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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kethrydrake

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/23/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS version 1.0
       I. Introduction
      II. Walkthrough
          1. Prologue
          2. The Black Rider
          3. Weathertop
          4. The Pass of Caradhras
          5. The Mines of Moria
          6. Amon Hen
          7. Taming Gollum
          8. The Dead Marshes
          9. Track Hobbits
         10. Warg Attack 
         11. Helm’s Deep
         12. Osgiliath
         13. The Secret Stair
         14. Cirith Ungul
         15. The Paths of the Dead
         16. The Battle of Pelennor Fields
         17. The Black Gate
         18. Mount Doom
         19. Middle-Earth
     III. Hub Areas
          1. Hobbiton
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
          2. Bree
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks 
             e. Blacksmith Design
          3. Weathertop
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
          4. Rivendell
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
          5. The Pass of Caradhras
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
          6. Lothlorien
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
          7. Amun Hen
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
          8. Emun Muil
             d. Mithril Bricks
          9. Isengard 
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
         10. Helm's Deep
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
         11. Edoras 
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
         12. Minas Tirith
             a. Quests
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
         13. Dead Marshes
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
         14. Minas Morgul
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
         15. Cirith Ungul
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
         16. The Black Gate
             a. Quests
             b. Red Brick
             c. Characters
             d. Mithril Bricks
             e. Blacksmith Design
      IV. Characters
          1. Story
          2. Unlockable
       V. Red Bricks
      VI. Mithril Bricks
     VII. Blacksmith Designs
    VIII. Legal Information
    In order to complete the game you will need:
      Frodo: small, (after Ch. 6) phial, Elven cloak 
      Sam: small, dig, grow plants, light fire, (after Ch. 6) Elven rope
      Merry: small, fishing
      Pippin: small, (after Ch. 6) water bucket
      Aragorn: use green objects
      Legolas: shoot arrows, high jump, acrobat, jump from tightrope
      Gimli: small, crack rocks
      Gandalf: move sparkling objects
      Gollum: climb walls, fishing
      Lurtz: strength
      Ilsidur: destroy glowing rocks
      Berserker: explosive
    Mithril Items:
      Bottomless bucket
      Spring boots
      Boxing gloves, Calcium armor
      Surefooted greaves
      Fishing rod
      Disco phial
      Camouflage tome
      Shockwave axe
      Climbing boots 
    Chapter 1: Prologue (30,000)
    Characters: Elrond (Second Age), Isildur, Elendil
    A1: Defeat 5 orcs. Defeat 3 orcs. Use Elendil to destroy towers and defeat 3 
        Chest 2: shoot 3 targets in background 
        Chest 3: dig up in left corner
    A2: Defeat Witch King. Use Elendil to destroy axe when it gets stuck in ground
        Elven Sword: explosive
    A3: Use Isildur to destroy pillars blocking way. Cross lava. Destroy pillar 
      holding up ramp. Use Elrond to jump to upper level. Push off rock. Destroy 
      pillar and jump gap. Go to upper level. Defeat all enemies. Exit through gate.
      Chest 1: destroy pillars near rock
        Magma Armor: smash rocks, dig up at start
        Shimmering Armor: crack rock, strength  
        Mithril Shockwave Axe: crack rock, smash wall near Shimmering Armor
        Chest 4: crack rock, use rope, throw Gimli, climb wall, smash glowing rocks
        Chest 5: crack rock, shoot target, build 
        Chest 6: use rope 
        Chest 7: use phial
        Chest 8: destroy 5 statues. 1-crack rock, in room behind; 2-after shooting 
          lava tubes, 3-next to where push off rock; 4&5-next to gate
        Chest 9: explosive, use hatch
    A4: Cross Bridge
        Chest 10: shoot target
    Chapter 2: The Black Rider (16,000)
    Characters: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf
    A1: Smash flower to get mug, throw mug at bird. Use Circle to resist putting on
      ring. Use Sam to dig up mug, throw mug at rock. Smash tree to create hiding 
      point. Enter hatch to reach tree branch. Attack bird. Cross river. 
      Chest 1: hidden behind tree after 2nd Rider point
        Chest 4: strength, jump on rope to pull down tree, jump up and cross
        Chest 5: block gopher holes. 1-shoot target; 2-crack rock next to Chest 2; 
          3-light fire; 4-use phial
        Ferryman's Hat: at the river, go toward the screen from the hatch leading up
          the tree, follow path to glowing rock, smash and build scarecrow
        Chest 6: explosive at river
        Soup Pot: use phial after river
    A2: Attack Saruman. Lift Saruman 3 times. 
