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    FAQ/Move List by Meia_blue

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 02/21/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 0.90
    Philia/Meia_Blue/Crimson Haley
    Fishing Resort Fish Guide by Philia
    Table of Contents
    I.	Versions
    II.	Introduction to Fishing Resort
    III.	Method of Fishing
    IV.	Fish List
    V.      Quest List
    VI.	Award List
    VII.    Activity List
    VIII.   Questions
    IX.     Legal Stuff
    X.      Credits
    I.	Versions
    Definitely plan on updating this later more S rankings and awards' rewards
    accuracy.  Of course correcting some of my mistakes.
    Version 0.95 - 1/30/12 Updated S rankings, award rewards and added a couple 
    specifics on some fish locations.  All passwords has been found!
    Version 0.90 - 1/21/12 Lots of updates including awards, side quests accuracy,
    two rares to be found, activities fleshed out and some formatting.  Included
    handy image links thanks to one of our contributors!  :)
    Version 0.80 - 1/9/12 Lots of errors, blame myself for not proofreading!  And 
    added some more fish and better ranking ANDDDDD better methods explanations.
    Version 0.75 - 1/8/12 Finally decided to submit what I have to GameFAQs.  :)
    **************************HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE********************************
    There is a fish list here for you to use check off the shadows in your 
    Photoguide in the suitcase in your hotel room ingame.  This is to help you
    figure out what rod and reel to use to catch these fish.  My fish list includes
    their S rank which is a MAX size they can be and any rod and reel beyond
    Heroic and Lunker is for LARGE sized fish which is anything bigger than 3.28ft.
    There's a sidequest section below the Fish list to help you get started
    on getting fishing points as well as getting all of the rods and reels.  It'll
    also cover the inital basics of where to find those specific fish.
    There are links to an online image page for each of these fish per area below
    their respective fish lists.  Feel free to use them to see how they looked
    and to identify underwater.  ALL FISH CAN BE SPOTTED except for the ocean
    catches.  I don't use lures, I use Quick Hitter bait for any catch I can see
    and Wide Range bait for ocean catches.
    Finally, use buttons Ctrl and F to find what you're looking for in this guide.
    II.	Introduction to Fishing Resort
    This fantastic fishing game was released in North America just past November of
    last year and it was barely getting the word out that I wouldn't had spotted
    this gem if it wasn't for a thread on NEO-GAF.  A XSeed employee trying to
    support this game with images and tales of fun to be had!  While I was
    supporting the thread, I was also trying to help the game to gain more
    recognition for being a wonderful relaxing fishing game elsewhere.  Meanwhile
    I quickly noticed how difficult some of the fish were to be found.  I decided
    to do my fish list in an excel spreadsheet to keep track of rankings as well
    as locations.  Soon enough, I saw I had plenty to share on a XSeed forum and
    sure enough, other members were graceful and were just as helpful later on!
    This fish list is to help others to find out where this fish is found, what
    size it is possible to fish with, and what number it is on the index for quick
    reviewing.  Of course on occasion when its that rare enough, or gotten enough
    comments about its obscure location, it'll be included in how to find it as
    well as what methods to be used to capture it.
    I also included quests and their descriptions, awards and their rewards, and
    a few notes on activities.  Best way to start this game is do some quests,
    targets, a few first time activities to build your fish points real fast to buy 
    better rods and reels to get better ranking fish to trade in with better luck.
    And finally, don't forget to grab the map off of the bulletin board to warp
    yourself to places!  :)  You can also see yourself on a minimap after pressing
    - again on your map screen.
    And yes, a lot of activities as well as certain fish and areas are locked
    until you gain enough rank (through fishing a lot).  There are 10 levels of
    Rookie, Amateur, Novice, Expert and a World Champion rank and finally Fishing 
    King. It'd be very wise to attempt at fishing a LOT in the first area you're in.
    ***************************IMPORTANT NOTICE************************************
    Before you even start fishing on your own, please UPGRADE your rod/reel ASAP
    by doing sidequests and miscellaneous stuff to rank up a lot of fish points
    right away.  Tourist and Hunter will serve you well for the Small/Medium fish.
    III.	Method of Fishing
    As I was making this guide, I must confess that I'm using the Zelda's Gold
    Motion Plus built in wiimote.  :)  Other members insist I have a platinum copy
    of this game lol but I assure you, I don't and I fish consistently and a lot.
    I'll now describe to you my methods of fishing.  First and foremost, I went
    into this game with intention of finding every darn fish there is.  Even if I'd
    have to spend 375 hours (of right now lol) to get it.  I did just that with
    the very first area I'm in.  I level up in rank quite a bit while gathering
    enough points to buy better rods and reels as well as better bait.  Its pretty
    hard at times but keep at it and you'll have plenty of points in no time.
    Also, I don't know if this helps or not, but if you're still having difficulty
    playing this game, try the bait and lure tutorials or go to your laptop setting
    and make sure the tutorial setting is on for their functional prompts.
    Targets on the bulletin board will definitely help a lot in rewarding extra
    points along with better ranking fish sizes. I use this scale for the 
    following: Small is anything less than 1.64ft. Medium is anything between 
    1.64ft to 3.28ft (although medium rod/reel will pick up smaller than that too).
    Large from 3.28ft to 6ft.  Anything beyond that is a XL. But this is my own 
    scale imho that works best for me in selecting my rod/reel for these said fish.
    So far only thing that is definite of size is by bulletin board measurements 
    and bait.
    As for lures and bait, I must confess that I've only used bait.  I've used
    lures very very rarely.  So, just about all of this fish I have caught is
    very possible to catch with bait.  Tackle counts as a lure but you don't lose
    them when you lose the fish.  :)
    How I fish, I like bait because I can zoom in on my bait AND zoom in before I
    cast.  This way, I can scour for the fish I need to get.  ALL fish can be 
    seen!  Garbage is the only exception, and because you can't see the fish does
    not mean its not there.  You can fish for fish randomly, but its hard to gauge
    what you're picking up.  Its only a matter of patience too for the specific
    fish you want (the Legends of Pengankapan island).  I also like using the B
    button to stop my cast short of the cast I throw it in.
    And finally, when you cast, you're attracting a number of fish withing the area
    with your bait.  You'll notice that a lot of common fish will try to nibble
    your bait first before the fish you actually wanted to nibble at all.  This 
    can be annoying, but don't fret!  Just let them nibble and pass.  If you don't
    like the buzzing of the wiimote, just set it down.  If the fish you wanted
    made a pass but didn't nibble, wait for it.  It'll make another round on 
    occasion.  I like to pull at the second nibble, you know you got the timing 
    right when it says EXCELLENT!  :)  You go up in rank much quicker for catching
    If you try to reel or pull up your unbitten bait, the pool of fish around it
    WILL RESET.  Making your effort go wasted if it hasn't been reset normally by
    the game already.  This can be a hindrance but yet also helpful for you to 
    know that these fish isn't FIXED by appearance or by timely intervals.  
    Sometimes there's two seahorses, and sometimes there's none at all.  This is 
    again why patience comes into play often.
    Another method of making best use of your time, you can recast and recast
    as long as you don't go back to your avatar (without rod/reel) the day will
    never end.  :)  You can't move but you can certainly rotate your avatar to
    some degree, and MOVE left or right while your bait is in the water.  This
    trick will help you recast and recast til you get the fish you need.
    And by far, I can safely say that Rainbow bait is the best bait to use to get
    S ranked random catches.  When I say RANDOM, I meant fish you don't see in
    the water or by ferrying.  Fish are just by the size you can see in water;
    you'll notice a bigger clownfish right next to a smaller one obviously!  So
    with this information, use Rainbow bait for random hits, Quick Hitter for
    definite catches you can see and want to catch; and Wide Range for some
    scout work.  Scout work as in you're not sure what fish will come up nearby;
    this is helpful when you're trying to lure a fish out and you wish to know
    all of the applicable fish in the area.
    IV.	Fish List
    I'm doing this by the order of appearance in the Fishing Photoguide that you 
    have in your suitcase in your hotel room.  However do keep in mind, some fish
    can be found in other areas and sometimes with better results! When in doubt, 
    look on your bulletin board and see the target cards for the fish for specific
    spots and unknown fish you haven't acquired yet. The # reflects their order in
    the index to be more specific.  Thought this would be extra helpful without 
    any further confusion.  And finally, S rank is just merely a few inches in 
    difference even from A rank too, so you can count on that final fish you'd want
    to be in that size.  Only huge huge fish can jump in feet in rank sizes, not 
    small ones so don't fret too much on what rod/reel on those.  You may even 
    catch much better S ranking fish than me. I only put in my own examples for 
    what counts for S rank size in my game.
    Oh, someone asked me, YES, S rank is the biggest size of the fish you can get.
    E rank is the smallest.  S, A, B, C, D, then E in order of scale.  I think the
    letter S for the special rank is of Japanese origin.  I'm not sure WHY that is
    the case but yes, there ya go.  :D
    Read from top to bottom of each page.  I'd try to keep 3 fish per page (using
    the text blur on most cases) even with those annoying ones placed in the center
    folds lol.  And to make sure, N = North, S = South, W = West, E = East.  You
    also notice that there are some locations that are not found in that area, but
    in a later area you can access by buying a fishing license or moving from your
    hotel.  And I like being consistent here, I'll also add fish I've found in
    other places for you. :D  At least the hard to find ones anyway.  Blotchy
    Sillago, Catfish and Bluegill isn't getting any more necessary attention from 
    me!  xD  But I'll make note with a comma so you know the following locations
    are noted from me, not from ingame.
    Oh, someone asked me. YES, S rank is the biggest size of the fish you can get.
    E rank is the smallest.  S, A, B, C, D, then E in order of scale.  S rank is
    of a japanese origin of grading.  Super, Superb, Superior or Special we don't
    know but there ya go.
