How do i get past Pitch in the beginning?

  1. i am playing the game and right after the town square got unlocked, it sent me to fight Pitch, and i have defeated him at least 5 times.... but it keeps playing the same thing over and over. is there any way i can get past the level? (also, i haven't even gotten to any of the guardians realms, but it won't give me an option to go out of Pitch's cave)

    User Info: arseniablack

    arseniablack - 4 years ago


  1. You have to fight Pitch several times to get past him, keep at it and you will get there. If I remember correctly you will move about the area a bit with Pitch, how quickly you kill Pitch will depend on which character you choose, I found Bunnymund the best character to play throughout the whole game as he is not a close quarter fighter like Jack, North & Sandman. Throughout the game there are several Pitch fights and the key is to keep hitting him as much as possible without getting hit too much yourself or dying and you can get through the fights. Also use your journal to gain upgrades for you character to increase health extra.

    User Info: Andune31

    Andune31 - 4 years ago 0 0

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