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    FAQ/Walkthrough by a1ka1in

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        NFSNFSN NN     NN     N    NN   NN       NN   NN NN   NN
      NN   NN NN     NN     N    NN   NN       NN   NN NN   NN
                                                NFSNFSNFSNFSNFS  NFSNFS NFSNN NFSNN
                                               NN        N    N N      N     N   NN
                                                NFSNN   NFSNFS NFSN   NFSN  N   NN
                                                    NN N      N      N     N   NN 
                                               NFSNFS N      NFSNFSNFSNFSNFSNFSN
                            OOOOO    OOOOO    OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOOOOOOO  OOOOO
                            OOOOOOOOOOOOOO    OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOOOOOOOO OOOOO
                            OOOOOOOOOOOOO     OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
                            OOOOOOOOOOOO      OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
                            OOOOO  OOOOO      OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOO OOOOOOOOOOO
                            OOOOO   OOOOO     OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOO  OOOOOOOOOO
                            OOOOO    OOOOO    OOOOO     OOOOO  OOOOO   OOOOOOOOO
                            OOOOO     OOOOO    OOOO     OOOO   OOOOO    OOOOOOOO
                            OOOOO      OOOOO    OOOOO OOOOO    OOOOO     OOOOOOO
                            OOOOO       OOOOO    OOOOOOOOO     OOOOO      OOOOOO
    Need For Speed... I'm tryin' to take the lead...
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    1.COPYRIGHT............................................................... CPY0
    2.VERSION HISTORY......................................................... VHIS
    3.THINGS TO KNOW.......................................................... TTK0
    4.WALKTHROUGH............................................................. WLK0
      THE RUN
        STAGE 1 - THE WEST COAST.............................................. WLK1
          The Embarcadero
          Race to Nod Hill
          Get to Las Vegas
          Alamont Pass Rd
          Interstate 580
        STAGE 2 - THE NATIONAL PARK........................................... WLK2
          140 Hwy
          El Portal Rd
          El Capitan
          Tioga Pass Rd
          Ellery River Rd
        STAGE 3 - DEATH VALLEY................................................ WLK3
          Panamint Valley
          Juntion Road
          Old Spanish Trail
          Rival Race
          Las Vegas Blvd.
          Northshore Rd
        STAGE 4 - DESERT HILLS................................................ WLK4
          Northshore Rd
          HWY 169
          Red Mountain Pass
      CHALLENGE SERIES........................................................ WLKS
        COASTAL RUSH.......................................................... WLKA
          What a Rush
          Urban Muscle
          The Pretenders
          Time Hunter
          Midnight Rush
        NATIONAL PARK......................................................... WLKB
          Mountain Men
          Offroad Mayhem
          Ford Challenge
          Tioga Run
          King of the Road
        K & N CHALLENGE....................................................... WLKC
          Filtered For Success
          Death Valley Run
          Battle in the Desert
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      Version 0.8 - 17/11/2011 Started writing the guide...
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      ||  THINGS TO KNOW  ----> TTK0
      ||______          ////
                     After about 3 years of sim racing in the Shift series, we get
    back to the original arcade style racing. Which means that reality is 
    significantly decreased and if you are feeling rusty after all the Shift
    experience, just start off with the multiplayer.
                         A new game and a new system - checkpoints and tokens. In
    the middle of the races, you will cross checkpoints and if you crash in the
    near future then you start back at this check point. But, this takes one of
    your reset token and they are limited. If you are out of tokens then you have
    to start the race all over again. I was a bit critical when I first heard of
    this because we never had anything like this in the NFS series so far. But,
    there have been changes to the gameplay and the modes of races which make this
    a good addition.
                                        Another thing that has changes is that you 
    cannot buy new cars, instead - cars are unlocked as you complete the challenge
    series races and multiplayer. You can also win new cars in the story but those
    are few and far between. So, do not forget to gain new cars by playing the
    other modes too along with the run. Do you need it? I would say no till atleast
    half the game, by then you will get bored with what you have and will want a
                                    The reset feature reminds me of the old sandbox
    which I used to have with cartridges when I was a little kid. We used to hit
    the reset button on the box the moment we screwed up and NFS is making us do
    the same again. The game will reset automatically if you do not qualify for
    the next check point, but if you want ot do it maunally then I suggest you run
    off the road or better yet, move in reverse and go back for a few seconds and
    the race resets automatically. Sure, we used to reset cars in the previous
    titles, but they did not need any tokens, so watchout for your token number.