    			Teman Paradise Beach
    Page 1
    #171: Blotchy Sillago - S rank 1.07ft - Big Catch Rock/Villa Mirador
    #054: Clownfish - S rank 0.60ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Teman Paradise Beach
    #123: Royal Angelfish - S rank 1.04ft - Teman Paradise Beach W/Pacar Beach W
    Page 2
    #116: Blue Tang - S rank 0.84ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Kayaker's Shallow
    #008: Blueface Angelfish - S rank 1.06ft - Teman Paradise Beach W/Pacar BeachW
    #023: Parrotfish - S rank 2.06ft - Kayaker's Shallow
    Page 3
    #151: Forceps Fish - S rank 0.76ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Pacar Beach (E)
    #099: Oriental Butterflyfish - S rank 0.84ft - Shop Waterhouse/Kayak Center
    #101: Moorish Idol - S rank 0.84ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Teman Paradise Beach
    Page 4
    #191: Lionfish - S rank 1.27ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Teman Paradise Beach (E)
    #095: Emperor Angelfish - S rank 1.45ft - Shop Waterhouse/Pacar Beach (E)
    #135: Pennant Coralfish - S rank 0.83ft - Shop Waterhouse/Kayak Center Freedom
    Page 5
    #042: Flounder - S rank 1.70ft - Teman Paradise Beach (E)/Feest Cove
    #094: Seahorse - S rank 0.42ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Teman Paradise Beach
    #003: Red Stingray - S rank 6.65ft - Teman Paradise Beach (E)
    Page 6
    #036: Ocellaris Clownfish - S rank 0.42ft - Teman Paradise Beach W/Teman
    Paradise Beach
    #148: Halibut - S rank 2.07ft - Feest Cove/Kayaker's Shallow
    #052: Longnose Hawkfish - S rank 0.51ft -Shop Waterhouse/Teman Paradise BeachW
    Page 7
    #006: Horse Mackerel - S rank 0.84ft - Big Catch Rock
    #009: Sea Eel - S rank 2.11ft - Feest Cove
    #195: Black Rockfish - S rank 1.26ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
    Page 8
    #051: Grass Puffer - S rank 0.84ft - Big Catch Rock/Villa Mirador
    #004: Japanese Lobster - S rank 0.83ft - Big Catch Rock
    #103: Freshwater Prawn - S rank 0.62ft - Big Catch Rock
    Page 9
    #025: Sardine - S rank 0.85ft - Golden Cliff
    #093: Needle Fish - S rank 3.72ft - Golden Cliff
    #047: Multicolorfin Rainbow - S rank 1.27ft - Golden Cliff
    Page 10
    #037: Marbled Rockfish - A rank 1.02ft - Big Catch Rock
    #168: Sea Robin - S rank 1.24ft - Feest Cove
    #029: Moray Eel - S rank 3.30ft - Big Catch Rock
    Page 11
    #070: Sea Bass - S rank 2.47ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
    #033: Demon Stinger - S rank 1.49ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
    Page 12
    #059: Smallscale Blackfish - S rank 2.07ft - Big Catch Rock
    #057: Black Porgy - S rank 1.70ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
    #126: Japanese Bullhead Shark - S rank 4.20ft - Big Catch Rock
    *Location Notes
    Parrotfish is hard to spot thanks to its blue hue, it can be found just on the
    far left inside of the boundary of the Kayak Shallow, its slow to nibble 
    though, use Quick Hitter as necessary.
    Big Catch Rock is a black platform that you can walk onto and fish to
    the left, in front, and to the right.  The right area is easy to miss!
    Feest Cove is another area that easily missed if you're not careful to find
    its entrance.  Its right next to Big Catch Rock a ways down but before the
    pathway to Golden Cliff.
    One of my favorite places for a Seahorse and a Ocellaris Clownfish is the trio
    of black rocks to the right near the entrance to the beach from the
    hotel/lodge path.  You can cast at the main rock and let it bounce.  You'd be
    only a feet away but you can at least see the tiny fish you need to catch!
    			Pacar Beach
    Page 13
    #194: Black Sea Bream - S rank 1.66ft - Villa Mirador
    #022: Dogtooth Tuna - S rank 4.25ft - Shallow Area, Villa
    #030: Thamnaconus Modestus - S rank 1.06ft - Villa Mirador
    Page 14
    #066: Calfornia Corbina - S rank 1.48ft - Pacar Beach (E)
    #067: Mackerel - S rank 1.26ft - Villa Mirador
    #197: Clown Triggerfish - S rank 0.76ft - Pacar Beach (E)
    Page 15
    #111: Trevally - S rank 3.38ft - Villa Mirador
    #182: Red Sea Bream - S rank 2.08ft - Villa Mirador *Credit goes to PBGamer89
    #038: Bluefin Trevally - S rank 3.73ft - Villa Mirador
    Page 16
    #020: Rock Porgy - S rank 2.10ft - Pacar Beach (W)
    #170: Bonefish - S rank 2.49ft - Shallow Area
    #021: Striped Beakfish - S rank 2.08t - Villa Mirador
    *Location Notes
    To access this area, you need to talk to the guy at Teman Hotel's Lobby to
    obtain a fishing license for 30,000 pts after you fished a bit there.
    Red Sea Bream can be in the Villa in a kayak to the far left of the boundary.
    Villa Mirador is where you can fish from the dock but also to take out in a
    kayak and go as far as you can to the ocean.
    Bonefish can be found in the east part of the Shallows and beyond into the
    ocean.  It looks like a large Blotchy Sillago.
    			Dua Ribu Lake
    Page 17
    #162: Bluegill - S rank 1.27ft - Lodge Lakeside/Dua Ribu Eyelet
    #013: American Pickerel - S rank 2.13ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
    #115: Catfish - S rank 2.11ft - Red Windmill/Northern River (Downstream)
    Page 18
    #177: White Perch - S rank 1.28ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
    #083: Smallmouth Bass - S rank 1.68ft - Lodge Lakeside/Dua Ribu Eyelet
    Page 19
    #202: Black Bass - S rank 1.99ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
    #017: Yellow Perch - S rank 0.84ft - Red Windmill (S)
    #203: Snakehead - S rank 2.55ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet/Northern River (Downstream)
    Page 20
    #145: Bigmouth Buffalo - S rank 4.25ft - Red Windmill
    #084: Smallmouth Buffalo - S rank 4.14ft - Red Windmill
    Page 21
    #159: Black Bullhead - S rank 0.84ft - Blue Windmill
    #018: Yellow Bullhead - S rank 1.68ft - Blue Windmill
    #155: Brown Bullhead - S rank 1.23ft - Blue Windmill
    Page 22
    #178: Murray Cod - S rank 3.78ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
    #011: Bowfin - S rank 2.48ft - Red Windmill
    #215: Longnose Gar - S rank 5.07ft - Red Windmill
    Page 23-24
    #200: Wels Catfish - S rank 6.30ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet (N)
    Page 25-26
    #005: Acanthodes - S rank 1.26ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet (NO, its Red Windmill!)
    *Location Notes
    Bowfin is sort of rare; you can spot it near the lily pads north of the Red
    Windmill/West of Dua Ribu Eyelet.  It looks a lot like a snakehead.
    Wels Catfish is pretty huge ugly worm looking thing.  You can spot them in
    NE of the Eyelet around the marshes and sometimes underneath the tan weeds.
    Finally... Acanthodes has been found and apparently... its NOT where it should
    be found!  Confirmed finds are in Red Windmill.  The dead tree right in front
    of the Red Windmill itself of it harbors this secret fish.  :\  Prope, why they
    did this, we'll never know... Credit goes to Road5 for the website find and
    Update: I've now confirmed my own find.  Its not IN the dead tree for me no,
    but I found mine in the area SW 50ft of the dead tree in the OPEN.  I found
    plenty of those in that area mixed in with the big Buffalo fish.  Perhaps
    you'll have better luck finding them there.
    			Kanan Lake
    Page 27
    #154: Brown Trout - S rank 1.06ft - Big Kanan (S)/Kerikil Calm (Downstream)
    #207: Lake Trout - S rank 2.11ft - Big Kanan (S)
    #027: Walleye - S rank 3.39ft - Foliage Gate
    Page 28
    #044: Brook Trout - S rank 1.69ft - Big Kanan (S)/Kerikil Rapids (Downstream)
    #129: Burbot - S rank 3.34ft - Kanan Railway
    #041: Pink Salmon - S rank 2.07ft - Kanan Eyelet
    Page 29
    #081: Steelhead - S rank 2.88ft - Big Kanan (N)
    #040: Cutthroat Trout - S rank 1.03ft - Reed Point
    #080: White Sturgeon - A rank 22.17ft - Emperor Hyde Hall (Middle of it)
    *Titan/Infinity/Rainbow; keep in orange range!* Even with rainbow bait doesn't
    attract it 100% of the time, so expect a few retries. Orange range part credit
    goes to Erdnuckel01.
    Page 30
    #124: Rainbow Trout - S rank 1.68ft - East Sparse Rock/Kerikil Waterfall
    #181: Muskie - S rank 4.20ft - West Sparse Rock
    Page 31-32
    #131: Hyneria - S rank 16.66ft - East Sparse Rock *Titan/Infinity/Rainbow;
    CORNER them and keep in green range!*
    *Location Notes
    To access this area, you need to buy Tidur's Fishing License from the guy at
    Dua Ribu's dock for 5,000 pts and then visit Tidur to find a boy near the steps
    of the shop.  He'd sell it for 10,000 pts.  Just fish a bit.
    Steelheads aren't hard to spot in north area of Big Kanan.  They look like 
    large bullets with their round heads being slightly darker than their bodies.
    Now you see I say keep in orange range for White Sturgeon?  I meant it.  Do NOT
    give that fish any slack, because it'll dive on you and just break the line.
