How do I get the Hidden Mickey behind Ortensia's house in Ostown?

  1. I'm trying to get the Mickey for the Hidden Heroes quest that's on the wall behind the roof to Ortensia's house. But it's a real pain in the butt to get it to register. The IGN guide says to stand on the left hand side of the railing on Ortensia's roof and it should work, but so far it doesn't. I've been all up and down the roof, but I still can't get the camera's symbol to go green. Does anyone know of a precise spot where you have to stand for this to work? Are you supposed to thin out the rest of the wall and have Mickey painted in, or the other way around?

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Accepted Answer

    I go into co-op mode and keep him off the roof.

    When you check your map, and click on the Hidden Heroes logo, it shows that there is a Hero behind Ortensia's House.

    The easiest way to get up there is to thin the side of Clarabelle's red barn and jump up. I start by thinning most of the area, including the fronts of the houses.

    When the sky and trees are painted and thinned just so, you see the shape of the round ears and top of Mickey's face. Thin out everything but Mickey.

    I walk toward Mickey's house -- you can see the dividing line on the roof.

    My camera accepts what looks like a very bad angle to me -- and the total of the face and ears are not even in the frame.

    Stand at the middle of the Mickey, touching the tree/sky.
    Go straight back to the front edge of the roof.
    Go right, to the chimney -- and just past it.

    Go one step, take out the camera, point it, and see if you can get the site in the middle to turn green. Keep trying, because this game jerks you around !!!

    What didn't work:
    I had thinned out the front of the three houses, stood on the things sticking up that originally had a fireworks power thing. I went to the top of the Gag Factory and the roof of Moody's house, where there were perfect shots.
    I walked around and abut Ortensia's roof, before I found a spot.

    The worst thing is that you can't walk with a camera, and the camera turns away and needs to be re-aimed every time you take it out.
    - - - - -
    IF YOU REALLY NEED A MICKEY, THERE IS AN EXTRA ONE IN THE THIRD TRAIN DIORAMA, where the fireworks shoot the blot. It is found by thinning out the left wall.
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Other Answers

    Doing your first game slot, you just want to learn the basics.
    Later, when you play a "new game" for keeps, you are going to have to develop a strategy. Quests involved with the Hidden Heroes are Heads Up and Thanks for the Memory.

    If you do the hidden Mickeys instead of the Oswalds, it can work out, but not as easily.

    There are 3 episodes (areas, paths, bosses).
    Episode 1 is Ostown to the first boss.
    Episode 2 and 3 I wont tell you about, so not to give a spoiler.

    THEN, there is a wildcard area of Mean Street North, Mean Street South, and the underground, where you can use the Hidden Heroes for any episode.

    Episode 1 has lots of Hidden Heroes, Episode 2 has enough to meet your quota, but Episode 3 does not have enough. So, I recommend abstaining from clicking on Hidden Heroes in the wildcard area until you really need them after Episode 3.
    - - - -

    Also, look at the Quest where you have to turn in 20 items to the Museum -- not counting items that fell from the sky.
    It is called "One Toon's Trash." If you use items to fix a clock or repair something, you will not have them to complete that quest.
    I suggest giving everything to the Museum, then, after you get credit for that quest, buy them back -- at a 50% markup.

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  2. You may have accidentally clicked it, so the sight will not turn green again.
    Or, you may be at a stage in the game where it is no longer necessary, and the game will not let you take the photo.

    For example, on my 7th game, I was doing Oswalds. I knew that episode 3 only supplies 2 for the 7 necessary Oswalds, so I purposely did not click the two Oswalds by the train station in OsTown and the two under the turnstile, hoping to come back for some easy ones.

    So, after I finished episode 3, with its 2 Oswalds, I went to OsTown. The game would not let me click on the easy Oswalds, because OsTown is in episode 1 territory, and I needed to get episode 3 Oswalds from episode 3 and from the wildcard area.

    My advice is to get on with the game. You can come back to OsTown, before you return to Seth by the Mean Street South Train Station to turn in the stage of the quest.

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  3. Stand on the Gag Factory roof

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  4. I was finally able to get a picture of this one on my newest playthrough. I was very surprised too because I swear I tried taking it from the position before. I took pictures of me getting it that I can upload and post...just need to figure out where.

    I initially tried the gag factory roof, even with zoom it still wouldn't work; this was after I fought with it for well over 30 minutes on my first playthrough before giving up. I got it on the left side of Ortensia's roof right near one of the peaks. In my picture of me getting it Oswald is standing on the downslope of the roof behind me, so him being in the way might have something to do with it. This time I tried getting the picture before completing the pumps quest, so I don't know if that changed anything or not, granted I had already gotten the pump down from her roof. I had also already completed fixing the station nearby.

    If I can upload the pictures I took of me getting it and share them then I will. Just had to say this IS possible to get a picture of it; I'm still shocked that I did since it gave me so much trouble before.

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