      Chest 2: throw Saruman at the door with a chain on it 
    A3: Smash objects to get pieces. Place pieces to build slide. Push rock. Pick 
      up apple and throw at branch. Throw apple at owl on branch. Use Sam to grow 
      flower bridge. Use Merry to fish. Match buttons for success. Throw object at 
      torch. Cross river. Dig up object and throw at beehive. Use log. Throw apple 
      at bird. 
      Chest 3: by log the hobbits crawl through, smash plants, dig 
        Chest 7: by fish spot, crack rock 
        Mithril music horn: destroy fallen bridge, use rope spot in water
        Chest 8: climb wall after throwing rock at beehive   
        Mushroom Crown: destroy fallen bridge, use rope spot in waterfall, track 
        Chest 9: shoot 5 nests. 1-near start; 2&3-before river; 4&5-after river
    A4: run down path
        Chest 4: right side of path
    Forge Mithril trowel at blacksmith. Jump up and down on bellows. Take to 
      Prancing Pony.
    Chapter 3: Weathertop (80,000)
    Characters: Sam, Merry, Pippin, Frodo, Aragorn 
    A1: Find 3 wood. 1- Smash objects on foreground. 2 – Smash plants in background.
      3 - Walk up ledge and smash objects to build slide path. Push rock and enter 
      hatch. Smash plants. Cross vine and smash nest to get egg. Use Merry to get 
      fish. Grow tomatoes. Use Sam to light fire and combine egg, fish and tomato 
      in pan. Cook food. 
        Chest 2: use rope
        Chest 3: shoot arrow slot
        Rubber duck: shoot target, use fish spot
        Chest 4: use phial
    A2: Smash objects and build bridge. Grow plant. Throw objects at plants. Jump 
      across and grow plant. Jump up flower and enter hatch. Build wood pile and 
      light fire. Follow path up and jump onto vines. Build bridge and cross. Jump 
      across rocks and smash plants. Build fire and light. Jump up rungs and grow 
      plant. Jump over flower. 
      Chest 1: 3 flowers, 1–past bridge, 2–past rungs, 3–by stairs
        Mithril Music Boots: use phial next to save statue
        Chest 5: high jump off of flower near hatch
        Chest 6: strength by vines
        Cheat 7: crack rock next to exit
        Quill: crack rock next to exit, smash glowing rocks, track
    A3: light 5 fires. 1–near start. 2–smash wagon, build fire and light. 3–grow 
      plant and smash, build fire and light. 4–use Frodo to build fire, use Sam to 
      light. 5–push statue, use Frodo to build fire, use Sam to light. Defeat 5 
      Nazgul using torches. 1–start with. 2–pick up object and throw at pillar to 
      rear left. Use Sam to build and light fire. Pick of branch and light in fire.
      3-Throw object at front left pillar, get branch and light. 4–throw object at 
      front right pillar, get branch and light. 5–in Sam’s possession 
        Chest 8: strength on left side
        Chest 9: shoot 3 targets
        Sun hat: crack rocks twice on right side
        Chest 10: explosive, use Frodo to build gears, turn gears
    Use Legolas to shoot at targets to drop rock to cross river.
    Chapter 4: The Pass of Caradhras (52,000)
    Characters: Fellowship
    A1: Carry Gimli through snow. Crack rock and use hatch. Crack rock. Throw Gimli
      to cracked rock. Climb rungs and push rock off ledge. Carry Gimli through 
      snow and crack rock. Use hatch and crack rock. Crack rocks and build stairs. 
      Crack rock on upper ledge. Jump across rocks. Shoot targets and cross. Find 
      3 wood. Smash 3 crates and light fire. Build grapple and shoot. Cross 
      tightrope and shoot arrows. Cross arrows and shoot target. Throw Gimli at 
      rock. Carry Gimli through snow and use hatch. Break rock. Build and light 
      fire. Throw Gimli at rock and jump across. Carry Sam through snow. Dig, build
      and use hatch. Crack rock. Dig, build and use bridge. Find 3 wood. Smash 
      crates. Light fire and grow plant. Shoot targets. Build cracked rock and 
      throw Gimli. 
      Chest 1: 5 skeletons, 1-to left of start. 2-On ledge after throwing Gimli. 
        3–next to tent in camp. 4–on far right side after grapple cannon. 5–on 
        ledge after dig site.
      Chest 2: 4 banners, 1–on ledge after 2nd deep snow. 2–on left side of ledge 
        above camp site. 3–on 1st ledge to the right after rocks start falling. 
        4–after crossing bridge.