    If you're struggling, make sure you have a good rank and a good rod/reel
    and finally a good fishing method (reel in short bursts works for me).  Also
    take care to follow instructions in keeping your wiimote in line with the fish.
    As for the Hyneria, they love to swim near the shore.  BLOCK their way to the
    rest of the water by facing the shore and making sure you're baiting in front
    of them too.  It helps to cast close to your boat while you're not giving them
    any sort of marginal distance to escape from you.  This is the best way to fish
    these. Green range is just advisory to keep from losing or breaking the line
    during their "escape".  Keep in mind they'll fight for the first half and then
    finally get tired which you'll notice their lack of speed and you'll be able to
    reel them in short bursts.
    And you must notice the *Titan/Infinity/Rainbow, which is the best 3 star
    XL rod/reel with the best bait.  CTRL+F "Help Master" for more info.
    			Kerikil River
    Page 33
    #028: Japanese Dace - S rank 1.25ft - Kerikil Rapids (Up & Downstream)
    #198: Japanese Salmon - S rank 1.28ft - Kerikil Calm (Both)
    Page 34
    #091: Fat Minnow - S rank 0.51ft - Kerikil Calm (Both)
    #026: Japanese Char - S rank 0.83ft - Kerikil Rapids (Both)
    Page 35-36
    #174: Bothriolepis - B rank 1.53ft - Kerikil Calm (Both)
    *Location Notes
    To access this area, you need to talk to the man standing west of the Dua Ribu
    Eyelet to get a fishing license for this area.  Just fish a bit and he'll sell
    it to you for 20,000 pts.
    The sidequests in this region has Magoi to be found in the Calm, its a large
    fish but you can fish it out with Heroic/Lunker.  Rainbow Trout, a fish with
    a distinctive pink hue on its body is to be found in the waterfall.
    Bothriolepis has been confirmed to be found at both grassy marshes 90ft out
    with a Rainbow Bait *Credit to Keaton and my spinner lure (Red & Green Oriental
    			Tidur River
    Page 37
    #185: Yellowfin Goby - S rank 0.62ft - Villa Mirador/Southern River Downstream
    #153: Crucian Carp - S rank 1.06ft - Southern River Upstream/Northern River 
    #024: Japanese Huchen - S rank 4.20ft - Northern River (Upstream)
    Page 38
    #175: Striped Mullet - S rank 0.63ft - Villa Mirador/Southern River Downstream
    #180: Magoi - S rank 2.55ft - Southern River Upstream/Northern River Upstream
    Page 39
    #078: Chum Salmon - S rank 2.52ft - Kanan Eyelet/Southern River (Downstream)
    #049: Silver Salmon - S rank 2.54ft - Reed Point/Southern River (Upstream)
    Page 40
    #166: Sockeye Salmon (F) - S rank 2.09ft - Reed Point/Southern River (Upstream)
    #165: Male Sockeye Salmon - S rank 2.10ft -Reed Point/Southern River Downstream
    Page 41
    #085: Grass Carp - S rank 5.87ft - Tidur Waterfall
    #002: Black Carp - S rank 6.34ft - Tidur Waterfall
    Page 42
    #065: Bighead Carp - S rank 6.58ft - Northern River (Downstream)
    #133: Silver Carp - S rank 5.08ft - Northern River (Downstream)
    Page 43-44
    #060: Cheiracanthus - A rank 1.20ft - Northern River (Downstream)
    *Location Notes
    To access this area, you need to talk to the guy at Dua Ribu Lake's dock for
    his fishing license just for 5,000 pts.
    Japanese Huchen can be found near the waterfall; inbetween the two dead trees
    or the rock across from them.  Grass Carp can be found a little ways down from
    the waterfall area.  Grass Carp is of a gold color like Dorado.
    Cheiracanthus can be found wandering around and inside the first rock you 
    see going northstream on the left from the dock. *Credit to Keaton
    			Panas Jungle
    Page 45
    #146: Piranha - S rank 1.26ft - Rootroof Stream
    #201: Armored Catfish - S rank 0.64ft - Emerald Marsh
    #035: Cardinal Tetra - S rank 0.21ft - Emerald Marsh
    Page 46
    #007: Apapa - S rank 2.73ft - Rootroof Stream
    #144: Peacock Bass - S rank 3.08ft - Panas Lake/Craigie Stream
    #163: Payara - S rank 3.39ft - Emerald Marsh
    Page 47
    #010: African Pike - S rank 1.85ft - Rootroof Stream
    #158: Black Ghost Knifefish - S rank 1.23ft - Mangrove Pool*Credit to PBGamer89
    #210: Redtail Catfish - S rank 4.16ft - Mangrove Pool
    Page 48
    #132: Pacu - S rank 0.83ft - Rootroof Stream
    #015: Arowana - S rank 4.21ft - Emerald Marsh
    Page 49
    #014: Alligator Gar - S rank 9.96ft - Mangrove Pool
    #156: Platinum Alligator Gar - S rank 10.04ft - Mangrove Pool
    #149: Pirarucu - S rank 15.24ft - Panas Lake/Panas Waterfall
    Page 50
    #109: Dorado - S rank 4.21ft - Emerald Marsh, Mangrove Pool
    Page 51-52
    #152: Pteraspis - S rank 1.04ft - Emerald Marsh *Credit to Rouke
    *Location Notes
    Black Ghost Knifefish is quite small and fast.  Watch out for them when you're
    in the area. They look like small eels.
    PAG is pale in comparison with their lesser brothers.  Still, stand alone
    they can be hard to tell the difference.
    Pteraspis was found between the two sand dunes on the right with a little
    water in between them.  Yeah.  My method is to turn the wiimote to the left
    with the buttons facing to your left and cast horizontally to the right.  Take
    a few retries to get it down right, and when you do, expect to pull up a lot
    of armored catfish. I got mine after 3 ingame days, hope you have patience!
    			Malam Jungle
    Page 53
    #053: Guppy - S rank 0.21ft - Twin Rock Stream
    #157: Platinum Guppy - S rank 0.21ft - Twin Rock Stream
    #136: Butterfly Fish - S rank 0.83ft - Twin Rock Stream
    Page 54
    #106: Betta - S rank 0.34ft - Twin Rock Stream
    #031: Elephantnose Fish - S rank 1.04ft - Shak Garden Stream
    Page 55
    #160: Ocellated Snakehead - S rank 1.26ft - Shak Garden Stream
    #001: Channa Lucius - S rank 1.47ft - Malam Mountain (S)
    #107: Giant Snakehead - S rank 2.95ft - Malam Mountain (E)
    Page 56
    #176: Polypterus - S rank 2.54ft - Malam Mountain (W)/Malam Mountain (N)
    #212: Royal Knife Fish - S rank 1.68ft - Malam Mountain (S)
    Page 57
    #138: Papuan Black Bass - S rank 4.20ft - Malam Outlet
    #089: Tigerfish - S rank 4.93ft - Malam Mountain (W)/Malam Mountain (N)
    Page 58
    #112: Nile Perch - S rank 6.25ft - Malam Mountain (W)/Malam Mountain (S)
    #140: Barramundi - S rank 6.29ft - Malam Outlet
    Page 59-60
    #055: Climatius - A rank 0.40ft - Twin Rock Stream
    *Location Notes
    To access this area, you need to talk to the man near the Lodge at Panas 
    Jungle to get a fishing license for 30,000 pts.  Fish a bit at Panas.
    Barramundi looks a lot like Nile Perch except its white and Nile Perch don't
    hang out in Malam Outlet so you can be sure its a Barramundi.  :)
    Climatius is easily can be seen and pull up.  Just expect a rare fish to be..
    well rare in appearance.  :) There's no other fish in that area that fits its
    shape or color.  Looks like a blue long bullet, and no smaller than a 
    Butterfly Fish.  Try fishing near the two geese or the flying swirling birds
    overhead.  Someone reported an area further down east of the birds would work 
    			The Oceans
    Couple of things; because there's a huge area we're fishing blind boat/ferry 
    side with variety of sizes, I'll be sure to split rod/reel with a Heroic/Lunker
    type (S/M) or a Titan/Infinity (L/XL). If its a small fish only possible to 
    fish with the smaller rod, I'll make note with a *. Also, wide range bait 
    yields pretty good results for me.  Please use that bait and cast CLOSE to 
    your boat to get much better results.  Don't forget there's 3 different oceans
    for different fish. I'll make note of specific line in difference of fish on 
    the map to tell you how far you can go for each area.  Press + during Trolling
    to view the map during.  Also take great care to notice that there are looped 
    routes all over.  I think maybe at least 10 of them and not all of them are 
    loops.  One actually went across to another loop, so take care to see where 
    you're headed.  I also want to point out that you can use Lunker if you want;
    I'm just stating that that's the combo I used to catch all of these.
    Once you get your Cruiser, you can apply all 5 rods that you buy more from the
    shop.  When trolling for a specific fish, I use all 5 rods and all 5 same 
    colored lures for each one.  If you're not sure, feel free to spread them out
    to see if you can attract another depending on your array of tackle(s). Because
    of the color of tackle is kinda a mix bag to differentiate on different 
    monitors/screens, I'll number them instead 1-5 from left to the right. 
    *****Finally, do NOT assume the chosen tackle is 100% effective until you catch
    a fish with a specific tackle.  Basically, you MUST equip with all tackles 
    beforehand and go out trolling for mystery fish for yourself to find out which.
    For example, one of our contributors had searched for a month ingame for a 
    Great White Shark with a #4 and a #5 tackle and only to suddenly catch one 
    right away when he went with #1 tackle.  Moral of the story is, USE all 
    tackles to try to figure out which fish likes what.  Its not the same for 
    everyone!  And I'm still learning more tackles for some of these.  It appeared
    there's at least 2 or 3 that most fish at least likes and sheer luck.  I do 
    wish to narrow it down but that lesson learned from one of my contributors 
    taught me that not all tackle or luck is the same for everyone.  So with 
    persistence, careful study and luck, you may get some of these quicker than 
    And after checking out the map, Tropical ocean fish seem to takes up about 70%
    of the map from the bottom, and you have your Temperate and Frigid in the north
    which seem to bleed into each other quite often. IMHO anyway.
