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"Pirate Blast Isn't A Blast"

After playing Martian Panic, a game created by a company called ZOO, I thoroughly enjoyed that game as it felt like an arcade shooter with some substance. Not long after that, I heard there was another game created by the same company called Pirate Blast. Again, it's a shooter but with a twist. You're in some amusement park called Vile Isle and robot pirates have gone awry. It's up to you and your water hose to dispose of them and save the park.

Sounds interesting enough and I searched for it. I have to resort to ordering it off of Amazon because no one near me was selling the game. I eagerly played the game and if you couldn't tell just from the build up of this review, I was disappointed.

There really is nothing special about this game. Whereas Martian Panic, there always seemed to be something going on and there was variety in the stages you were shooting at, it just seems like the same tedious thing in Pirate Blast. You are just plopped at the park, here's all your water, and just go ahead and start shooting. The controls for this is very awkward. You have to hold three buttons to shoot your water hose, and an extra button if you want to grab or unlock things or use your water balloon. It can be very confusing at times. The game would tell you every now and then, but then you run into the problem of how to lock onto the subjects you are trying to aim for.

Then you have to reload; and for some reason, when I try to reload, there isn't enough water and the pirates continue to throw watermelons and cupcakes at me. Then when you lose, and you probably will, you are zapped back all the way to the beginning of the stage, regardless of what difficulty you are playing on. The game is unforgiving.

To make matters worse, the music is dreadful. Luckily, it's so forgettable that it will quickly erase from your memory moments after shutting your system off. The graphics, on the other hand, are very bright and colorful. They aren't great or anything, but I guess they get the job done. Just be prepared to be bored through the monotonous gameplay.

I didn't play with two players so I don't know how fun that is. I'm betting that this game would probably be better if you have a friend to shoot with you but unfortunately most of my friends are busy playing Call of Duty than bothering with the Wii. It's not the worst game out there, by any means, but it is very mediocre.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/24/11

Game Release: Pirate Blast (US, 02/15/11)

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