    You have 10 tokens per race in the lowest difficulty and they keep getting less
    as the difficulty increases.
    FILL ER' UP - 
                 There is no garage for you to change cars. But, you will be
    prompted when you get near a gas station. Just move to the right of the road
    and get ready to go in, you do not need to stop or slow down, just drive in.
    The race gets paused when you are in the gas station so do not worry. You can
    select a car and it's color by doing this and this is the only way to do it.
                       So obviously, cops are bound to pick up some 500 odd cars
    racing from one side of the country to the other - no surprise there. There are
    no heat levels here. The density and intensity of the cops veries based on the
    track. As the game progresses the cops get better and bigger. Also, remember
    that if you cannot go thru the gap in the roadblock and are going to hit a car
    then release the accelerator and hit the break a bit otherwise, your car will
    get wreaked if you hit the other cars at full speed.
                        Levelling up is the oldest carrot for the horse trick that
    developers employ to keep you going. But, this game goes up a notch. We had
    all kinds of unlocks we could buy in the previous games. But here, a better
    tank of N2 is just a level up away. I mean, you cannot draft or slingshot
    properly till you get that level up. Each level has unlocks and I will leave
    it for you to find them out - it's a nice surprise what you will be getting
    next and I don't want to spoil it.
                                WALKTHROUGH     WLK0
    For the first time in the franchise, we get to play a protagonist with a face
    and a voice - Jack. Jack leading a carefree life has been nose deep in debt for
    a long time now. His pursuers finaly corner him in a car dump yard and...
    You need to do a sequence of quick time hits to escape the car...
    Hit "Enter" to come to your senses...
    continous space taps to free your right arm
    continous space taps to free your left arm
    "Enter" thrice again to open the top
    left and right intermittently to escape the car
    Space continuously to climb out
    And finally we have a car, now let's show em'
    Track length - 3.5 KM
    Checkpoint - 2.2 KM
    Tricky Turns - 1.9 KM, 1.2 KM
    The mob starts shooting after you come to the point with 1.9 KM remaining. You
    need to avoid getting shot. You will get wasted if fired upon continuously
    and the game comes back to the last checkpoint, so avoid getting shot. The goal
    here is to survive, not out race them but out manouver them. If you are getting
    shot and cannot go infront of them, then brake to let them move in front and
    go to one end of the road either the left or the right so that both cars are on
    one side and this keeps the gunfire at a minimum. A third car joins in at 
    1.2 KM, just speed away and keep going and don't stop for the train.
    THE EMBARCADERO - San Fran (4 hrs later)
    After getting into the race of the century, it's time to get a car...
    I you purchased the limited edition of the game you will have two extra cars
    to choose from - Chevrolet ZL1 and a Carrera 911 S. I choose the BMW (yeah it's
    back from Most Wanted) just for old times sake.
    The Run Begins...
    200 drivers and 3000 Miles - WOOO YEAH!
    Race to Nob Hill
    Track length - 2.8 Mil
    Time - 1:45
    Checkpoints - 2.4, 1.6, 0.9
    Tricky Turns - 2.1 Mil
    Cops - minimal
    Based on the difficulty you chose, there is a timer on top, so keep in check.
    You can get it very easily. The Cops show up but don't bother you in this
    Get to Las Vegas 
    Track Length - 5.6 Mil
    Target - Top 150 racers
    Time - 4 mins
    Check Points - 4.7 Mil, 3.5 Mil, 2.4 Mil, 1.9 Mil, 0.6 Mil
    Cops - min
    Tricky Turns - 2.5 Mil
    Pretty standard race.The cops start coming in soon...
    and only one caop is after you. The cops have a health meter on top of them
    so you can get them easy. In the end is a roadblock and you can beat it by
    going from the left side of the road - get to the left side of the road at the
    last check point at 0.6 Mil. Beware of the traffic after the 1.9 mark.
    Altamont Pass Rd 
    Track Length - 6.1
    Target - 195
    Check Points - 5.7, 5.0, 3.8, 3.1, 1.5
    Cops - No
    Time - No
    Tricky Turns - None
    After the 5.0 check point, you an take a shortcut to the right of the road.
    When you get to 2.1, all other racers show up in a line in front of you. Hit
    the N2 here to take a lead and watchout for the traffic in the end parts.