    	Tropical Ocean - Pretty much anything west below from the sharp tip of
    the island (it is shaped like a Marlin!) to below far south of Tidur Area east.
    Page 1
    #186: Auxis Rochei - S rank 2.06ft - Ferry*
    #039: Bonito - S rank 2.11ft - Ferry*
    #184: John Dory - S rank 1.66ft - Ferry*
    Page 2
    #208: Red Emperor (Adult) - S rank 2.56ft - Ferry
    #113: Red Snapper - A rank 2.86ft - Ferry
    #062: Coral Trout - S rank 1.65ft - Ferry*
    Page 3
    #192: Milkfish - A rank 4.08ft - Ferry
    #147: Yellowtail Amberjack - S rank 4.24ft - Ferry
    #082: Mackerel Tuna - S rank 4.21ft - Ferry
    Page 4
    #071: Mahi-mahi - S rank 5.80ft - Trolling West/Spool/East
    #046: Yellowfin Tuna - S rank 8.36ft - Trolling Spool/East/South
    #045: Greater Amberjack - S rank 4.15ft - Ferry
    Page 5
    #139: Barracuda - S rank 6.26ft - Trolling Spool/East/Pacar Beach/South
    #150: Longfin Yellowtail - A rank 4.04ft - Ferry
    #061: Cobia - S rank 6.75ft - Trolling West/*Far South Middle* #4 tackle
    Page 6
    #187: Ocean Sunfish - A rank 8.00ft - Trolling West
    #143: Hammerhead Shark - S rank 12.52ft - Trolling Spool/East #4 tackle
    Page 7
    #056: Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin - S rank 12.41ft - Trolling East (Temperate 
    too!) #5 tackle
    #193: Swordfish - C rank 11.57ft - Trolling West #4 tackle
    #076: Black Marlin - A rank 16.12ft - Trolling Spool/East
    Page 8
    #179: Striped Marlin - A rank 11.86ft - Trolling West #4 tackle
    Page 9-10
    #073: Xiphactinus - B rank 19.06ft - Trolling directly West of Sepuluh Island
    with #5 tackle. Credit to sdw4572 for name/video; serenaz1 for reconfirming 
    location and white tackle.
    *Location Notes
    The diary had Sepuluh listed as Spool for some reason.  Just a FYI.
    Milkfish is rare for me for some odd reason.  You can find it just straight
    west from the dock of Spool Island at least south of the south tip of the main
    	Temperate Ocean - Far south of Tidur area and above around to the 
    north side of the tip of the island to the west but not beyond Sembilan Island
    horizontal line.  But still, you'd find some trolling routes and their fish 
    bleed into Frigid too or vice versa.
    Page 11
    #019: Chicken Grunt - B rank 1.67ft - Ferry*
    #077: Japanese Whiting - S rank 1.24ft - Ferry*
    #141: Oilfish - S rank 5.92ft - Trolling and trolling you DAILY
    #068: Spanish Mackerel - A rank 3.06ft - Ferry
    Page 12
    #161: Japanese Amberjack - S rank 4.18ft - Ferry
    #102: Rainbow Runner - S rank 4.20ft - Ferry
    Page 13
    #183: Octopus - S rank 2.52ft - Ferry*
    #088: Giant Squid - S rank 23.22ft - Trolling East/Tidur Area #5 tackle
    Page 14
    #058: Pacific Bluefin Tuna - S rank 10.28ft - Trolling (Frigid!) #1/5 tackle
    #169: Great White Shark - C rank 16.20ft - Trolling East #1/4/5 tackle
    Page 15-16
    #097: Dunkleosteus - S rank 24.98ft - Trolling Sembilan Island Area #1/2 Tackle
    *Location Notes
    Great White Shark can be found from a route that is going south from Tidur's 
    River area that loops around to the right and up and back.
    You'll hate that Oilfish with passion.  But you'll soon learn that after you
    shake and flip that wiimote, you can just let it slack and lose it.  I did 
    this with most of the fish I don't even need.  This helps save a LOT of time
    trolling.  Thankfully most of the fish are unique in their appearance, how 
    they battle, and how LARGE.
    Oilfish do NOT do anything special besides hiding.  Marlins are obvious with
    their flipflops and their long noses.  Sharks including the final fish for 3 
    oceans has water balls in front of them.  Squids and Octopus are obvious by 
    their color and tentacles.  Dunkleosteus is special, it has a HUGE shadow! :D
    Dunkleosteus is best achieved by leaving south from the west side of Sembilan
    Island's coast (and I'm talking close here), you'll recourse to the east from
    the south and you should hit a spot to encounter this beast. A Japanese
    website had reported #5 tackle can work with this beast.  I just need
    to verify it.
    	Frigid Ocean -Anywhere above the horizontal line past Sembilan Island.
    Page 17
    #125: Pacific Herring - S rank 1.48ft - Ferry*
    #063: Mackerel Icefish - S rank 2.55ft - Ferry*
    #069: Saury - S rank 0.82ft - Ferry*
    Page 18
    #173: Arabesque Greenling - S rank 2.49ft - Ferry*
    #110: Japanese Pufferfish - S rank 2.51ft - Ferry*
    #043: Filefish - S rank 1.06ft - Ferry*
    Page 19
    #050: Black Cod - S rank 4.12ft - Ferry
    #164: Sockeye Salmon - A rank 2.02ft - Ferry*
    Page 20
    #064: Coalfish - S rank 2.90ft - Ferry
    #034: Halibut - S rank 8.45ft - Trolling North/East (Temperate!) #1, 5 tackle
    #188: N. Pacific Giant Octopus - S rank 16.82ft - Trolling North of Sembilan 
    Island (trice) #1&2 tackle
    Page 21-22
    #167: Helicoprion - D rank 9.07ft - Trolling N of Safir Cave/E of Sembilan
    Island with #5 Tackle
    *Location Notes
    Japanese Pufferfish is rare for me for some odd reason.  I found it an extreme
    halfway NE of the main island.  PBGamer found it more north middle of Frigid 
    in between Safir and Tidur.
    There's two different routes for the Helicoprion and Dunkleosteus!  Take the
    west going south route of Sembilan Island for the Dunkleosteus, take the east
    going south route of Sembilan Island for the Helicoprion.  Helicoprion's loop
    is much shorter than Dunkleosteus whereas you would just better off restarting
    back when you start heading south when you loop back outside of Sembilan 
    Island range.  Extra details here; these routes do NOT overlap.  Helicoprion's
    route is just OUTSIDE of the boundary of Sembilan Island area.  Do
    Dunkleosteus first and you should see on your own makeshift map/route that 
    Helicoprion's route is just right next to it but in the opposite direction.
    Hope this helps further.  http://i.imgur.com/ovFd5.jpg This is my map I've
    made of the route, the only issue is that its still makeshift lol and not
    100% perfect but the general idea is the same.  My position as well as the
    white circle represent where I caught Dunkleosteus not once but twice.  Using
    THIS map, you can factor in where Helicoprion's route is.  Its NOT close to
    the island but right there outside of the boundary of the island area.  You'll
    know when you change directions.  Remember, on the east side of Sembilan 
    Island, you're going NORTH for Dunkleosteus, and you're going SOUTH for 
    	Sembilan Island
    #016: Eastern Blue Devil Fish - S rank 1.65ft
    #128: Purple Queen - A rank 0.33ft 
    #096: Giant Grouper - S rank 8.46ft
    #137: Pink Anemonefish - S rank 0.33ft
    #199: Red-bellied Fusilier - S rank 1.47ft
    #214: Rolfosteus Canningensis - A rank 0.61ft - THIS FISH IS TINY. 
    *Location Notes
    Purple Queen was my last fish.  Because of its size, I imagine its very very
    hard to spot.  But I got it right after I got Rolfo.  Dumb luck I know.
    As for Rolfo, I used Heroic/Omega/Rainbow near the pillar rock on the right 
    of the deck but from facing north on deck, not on the right edge.  Ditto 
    with Purple Queen.
    	Sepuluh/Spool Island
    #130: Permit - S rank 2.88ft
    #206: Rooster Fish - S rank 4.14ft Credit goes to serenaz1.
    #209: Red Emperor (Young) - S rank 1.05ft
    #087: Tarpon - S rank 8.30ft 
    #074: Giant Trevally - A rank 4.01ft
    *Location Notes
    Because the compass (or my sense of direction) wasn't... my best suit, I made
    directions from your own perceptive as you get on the beach from the dock.
    Rooster Fish can be seen far from the beach far right of the dock of the 
    island.  You can't see their "rooster" fins but you can see their long bodies
    that no other fish has any similarity to.  There's confirmed reports finding
    these in the NORTH side of the island (to the left as you step onto the beach
    from the dock).
    Tarpon was dumb luck on my part too.  Similar to Rooster fish, I was casting
    far from the left part of the beach opposite of the dock of the island.  Used
    Giant Trevally can be found ferrying and from the dock of the island.
    	Safir Cave
    #100: Football Fish - S rank 1.67ft
    #204: Frilled Shark - S rank 8.27ft
    #189: Goblin Shark - S rank 12.37ft Credit goes to sdw4572
    #086: Pudgy Cuskeel - S rank 8.20ft
    #196: Flapjack Octopus - S rank 0.83ft
    #104: Barreleye - S rank 0.63ft - Credit goes to sdw4572
    #205: King of Herrings - S rank 22.48ft
    *Location Notes
    Goblin Shark and Barreleye can be found at the same spot. They're found at 
    the far right end of the cave CLOSE to the rock wall. You'll not spot them 
    unless you're grinding against the rock wall, and they're picky eaters, 
    expect a few to miss.  Barreleye fish is the smallest and HARD to spot.
