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  • Challenge Stage Unlockables

    Clearing a Magolor Race with a platinum medal for every ability will make a crown appear above its door on the stage select. Clearing Magolor Race 3 for the first time will unlock two extra challenge stages, and a "View Ending" option on the file select screen. Clearing any stage also unlocks the ability to replay it against a ghost.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Crown above Magolor Race doorClear the race with a platinum medal for every ability
    Ghost RaceClear any stage to unlock the ghost race for that stage.
    Magolor Race EXClear Magolor Race 3
    Smash Combat Chamber EXClear Magolor Race 3
    View EndingClear Magolor Race 3

    Contributed By: MasterPeteDiddy.

  • Challenge Stages Trophies

    You can unlock trophies when your high scores for all levels combined exceed a certain amount, or from earning platinum medals. The file icon on the file select screen will also change with each new trophy unlocked.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bronze TrophyScore reaches 55,000
    Gold TrophyScore reaches 250,000
    King's TrophyEarn at least one platinum medal on every stage
    Platinum TrophyScore reaches 370,000
    Silver TrophyScore reaches 150,000

    Contributed By: MasterPeteDiddy.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Cheats


  • Open up Boss Battles

    You can boss battles by beating O2.

    Contributed By: Mewst.

  • Open up Sound Check

    You can open up sound check by beating Miracle Matter.

    Contributed By: Mewst.

  • Secret Dark Star Level

    To open up the secret planet Dark Star, collect all 100 shards and beat Miracle Matter once more. Dark Star will open up. At the end of the planet, you will fight the TRUE final boss, O2.

    Contributed By: Mewst.


  • High Mini-Game Difficulties

    To access the higher difficulty settings for the mini-games, you must beat the difficulty setting before it. In the beginning, beat the Easy setting to unlock the Normal level. Beat the Normal level to open the Hard level. Then, beat the Hard level to access the Intense difficulty level.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

  • Infinte Life or Stars

    In the beginning of a level go left as far as you can. There should be a star or a cake, rib, etc. After you get it press start, do try again and keep going back to get the thing. It will always be there!

    Contributed By: J-Man.

Kirby Super Star Cheats


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ArenaBeat all previous stages
    Milky Way WishesBeat Great Cave Offensive and Revenge of Meta-Knight
    Revenge of Meta-KnightBeat DynaBlade
    Sound TestBeat the Arena

    Contributed By: TJackson, SSJ4 Link, and ibm2431.

Easter Eggs

  • Cameos

    If you use the Stone ability enough, you may turn into a statue of Samus, or a golden statue of Mario.<p />In Megaton Punch, if you look in the background, you'll see Mario, Luigi, and a few other people from the older mario games.<p/>In Spring Breeze, during the final fight against King Dedede, you will see Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Birdo on the side of the ring.

    Contributed By: DrkArcher.


  • Secret Level in Milky Way Wishes

    On the level select screen in Milky Way Wishes, move kirby to the green star between Cavios and Skyhigh, and then enter the level. Here you can find the Copy ability.

    Contributed By: ibm2431.

Kirby's Adventure Cheats


  • Nearly unlimited ''Mike'' Ability

    Obtain the "mike" ability and find any of the secret switches used to open up more areas. Use the ability two times first and then use the third time on the secret switch. You must jump from above and be very close to the switch as you use the mike. If the glitch worked correctly, when it shows what item you have, it should display "00" for item usage and you can use the ability an additional 266 times. If it failed, then you either did it too early or hit the switch before you used the ability.

    Contributed By: supermagicmilk.

  • Permanent Copy Ability

    Once you copy an enemies ability, press Start and Select at the same time. On the pause menu, exit the stage you're in. You'll know if the glitch worked if you have a copy ability but your state says you're normal. If you take damage, you will not lose the ability like usual.

    Contributed By: CoolKoopa15.

  • Secret Splash Ability

    To get it, you must have an ability that doesn't change your looks. Then, get hit and drop your power at the EXACT same time, and if done correctly, you should now have SPLASH ABILITY! Press B to...SPLASH! It doesn\'t hurt enemies though, and you can drop it like a normal ability, but when you inhale the ability star back, it gives you nothing. Fun, no?

    (Discovered by Kirby Warrior)

    Contributed By: Anonymous.


  • Bonus Games

    Beat the Egg Throw, Crane, and Quick Draw to get them on the start screen. Start up the game and go to your file and you will be able to play them as much as you want.

    Contributed By: Mitoshi.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra GameBeat the game with 100%
    Sound TestBeat the regular game and Extra Game with 100%

    Contributed By: DBM11085 and Rock me amedues.


  • Secret Room

    In World 7, Stage 2, there is a secret room. Fly up above the ledge and you will warp to the 4th Mini-Boss in the stage. Once you defeat the last Mini-Boss, Fire Lion, you will enter a room with 5 lives.

    Contributed By: Enzan.

Kirby's Dream Land Cheats


  • Title Screen codes.

    On the title screen....

    Press and hold Down, Select, and B.Enter Configuration Mode.
    On the title screen, hold down Up + A + SelectEnter the Bonus Game

    Contributed By: Viper_Diamond and KasketDarkfyre.


  • Chameleon kirby

    Right after the miniboss in Bubbly Clouds, Kirby will fall down a waterfall. Beside it there is a mint - if you swallow the mint while falling in the waterfall you will blend into the background. If you touch the water the glitch will be canceled. Also keep in mind that you aren't invincible, - you're just like normal except you are inside the background. The effect wears off once you move to the next room.

    Contributed By: zoka.

Easter Eggs

  • Screen Saver

    Any time during the game pause the screen and wait a few seconds. Kirby will dance around on the paused screen.

    Contributed By: Larc.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 Cheats


  • Option Mode

    Once you complete the game 100%, go back to load up your file. It will come up with two choices-Start and option. In option Mode you have access to a sound test, a boss battle game or a bonus game.

    Contributed By: Pumpkin_Fan.


  • Gain an extra life every enemy you destroy

    Once you have 9999990 points every time you destroy an enemy or earn any more points in any way you will get 1 extra life.

    Contributed By: Jags1880.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 Cheats


  • Access ''?'' Option on the Options Menu

    You get this option from beating all the other mini-game options. Here, you can see the opening introductions to each world, as well as each of the 3 endings to the game.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

  • Access ''B'' Option on the Options Menu

    To access the ''B'' option, which pits you against all six bosses with one life and no chance to heal, you must beat the final boss.

    Contributed By: Jelly Soup.

  • Access ''J'' Option on the Options Menu

    To access the ''J'' option, which is the Jumping mini-game on the Options Menu, you must complete the mini-game in the ''M'' option.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

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