      Mithril Cluster Bow: on ledge next to 4th banner
        Chest 4: crack rock on after using catapult, build snowman, shoot target
        Chest 5: explosive, after 3rd banner
        Chest 6: use rope, strength after throwing Gimli across gap
        Chest 7: explosive, use phial next to 2nd dig spot
    A2: Crack rock on right side. Use hatch and smash objects. Jump to upper level,
      smash objects. Build turnstile and use. Cross and crack rock. Build door. 
      Shoot arrow and jump up. Shoot arrow and jump across. Push statue and build 
      door. Dig and build fire in front of door. Find 3 wood. 1&2–smash objects to 
      left of door, 3 smash pier. Light fire. 
      Chest 3: smash objects near water. Throw 3 rocks at brown objects in water.
        Bill’s Riding Crop: smash glowing rocks, smash rock 
        Luminous Stone: explosive, track
        Chest 8: ride Bill along stud trail
        Chest 9: shoot arrow, jump to ledge before shimmying over to statue, use 
          phial to enter cave, use Gimli to break ice, fish, climb wall, light fire,
          give fish to troll
        Icy Lolly: in cave next to Chest 9, smash rocks and dig up
    A3: Attack tentacles with red links. Throw Gimli and shoot target twice.
        Chest 10: use rope, smash rock
    Chapter 5: The Mines of Moria (70,000)
    Characters: Fellowship
    A1: smash chests next to well and build. Shoot target. Light fire to get key. 
      Open chest to get gear. Crack rock to get crank. Raise bucket. 
        Chest 2: strength on right side
    A2: smash skeletons next to door and build. Shoot targets and jump on chains. 
      Defeat enemies. Jump to upper ledges. Smash rock and jump on chain when troll
      strikes. Attack troll. Build object in front center. Bait troll strike. 
      Attack troll and shoot. Build hatches to upper levels. Use hatches to jump on
      troll. Shoot troll.
      Mithril Headdress: in alcove on right side 
        Chest 4: pull out 3 statues, 1 – A1 left side, 2&3 – A2 upper levels
    A3: Defeat 3 orcs. Defeat 5 orcs. Defeat 7 orcs. 
    A4: Use Pippin to get water. Dowse fire. Use Gandalf to replace gear. Crack 
      rock and build slide path. Slide gear into place. Smash objects to right of 
      gate to get crank. Crank open gate. Exit. 
      Chest 1: behind pillar that you throw Gimli at
        House Key: at start
        Chest 5: explosive near start, smash objects, build wall, climb up
        Chest 6: explosive, use rope 
        Chest 7: explosive, step on pad to start, step on pad when lighted eyes 
          enter the glass panel. 
        Chest 8: destroy 3 glowing rocks; 1-right of start, 2-explosive, 3-left 
    A5: Throw Gimli. Have Sam use hatch. Cross chain and light fire. Shoot targets. 
      Mithril orc helmet: shoot target near beginning 
        Chest 9: explosive, shoot targets
    A6: Dive for sword. Bash the Balrog
    A7: Shoot target and arrow slot. Smash ladder. Crack rock.
      Artist hat: jump on lever near beginning
      Chest 2: shoot 2 targets on wall near exit, build 
        Chest 10: use phial near Artist Hat
    Chapter 6: Amon Hen (45,000)
    Characters: Frodo, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn
    A1: As Frodo: Pick up object on right side and throw near Boromir. Use hatch 
      near stairs. Push off pillar and build stairs. Smash object and throw object 
      at hand. Build stairs. Go up and attack bird. Cross statues and smash objects.
      Build catapult and fire. Pick up object and throw at bird. Smash object and 
      tree behind. Build stairs and cross statues. Use hatch. Smash objects and 
      throw rock at arch. Climb stairs and pull off Ring.
      Chest 1: smash hand 
        Chest 3: shoot catapult rock down, rebuild catapult and fire
        Stop Watch: after throwing rock at arch, use rope to climb up, use 
          Shockwave axe to break arch
    A2: As Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn. Smash object to get torch. Light torch and 
      burn barricade. Jump up. Cross tightrope and shoot target. Build step and 
      crack rock. Crack rock next to slide path and build object. Throw Gimli at 
      rock and shoot arrow. Jump up and push pillar off. Push pillars next to cliff
      and jump up. Throw Gimli and build arrow slot. Shoot arrow. Crack rock on 
      tree and jump to upper level. Build pillar and push off. Pick up sword. 
      Follow sword.