    Also, just like any other pool of fish, they tend to fade in and out.  So
    don't give up on that location if you didn't see them the first time.
    Gunan Es River (Tidur River board) & Remak Es Lake (Kerikil River board)
    #172: Arctic Grayling - S rank 1.68ft
    #127: Northern Pike - S rank 4.20ft
    #048: King Salmon - S rank 4.11ft
    #032: Dolly Varden - S rank 1.06ft /
    #216: Pond Smelt - S rank 0.63ft
    *Location Notes
    Dolly is small and can be seen, albeit rare though. Usually cast out a ways.
    Patarpa River (Malam Jungle board) & Rahaja Lake (Dua Ribu board)
    #211: Lenok - S rank 2.10ft
    #090: Hucho Taimen - S rank 6.25ft
    #012: Amur Pike - S rank 3.37ft /
    #117: Showa Koi - S rank 2.54ft
    #119: Hikarimuji Koi - S rank 5.02ft
    #122: Tancho Koi - S rank 2.48ft
    #120: Kohaku Koi - S rank 2.48ft
    #121: Akamuji Koi - S rank 2.47ft
    #118: Shiroutsuri Koi - S rank 2.51ft
    *Location Notes
    Hikrimuji Koi was found just right in front of the other bridge.  Use L/XL
    and cast far.
    #213: Rock Bass - S rank 1.47ft - Dua Ribu's Red Windmill (Wifi)
    #092: Largehead Hairtail - B rank 3.63ft - Ferrying L/XL Temperate N of Safir
    #079: Alaskan Pollock - S rank 3.09ft - Ferrying L/XL Frigid
    #108: Flying Fish - A rank 1.22ft - Ferrying West of OUT of Teman S/M(Uncommon)
    #075: Shortnose Gar - C rank 1.02ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet (NE of marshes in the NE)
    #190: Threespot Dascyllus - A rank 0.60ft - Shop Waterhouse (Kayaker's Shallow)
    #098: Chain Pike - B rank 2.32ft - Lodge Lakeside (Found it before the Railway)
    #072: Coelacanth - B rank 6.06ft - Safir Cave (pghx189hz)
    #105: Electric Eel - S rank 10.45ft - Panas Jungle's Mangrove Pool (typrqtyb3)
    #114: Napoleon Fish - C rank 4.60ft - Pacar Beach's Shallow Area deep end(Wifi)
    #134: Sailfish - A rank 11.97ft - Tropical/Temperate Trolling #1 (GWS route)
    #142: Porcupine Fish - E rank 0.87ft - Teman Paradise's Golden Cliff (Wifi)
    _path0s_ happen to find inside the meat of the game for the rest of these
    passwords!  Thanks to these passwords, we'll be able to access all of the fish!
    However, keep in mind, that this is done without Prope's permission.  There 
    were 3 extra passwords for Rock Bass, Napoleon Fish, and Porcupine Fish too.
    This is to say that some of these were meant to be released by the way of wifi
    but that's taking too long for most of us.  Japan already got half of these.
    So input these at your own risk if you wish.  I've not seen any problems in my
    game so far.  Neither a few other contributors.  Only downside is that you'll
    have an extra annoying nibbler in the way of the fish you want to get.  :)
    Especially that darn Sailfish.  DO NOT INPUT this password til you gotten
    all of the Ocean's large trolling fish first, otherwise, you'd get this darn
    Sailfish more than the pest Oilfish.
    hd2k49nsx - Sailfish
    32g89pnh5 - Threespot Dascylus
    gjkl3902d - Chain Pike
    wy2vx773h - Largehead Hairtail
    ksjkpw240 - Alaska Pollock
    mck245h6h - Flying Fish
    hpsprkhsw - Shortnose Gar
    *Location Notes
    Napoleon Fish can be found in Sepuluh/Spool Island too.
    Porcupine Fish has two forms and can be mistaken for a large grass puffer. Just
    be watchful for these!
    Shortnose Gar looks like Acanthodes but Acanthodes has no business in the area.
    Chain Pike is easily spotted with its 3 bottom fins out of the rest of the
    fish.  :)
    Sailfish has a telltale large dorsal fin SHADOW that you can spot right away
    when trolling for them.
    Finally, these Special fish is NOT included in the award for finding all
    of the fish.  Its also very possible it is not necessary to S rank them
    V.      Quest List
    Press + ingame and it'll bring up your own diary that records your catches of
    the day.  Keep going to right to flip the page and it'll show you your quests
    for each area you need to complete.  Also keep in mind that some of the quests
    or guests or even FISH would only appear after you start or finish the quests.
    So don't fret if you are missing them.  :)  
    Also, I obviously had to start a new game for all of the side quests so I 
    pretty much rushed through these and still managed to come out with 100k at 
    the end despite of buying all 5 fishing licenses and a couple of equipment 
    upgrades.  So this mini walkthrough is possible with minimum upgrades and
    subpar bait.  While I was "fishing a bit" for those fishing licenses, I was
    making sure I find new fish to add to "80 different types" required for one
    side quest.  And I casually ended up wth 72 before I decided to go on a ferry 
    for South Coast with wide range Reg/Large bait and snagged at least 7 more 
    before looking at my fish list to see which ones I'm missing in Teman.  :)
    In the end, my rank was Expert 10 after maybe 10 hours of side-questing.  If
    not sooner possibly because of my updating the faq at the same time.
    			Teman Paradise Beach Quests
    *Teman Paradise Shark Hunt - Find the man on a beach near the shop to start a
    quest on a shark; find a shark witness at Golden Cliff which she then insist 
    they're at the rocks, go back to the man who will ask you to help catching one.
    They're at Big Catch Rock, Feest Cove AND Golden Cliff (ironic) and are hard 
    to miss.  Only trouble is that this is in need of a Large rod/reel combo and 
    they're expensive right now for being the among of the first quests you get.
    (After fishing some more and doing some sidequests in Dua Ribu, I had enough
    to get Hamstring and Elephant and some Red Large bait and fished at Feest 
    Cove.)  Report back to the guy near the shop area to complete the quest.
    *Shop The Way You Want - Talk to the girl in front of the shop to find her 
    boss whom is at the far end of the pier (the one you found the husband on for 
    his rod).
    *Thrilling Aquarium - Talk to the guy in a suit standing in the middle of the
    lobby to start this quest.  Catch 10 different fish and go back to him.  He 
    turns out to be the owner of the island as well!
    *Treasures Lost At Sea - Talk to the guy in front of Big Catch Rock, and catch
    a piece of driftwood for him.
    *Forgetful Husband's Item - Fetch the rod to the man at the dock from the wife
    in the lobby.
    *Ocean's Dream - Fish at 8 different resorts and come back to talk to the guy
    at the Cruiser near Kayak Center Freedom's shop.  He'll demand you to fish 80
    different types of fish.  Go and do that if you haven't already!  You'll need
    100,000 points to pay him too.  After he takes your points, he'll give you
    this wonderful cruiser to let you go around the seas at your own leisure!
    Note:  This is obviously the last quest you'll complete and it is the only 
    way for you to access Safir Cave.
    			Pacar Beach Quests
    *Giant Fish in the Reefs - Past the counter, there's a woman who wants you to
    find her a Blueface Angelfish. This one can be a bit annoying to find since you
    also have Emperor and Royal Angelfish to contend with.  Just look out for its
    dark face out of the three and you got it. I found mine far NE of the Shallows
    while looking around for the Bonefish, you may have better luck in the Villa. 
    Report back to her and she mentions about a Trevally, they can be found out in 
    the deep North end past the Shallows.  Don't forget to change your rod/reel to
    large size.  I found mine just above the A in Area of "Shallow Area" on the 
    map.  Maybe 35 ft out, I got it with Hamstring/Elephant/Red. Report back to 
    the woman to complete the quest.
    *A Yearning for Pure White - Once you get the beach, you'll find a woman to 
    the right. A soon to be bride wishes for a Bonefish.  Catch one for her at the
    east part of Pacar Shallow.  This one can take a while to find, it looks like 
    Blotchy Sillago but much bigger, you typically find them close to the edge of
    the shallow or out in the ocean on the east part. I've had a hard time 
    attracting this fish, so I went back to Teman and bought Lunker Keeper and 
    Quick Hitter Reg bait.  Take care NOT to confuse them with the smaller, darker
    and ugly California Corbina underwater.  These fish are sleek and beautiful, 
    long as a Trevally.  Catch one and report back to the woman to make this quest
    *The Men's Resort - Help a man near the bulletin board (get that map!) to find
    his two friends.  One of them will be far north right of the beach and he'll
    point out to you another friend that wandered out to the Shallow.  I found him
    straight far north from the third (south) warp flag.  Find him and you complete
    the quest.
    			Kanan Lake Quests
    *Kanan Fishing Test - Head outside of the lobby to the left find a man near 
    the steps to challenge you to catch 3 Lake Trouts for him.  They're not far
    from the dock and I used a Heroic/Lunker/Free Bait.  Unfortunately there's
    a lot of similar looking fish that I could only say, just fish a lot. Warp 
    back to him and he wants 3 Walleyes this time. Switch to Hamstring/Elephant 
    for these.  Walleye has 2 long dorsal fins (top fins) so you'll recognize 
    this long fish in the area.  I found a few next to the entrance of Foilage
    Gate near the shore on the left. Warp back to the guy and he'll tell you about
    the White Sturgeon.  Thank goodness he didn't challenge you... it'd be hard
    to do!  And this quest is done.
    *Sniper Casting - Head outside of the lobby to the middle of the garden to find
    a little boy to tell you about Sniper Casting.  This unlocks the Proctor at
    the dock for Sniper Casting.  Just talk to him for couple of pointers and this
    marks the quest complete.
