How do I get past large circular room at the beginning?

  1. Been stuck for 3 hours, can't seem to get out. I just got the remote and Oswald and I just made it up to a circular chamber. He stands in front of a machine and says "I can do this" but apparently he cannot. I've painted down nearly everything in the room, and there was only a small section of pipe that filled in on a machine Oswald is not standing in front of. I tried calling him over but he does nothing but return to his spot. I've made it upstairs and nothing seems to be needed up there. I then began to control Oswald, and Gus says that 1 machine needs a steady stream - I did entire meter of stream and nothing happened. Then by the machine he stands by when idle, Gus says to hit 2 electrodes at the same time. So I've done the 'splash' manuever all around both machines and nothing. I've sent electricity to the mickey hits and nothing happens. What are you supposed to do?

    User Info: kelekod

    kelekod - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. IIf you have made it upstairs, to the balcony, then you have done everything you needed to do down there. Oswald did much of it automatically, and got the "steps" to the upstairs to become available.
    Up there, progress through several ledges with chests, and out the archway to a balcony with a red chest. Spin the red chest, and jump down into the next area.

    For others who have not done all the painting and electrifying:
    When it is time to hit 2 electrodes at the same time, Mickey has to go to a bright yellow/orange Mickey-shaped knob and pull it out. This knob causes two doors to open that have power boxes inside. Mickey should keep holding them open, and Oswald will come over and do his thing, automatically.

    Sometimes Mickey needs to stand very close to an electrical box for Oswald to zap it -- and Mickey will holler to watch it -- but that is how it is done.

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Go to Gus and paint the machine he's over, all of it if you have to

    User Info: Lepep2

    Lepep2 - 5 years ago 0 0

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