How do I beat the first boss?

  1. I'm level 10 right now. Using the War Hammer but have the Scimitar as well. I have two rune abilities for each. I can't beat him because of that massive spin attack. How do I avoid or stop it?

    User Info: entie700

    entie700 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the bosses, I've found that the best strategy is to spam ranged magic attacks (thereby not getting stuck in that terrible spin attack). It helps greatly if you have a large monster you can hide behind for casting.

    User Info: meneeococoa

    meneeococoa - 5 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. I had to retreat a couple times to quickly eat some prepared food to heal back up, but I was able to defeat him using dual blades. The key is to hit and run. Try to be at a distance when the spin starts and charge back in the instant it ends.

    User Info: ishtar22

    ishtar22 - 5 years ago 1 0
  2. You need to be more defensive for this boss. He doesn't give any hint that he is going to attack. Just hit him a couple times, then back off. You're always going to be faster than him.

    Also it'll help if you have monsters that are about your level with high health so they can take a beating.

    Another tip, when he is underground stand on the white stones. If he runs into it he gets dazed from it.

    I defeated him with the great sword and about level 10 give or take a couple levels.

    User Info: Nathan1347

    Nathan1347 - 5 years ago 1 0
  3. I used the Storm Rod and had an orc archer, ogre, and slime with me. When he goes under ground make sure you keep calling your monsters to you so that they avoid damage while they teleport.

    User Info: SuperSavePoint1

    SuperSavePoint1 - 5 years ago 0 0
  4. Beat this boss at level 11 with aqua blades and no monsters without getting hit once, so I figure now that I learned his patterns I could beat him with any weapon. This boss has two modes, regular and fury. He is in regular mode until you remove half of his life, at which point he enters fury mode.

    Regular mode:
    Keep running from him at all times in a circular pattern, but stay close enough to be able to get into attack range real quick. about 3-4 steps away from him is a decent range. He's not fast enough to ever catch you while you are running.

    Attack: Throws a mole bomb at you which chases you and blows up if it gets near you.
    Attack potential: Charge at him when you notice he is going to throw, and tap attack one or two times, then back away.

    Attack: Dives underground and burrows toward you.
    Attack potential: Run around the arena and try and put a rock platform between you and him. If he hits the platform, he will pop up and be stunned. Attacking him while stunned, you have enough time to do around one full combo on him (5 or so button presses for the dual blades)

    Attack: Spins toward you.
    Attack potential: Run away from him as he chases you. When he finishes spinning, he will be stunned. This stun is shorter than the burrow stun, but a bit longer window than the bomb throw, so only hit him a few times.

    Fury mode:
    Same running pattern as regular mode. He's a bit faster here, especially with the hover drill attack, but you should be able to stay away from him at all times.

    Attack: Throws three consecutive mole bombs at you which chases you and blows up if it gets near you.
    Attack potential: Charge at him when you notice he is going to throw, and attack him a bunch. This is your biggest window of opportunity because he always throws three bombs back to back. I usually keep attacking him until he starts his third throw, then back away to be safe.

    Attack: Dives underground and burrows toward you.
    Attack potential: Same as regular mode, but back away a bit earlier as he recovers faster this time.

    Attack: Spins toward you three times in a row.
    Attack potential: run and keep running. Attack him when he is stunned after, just like regular mode. Be more cautious as he recovers quicker in fury.

    Attack: Hovers in the air spinning like a drill as he charges toward you.
    Attack potential: Just run from this. I haven't found any openings you can use.

    User Info: delerium_76

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  5. I defeated him using Fire Rod and water dual blades. Try to stay a bit away from him, using magic staff to attack, until he stuns himself after a spin attack. Run in, call your monsters, and attack with weapon, then back off and repeat. Getting him into "red zone" was relatively easy -- after that he is faster. Just watch for any signs of spin and run.

    User Info: MildChild

    MildChild - 5 years ago 0 0
  6. To summarize:

    Have a good weapon you are good with (I favor the Hammer with Dual Blades in 2nd)
    and bring good beasts.

    My suggestion would be to have two Mantis monsters (great fighters and harvesters) and a 3rd ranged unit (orc archers good). Just keep your distance 'till you get an opening *like when dazed* Slam 'em hard like with a charged hammer strike, then RUN!!! while your friends deal the main DPS.

    He mostly targets YOU, so keep moving and keep him from your monsters. You may want to bring a lot of Healing items as well as you WILL take a hit in all likelihood or your friends.

    * healing yourself heals your friends, but as they have much more HP you may want Restore Potions L's as are much potent.

    -to quote the Happy Mask Salesman "Just have faith."

    Be patient and GLHF!!
    you will win at some point so don't give up.

    User Info: ZGuy0fSci

    ZGuy0fSci (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0
  7. to add info to my answer,

    You can find the Mantis at the sunken ship SW of the Shrine Island, south of the Head Statue temporary Island.

    They are tough bugs, so be ready. (then again they wouldn't be such amazing friends in a fight if Weren't tough though, right? ;)

    User Info: ZGuy0fSci

    ZGuy0fSci (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0
  8. I was using a Katana and 4 Potion L's equipped to my + pad. If you're extremely patient, you can do this without magic.

    Every time he gets dizzy, attack. When he recovers, run. Stay away until he gets dizzy.

    I did not have a party of monsters with me, however. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. It took way too long with this method, but I got him at level 8.

    User Info: Ir1sh

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  9. I would take a bunch of food of potions with you and take your strongest monsters and let the monster fight him for most of the time and when he would do the spin attack i wouldnt get hit by jumping randomly in the other direction or u could use rainged attacks. hope it helps.

    User Info: tatertots99

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  10. ...
    1. Bring monster companion (the one that use ranged attack are better, and flying one is even better)
    mantis, orc archer, earth element, etc ... (and it's easier if you use ranged attack via magic staff too)
    2. read the boss habit (dive attack, throw bomb or spin) it usually chase you, however there's 25% chance it will target to your monster.
    3. Play defensive when you fight him (wait a chance for stun)
    - after he is spin he will get stunned
    - when he is "swimming" in earth, stand at stone plate (he will knock himself and get stunned too)
    - the bomb is annoying, barrage him from far while evading the gnome bomb ...
    4. bring some potion or food in case your RP or health low ...

    User Info: Yariel

    Yariel - 5 years ago 0 0

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