    *Kanan Fish Research - Talk to the woman in the lobby to help find a Steelhead
    which you can find one at north of Big Kanan. They're kinda hard to spot from
    Chum Salmon, but their defining feature is their shiny silver round heads that
    makes them look like long silver bullets.  Their bodies are lighter in color
    than their heads.  That should help narrow it down, I caught this fish with
    Heroic/Lunker/Quick.  Warp back to the woman at the lobby.  Apparently
    Steelhead is a sea-faring Rainbow Trout.  XD Quest done!
    			Dua Ribu Lake Quests
    *Dua Ribu's Lunker Bass - Talk to the mom to find a helpful stranger who may
    have seen her boy.  The boy near the raft part of the dock saw the little boy
    leave in a boat. He had told him about the Black Bass in the Blue Windmill 
    area.  Head there to the south of the Blue Windmill to find him.  He isn't 
    budging til you find him a Lunker, a Black Bass that is bigger than a 1.64ft.
    Remember to use the right size rod/reel for this fish! I found one far north 
    of the Eyelet. Head back to the boy to report the catch.  Quest Complete.
    *Do You Like Yellow? - Talk to the girl near the lodge to find her boyfriend.
    He is at the dock wearing yellow; he wants you to catch a Yellow Bullhead in 
    the Blue Windmill area.  I found one right in front of the blue Windmill in 
    the white flower lily pads a bit north nearby of the shore.  Report your catch
    to the boyfriend and you completed this quest.
    *Time to Eat - Help another mom by findng two of her kids.  Find the brother 
    first at the Red Windmill nearby and then head to the Eyelet to find his 
    sister to complete this quest.
    *Want A Fishing License? - Talk to the little girl on the way to the dock to 
    learn about ProFISHency tests.  She reveals you can find lv 3 Proctor at the 
    Eyelet of this area.  Talk to the gentlman with a hat to complete this quest.
    *Retrieval Challenge - Talk to the woman at the dock to start and then head 
    back to the lodge area to find this man next to the steps to offer you a Lure
    *The Great Dua Ribu Feeding - After you do some quests, you'll find a man at 
    the entrance of the docks to tell you about an situation of a monster fish 
    found North of the Eyelet.  He wants you to capture a Wels Catfish.  Hope you
    have a Large rod/reel combo equipped!  I had Hamstring/Elephant/Red, found 
    "her" in the middle of the marshes NE of the Eyelet.  You can't really miss 
    this huge worm looking shadow in the water.  In most cases they love to swim 
    underneath the tan weeds in the area.  Report your catch to the man near the 
    entrance of the dock to complete this quest.
    			Tidur River Quests
    *Romance of The Tidur - Talk to the girl in the Lodge area to grant her a favor
    in finding her a Grass Carp but first you need to find out which river this 
    fish can be found in.  Head to the Southern shore to find a man to tell you 
    another guy that may know where the Grass Carp is.  Head straight north of this
    man and keep going all the way to the RIGHT (left on your map).  Find him and
    he'll tell you that they're found in the Northern river near fast currents...
    Obviously the waterfall would be a good place to look around for one.  And this
    fish looks golden so don't be surprised, and I found mine a little bit south of
    the waterfall in the middle.  This fish is even bigger than Japanese Huchen.  
    Report back to her and apparently she also reveals there's 3 other large carps
    out there too.  Quest done.
    *The Old Man's Honor - Find a man on a kayak near the north dock and help him
    find a Japanese Huchen.  They're found in Northern river, they're pretty big 
    fish to spot.  You may find it while you're looking for the Grass Carp over at
    the waterfall.  I know I did, I found mine between the two trees.  Report back
    to him to complete the quest.
    *A Promise Between The Two - Find the boyfriend at the Northern dock to only
    return to the lodge to find his girlfriend... and that completes this silly
    			Kerikil River Quests
    *The Kerikil Researcher - GRAB THAT MAP. Then head up a ways to find a
    Researcher looking for a favor.  Deliver a message to his assistant who can be
    found at the Rapids.  He's scared of the water and too lazy to finish his
    research so he's asking you to fetch him a Rainbow Trout that's found at the
    Waterfall.  There's quite a lot of fish at the Waterfall but you can spot
    this fish's pinkish tint on its body unlike the Brook Trout you also find 
    there.  Use Heroic/Lunker/Quick.  Warp back to the rapids, tell that assistant
    that he's still a loser and then warp back to the Calm where boss researcher 
    is (run towards your screen).  He knows you've done well and this is a quest 
    *Sentiments of the Fish - Head near the bridge to find a hopeless boyfriend
    who wants you to catch a Magoi to make a girlfriend understand his love for
    her.  XD  You can find plenty of them in either Calm or Rapids.  They're
    pretty big in comparsion of the other fish in the Calm.  But you can still
    use Heroic/Lunker for this fish. Warp to the Lodge and give it to the weird
    girlfriend.  ;) Quest done.
    *Meandering Salmon - There was a fisherman at the Rapids looking around for
    Salmon.  I think having Tidur River unlocked helped this quest to be complete.
    			Panas Jungle Quests
    *King Of The Jungle - Talk to the man in the middle of the Lodge area to tell
    you about a girl at the docks that knew about King of the Jungle. Talk to the
    sister to help her by finding her brother down towards the lake but just before
    it to the left, then head back to her. Find the Pirarucu!  They're easily found
    near the waterfall or near to your left as you enter the lake.  Expect a huge
    fight though!  Notice their snouts and their tails to be different from Gars.
    I caught an E rank just fine with Hamstring/Elephant/Red. Report back to the 
    sister and this quest is done.
    *Find The Key Man - Talk to another guy near the exit of the Lodge area to find
    his buddy in Emerald Marsh area.  Find him there and he'll demand you to catch
    an Arowana nearby.  Caught one near the large root to the left with Hamstring/
    Elephant/Red. Show the guy your fishing prowess and then report back to the guy
    at the Lodge to get this one complete.
    *Find The Key Man (Cont'd) - And head back to Emerald Marsh to find the friend
    stranded there.  Report back to the first guy to rescue the man lol.  This
    completes the quest.
    *The Woes of A Non-Swimmer - Talk to the little boy near the dock area to 
    suddenly complete this quest.  I think having the Shop quest complete helps
    this quest along.
    *Shadow of Gold - A greedy lady appears in the lodge area after you do several
    quests; talk to her to start this quest and find a little girl in the path to
    the dock.  She'll tell you there's a gold fish called Dorado in the Emerald
    Marsh.  Yep, head back there once again to fish this golden fish out, they're
    easy to spot thanks to their dark looking heads next to Apapas and Payaras
    that like to hang out around there too.  Hamstring/Elephant/Red got the job 
    done and so is the quest.
    *Monster Of Silver - Warp back to the dock to find an old man with a turban
    commenting on your Dorado catch.  He wants you to catch the Silver monster
    which is a Platinum Alligator Gar over in Mangrove Pool. They stand out for 
    being distinctive of the group of gars, they appear "cleaner" looking of the
    bunch.  Expect a fight though, Hamstring/Elephant/Quick Hitter Large worked
    for me.  Quick Hitter is a must because you'll have other lame large fish
    that'll be attracted before your PAG will.  Report back to the Grandpa and
    make him happy that this quest is done.  :)
    			Malam Jungle Quests
    *On The Hunt For Barra - There's a man in the Lodge area that tells you about
    the Barra but first he wants you to catch a Papuan Bass.  Head to the Outlet
    of this area and catch one of those big fish that has 4 fins (two on top, two
    on bottom).  Hamstring/Elephant/Quick did alright with this fish, head back
    to the lodge.  He'll congratulate you and then tells you more about this
    beautiful Barramundi.  Go back to where you first caught Papuan Bass and look
    for this fish.  It looks a lot like a Nile Perch except this fish is white and
    longer than a Nile Perch.  :)  Report back to the man and he'll tell you there
    are legendary fish around the Island.  Quest Complete.
    *The Tiger In The Deep - Head to Malam Mountain and find the man with an eye
    patch on the left of the dock.  He'll tell you that he was attacked by a
    mean old Tigerfish which can be found on west and north side of the mountain.
    They're easy to spot, they're big as Nile Perchs nearby but fewer fins and has
    their trademark tiger stripes on their bodies.  Hamstring/Elephant/Quick got
    the job done and report back to the poor scarred man.  Quest complete.
    *The Farthest Point - Head to the Shak Garden Stream, dock, meet a woman
    and mysteriously complete this quest as well.
    VI.	Award List
    To access your awards, go to your laptop in your room, and check Award List.
    There are Common, Special and Miraculous type of awards.  Only Miraculous
    would reward you something nice besides Fishing points.  Okay, maybe two of
    them does...