    Interstate 580 
    Track Length - 7.4
    Target - 5 checkpoints
    Check Points - 6.0, 4.7, 2.8, 1.4
    Cops - no
    Time - varies 
    Tricky Turns - no
    The checkpoint race is where you need to get to one check point to the next
    within a certain timelimit. The time from one check point to the next changes
    as you cross a checkpoint.
    Use the N2 in the beginning itself to gain the extra speed but be careful not
    to lose too much speed around the traffic. Use the nitrous judiciously.
    This completes the West Coast.
    140 Hwy 
    Track Length - 5 Mil
    Target - 8 positions (187)
    Check Points - 4.3, 3.4, 0.6
    Cops - no
    Time - no
    Tricky Turns - no
    The first half of the track is very curvy and there is sand on either side of
    the road, don't get on the sand coz' you will lose control. There's a shortcut
    at 2.0 to the left of the road.
    El Portal Rd 
    Track Length - 4.8 Mil
    Target - 5 checkpoints
    Check Points - 3.9, 2.9, 1.8, 0.8
    Cops - no
    Time - varies
    Tricky Turns - from 3.7
    The first part is very basic and then from the 3.7 mark, the road curves up 
    like freaking noodle. Do not stray away from the asphalt, the sand can kill you
    so be careful not to move into the sand. In the final part also, you go thru a
    sand road and lateral movement can be difficult on high speeds so release the
    acclerator when making even a slight turn - don't shy away from breaking if
    El Capitan 
    Track Length - 3.8 Miles
    Target - 6 positions
    Check Points - 3.3, 1.9, 1.2
    Cops - none
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - 0.6
    The little traffic here can cause problems as opponents are very assertive.
    Just don't smash into anything and you will do fine. Also, try to build up a
    lead before getting to the turn at 0.6 as you may lose some time here. In
    the middle of the race you will get a gas station message. The station is to
    the right. If you don't know what it is then look in the things to know
    section of this guide.
    Tioga Pass Rd
    Track Length - 3.8 Miles
    Target - 6 positions
    Check Points - 3.1, 2.3, 1.3
    Cops - none
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - none
    Basically, this is the same track as the last race and without any changes.
    Ellery River Rd 
    Track Length - 5.2 Miles
    Target - 3 positions
    Check Points - 3.9, 2.1, 
    Cops - none
    Time - varies
    Tricky Turns - everywhere
    A new kind of race - battle race, you have to overtake and keep the lead over
    the next opponent within the given time. So, overtake the next car and don't
    let it pass. You will have to do this for each opponent and there are only 3.
    It sure sounds easy except for the road which is extremely curvy every few
    hundred meters. You will lose a lot of time if you cannot make the turns
    properly. You may need some practice. It is also critical that you take the 
    shortcut to the left at the 1.2 mark.
    Panamint Valley
    Track Length - 6.2 Miles
    Target - 10 positions
    Check Points - 5.2, 4.0, 2.9, 1.6
    Cops - none
    Time - none
    Tricky Turns - 5.9
    This race mostly happens on dirt tracks with intervals of asphalt road. Pretty
    basic race, get the shortcut at 3.2 and while you are in the shortcut be
    sure to hit the N2 as the rivals are on asphalt and you are on the dirt which
    means that they are going to travell faster but your road is shorter so you
    will get atleast some advantage.
    Junction Road
    Track Length - 5.5 Miles
    Target - 3 positions
    Check Points - 4.1, 1.9
    Cops - none
    Time - varies
    Tricky Turns - none
    A very straight track. The sand storm is not going to bother you much. The Gas
    station is at 4.2. There is a shortcut at 2.3. The track is pretty wide here
    so there won't be any danger of running off road and also, the traffic is
    pretty thin - ideal racing conditions.
    Old Spanish Trail
    Track Length - 6.7 Miles
    Target -  8 positions
    Check Points - 5.0, 3.7, 2.4, 1.1
    Cops - moderate
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - none
    Another very easy race. You can pretty much beat all the others within the
    first 2 miles and the cops are not a threat at all. There's a big shortcut at
    3.3 which should remove your cop threat - if you had any at all. If you miss
    this shortcut then there is another one at 2.8 which you can take only if
    you missed the larger shortcut. There is a road block at around 1.3 which has
    a glaring gap to the center right and also, you can go to the extreme left or
    right to avoid the cars.
