super Mario All-Stars is a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).  It's
    purpose was to take four 8-bit Mario games and combine them into one big game.  It turned out
    to be a hit.  While making these types of games, there are bound to be changes from the
    originals.  Are some of these changes noticeable?  Not really.  Do they detract from the
    gameplay?  Of course not.  This FAQ is just for picky people like myself who have nothing to
    do on a rainy weekend. I will put down changes that have to do with graphics, but since all the
    games have enhanced 16-bit graphics, it's pretty hard to tell if I should put it down.  If I do
    put down a graphical change, it's only because it could be done on the 8-bit NES (like changes
    in color, spites, etc.). If you find a change that isn't on the list, please e-mail it to me
    and I'll add it as soon as I can (don't worry, you'll get credit). Enjoy!
    *NOTE: I didn't do changes for the Lost Levels because I never played the original version.
    2. Changes
    A. Super Mario Brothers
    -Mario/Luigi start with 5 lives instead of 3.
    -There is theme music on the title screen (it's a remix of the water world music.)
    -In two player mode, when one person finishes a level, the other person gets to play;
     in the original version the other person got to play only when the first person lost
     a life. This change is makes the game a lot more fair!
    -In the "More Difficult Quest" there is a star next to the world number indicating that
     you are playing the second quest.
    -Mario and Luigi seem to jump a bit differently.  This shows when you are performing the
     100+ life trick in level 3-1 (see other FAQ's for that).
    -Toad comes out of a bag when you beat the castle instead of just standing there.  He also
     appears with some mushroom friends (the higher the world you are in, the more friends appear
     with him.)
    -There is new bonus music for the underground bonus areas (and the sky bonus areas, too).
     There is also a picture of Mario or Luigi giving a "peace" sign.
    -Mario/Luigi gives a "peace" sign while going down pipes.
    -The underground music is changed to SMB3 underground music (it actually has a rhythm).
    -The "Minus One" World can not be found in this game.  If you try to perform the trick, as
     soon as you get to the other side of the wall, it will say "Welcome to the Warp Zone."
     There is no way you can make it in the pipe fast enough.
    -In castles that are mazes, the game gives off a little "ding" sound if you are going the
     right way. If you are going the wrong way, the game gives of a "dud" sound.
    -In the original version, Mario/Luigi made a different jumping sound when they were big
     compared to when they were small. In this game, the sound is the same whether they are
     big or small.
    -Mario/Luigi give a "peace" sign as they enter castles.
    -Mario/Luigi enter the second door in the castle unlike in the original where they enter in
     the first door.
    -Bowser is bigger (he looks like the one from SMB3).
    -There is a "Boss Theme" for when you fight Bowser. (There is also a "Final Boss Theme" for
     world 8-4).
    -Bowser falls into the lava (you actually SEE him falling in).
    -Princess Toadstool looks normal (in size).
    -The ending is slightly different (I won't spoil it, but it's not much).
    -You can't press "B" to select a world (as princess says in the end of the original version).
    -Luigi is in green overalls instead of white.
    -Luigi is a bit taller in this game.
    -Mario is a bit fatter in this game (this is not a bad thing....).
    -In the original game, world 6-3 was all white (snow?).  In this game it is normal colors.
    -After you beat the game, it restarts the game in the "More Difficult Quest".  In the
     NES version, it returns to the title screen.
    -In World 8-4, there is a part when you go underwater.  In the NES version, it plays the
     Underwater Music, but in this version, it continues to play the castle music.
    The following changes were submitted by Cynquh@aol.com
    -You can no longer pause the game from controller 1 when Luigi is playing.
    -When you start a level the screen now shows a little box with all the different types
     of enemies in the level
    The following change was submitted by Fred XFighting17X:
    -Mario looks completely different - he doesn't look so "blocky".
    The following changes were submitted by Nick14578@aol.com:
    -When a shell is kicked in the NES version, the sound it makes when it hits
     all the enemies is the same. But in SMAS, it gets higher and higher pitched
     as it gets closer to 1-up. Taken from SMW.
    -Hammer Brothers now make noises when they throw hammers.
    -Podoboos make noises when they leap from lava, just like in SMW.
    B. Super Mario Brothers 2
    -You start with 5 lives instead of 3.
    -When you lose a life in All-Stars, you can select a character again.  In the original
     version, it won't let you do that.
    -On the bottom of the character select screen, it says "EXTRA LIFE. . .", while in the
     original version, the ". . ." does not appear there.
    -The energy containers look like hearts rather than ovals.
    -The doorways are now actual doors.
    -The Birdo doesn't hold the egg as he did in the NES version.  Instead, when you beat Birdo,
     he spits the egg out of his mouth.
    -The "7" in the bonus game is not in the original version.
    -On the bonus game screen, it says "PUSH BUTTON", in the original version, it says
      "PUSH (A) BUTTON".
    -In the original version, Toad's outfit is mostly blue and white, while in All-Stars, it
     is many different colors.
    -Princess's hair is yellow instead of brown.
    -The guys on the magic carpets ride yellow carpets; in the original version, they ride
     white and red carpets.
    The following changes were submitted by Nick14578@aol.com:
    -In the NES game, the walls in World 4 are green, and the walls of the caves
     in World 5 are blue. But in SMAS, all cave walls are the same color.