    				*Common Awards
    Total Caught: 	Bronze = 10 	Silver = 100 	Gold = 500 	Platinum = 1000
    New Catch Total:Bronze = 10	Silver = 50	Gold = 100	Platinum = 150
    S Rank Total: 	Bronze = 10	Silver = 50 	Gold = 100	Platinum = 150
    Sniper Casting
    Normal:		Bronze = 400	Silver = 500 	Gold = 600	Platinum = 700
    Master:		Bronze = 400	Silver = 500	Gold = 600	Platinum = 700
    Kayak Racing Before Times
    Normal:		Bronze = 1:00	Silver = 0:55	Gold = 0:50	Platinum = 0:46
    Hard:	 	Bronze = 1:30	Silver = 1:25	Gold = 1:20	Platinum = 1:15
    Master:		Bronze = 1:50	Silver = 1:45	Gold = 1:40	Platinum = 1:35
    Retrieve Challenges Pts
    Spoon: 		Bronze = 400	Silver = 500	Gold = 600	Platinum = 700
    Crankbait: 	Bronze = 400	Silver = 500	Gold = 600	Platinum = 700
    Spinner: 	Bronze = 400	Silver = 500	Gold = 600	Platinum = 700
    ProFISHency Tests # Correct
    Level 3: 	Bronze = 5	Silver = 7	Gold = 9	Platinum = 10
    Level 2: 	Bronze = 10	Silver = 14	Gold = 18	Platinum = 20
    Level 1: 	Bronze = 15	Silver = 20	Gold = 25	Platinum = 30
    Fish Count: 	Bronze = Easy	Silver = Normal	Gold = Hard   Platinum = Master
    Symbol Hunt
    At the beach! 	Bronze = Easy	Silver = Normal	Gold = Hard   Platinum = Master
    In the jungle!	Bronze = Easy	Silver = Normal	Gold = Hard   Platinum = Master
    Teman Float Fishing Contest # Place (BTB is Back to Back Wins)
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Pacar Float Fishing Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Kanan Lure Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Dua Ribu Lure Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Tidur Lure Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Kerikil Lure Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Panas Float Fishing Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Malam Float Fishing Contest 
    Top Result: 	Bronze = 3rd	Silver = 2nd	Gold = 1st	Platinum = BTB
    Aquarium Visitors
    Total:		Bronze = 10	Silver = 100	Gold = 1000	Platinum =10000
    Time on Penangkapan Island
    # of Days: 	Bronze = 7	Silver = 30	Gold = 90	Platinum = 180
    Targets Completed
    Totals:		Bronze = 10	Silver = 25	Gold = 50	Platinum = 100
    Totals Purchased
    Avatars: 	Bronze = 10	Silver = 25	Gold = 50	Platinum = 100
    Tackle: 	Bronze = 10	Silver = 25	Gold = 50	Platinum = 100
    				*Special Awards
    Note: Maps can be found at each respective places' bulletin boards.
    1.  My 1st Fishing Resort
    2.  My 1st Villa Mirador
    3.  My 1st La Havana
    4.  My 1st Kokoda House
    5.  My 1st River House Albury
    6.  My 1st Kolak Inn
    7.  My 1st Bambam Lodge
    8.  My 1st Waco Inn
    9.  My 1st Cruiser Ship
    10. My 1st Trolling
    11. My 1st Smelt Fishing
    12. My 1st Boat Fishing
    13. My 1st Submarine Tour
    14. My 1st Fishing Contest
    15. My 1st Sniper Casting
    16. My 1st Kayak Racing
    17. My 1st Retrieve Challenge
    18. My 1st Fish Count
    19. My 1st ProFISHency Test
    20. My 1st Symbol Hunt
    21. My 1st Float Fishing
    22. My 1st Lure Fishing
    23. My 1st Shopping
    24. My 1st Bike Ride
    25. My 1st Aquarium Level Up
    26. My 1st Photo
    27. Fish Loser (Lose 100 times)
    28. Earth Fisher (Cast onto grass reefs or tree branch!)
    29. My 1st Goal Achieved
    30. My 1st Early Morning (Alarm Clock required)
    31. My 1st Midnight Rendezvous (Night Pass required)
    32. Teman Map Obtained
    33. Pacar Map Obtained
    34. Kanan Map Obtained
    35. Dua Ribu Map Obtained
    36. Tidur Map Obtained
    37. Kerikil Map Obtained
    38. Panas Map Obtained
    39. Malam Map Obtained
    40. Ocean Map Obtained (Along with the Cruiser.  :) )
    				*Miraculous Awards
    1.  Champion - Find all of the fish excluding special (Champion's Proof)
    3.  Travel Master - Stay at every Hotel including your Cruiser (VIP Card)
    4.  The Regular - Bought 300 items (NOT BAIT) at the shop. (50% Discount!)
    5.  Photogenic - Max out memory on their digital camera (Camera avatar item)
    6.  King of the Lake - Win Back to Back in every fishing contest 
        (Hairstyles can be changed ingame.)
    7.  Aquarium C.O.O. - Built every room in the Aquarium 
        (Unlocks the Emperor Penguin for the Aquarium)
    8.  Aquarium C.E.O. - Max levels in every room in the Aquarium 
        (Unlocks the Killer Whale for the Aquarium)
    9.  Everyone's Aquarium - 100k Visitors (To get MORE visiors... -.-' )
    10. Fishing King - Highest rank achieved. (Fishing King's Proof)
    11. Ecologist - Caught every type of trash. Safir Cave/Sembilan has two fossils
        that is counted towards to this.  :) (Mustashe Glasses)
    12. Manta Watcher - Rare Manta Ray witnessed during Teman Paradise Beach
        Submarine Tour (Unlocks for the aquarium)
    13. Turtle Watcher - Rare Sea Turtle witnessed during Pacar Beach Submarine
        Tour (Unlocks for the aquarium)
    14. Dolphin Lover - Rare Dolphin witnessed during Teman Paradise Beach 
        Submarine Tour (Unlocks for the aquarium)
    15. Whale Shark Watcher - Rare Whale Shark unlocked when Aquarium completed 
        (Unlocks for the aquarium)
    16. Casting Master - Pass both Sniper Casting Challenges 
        (Reindeer Outfit) *Credit to BrainBoxLtd
    17. Kayak Master - Pass all of the Kayak Racing Challenges 
        (Bear Outfit) *Credit to BrainBoxLtd
    18. Retrieve Master - Pass all lure Retrieve trials.  (Frog Outfit)
    19. Fish Expert - Pass all 3 levels of ProFISHency Tests. (Space Outfit)
    20. Eagle Eye - Pass all 4 Fish Count challenges. (Dog Outfit)
    21. All-Seeing Eye - Pass all of the Symbol Hunts. 
        (Cat Outfit) *Credit to BrainBoxLtd
    22. Funster - Complete every mini-game with a platinum medal. (Gold olive
        branches that adorn your avatar photo on your card) *Credit to BrainBoxLtd
    23. Target Hunter - Complete 3 targets (Alarm Clock)
    24. Activity Lover - Do 5 different activities. (Night Pass)
    25. Grand Slam - Caught Striped, Blue, Black Marlins, and the Swordfish. 
        (Prince/ss Set Dress)
    26. Monster Buster - Caught Red Tail Catfish, Dorado, Pirarucu, Alligator Gar,
        Platinum Alligator Gar, Barramundi, Papuan Black Bass, Nile Perch, and the
        Tigerfish. (Knight/Noblewoman Set)
    27. Fishing Legend - Caught Black, Grass, Bighead, and the Silver Carp. 
        (China Set Dress)
    28. Emperor - Caught Muskie Pike, White Sturgeon, Burbot, Walleye, King Salmon,
        Northern Pike, and Stringfish (*Japanese Huchen). (Santa Set Dress)
    29. Combo Master - 30 or more Smelt fishing in Remak Es Lake (Wool Coat)
    30. Help Master - Complete all Side Quests (3 star XL Titan rod/Infinity reel)
    *Stringfish is known as Japanese Huchen. There is no "Stringfish" in this game.
    VII.    Activity List
    			Bulletin Board Activities
    * Fishing Contests; there's one for each area and four of them would be bait 
    and the other 4 is lure while further half of those halves are for Most catches
    while the other half is the biggest catch.  They also always take place every 
    two weeks.  There's a reported issue about not getting platinum after getting
    a tie win.  So be forewarned.
    	Teman Paradise - Bait for the Most Catches
    	Dua Ribu Lake - Lure for the Biggest Fish (Wels Catfish)
    	Pacar Beach - Bait for the Biggest Fish (Dogtooth Tuna)
    	Panas Jungle - Bait for the Biggest Fish (Pirarucu)
    	Malam Jungle - Bait for the Most Catches
    	Tidur River - Lure for the Biggest Fish (Bighead Carp?)
    	Kanan Lake - Lure for the Most Catches
    	Kerikil River - Lure for the Most Catches
    BrainBoxLtD got some tips for these;
    "For most fish contests, the CPU players never seem to get more than 15 fish
    in one run.  They also tend to catch most of them fairly quickly, so don't
    panic if they get an early lead, they always slow way down after noon.  For
    the biggest fish tourney, they usually catch a D or E rated version of
    whatever the biggest fish in the area is.  For the lure contests, Toy Goblin
    Spoons attract the Wels Catfish for Dua Ribu Lake, and the hamstring minnows
    attract Grass and Black Carp for Tidur River.  You can also cheat a little by
    resetting after having bad luck, every time you catch or lose a fish, the game
    saves your progress.  If you catch junk or lose a good fish, or have gone way
    too long without a bite, you can just hit reset from the Wii menu and go back
    to your last catch."
    * Islands and subarea tours; you'll have access to these islands early but as
    for subareas they're the only way via through the bulletin boards.
    	Sembilan Island - Amateur rank, Pacar Beach board
    	Sepuluh Island - 
    	Rahaja Lake - Expert rank, Dua Ribu board
    	Patarpa River - Expert rank, Malam Jungle board
    	Gunan Es River - Expert rank, Tidur River board
    	Remak Es Lake - Rookie rank, Kerikil River board
    * Submarine Tours; you go ride inside a submarine to view the ocean life from 
    a porthole. This is the only way you could access the Manta Ray, Dolphins, and
    Sea Turtles for unlocking.  You can press 2 to go to camera menu and take 
    pictures for your own album.  Benefits of this is to help you idenify some of 
    the rare fish that comes by in your sights every once in a while to be caught 
    on camera.  It is to be used to assist you in your fish hunts later on when 
    you're trying to complete your fish log.
    	Teman Paradise Beach - Teman Paradise Beach, West Coast  
    	Pacar Beach - Pacar Beach, North Coast, South Coast
    	Dua Ribu Lake - Dua Ribu Lake
    	Tidur River - Tidur River
    	Panas Jungle - Panas Jungle
    	Malam Jungle - Malam Jungle
    	Kanan Lake - Kanan Lake
    	Kerikil River - Kerikil River, Safir Cave
    * Fish Count; taken place inside a submarine, you view through the porthole to
    count how many fish would swim by it.  There's 4 modes and they're scattered 
    here and there around the island.  Some of the modes' lessons will try to 
    trick you by placing another similar looking fish with it but not always.