    Rival Race
    Track Length - 5.1 Miles
    Target -  2 positions
    Check Points - 3.9, 3.0, 1.8
    Cops - none
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - none
    Your first rival race. Nikki and Mila, both are good (sic) drivers. So if you
    are playing on the higher difficulties then you may have a problem or two.
    There's a large shortcut at 3.5
    LAS VEGAS Blvd.
    Track Length - 3.0 Miles
    Target -  10 positions
    Check Points - 2.0
    Cops - flies on shit
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - none
    A little more cops but nothing too bad. Take the shortcut at 2.5 to get them
    off your back but as soon as you come out of the shortcut there is a roadblock
    so steer to the rightmost corner of the road to avoid it. From now, the cops
    will try to road block you every half a mile, but there is only one car that
    is blocking. It comes on the side of the road which you are currently on, so
    after you see a cop car move in at you in the map, move to the left or the
    right to avoid it, but be sure that car stopped to block you before moving.
    There's also a gas station at 2.0. Also, when you get to 1.5, you will see
    a shortcut. Take it and stay on the straight path. After you come out of the
    shortcut, there is a roadblock so stay to the right. Now, there are going to
    be roadblocks every few hundred meters and even if you hit one, you may lose
    the race. Thy to stay in the center of the road to avoid them.
    Northshore Rd.
    Track Length - 1.3 Miles
    Target -  Get outta Las vegas
    Check Points - 
    Cops - Insane
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - 0.9, 0.5
    Stay to the left of the road to take the first turn. Do not go near the cop 
    cars as they are blocking the other side of the road. Look carefully for gaps
    in the road block. Keep moving from the left to the right and vice - versa to
    confuse them. You will be caught no matter what you do in the end.
    You need to escape the cops now thru quick time events. It's mostly spaces and
    enters the first half. I will leave the QTE's for you since it is fun. But be
    You are left to choose among three new cars - all great. The Porsche is the 
    best (obviously) but I took the Gallardo just coz'. The Aston Martin V12
    vantage is nothing less than the others, but if you are a new player choose
    Porsche and veterans know what they want anyway...
    Northshore Rd
    Track Length - 5.5 Miles
    Target -  10 positions
    Check Points - 4.4, 2.9, 2.0, 1.4
    Cops - 
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - none
    We got a new car and a great track to try it out. Go ahead and push your new
    car to the limit, this track is ideal for it, without any hard turns or too
    much traffic.
    Hwy 169
    Track Length - 5.3 Miles
    Target -   4 checkpoints
    Check Points - 4.1, 2.5, 1.1
    Cops - none
    Time - varies
    Tricky Turns - none
    And another easy track, just with a tad more turns. There's a shortcut at 2.8.
    You may have difficulty adopting to the speed and control of your new car
    around the turns but you will get over it once this rrace is done.
    Track Length - 5.8 Miles
    Target - 10 Positions
    Check Points - 4.5, 3.6, 2.7, 2.1, 0.9
    Cops - minimal to moderate
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - 3.1, 2.8, 2.4, 0.7, 0.2
    A dirt track again, but you will have a problem only with the Aston Martin a
    little bit. The Gallardo and Porsche do real good even in the dirt and the
    Gallardo does the best on the dirt tracks - in terms of speed. The shortcut
    at 2.0 helps to beat any cops on your ass. Roadblocks start coming in from
    1.2. If you cannot go thru the gap in the roadblock then just release the
    accelerator and break a bit when hitting a cop car or you will get wreaked if
    you hit them on full speed.
    Red Mountain Pass
    Track Length - 3.8 Miles
    Target - 6 Positions
    Check Points - 3.2, 2.4, 1.6, 1.0
    Cops - moderate to heavy
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - 3.1, 3.0, 2.5 onwards, 1.6 onwards
    A new type of police cars are on you. They have higher health than the last
    ones and are heavier but that does not make any difference to us. The 
    roadblocks start coming in after 2.0. Watch carefully for the gap in the road
    blocks and go thru them.
    Track Length - 4.4 Miles
    Target - 4 Positions
    Check Points - 3.2, 2.1, 0.9
    Cops - Heavy
    Time - NA
    Tricky Turns - 3.7 onwards
    Concentrate on the opponents and not on the cops. If you mind the cops then
    you will have trouble finishing the race - remember that you are here to race,
    not to get highest bounty. The cops start blocking you in twos and you will
    have to go fro, between them, so slow down when you see two cars ahead of you
    because you will fly away of you hit them on high speeds.
    updates come faster at -
    so get it above...
