How do I solve gremlin kips coo coo clock quest ?

  1. How do I take the picture of the coo coo clock in gremlin kips quest. I've tried what the other post says but mickey will not turn green. If some one had I pic that would be great

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  1. The game has technical difficulties -- especially taking photos.
    But, why would you want to do all the 4 or 5 photos that Kip wants?

    This is what somebody else posted at Gamefaqs:

    "This confused me as well. In the tunnel with the two cuckoos facing each other: seal one away, then move back and aim the camera at the cuckoo clock with the cuckoo sticking out, now aim high at the pipes above. The mickey head should turn green. Take the shot and turn in to Kip."
    - - - - -

    MY COMMENT IS: Why do you want to do it? It is not a Quest or a Challenge!
    It is a lot of work for extremely little reward a piece of gold cloth. Getting Kip about 4 or 5 things just stops the drums, so you can try to bounce across the drums near him.
    BUT, there is another way to get to the other side -- through the clown face in the DEC entrance to the floatyard.

    ** If you did not break Stromboli, there is a passage from ABOVE Stromboli's stomach to the main canyon with the bouncing balls. It is that tunnel that originally is impassable because of the two birds sticking out.

    First, I got to the passage by arriving at the Floatyard using the thinner method in the Fort, and going through a DEC. After arriving at the floatyard and using clock, TVs, and anvils on the monsters, I painted and climbed the drums near the DEC.

    Then, I painted the wires on the ground and around the turtle floats, to open a passage on that wall. Eventually, I arrived at a bridge above the bouncing ball candy canyon, where there is the entrance to the cuckoo birds.

    That is, also, a place to find a red watch that fell from the sky and a trapped gremlin.

    In the DEC area is a clown face to thin, zap, and go into the mouth. That leads to the other side of the drums where Kip is.
    - - - - -

    You have to go back to that DEC area, anyway, for Kip, to get a photo of a train-car float.

    *The Big Bad Wolf head over the drum you paint in next to the drums that move back and forth. Best taken from the ground on that side.
    *Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who are high up on a wall in Alice's garden. Climb up to where the projector screen balcony is and look to the right, while facing away from the doors to get a good shot.

    Remember, when taking photos for someone, to wait until the site in the middle of the cameras frame is green. After one click, if you did it right, Gus will say something positive. It will not count on your cameras counter.
    But, if you ever want a photo for your album, that you can display on your TV later, click it while the green is not on.

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  2. Also, you can stop the drums from moving from the other side. When you get there through the thinned-out clown face, there is an alcove above the first drum on that side, and a POWER BOX above the second. Zap the power box, and the drums stop moving.

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 5 years ago 0 0

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