How do I get Water in OsTown Fountain & Access Last 2 Cartoon Screens?

  1. How do I get water in the OsTown Fountain?
    I can see it is possible because there is a transportation tube in OsTown and tubes underground -- to use when water is finally in the fountain.
    Using a Nintendo Wii, I have played through Epic Mickey, and Epic Mickey 2 several times, repeating all the areas to acquire quests and challenges. I have reconstructed the fountain with Mickey & Oswald Statues. Sometimes areas are thinned and other times fully painted.
    Under OsTown, I have spun the four faucet handles rapidly, so the target arrow disappears -- I am stuck.
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    I only been able to access 14 of 16 cartoon projector screens, although I can see the screens behind a boarded-up, locked door in Fort Wasteland and a red metal grate near Float Lands canyon.

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thank you for responding and being so clear.
    1) Have you been able to fully fix the fountain area around the Ostown statue and get blue paint water in it? Or, is EM2 only half a game, and we have to wait for EM3 and buy the other half, and get Mickey home from Wasteland?

    2) I have been able to get the 16 projector screens and 5 DEC manhole covers.
    (Although I have to do the Fort Wasteland splatter and slobber battle in the thinner mode, then go to the Floatyard canyon and have Oswald go through the red metal grate to get to the last projector screen.)

    NEW QUESTION: If you do Fort Wasteland in paint mode, you enter the projector screen behind the boarded-up locked wooden door.
    Then, you can go downhill (away from Alice in Wonderland) to the Floatyard's DEC manhole cover.
    I can enter it and go a few moves left, or right, down, thin, and left,
    but I cannot get past a large, wooden gate !!!
    The game will not give me credit for that DEC unless I get completely through to the end.

    I have tried using all my jump, jump on TV, ricochet, spray through gate, etc.
    CAN'T GO FROM FLOATYARD TO FORT USING DEC MANHOLE UNLESS I CAME IN THAT WAY. (Coming in, we activate a power plate, a machine throws pies at the mask on the top of the gate, and it raises.

    Can you do Floatyard to Fort DEC in that direction under those conditions?

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The fountain has nothing to do with the screens. There is an extra screen in the gulch. If u thin out the wire gard on the side of the cliff you can go down into a small ledge that will lead to a small cave that u can thin out to reveal a machine that Oswald can open. Then the giminy cricket mouth will open revealing another screen, and a chest. The other is in the float yard, with invisible ink go through the door at the top of the house. Then after u do that and after you finish story 2 go back and blow up the side of the house with fire works, doing this will forever seal the first door, so make sure u have the movie real. The second screen will have a thiner pray for the rest of the game, so u will have to use the indelible ink well.

    User Info: Lepep2

    Lepep2 - 4 years ago 0 0

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