Amen Hem free play glitch?

  1. I'm in Amen Hem and trying to get all of the silver chests. Is there, however, a glitch where you have to hit 10 moles to get that chest? I've done it quite a few times and the silver chest keeps popping up. It's the only thing keeping me from 100% completion. Is it a glitch and if so, how can I get passed it?

    User Info: criag40

    criag40 - 4 years ago


  1. The same thing happened to me, but it didn't affect the completion percentage. The first time I did it I got the mithril block and it would have contributed to my percentage, even though it reappeared when I went back. So the glitch didn't negatively affect me. I was able to get all 250 mithril blocks and 100% just fine. Every subsequent time I got it I didn't actually keep the block though. When I collected it it showed my total mithril block count raise a number, but when I pushed pause that added number went away on my counter. It only truly added to my total the first time I got it. I'm guessing you still see a mithril block there on your map? I'm wondering if the one you need is the one that's underneath the hill. It's location is near where the moles are. To get that one go by the river and fish out a crank handle. There should be a gate nearby to open. There's a tunnel that leads under the hill.

    User Info: Jvalant

    Jvalant - 2 years ago 0 0

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