                                 CHALLENGE SERIES - WLKS
    What a Rush
    Platinum - 1:55
    Gold - 2:00
    Silver - 2:10
    Bronze - 2:40
    Track Length - 3.8 Miles
    Check Points - 2.8, 2.1, 1.1
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - 2.8
    You ought to play the challenge series along with the story to unlock new cars 
    to use in the story. The first few times, the cars are crap comparesd to what
    you have in the run but still, mix this and the story for a change because you
    get back to driving crap cars here. Just do not accelerate while trying to turn
    and when you get past the 1.2 mark, it's all downhill. Builf N2 till here and
    hit the whole tank on your way down to overtake all competition.
    Urban Muscle
    Platinum - 2:05
    Gold - 2:10
    Silver - 2:20
    Bronze - 2:40
    Track Length - 4.1 Miles
    Check Points - 3.3, 2.3, 0.8
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - None
    Be careful what cars you choose, for the expert driver, just test it out with
    the cars that have bad handling (shown in the car stats in the car selection
    screen). Again, all turns are going to be bad if you do not leave the 
    accelerator alone. It's all traffic after the 1.5 mark so watchout.
    The Pretenders
    Platinum - 2:08
    Gold - 2:12
    Silver - 2:20
    Bronze - 2:45
    Track Length - 3.9 Miles
    Check Points - 2.5, 1.2
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - None
    The start should be good, but it is all uphill after the 2.5 mark so just save
    up N2 so that you can use it uphill. Also, start saving N2 as you stop going
    uphill because it is going to be downhill soon and you will want to go down
    full speed.
    Time Hunter
    Platinum - 2:09
    Gold - 2:13
    Silver - 2:20
    Bronze - 2:30
    Track Length - 7.2 Miles
    Check Points - 6.0, 4.7, 3.0, 1.5
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - None
    The real challenge is going to start after the 4.7 mark checkpoint. Lot's of
    traffic and dodging traffic is the real challenge here, not the time. I found 
    it easy to move to either the left or right end of the road and continue. Left
    side is better because the right side of the road has sand and your car won't
    speed up properly.
    Midnight Rush
    Platinum - 2:48
    Gold - 2:55
    Silver - 3:10
    Bronze - 3:25
    Track Length - 7.8 Miles
    Check Points - 7.2, 6.5, 6.3, 5.4, 4.6, 2.9, 2.0
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - 
    This is easy, just try not to take the shortcut at the 6.3 mark. After that 
    it's just a nice and easy sprint race to the end, nothing much going on.
    Mountain Men
    Platinum - 2:20
    Gold - 2:25
    Silver - 2:40
    Bronze - 3:00
    Track Length - 4.9 Miles
    Check Points - 3.4, 2.0, 0.4
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - none if you take the short cut.
    Again, bad handling cars here so be careful when turning. There's sand on 
    either side of the road which - as you know - slows you down, so stay on the
    asphalt at all times except ofcourse when you are taking a shortcut. The
    shortcut is at 1.9 miles and it saves you a ton of time, but it is a sand track
    so be careful not to swerve out of control.
    Offroad Mayhem
    Platinum - 2:20
    Gold - 2:25
    Silver - 2:40
    Bronze - 3:00
    Track Length - 4.8 Miles
    Check Points - 3.9, 2.9, 1.6
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - none
    This is a bit of a technical track which requires technique to drive around.
    It is a fully sand track till the second half of the race and even then the
    road is only for a short while during which you will need to get into the lead.
    in the mud, try not to move around much, just go in as straight a line as
    possible, this is very important as you keep losing speed whenever you are
    hitting the turn buttons. You get onto the road at the 2.9 mark so save N2 from
    2.5 itself and have a full tank of N2 ready. As soon as you get onto the road
    you have to and I mean, you just have to get to first position. You get back
    onto the sandy road at 1.6 and it is very important you have atleast a quarter
    of the N2 tank. In this part, the guy behind you always keeps coming near you
    and will over take you if you do not hit the N2 and get ahead of him. He will
    keep trying this, so use the N2 judiciously.
    Ford Challenge
    Platinum - 2:03
    Gold - 2:08
    Silver - 2:15
    Bronze - 2:30
    Track Length - 3.7 Miles
    Check Points - 2.9, 1.9, 1.0
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - 2.9
    It's all fords in this race. Slow down immediately after the check point at
    2.9 because you will slide off the road if you are too ahead. There is nothing
    to note in this race. There is a small shortcut at 0.7 but taking it makes
    not difference at all.
