How do I get the building in Bog Easy to be fixed?

  1. A technical question because I seem to be experiencing a bug. This bug is; I gave Sparks the metal to fix the building, but on leaving and re-entering Bog Easy a number of times through various routes and such, I've yet to see the building repaired. Even more; when I talk to him in his forge he has a quest bubble, but just talks about Donald's submarine. Any way to fix the bug?

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    meganerd18 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The game has glitches -- I had a saved game on an SD card and my computer, so I could repeat this Deed quest from all angles, and it still glitched. I could go all the way through, and play the hat game with Bertrand, or please Metanie, and it still would not give me credit.
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    First, let's trouble shoot your problem.
    Go to your Quest Menu, and click on the whole rectangle with righting on it, so it will show you a list of how far in the quest you are. Sometimes the Deed just appears, and you can give it to Bertrand or Metanie, in front of the store.
    The inner quest menu will have circles with dots in them, or circles with checks.
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    I can't imagine that there is just a pile of rubble, and you can still see the Hidden Mickey on the wall? Or, is it just that the building has been built from the rubble, and just needs paint?
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    Did you leave through the Projector Screen to Blot Alley -- breaking down the wall in the top left?
    What did Bertrand and Metanie say, while standing in front of the store?
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    Have you finished the game and watched the credits, and still delayed many times?

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    For Others Who View This Question:

    If you are photographing Hidden Mickeys, take a picture of the side of the existing building, maybe while standing on the rubble.

    First, you have to exit through the projector screen to Blot Alley.
    (Either get the Beetleworx machines to break the upper-left wall, or drag a fireworks-bomb to it. (There is a fireworks dispenser on the top of the buildings on the left.)

    After you go through the projector screen, you can come back out, before proceeding through Blot Alley to your ...

    Of course, you can pick up the "Friend In Deed" quest from Bertrand and Metanie, who are standing in front of the Bog Easy Store, near where you first entered Bog Easy.

    When you go to that pile of rubble in the Old Town section of Bog Easy, there will be Gremlin Sparks.
    If you painted the Beetleworx generator's power box and got Oswald to zap it, then the Beetleworx fixed it, and Gremlin Sparks will give you the deed to it.
    If you did not reprogram the Beetleworx, then Gremlin Sparks will charge you to fix it. Come back when it is fixed, and he will give you the deed.

    Later on, in regard to Donald's quest, Gremlin Sparks will be in his Forge, back on the dock, near the train station -- where you will be able to find him in the future.

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