    -Shy Guys that were pink in the NES game are blue in the SMAS version.
    -The walls of bosses' rooms are now made of red, blue, and green blocks. This
     wasn't in the NES version.
    -In the room after the locked door in World 2-3, boss music played in the NES
     version. In the SMAS game it just plays regular cave music.
    -At the beginning of 4-2, it played regular music in the NES game, but played
     cave music in the SMAS game.
    -When you warp in the NES game, all it does is turn the screen black and tell
     you where you're warping to. But in SMAS, the screen sort of wavers after you
     go down the jar in Sub-space, and the Warp... World X screen looks different:
     it has Birdo on it.
    -Outdoors in Worlds 5-1 and 5-3, it was night time in the NES game, but it's
     daytime on SMAS.
    -In the part of 5-2 where you avoid the spikes as you fall way down, it plays
     cave music in the NES version but it continues the outdoor music in the SNES
    -In 6-3, when you enter the cave, in the SNES version there's a little Bob-omb
     picture above the giant door, and a big "cage" raises over your character
     when you go through the door.
    C. Super Mario Brothers 3
    -On the title screen, the TM sign is next to "Bros.", while in the original version
     it is next to the "3" sign.
    -This change was copied from Super Mario World - when you enter an area, it says either
     "Mario Start!" or "Luigi Start!" (depending on who you are using, of course.)
    -When entering an area, the screen closes in as a circle, as opposed to the original version
     which closed in as a box.
    -There is theme music on the title screen (it's a jazz version of the SMB water theme).
    -The All-Stars version has a "BATTLE GAME" feature (which is loads of fun....).
    -The Spade Card rotates in the All-Stars version (you'll see what I mean).
    -The coins on the map sparkle.
    -The level signs sparkle.
    -You start with an extra life (I think this is true, unless 0 isn't counted as a life).
    -As in SMB2, the doorways in this game are now doors.
    -The mushroom houses in World 1 have white dots instead of black.
    -Luigi is a bit taller.  Mario.....remains the same (he was fat to begin with).
    -Both Mario and Luigi have a dark complexion.
    -On the item select screen, the background is blue instead of peach.
    -On the item select screen, the place where it says the world and the amount of lives you
     have is boxed off.
    -On the bottom of the screen, there is an "M" or a "L" next to the number of lives you have.
     In the All-Stars version, this is colored (red if you Mario, green if you are Luigi).
    -When you hit the card at the end of a level, the card icon flies to the top of the screen. In
     this version, the card is colored while on the NES version, it was a black and white outline.
    -The cards on the bottom of the screen are colored in.
    -The $ sign indicating how many coins you have is now replaced with a little coin icon.
    -On the black screen at the end of the level, the hills (or whatever they are) are green.
    -In the All-Stars version, Toad in the mushroom house looks more like he did in SMB2.
    -In the original version, you have to wait for Toad to finish talking to open a chest. In
     the All-Stars version, you can pick a chest before he is done talking.
    -Many of the items inside the chests of the mushroom houses are different.
    -Completed area tiles are different - Example: if Mario completes a level, the tile will
     have a red "M" (green if you are Luigi) but in the NES version, the tile will have a blue
     "M" or "L" whether you are playing as Mario or Luigi.  The bonus areas (mushroom houses,
     matching games, etc.) are different colors too.
    -The walls of fortresses are blue instead of gray.
    -The "?" boxes look a little different - see for yourself, it's hard to explain.
    -There is now music when you get a "letter from the Princess".
    The Following Changes were submitted by DragonKnight Zero:
    -The transformed states for the kings of each world are all characters from SMB2 and Super Mario
     World that don't appear in the game.  World 7 is funny; it's Yoshi.
    -In the NES game, your fireballs turned green in Toad's Houses.  They don't change like that
     in All-Stars.
    -When the different worlds are being showcased in the ending, the scenes are different from the
     ones in the NES game (and it's not just the upgraded graphics)
    -The timer is disabled when going between pipes on world maps.
    -The first Toad's House in World 6 gives Hammer Suits in All-Stars.  On the NES, it was either
     a Mushroom, Fire Flower, or Leaf.
    -There are three coins at the start of world 2-2 that weren't in the NES version.  This makes
     it much easier to gain the 30 coins needed for the White Mushroom House.
    -In world 4-4, the water level is lowered.  This makes it a lot harder to reach the bonus room
     pipe without a Frog Suit.  It's still possible but it's trickier.
    -There was a white block in the lower section of world 5-7 in the NES game.  If you ducked on
     it until you fell through, you could return to the main part of the level and not be hit for
     quite a long time.  The white block is a different color in All-Stars so you can no longer do
    The following changes were submitted by Nick14578@aol.com:
    -The Hammer Brother and Podoboo changes in SMB also apply to SMB3.
    -There's now thunder and lighting on the air ships.
    -When you're hit while wearing a Frog, Tanooki, or Hammer Suit and lose the
     suit, an outline of the suit leaves Mario's body.
    3. Final Notes
    If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints E-mail me.  Remember, if you find a
    change, report it to me...and don't worry, you'll get credit for it.
    Once again, my e-mail is: dgiglio84@hotmail.com

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