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    Boss FAQ by flowerpot

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    Kirby 64 Boss Guide
    Beating Kirby's bosses was never easier.
         An informative guide by FLOWERPOT.
                             Version FINAL
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S--------------------------------------
    0001   Revision History
    0002   Pop Star Boss
    0003   Rock Star Boss
    0004   Aqua Star Boss
    0005   Neo Star Boss
    0006   Shiver Star Boss
    0007   Ripple Star Boss
    0008   Dark Star Boss
    0009   Legal Disclaimer
    0010   End
    0001   R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y---------------------------------
    Version FINAL: Saturday, June 2, 2001
    Finalized the guide and added the new legal disclaimer.
    Version 2.0: Wednesday, July 19, 2000
    I finally collected all the crystal shards and guess what? Their's another
    boss. Uh-oh! But have no fear, i added a section just for him. Whew!
    Version 1.5: Thursday, July 13, 2000
    * Added the best abilities that can be used against each boss. Also corrected a
    mistake I made on the Neo Star boss.
    Version 1.0: Tuesday, July 11, 2000
    * First version of my Kirby 64 boss mini-guide. I should be publishing one more
    kirby mini-guide in the near future, so check it out on gameFAQs. 99.9% chance
    that this will be the only update, seeing that I've added all that needs to be
    added... unless someone finds corrections or wants to add their own strategies
    for beating bosses.
    0002   P O P   S T A R   B O S S---------------------------------------
    After completing the three levels of Pop Star, you will come across one mean
    apple tree.
    Difficulty: 0.5/5.0
    How to win: When you start off against the boss, their will be three mini-trees
    moving around the circumference of the tree. Every few seconds a bad apple will
    be spit out by the tree. Inhale it into Kirby's belly. Spit the apple at a
    mini-tree. Each mini-tree must be hit with two apples to be destroyed. Once the
    three mini-trees are destroyed the tree will starts lifting up four of his
    roots. Avoiding the roots when they arise can be done by watching the spots on
    the floor where pebbles begin to move: this is where a root will come up.
    Inhale some of the apples falling from the tree and hit the roots. Keep hitting
    the roots each time they come up, while avoiding the white flares the tree will
    spit. When the tree's life meter reaches Zero a blue crystal shard will
    magically appear.
    Tip: When attacking the tree's roots, try to inhale more than one apples at a
    time. By doing this, you will have a spitball that passes through the first
    root and goes and hits the second, which brings me to the old saying: kill two
    birds with one stone... or something like that.
    Ability: N/A
    0003   R O C K   S T A R   B O S S-------------------------------------
    After completing the four levels of Rock Star, you will come across a red,
    green, and blue diamond.
    Difficulty: 1.5/5.0
    How to win: In the very beginning of the battle, the platform Kirby is on will
    have to make its way to the top. During this time, you cannot attack the boss.
    First the red diamond will appear. By hold the Ddown button, Kirby will crouch.
    Stay in this position is be invincible against the turning red diamond. Now the
    green diamond will appear. Run inbetween the red and green diamond and follow
    their movements. This should allow you to be unharmed. If you do have to avoid
    the diamonds, flying is not the choise, rather run through or crouch. Now the
    blue diamond will appear. By running in suit with all three diamonds Kirby
    should be unharmed. After a few seconds, the elevator will reach the top. Now
    you get different colored "atoms." By inhaling an atom and shooting it at on of
    the diamonds when they come over the platform, you will be able to take aways
    the boss' life. If you find you are missing, you may have to jump and shoot in
    the air to reach some of the diamonds. Get as many shots in while avoiding the
    spinning diamonds. After one diamond is defeacted, it will be just a frame in
    the shape of diamond (no longer a threat). Once all three diamonds are
    destroyed, you get another crystal shard.
    Tip: Shooting a green "atom" at the green diamond will take away more life from
    the boss than shooting a red or blue "atom" at a green diamond. Catch my drift?
    Ability: Needle+Cutter
    0004   A Q U A   S T A R   B O S S-------------------------------------
    After completing the four levels of Aqua Star, you will come across a big
    killer whale.
    Difficulty: 3.0/5.0
    How to win: You start off face to face with the ugly whale. He will first shoot
    objects out of his mouth. When he does, inhale them and quickly shoot them back
    at him, making sure that the items you are shooting back do not collide with
    more of the items he is shooting from his mouth. **DO NOT INHALE THE SPIKEY
    MONSTERs HE SPITS OUT** After a while, he will swim quickly towards you, than
    to the side (someplace you cannot follow because this is a 2.5d adventure),
    then come from above you. Avoid his first run towards you by swimming up or
    down out of his way. When he his coming towards you from the side, swim to the
    bottom (someplace he never goes) and then watch for his shadow on the ground to
    avoid his advance from above. If he misses you from his run from above, rocks
    will be left on the see floor, which you can inhale and spit at him. If you
    have not defeated him quickly, you may witness his "flip then pounce" attack.
