How do I reprogram Beetleworx?

  1. I can't figure out how to reprogram Beetleworx. I have Oswald under manual control, I zap them with electricity, and then I try to 'twist' the remote near them like the manual says and nothing happens. Do they have to not have a shell? What do I do?

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Accepted Answer

  1. The first time the subject comes up is when you use the turnstile to go under the fountain in OsTown.
    Playing single player, Oswald's zapper becomes able to reprogram the mechanical enemies, to make them friendly.

    The first one is done automatically. There is a hopper in an area with steam pipes. Oswald automatically zaps him, and he hops over to a control panel in the steam, and the steam stops so you can enter and get to a red chest.
    IF the white steam has stopped, the hopper is reprogrammed.
    - - -
    In other areas, Beetleworx are reprogrammed by reprogramming the generator / replicator that makes them. Near the doors that they come out of is a thinned-out power box that you must paint and have Oswald zap.

    You stand near the box, press your button to call Oswald, and you will see the signal for Oswald to use his zapper, and you press the button again. After pressing the button, Oswald will automatically zap -- and continue zapping for 3 seconds, until all three lights on top of the power box are turned on.

    PROBLEM: While you are trying to get the zapping done, the enemy is trying to kill you.
    What I do is go away from the generator, pressing the Oswald button, so he and the enemy come over to me -- away from the generator.
    Then, I drop a watch to slow down the enemy, and press the "call Oswald" button as I go back to the power box and have Oswald zap it.

    That 3-second procedure soon turns any loose enemies into friends.
    (except for hoppers on the Bog Easy docks, that I spin into the water.)

    - - - -
    The opposite of befriending Beetleworx is to wait for the generator door to open, and thin out the red eye inside. The doors only open when you have killed the enemy that is outside -- for example, drop a watch to slow him down, drop a TV to distract him, and drop an anvil on him.
    If you only have one enemy, you might use a Fairy Sketch to make him stop attacking while Oswald and you do your thing.

    (Immediately after the first boss, you have access through projector screens in Mean Street North to go to Ventureland and buy an Anvil at the Tiki Shop; and to go to Bog Easy and buy a TV from the first store.
    Naturally, you bought a Watch Sketch in Mean Street South at the Emporium Gift Store.

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Other Answers

    Even if you are plalying co-op, transfer it to single player.
    The game has glitches.

    There is a place where Oswald ends up alone behind a red metal grate, and it still takes me 10 minutes to do a power box, holding down the zap button until it starts vibrating and the clock runs, releasing the zap button and doing what it tells you, and then quickly pressing the A button to finish the job.

    I strongly suggest just doing what I wrote above, in single player mode.

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