    Note:  Even though you can access the later stages without doing the earlier
    ones, the award for this would not unlock til you do.
    	Teman Paradise - Easy mode
    	Panas Jungle - Normal mode
    	Pacar Beach - Hard mode
    	Kanan Lake - Master mode
    * Kayak Racing; its not really a race but only to beat the time.  There's 4 
    modes and you'll find the upper tier modes in other areas.
    	Normal - Rookie rank, Teman Paradise board
    	Hard - Gold on Normal, Kanan Lake board
    	Master - Gold on Hard, Kanan Lake board
    A very helpful contributor; BrainBoxLtD got this masterfully down!  His advice
    for these very HARD challenges are as followed:
    "I've got a few tips you can include in your FAQ for the Kayak Platinum times.
    Be warned they're insanely strict, I finished two of them with less than .25
    left.  The closest thing to a trick I noticed for good times is maintaining
    your top speed for the longest possible amount of time.
    This is harder than it sounds.  First you need is good timing.  You want to
    start the next paddle just as the last one is leaving the water.  Do not rush
    this, you'll cut off your speed boost before it peaks.  The easiest way to
    know if you're doing it right is to watch your character's arms.  You should
    be moving from side to side in a smooth seamless fashion.  If the arms jump
    suddenly it means you're off.  It can also help to check your speed gauge.  At
    max you should be hitting 9.4-9.9 MPHish and dropping to a high 8 for a
    second as you transition.
    The next problem is you can only reach max speed when you're doing a left to
    right motion.  Since every course is curvy as hell, this means you won't be
    able to stay near max speed the whole course.  When cornering (just hitting
    left or just hitting right) you cap out around 7.5MPHish.  There are some
    tricks to boost this a little.  First, if you start cornering while already
    near top speed the momentum will carry over and you can take a corner at
    around 8MPH with some luck.
    If you're going around a shallow corner you can throw in an opposite push in
    between the two in the direction you want.  Like Right, Right, Left, Right,
    Right, Left.  In fact anytime you're cornering and you've got enough leeway
    to push the other way you should.  Just remember it needs to be a full stroke
    to get a speed boost.  If you just tap and then go back to cornering, it won't
    help with your speed. Although that can be helpful for course correction if
    you're a little off.
    The biggest thing though is setting yourself up to do a steady left and right
    routine.  So anytime you've got some fairly straight road ahead you'll want to
    get centered and paddle away until you hit the next curve.  The little extra
    speed is what makes the difference since the Platinum times are only barely
    Few other things.  Whichever paddle you start with will push you a little in
    that direction, so it helps to aim it towards the first curve.  Like if the
    first turn is right, start off on your left hand you'll get a little extra
    nudge in that direction.  I recommend practicing in resetting before the game
    saves if you fail and want to try again.  This will let you try as many times
    as you want, just remember to go finish once first so it'll save you standing
    in front of the activity board."
    * Ferrying; you can take a ferry out to the ocean to catch some fish from the 
    ocean.  Be SURE to bring Wide Range Regular bait and cast CLOSE to your boat!
    	Teman Paradise Board - South Coast
    	Pacar Beach Board - Amateur rank for North Coast and West Coast
    * Trolling; you can take a boat out with 3 rods and troll for some of ocean's 
    bigger fish.  These routes are fixed however and when you upgrade with a 
    Cruiser you'll never need to do this from the bulletin board again.
    	Teman Beach Board - Rookie rank for South Coast
    	Pacar Beach Board - Amateur rank for North Coast and West Coast
    * Symbol Hunt; Teman Paradise and Panas Jungle has their set of 4 modes. I 
    plan to take lots of photos of where symbols may be in the XSeed forums.  
    Some of them are pretty out there to spot thanks to the rigidiness of the 
    	Teman Beach - Easy mode
    	Panas Jungle - Easy mode requires Rookie rank or up
    * Tutorials in Bait and Lure Fishing; they're always there and be available
    for you.  Bait is held at Teman Paradise while Lure is held at Dua Ribu.
    * Dream Aquarium Tour; this one is pretty unqiue, it only offers you an 
    insight of how fantastic your full fledged aquairum would be like.  This only
    found on Teman Paradise Board.
    			Proctors Activities
    * ProFISHency Tests; there's 3 of these gentlemen in hats.  Level 3 is found 
    on the Eyelet in Dua Ribu, Level 2 is found near the steps of Malam Jungle's 
    Lodge.  Level 1 is found on the far right of Pacar's Shallow.  The last test 
    will DEFINITELY use unreleased special fish info. :\
    * Lure Challenges; Spinner Proctor is in Kerikil Resort, Spoon Proctor is in 
    Dua Ribu Resort, and Crankbait Proctor is in Tidur Resort.
    * Sniper Casting; this only takes place on Kanan Lake's dock.  A contributor
    reported that after Normal mode is completed, the Master mode is unlocked
    and found at Kerikil Calm northstream.
    * Fish License Sellers, these five men are the only way to access the other 5 
    main areas.  You purchase Pacar Beach license in Teman Lobby for 30k pts after
    fishing a lot.  You can also purchase Tidur River license on Dua Ribu's dock 
    for 5k.  There's another man here on the Eyelet selling a license for Kerikil 
    River.  There's a man selling a license for Kanan Lake near the Tidur's
    Lodge.  And finally, the last guy is selling a Malam Jungle license from Panas
    Jungle resort.  The only sticky point is how much fish they require you to get
    before they finally do business with you.  I couldn't pinpoint if it was the 
    rank, total fish caught OR the # of fish you caught IN the area they're in. :\
    * Sidequests!
    			Other Activities
    Biking can get you to places real quick but you can still use warp after you 
    get your copy of the map of the area.
    Boating, kayaking, and the raft will help you get across bodies of water.
    You can challenge people to most catches on occasion when you spot their orange
    fish bubbles above their heads.
    And finally, not the least, you can sit in a chair and watch the clouds go by.
    VIII.   Questions
    If that list doesn't help you, you can go to
    http://xseedgames.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?35-Fishing-Resort for more info
    on hand and plenty of images are in there.  I'll be in there trying to help
    as much as I can.  :)
    2.  Where is the 3 star XL rod/reel?
    Do all of the side quests and the Help Master award will reward you them.
    3.  How do I get to Safir Cave?
    Do fish at all of 8 main locations and be sure to find 80 types of fish while
    saving up 100,000 points!  Go back and talk to the guy to gain the Cruiser.
    Then you can sail on your own, its at the topmost part of the island, NOT
    the tunnel no, but go through it and go to your right.  You should see a couple
    of orange floaters and a dock that you can get off at and talk to the guy for
    his raft to go inside the cave.  :)
    4.  How do I catch fish in the ocean?
    While ferrying or boat side, you need Wide Range bait for effective results and
    be sure to cast close to your boat.  Wide Range bait is available at fish shop.
    5.  How do you catch those Legendary last page fish???
    At being very careful at where you cast your bait or lure.  These guys are
    location specific.  But keep in mind, the pool of fish reset after a while
    so part of it is random and pure luck in catching one.
    6.  How do you catch that MONSTER Hyneria/White Strugeon/King of Herrings?
    Hyneria I suggest to keep in green range, White Strugeon in orange range,
    and King of Herrings... more of an orange range too.  Remember they're fighting
    for their lives lol, so you should expect them to be fighting you for a while.
    They're big fish, and it takes a while for them to get tired (slow in speed)
    before you can reel them in.  What I do is do a tug/slack method, whereas I
    reel/pull a block, then slack/wait for a block, and then repeat.  I find it
    helpful if you're facing a closed off section where they cannot run far from 
    you.  This isn't effective 100% of the time though, but do the tug/slack a 
    block method to keep that fish from "swimming" too much.  Eventually they'll 
    get tired and you can reel them in better in the second half.  It is a bit long
    and exhaustive method but its a surefire way to ensure you keep your catch from
    breaking the line on you.  It IS recommended that you have the best rod/reel 
    and a very high rank.  I got these guys with no problem at World Champion, a 
    rank below Fishing King.
    7.  Where is this Manta Ray, Dolphin, Sea Turtle and the Whale Shark?  You can 
    find the first two by taking Teman Paradise Beach Submarine Tour and Sea Turtle
    by taking the Pacar Beach Submarine Tour.  The Whale Shark can be found
    IX.     Legal Stuff
    This document property of Philiaravon/Philia.  All rights reserved. Copyright
    January 8, 2012 by Philiaravon/Philia. This document may not be reproduced in 
    any way, shape or form without written premission from the document's copyright
    holder, and may not be uploaded, downloaded, or transfered to your hard drive.
    Failure to abide by this legal contract will result in a lawsuit in which you
    may be sentenced to serve a term in prison for copyright infringement as well
    as paying out compensation to the document's owner. This document may not be
    edited in whole or part, unless given premission by the document's copyright
    owner. This legal notification applies to international copyright laws and will
    be extremely well carried out by the authorities, copyright holder, and
    X.      Credits
    Thanks to GameFAQs for prompting me to make this FAQ and to make this possible.
    Thanks to XSeed, Prope and Bandai teams for making this game worthwhile 
    playing!  Special thanks to contributors; H.Protagionist, our favorite XSeed 
    text monkey for making the game possible to be known on NeoGAF. PBGamer89, 
    sdw4572, serenaz1, Erdnuckel01, Rouke, Fanto, Keaton, Road5, jackandjose, 
    BrainBoxLtd, _path0s_ and anyone else who remotely had made it possible for me 
    to find for my exhaustive fish list, THANK YOU very much!

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