    Avoiding the flip is very hard. Either be very quick by pushing the B button a
    lot of swim to the top and hope that he misses. After his life bar is depleted,
    the ocean floor crumbles. Aha! Another crystal shar... WAIT A MINUTE! He's
    still alive. While swimming to the surface, inhale the fish and sea-monkies in
    your path and spit them at him. He also shoots other green objects (missles?
    motors?) which you can inhale and spit at him. After his second lifebar is
    depleted, consider another crystal shard yours for the keeping.
    Tip: While swimming to the surface, stay all the way to the side, next to the
    rocks, because he rarely (if ever) moves in that direction.
    Ability: Cutter+Bomb
    0005   N E O   S T A R   B O S S---------------------------------------
    After completing the four levels of Neo Star, you will come across a big blob
    of multon lava.
    Difficulty: 4.0/5.0
    How to win: You have four platforms to work with, so use them well. After every
    attack with his lava tenticles, little fire black matter balls will pop up out
    of the magma. Inhale these and shoot them at his tenticles. The tenticles have
    three attacks: (1) Engulfs a platform with magma temporarily, (2) lifts the
    platform into the magma-covered cieling or (3) Raises up high and falls on top
    of a platform. Each one can be hit with a black matter lava ball that kirby can
    inhale. Dodging the tenticles while attacking should take care of the first
    part of this boss. Now he will chase you to the right onto a place safe from
    magma (make sure you are not on the left most platform when you beat him in
    part one of the fight). As soon as his second lifebar shows up, jump and fly to
    the right side of the screen, avoiding the boss in the form of a lava puddle.
    Inhale the fire fairies (the more the better) and shoot them into his FACE. You
    can even swallow the fairies and use a fire attack against his FACE. When rocks
    starts falling from the cieling, inhale them and send the back at the bosses
    FACE. Watch out for when he blows fire. I have no idea how to avoid this... it
    may be an unavoidable attack. If the boss lives long enough, he may melt again,
    causing you to fly to the other side. Once this boss' lifebar has no more life,
    a crystal shard is yours.
    Correction: You can avoid the flame he spits from his mouth. Apparently, just
    standing under his mouth next to him will save you from harm (thanks
    Tip: Inhaling more than one rock at once takes away more damage when you shoot
    it at the boss' face.
    Ability: Cutter+Spark
    0006   S H I V E R   S T A R   B O S S---------------------------------
    After completing the four levels of Shiver Star, you will come across a big
    metal monster.
    Difficulty: 4.0/5.0
    How to win: As soon as you start the level, run all the way to left. Keep
    yourself here for the first part of this boss. When he shoots missles, inhale
    them. Or, when he uses both hands to slam the center of the platform inhale the
    crystals left behind. To damage this boss, you must shoot a missle or crytal at
    his long arms. When the arm to his right is swooping across shoot something at
    it. EASY HIT! It may take practice to master the timing, but in time you will
    be laughing at how easy it his. Keep watching the yellow pointy thing on the
    top of the monster's head. If it glows blue, get ready to jump. A laser will
    sweep across the platform. When the robot's left arm swoops across the
    platform, don't try fancy tricks to hit it, just jump to avoid it. When both
    arms hit the center, jump SLIGHTLY and shoot in the air to hit the arms while
    avoiding the crystal that just popped out. After the first lifebar is depleted,
    the moster will turn into a platform destroying ship. **MAKE SURE YOU STAY IN
    FRONT OF THE SHIP AT ALL TIMES** Inhaling missles he shoots from his back than
    jumping to hit the black part of his hull will damage the ship. When a large
    yellow and white missles shoots from the bottom, start inhaling. Once you've
    eaten up the yellow piece of the bomb, jump to avoid the white piece. Shoot
    this at the ship. When the ship goes into the air and crashes down, just take
    the hit. Take it. Otherwise you'll be behind the ship and death will surely
    come to you. Once the second lifebar is depleted, a crystal shard will arise
    from the ruins.
    Tip: Inhaling more than one missle will make a stronger attack.
    Ability: Fire+Bomb
    0007   R I P P L E   S T A R   B O S S---------------------------------
    After completing the three levels of Ripple Star, you will come across the
    transformation ball.
    Difficulty: 4.3/5.0
    How to win: This boss has seven different forms. All rely on the same lifebar.
    The boss transform every few seconds. Each transformation needs 3-4 hits to be
    destroyed. Here is how to beat each one. **RANDOM CHANGES**
    (1) Fire: While staying below the main ball and to the left of it, you will be
    able to avoid the wave of fire it lets out. When the stream of fire goes away,
    a heated ball remains. Inhale one of these and shoot it at the center of the
    (2) Stone: The stone transformation always drops in the same two places. As
    soon as you see this transformation, run all the way to the left. Watch the
    stone drop twice, leaving behind four rocks. Inhale a rock and spit at the
    large boulder.
