Welcome to the Far West. Welcome to Colorado Death!

A valley where you can meet bandits, Indians, gamblers and no-gooders, enjoy village fairs, help the townsfolk, and send the cowzombies back underground, collect gold, show off with damsels in distress... be a hero or a villain!

- We control the sight, and making sure we load up at the right time, we by and large need to... shoot anything that moves.
- Challenge 4 players at the same time!
- 6 playable characters with different skills and different guns!
- Sharpshooter career mode - for up to 4 players!
- Move on the map and accept or reject a vast range of missions, to obtain Fame and raise in Rank!
- 2 frenzies arcade modes!
- Over 16 different shootout missions!
- Combo shootouts for murderous shots!
- Many Unlockable elements!
- Save your best scores for every type of mission!
- Easy to use, with in-game manual.
- Splendid movies in cartoon rendering!
- Western music score!

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