    Tioga Run
    Platinum - 2:52
    Gold - 3:00
    Silver - 3:15
    Bronze - 3:30
    Track Length - 4.8 Miles
    Check Points - 4.1, 3.2, 2.4, 1.2
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - everywhere
    The turns are back again! but if you take the shortcuts here, then this is
    bound to be the easiest race in the game. You can get platinum the first time
    you play. Slow down at the 4.1 mark checkpoint and go slow down the next turn,
    a shortcut is to the right just after the turn and it will put you in the
    forefront of the race very soon. The road gets straight after the checkpoint at
    2.4 so get ready to shoot past everyone. Conserve N2 till you get there. 
    There's another huge shortcut at 0.9 take it and it is easy pickings from here.
    If you are a new player in the NFS world then you shoul know that when taking
    the turns like in this race, break when entering a turn, stay slow till you
    get to the apex of the turn (center) and start accelerating out of the turn.
    King of the Road
    Platinum - 2:42
    Gold - 2:55
    Silver - 3:05
    Bronze - 3:20
    Track Length - 4.5 Miles
    Check Points - 3.5, 2.4, 1.4, 0.6
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - 3.5, 3.4, 2.3, 2.1, 1.7, 1.6, 1.0 and after that...
    Take the first shortcut at 4.3 itself and you will be in the safezone for the
    entire race. You are in a McLaren and yeah it's fast and coming from the
    remaining races, you will feel a drastic change in the speen and control of the
    car so watchout.
    Filtered For Success
    Platinum - 2:50
    Gold - 3:00
    Silver - 3:15
    Bronze - 3:30
    Track Length - 5.3 Miles
    Check Points - 3.8, 2.6, 1.4
    Cops - None
    Tricky Turns - everywhere
    You are absolutely going to just hate this race. And that is only because you
    have a car with nightmare handling and the road has pin curves all over. To
    win this race, you will need to learn how to turn with the menace you are
    driving properly first. You will need to repeat the race a couple of times
    before you are comfortable with the car. To turn properly, go in full speed and
    break very hard near the turn and release the accelerator while breaking. After
    that, do not hit the accelerator again till you are on the straight road or
    else, you will drift and this will waste a load of time. And then next part
    is about the N2. Usage of your nitrous is extremely critical to win this race.
    Do not keep hitting N2 after the turns, just go normally. Just use it for a
    fraction of a second to get a little speed and let go. There's a shortcut at
    4.4, you need to take it and noe hit the N2 full throttle. But when you get to
    the end of the shortcut, slow down and make a proper turn. Start conserving
    the nitrous again and after the turn at 2.8 release all the gas for a while
    and start building again when you get ot he turns. When you get to the shortcut
    at 1.3 do not use the N2 till you get to the turn in the middle. The turn is
    tough to make if you are on high speed. After coming out of the turn, try to
    overtake all opponents as soon as possible. If you win this race then you will
    be able to play the game with any car and still win any other race.
    Death Valley Run
    Platinum - 1:40
    Gold - 1:45
    Silver - 1:50
    Bronze - 1:55
    Track Length - 4.8 Miles
    Check Points - 3.6, 2.4, 1.3
    Cops - Heavy
    Tricky Turns - 2.9
    You may have a little problem here with the track being very thin and your car
    geting very fast as it's all down hill a bit. If you cannot move past a vehicle
    slow down before hitting it, but it is best to break as soon as you see a car
    ahead of you. You have lots of times to complete this track. Whne you get to
    3.0 slow down to make the turn or you will hit a wall. Try not to mingle with 
    the cops even a little but. Try to ignore them completely.
    Battle in the Desert
    Platinum - 2:25
    Gold - 2:35
    Silver - 2:45
    Bronze - 3:00
    Track Length - 5.8 Miles
    Check Points - 4.8, 3.5, 2.5, 1.3
    Cops - none
    Tricky Turns - 5.2, 4.9
    You are against a Gallardo in a shit car. Surprisingly, since the road is not
    too curvy, you will find this race easy. If you pass the Gallardo, it will
    definitely overtake you again. So, look back and try to block the path. 
    Blocking is easy as the road is narrow. Do not forget to take the shortcut at 
    2.4. That should seal the race.
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    so get it above...

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