    Tip: When all four stones are on the ground, and the main boulder is moving
    around, inhale one stone and spit it at another stone. This will create a
    stronger projectile that you can wurl at the main boulder for a stronger hit.
    (3) Ice: The ice transformation starts out with fire iceballs revolving around
    an ice blocks. Stay to the left until the iceballs get closer to the ice block.
    Then jump to inhale. Shoot the newly inhaled item at the block.
    Tip: Inhaling two ice balls then swallowing them will give you a powerful
    attack that you can use against the ice block. It is also much faster at
    killing this transformation. Make sure you get rid of it before the next
    transformation, though.
    (4) Spike: This transformation starts off as an orange ball. Then 6 spikes
    emerge from it and leave behind small spike (staying the to left will keep you
    from harm). Inhale the spike directly in front of you then jump and spit it at
    the center mass. If you have enough time, inhale a second spike it send it at
    the main orange ball.
    Tip: If you happened to have swallowed a stone during one of the stone
    transformations, you will be invincible to all spike attacks!
    (5) Electrical: Jump/Fly/Crouch to avoid the speeding electrical currents. When
    the become small enough, swallow one and spit it into the main ball.
    (6) Cutter: Stay to the left for this guy. When he flys by, inhale. Shoot the
    piece of his body you just inhaled into the largest piece of his body to score
    a hit.
    (7) Purple Mass: This one is the hardest, because the movement of the purple
    balls is unpredictable. Avoid by crouching and dodging (Ddown + A) until they
    become a solid purple ball. Inhale this and shoot it at the main ball.
    When the life is depleted, none other than a crystal shard is now yours!
    0008   D A R K   S T A R   B O S S-------------------------------------
    After collecting every single crystal shard, you will face the final boss.
    Difficulty: 5.0/5.0
    How to win: While avoiding the electrical attacks that this boss sends at you,
    use your crystal shard attack on the red eye to damage him. Also watch out for
    any explosions from the boss' attacks. Once you complete part one of this boss,
    the view will change so that you are above the boss' head. Shoot the halo
    thingy on top of its head until it completely disappears then swing over to the
    side where you see his green spikey tail. Destroy this and watch out for the
    fart gas it emits. Once this body part is gone, you will swing around to the
    original view. Shoot the eye. Then you come back to the halo, shoot it! Then
    back to the tail... again, shoot it. Yada yada yada. My work is done. After
    this ugly boss is overwith you have gotten the 100 percentile for Kirby 64. You
    go girl!
    0008   L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R---------------------------------
    This Version of the Legal Disclaimer was last updated on 5/30/2001. The latest
    version of this disclaimer can always be found at
    This document is protected under United States and International Copyright
    Laws. Unauthorized electronic or printed duplication for anything other then
    private use is not permitted without written consent of the author of this
    guide, Jason Gomer (AKA flowerpot).
    Copyright © 2000-2001 Jason Gomer
    All Rights Reserved.
    If you wish to seek permission to use this guide or any other publications by
    flowerpot, consider the following rules of duplication before asking for
      • Complete and full credit is given to flowerpot.
      • The entire document remains unedited in any way, shape, or form. The
        guide can not be duplicated in HTML format.
      • The newest version of the guide must be posted at all times. I will
        not e-mail/send you the newest version every time I make an update,
        it is your responsibility to keep it updated by checking for new
        versions at the sites listed below this list.
      • The document cannot be used to make any profit whatsoever. This
        means no pop-ups on the .txt file and even ads on the page linking
        to the documents (Except GameFAQs, FBGames, or advertisements that
        are mandatory by free domain providers such as GeoCities Pop-ups).
      • I must be notified via e-mail if you ever decide to remove the
    The sites with that will always have the most recent version of this guide and
    all FAQ publications written by flowerpot:
      • http://www.gamefaqs.com
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        Fresh Baked Games
      • http://members.aol.com/orangeuranium/flowerpot.htm
        flowerpot's personal homepage / FAQ Archive
    If you are reading this and it is still incomplete, make sure to check the
    above sites to make sure you are reading the most recent version of the guide.
    If you find an outdated version of this guide on another website, please e-mail
    me with the URL and name of the site.
    Copyright © 2000-2001 Jason Gomer
    All Rights Reserved.
    0009   E N D-----------------------------------------------------------
      • CJayC
        The creator of the biggest FAQ Archive on the web. Without him, I
        would've never began to write.
                                                                  END NOTE
    Send any Questions, comments, constructive criticism, deconstructive criticism,
    pornographic pictures of kirby, figernail clippings, South Carolina State
    Quarters, chinese calendars, urine samples, glowsticks, your sisters lunch, and
    green nailpolish to flowerpot2000@email.com. Look out for another Kirby
    mini-guide and possibly something that has to do with diablo (must finish dk64
    guide! ahh!). That is all, my dear minions.
    Until I am needed to save the gaming society once again, this is Jason Gomer,
    signing off.
    This has been a helpful guide by FLOWERPOT.
    © 2000 faq64

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