      Chest 2: after pushing pillar off of ledge, move pillars into place below a 
        rung, jump up and around
        Arrow Helmet: cook food. 1-use rope to get tomato; 2-dig up egg; 3-strength,
          smash rocks, dig up fish
        Chest 4: use rope on statue, use magic to rebuild statue
        Chest 5: use phial, smash rock 
        Chest 6: 6 statues. 1–in A1, shoot target next to hatch. 2-in A1, shoot 
          target next to catapult. 3-in A1 on ledge next to arch. 4-next to fire 
          on beach. 5-after cracking rock. 6-on upper level after throwing Gimli. 
        Chest 7: destroy 4 glowing pillars
    A3: smash pillars to knock down orcs. Kill all orcs. Throw Gimli and go up ramp.
        Uruk Sword: explosive after defeating 1st 3 orcs
        Chest 8: grow plant
        Chest 9: explosive, use rope, jump up, light fire, use hatch, jump up
    A4: use hatch and attack orc. Clear rocks from hatch. Use hatch and attack orc.
       Build step up and attack orc. Defeat orc captain. 
      Mithril Rope: use hatch and attack statue
        Chest 10: shoot 6 targets, use rope to expose 6th target
    Chapter 7: Taming Gollum (90,000)
    Characters: Gandalf, Frodo, Sam
    A1: As Gandalf, smash ice off blocks and use to build stairs. Build stairs. 
      Climb up and break chain. When lightning hits, use sword to direct toward 
      Chest 1: build stair according to picture
        Chest 5: explosive rocks past stair blocks, use hatch
        Mithril Carrot Bow: shoot arrow slots, jump up, use phial 
        Snowman Head: drop to lower level by stair, strength, smash object
        Chest 6: smash glowing pillars, grow plant
    A2: Collect 6 fish. 1-on ground to right; 2-on ground to left; 3-use rope and 
      smash objects on ledge, build and use ladder; 4-use phial to light cave and 
      dig up; 5-grow plant and push pillar, cross over and dig up fire spot, find 3
      wood by smashing objects, light fire and climb up to ledge; 6-dig up and 
      build rope spot, use rope, use hatch and cross over, use phial. Push rock to 
      return to start point and put fish in container. 
      Chest 2 use rope on object next to cave
      Chest 3: 4 skeleton bush; 1-far left, 2-right next to cave, 3-far right next 
        to barrier, 4-far right past cracked rock
        Chest 7: smash glowing rocks, use phial 
        Chest 8: crack rock on wall next to dig spot
        Chest 9: shoot 2 targets in purple flowers
        Rock hat: crack rock on ground near fire
    A3: defeat Gollum. Throw fish and use rope to capture Gollum. Use rope, climb 
      up and attack object to get stick. Use phial and smash bush to get string. 
      Dig up rope spot and build. Use rope to get hook. Use fishing pole to get 
      fish. Throw fish and use rope to capture Gollum. Use fishing pole to get fish.
      Throw fish and use rope to capture Gollum. 
      Fishing Pole
      Chest 4: destroy objects in foreground and build
        Chest 10: use phial, explosive, climb wall, use turnstiles to alter path, 
          on the right smash object and build gear, on the left get crank, crank 
          open gate 
    Note: You can switch to Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli at this point to follow 
      them. Go to Chapter 9.
    Chapter 8: The Dead Marshes (66,000)
    Characters: Frodo, Sam, Faramir, Madril 
    A1: Dig up bucket and fill to dowse flames. Grow plant, light fire and climb 
      down tree to get water. Walk along wooden bridge to raise path to water. Jump
      across rocks to fill water. Switch to bucket carrier to fill bucket. Use rope
      and cross through skeleton to 2nd rope point. Retrace steps to get water. 
      Jump to island and use phial. Build rope spot and use to get water.
      Wooden Bucket
      Chest 1: jump on platform near where you raise the path, use rope  
        Chest 3: crack rock, build fish spot and use, throw fish
        Chest 4: strength, jump across
        Chest 5: smash glowing rock, collect bones, give bones to shade
        Chest 6: 5 cracked rocks. 1-near start; 2-by 1st water spot; 3-where you 
          raise path; 4-near where switch characters; 5-near skeleton
    A2: hide from Nazgul. Hide Sam in tree trunks. Use Frodo’s Elven cloak. Use 
      phial to hide in cave. Use rope and stand on wooden raft. Switch to Frodo and
      knock down tree. Light fire and hide. Use rope and build bridge. Grow plant 
      to reach upper ledge.
        Fancy Umbrella: shoot target
        Chest 7: shoot 
        Chest 8: shoot targets 
        Toy snake: explosive
        Chest 9: smash plants, strength 
        Mithril Stud Mallet: fish, use key
    A3: defeat oliphants. Grab rope hanging down from foreground oliphant and climb
      up. Smash barrel to get rope. Use rope and defeat enemy. Grab rope hanging 
      down from background Oliphant. Climb up rope and defeat enemy. 
