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Reviewed: 02/18/12

Skip To The Beat! Rhythm Heaven Fever invades your TV!

Rhythm Heaven Fever is the third entry of the Rhythm Tengoku series, published by Nintendo and developed by Tsunku. The gameplay revolves around timing a button press or tap to the beat, separated into 50 individual levels. Each level often offers a different take on the rhythm genre, but there are also "Remix" levels which take pieces from other levels to make a new, often more challenging, level.There are also 2nd iterations of certain levels which are often harder and add new button prompts to the mix. Upon starting up the game, you're greeted with an inconsequential tutorial. This takes 5 minutes, but is useful for newcomers, or for those of us in the US who are used to touch-control. After completing said tutorial, you're greeted with the first 5 levels, which form a "Stage". Each Stage has 5 levels. After Remix 7, you will start tackling the 2nd iterations of certain levels I mentioned earlier.

The Rhythm Heaven series is known for its difficulty, and while Rhythm Heaven Fever does tone it down a tad, you'll find it's nothing that can be brushed over. Stage 1 is severely nerfed to the point where you could make near-constant mistakes and still eke out a "Superb" rating. For example, in Hole In One, I was missing balls near constantly for a few seconds throughout the level, and I assumed I wasen't going to pass, but much to my shock and surprise I got a Superb. Twas the easiest Superb I'd ever gotten in the Rhythm Heaven series. As one would expect, the difficulty racks up as early as the first level of Stage 2.; My first real failure didn't occur until Remix 3, but in the span of ONE level I went from a string of medals and superbs to a string of "OK", until Monkey Watch.

All in all, Rhythm Heaven Fever offers the highest amount of original levels at 28. For comparison, Rhythm Heaven DS only had 24, while Rhythm Tengoku had 25. After Remix 7, the levels will be 2nd iterations of earlier levels, such as Hole In One 2 and Karate Man 2. In addition to the 50 main levels, Nintendo was generous enough to include 5 levels from the previously unreleased-in-USA Rhythm Tengoku: Sneaky Spirits, Tap Trial, The Clappy Trio, Power Calligraphy, and Night Walk, which acts as the credits level. In addition to all of those, there are also endless levels which go on for as long as you don't make too many mistakes. All of the extra levels must be unlocked by achieving a "Superb" in the 50 main levels, for each Superb a medal will be awarded.

Overall, what Rhythm Heaven Fever has to offer is a bit on the small side, but the replayability make up for it. At the paltry sum of $29.99, you really can't get much better than this on the Nintendo Wii. If you end up enjoying Fever, Rhythm Heaven for the DS is available for less than $20 these days.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Rhythm Heaven Fever (US, 02/13/12)

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