How do i beat the final boss?

  1. Ok, I thought i had a pretty good strategy going on the final boss, 4 hits from one of this boss' attacks will kill me, my strategy was run close to it, slash, dash away, if i get hit, heal, and while keeping my distance have the three monsters accompanying me attack it, when it starts floating, start whaling on it cuz there is serious delay on its attack that its about to do when it floats, and you can even cancel it by attackign it when its floating, and this works pretty well up until there's only less than a 5th of its hp left, it then creates 3 duplicates of itself, they are all as strong as the real boss I think, which make quick work of my monsters by tanking on them, and I can stay away from them no problem, but then, when the boss uses that attack that forces me to the center of the battle field whilst constantly damaging me, its 3 duplicates tank on me and I'm dead, I try healing even once, I'm dead... I don't think there is anyway to avoid the attack that forces me to the center of the battle field... IS there some way to get past this duplication thing it does? or to dodge the wind attack it does that forces me into the middle? Or is there a better strategy? Oh i am level 40 btw and using the weapon Passion cuz I never bothered to train smithing or anything so i cant really craft a practically god modding weapon same with crafting s oi can't really make super defensive accessories or anything like that... and my 3 monsters are dark unicos that are all at like level 65 or something...

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    KeitaDahlia - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    LovelandLdy you have the wrong boss -__- And any advice on equipment to use?

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  1. How many of your bachelor/bachelorettes are at 6FP? If enough of them are at 6FP you will reach a point in the fight where after you die they will save you and after that point you can't die anymore. I think for my game I had about 8 people at 6FP, but I don't think you need that many. Just go be social for a while and come back. :)

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  1. when i defeated the final boss I was using the fire rod and the rune ability fleet foot. if you got the final boss all the way down to critical the best solution for you would be to equip both after the final boss duplicates and run around the edge of the arena until the camera focuses on the boss once again. When it does this the duplicates should be gone and it should be possible to kill the boss without too much trouble as long as you stay away from the middle of the arena. Fleet foot gives you a movement bonus big enough that you should be able to pull away from the wind attack as long as you are not too close to or in the middle of the arena.

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  2. Hello, in order to take out this boss you need the storm rod I believe, it is one that you can make early on. I took on mole without any aid of my animals. One thing you need to know is to stay out of the way of the moles spinning, this move will trap you and eat your energy bar in a second. So........ use the rod to hit him from a distance.
    Also note that the mole can only spin for so long so back away and let him do his spin, if you need to just run the opposite direction from the way he is spinning, as soon as he stops he will be dizzy, hit him as many times as you can then run away from where he is, keep doing this and avoid his little bombs, they too will eat up your energy bar. When you get him half way down he will turn red, stay calm, know that you are doing your job properly and wait for him to move- he will turn into a torpedo, again dodge it and hit him with the rod again from a distance. If you follow the moves i described you will be free of the mole and ready to carry on with the next part of the game!
    Dont forget to bring extra food, or recovery drinks, be patient and dont forget to save your game just before you go in to take on the mole!

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  3. the Legendary Rod "strong magic". 'nuf said.

    But really, buy a $H!T TON of Scrap Iron, and forge the *******ing *** outta the Iron Sickle or like item, and just keep at it. This will up your Forging skills so you can make those "god weapons" love so much.

    As for the Crafting Skills, didn't you do Scarf Abuse? By selling Handknit Scarves your Skill Level SHOULD be 99 as well... So yeah, Fleet Foot + Legendary Rod with good monster helpers, the best of which are King Trolls. They kick major @$$. Bosses et all == X_X

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