Tips of Elena bond meter?

  1. I need some help as if I want the best ending to the game, must I max out her bond meter with Areon (to the top max) or at least half way up? I'm not really sure since I have been trying hard enough getting their bonds higher. Chat, gifts, items all can help but really would this effect the "best" ending if I do not get the max level?

    User Info: KaizaYamazki

    KaizaYamazki - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To get the S ending you need at least 8 points in the bar you increase the bond by giving elena gifts that you can buy off navda and win as a prize for bringing enough meat back to sell some itens like dryad berry and medical moss also increase the bond and every now and them she gives you a potion back.
    Also talk to Elena every time you're in the house to try to get most of the cutscenes you should speak to her untill she strts repating herself.
    Also remember that to get 100% completion you need every ending

    User Info: RyuhoTheDragon

    RyuhoTheDragon - 5 years ago 0 0

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