Why is the game loading a death screen?

  1. I was running the area near by prescotts arena that has the door that shuts when your near it. But when I turned the game off then back on the next day I'm in front of the projector with oswald getting crushed by the door in front of me -- making me die instantly! the game wont let do anything , not even puase the game.

    I dont want to erase it cause then I would've just wasted my time playing.

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    djumbreon - 4 years ago
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    I'm seriously sitting here typing this in as its happening.

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    djumbreon - 4 years ago
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    Well sadly - as this info was useful none of it worked so I decided to simply erase my file.With the 2 player thing I tried it but as mickey died...So did oswald..

    so again thanks for the help. and to Mcbasilrocks your info was the most helpful.

    User Info: djumbreon

    djumbreon - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Let me get this straight: when you load up your game, you are instantly near the Projector to Prescott's Arena, at which point you die and Oswald gets crushed, correct? In that case, there are two big solutions you could try:

    1. Turn on a second controller the instant you load up and see what happens to Oswald. Worst-case scenario, he'll die, but since you're in co-op, he'll eventually just melt off the screen and respawn, hopefully, at the entrance to the area. Best-case scenario, he'll appear on the other side of the door, and you'll be able to use him to revive Mickey. If Mickey insists on dying, go coat Oswald in invisible ink and make the Eye open the door to spring Mickey.

    2. Last resort, if you don't have a second controller - the instant you load up, quickly perform a Spin attack on the projector you spawn in front of before the door has the chance to kill you. Mickey is immune to attack when he is setting a projector. With any luck, the door will have finished its business by the time the projector is ready and you'll be able to quickly exit the stage.

    If none of these work, then there are two options open to you:-

    1. Restart the game. It's not an appealing choice, but the game is so short (I could speedrun it in under two hours) that you'll probably be back to where you were in half the time it took you the first try.

    2. I know this seems weird, but your data might be corrupted and as such it might be a good idea to tamper with the Wii memory, to check for issues. To do this, head to the Wii menu. From there, press the circular Wii icon along the bottom. Navigate your way through the following screens until you find a big page that shows all of your game saves. Find the one for Epic Mickey 2. Depending on your game save progress, the blocks taken up on the system memory should be around 15-25 (mine, for instance, is 23). Anything higher or lower than that is a sign that something's amiss with the data, and that it's taken a knock somewhere down the line (for example, have you shut off the console while it's been autosaving before? This leaves a mark on the data.). From here, you can either:

    - Drag the Epic Mickey 2 icon to another slot. This almost 'clears the palette' of the save slot and refreshes the console's memory of it. In doing so, it strains out any inconsistencies. Try your file after this.

    - Click on the EM2 data, then press Copy. Follow the steps to reproduce your data onto an SD card. With any luck, this should clear out any bugs (it's worked for me on games like Super Mario Galaxy, etc.)

    I hope it all works out in the end! Don't lose heart - Wasteland needs you!

    User Info: Mcbasilrocks

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Other Answers

  1. I ran into a similar "death screen" in the Mad Doctor's Old Attic.
    Luckily, because I played EM1, I knew of glitches, and saved games on an SD card.
    All I can suggest is to start pressing "A" to try to enter the screen, or move toward the screen. Most of the time when the doors catch me, I rematerialize into the garden.

    Try to add Oswald. Activate Oswald, and move him somewhere. Unfortunately, he cannot paint and open the lower projector screen, by thinning and activating bombs.

    Mcbasilrocks at gamespot.com might help, or fill out a form for Disney.
    Sorry. I gave the game a zero, because what good is a game that is unplayable.

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  2. Even though you cannot hit pause and exit the game properly, turn off the game console. If you cannot get the console button to respond, unplug the console power for 30 seconds.
    Then, restart, and see if Mickey will materialize somewhere else, like on the ground.
    - - -
    There are other posts on GameSpot and GameFaqs that give hints on how to do this Alice in Wonderland area. If you do not need all the projector screen credits, then there is an easy way to bomb the side of the house, and thin plants to make the well into yellow invincible ink.

    If you want all the films, then you have to make it to that projector -- AND spin it so both heads are on the left !!! There is no second chance.

    After approximately 7 tries, the mushroom and bird get out of sync, and you have to take the turnstile down and up, to get them in sync again.
    Also, I activate Oswald and move him out of the way, because he is a pain!!! He is in the way when I bounce out of the invisible ink, or he bounces out on my head, or he materializes in front of me on the bird head -- always costing me valuable invisible ink.
    So, I would rather play on half a screen than deal with Oswald!
    - - - -
    GOOD LUCK! and let us know how it works out.

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  3. Katydiddd thanks Mcbasilrocks. I knew he would have ideas.
    Because dejumbreon wrote, "I'm seriously sitting here typing this in as its happening.", I knew it wasn't like the times I get stuck getting killed and revived in an endless loop -- until finally even Oswald has no more health to revive me -- which takes minutes.

    For example, under OsTown, jumping from the floor to the bottom piston, if you miss, the piston keeps coming down on Mickey, and he can't get revived and move before it squashes him again.
    Or on the second piston, when you spin the faucet, and you keep getting trapped between the piston and the handle.

    Or, in the round Control Room of Rainbow Falls, if you go behind the accordion elevator to get the treasure, and get trapped under the elevator, it just keeps happening.

    But, those sequences seem to have an end, and you restart the area.

    That doesn't seem to be happening with this guy, because the "area" is starting at a projector screen, that keeps killing him, respawning him, killing him....ad infinitum.

    Anyway, I copied Mcbasilrocks' reply onto a WORD document, and am going to use it.
    Thanks. And, loved Mcbasilrocks' kind ending,
    "I hope it all works out in the end! Don't lose heart - Wasteland needs you!"

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