      Chest 2: shoot 5 targets; 2 on the left, 2 on the right, 1 in the middle
        Chest 10: dig up on left side
    Switch to Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli
    Chapter 9: Track Hobbits (50,000)
    Characters: Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Merry, Pippin 
    A1: Shoot targets on fire and build stairs. Crack rock to get green object. 
      Follow object and build rope spot. Shoot target in tree to get rope and use 
      rope spot. Follow object and crack rock. Follow object.
      Chest 1: shoot 3 targets 
        Uruk shield: dig up in foreground
        Chest 4: explosive
        Chest 5: dig up blocks, smash objects to clear path, build stairs, jump to 
    A2: smash rocks and defeat orcs. Jump up on log and build ladder. Defeat 
      enemies and use hatch. Smash trees and build ladder. Climb.
        Chest 6: throw Gimil
        Mithril Fishing Rod: strength, smash chest in foreground
        Chest 7: strength, use crossbow to shoot at targets
        Chest 8: use phial
        Chest 9: shoot arrow slots, jump across, use rope 
    A3: use Fangorn to throw rock at barrier. Pick up hobbit and carry across river.
      Use hatch and jump on vine to dowse fire. 
      Chest 2: smash objects far right past fire
      Chest 3: throw boulders at owl (3x)
        Chest 10: diq up near start
        Ent Draught: dig by waterfall
    Chapter 10: Warg Attack (35,000)
    Characters: Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli 
    A1: defeat enemies. Attack Wormtongue. Use Gandalf’s staff on Theoden. Defeat 
      enemies. Build cage. Attack Wormtongue. Use Gandalf’s staff on Theoden. 
      Defeat enemies. Build cage. Attack Wormtongue. Use Gandalf’s staff on Theoden.
        Chest 2: shoot 2 targets
        Chest 3: 2 cracked rocks, build and smash objects 
        Giant Ancient Crown: explosive
        Chest 4: light fire and build
        Chest 5: use rope
    A2: defeat 2 Warg riders. Defeat 3 Warg riders. Defeat 4 Warg riders. Defeat 5 
      Warg riders. 
      Chest 1: shoot 5 flowers around area
        Chest 6: explosive
        Chest 7: crack rock, throw Gimli at wall, climb wall
        Chest 8: strength
        Chest 9: dig up blocks, use magic to build stairs
        Chest 10: dig up scarecrow, hit scarecrows in order
        Warg tooth: in large plant, use phial in cave below plant and grab vine
        Decorative Horseshoes: smash glowing rock on left side, track
        Mithril Gloves: along front rim, explosive, grow tree, climb down vine and 
          shoot targets 
    Chapter 11: Helm’s Deep (44,000)
    Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli
    A1: Shoot target and build gears. Crack rock in foreground to get crank. Use 
      and build stairs. Crack rock.
      Chest 1: crack rock behind pile of rocks on right side 
        Chest 5: strength
        Feathered Cap: explosive, use rope, smash crate
        Chest 6: explosive; grow palm tree, knock down coconuts, throw coconuts at 
          cans; shoot target at dunking booth; shoot targets; crack rock
        Chest 7: explosive; destroy wagon, track build pillar, jump up
        Chest 8: explosive, smash glowing rock, dig, build crossbow, shoot 5 
          targets, build
        Ladle: explosive, smash cauldron on far left
    A2: destroy 3 ladders. Attack right one. Crack rock for left one. Shoot orc on 
      top of middle ladder. Destroy 4 ladders. Far right—use hatch and push crate; 
      build cracked rock. Right—attack ladder. Left—shoot orc on top of ladder. Far
      left—crack rock. Destroy 5 ladders. Far right—attack ladder. Right—shoot orc.
      Middle—throw Gimli. Left—shoot orc. Far left—crack rock. 
    A3: Crack rock and build stairs. Smash objects and build arrow slot. Shoot 
      arrow and use. Push rock off. Crack rock. 
        Mithril fire bow: explosive next to exit
        Bandages: dig up on right of breach
        Chest 9: dig up on top of wall, attack flower
    A4: throw Gimli. Jump across and defeat enemies. Build object. Destroy 2 
      ladders by shooting orcs. Attack ladder. Build slide path and push off crate.
      Build ledge and climb rope. 
      Chest 2: go down stairs 
        Chest 10: climb wall
    A5: ride down path
      Chest 3: in the middle of the gate of Helm’s Deep
      Chest 4: 5 wooden crosses 
    Switch to Frodo and Sam
    Chapter 12: Osgiliath (85,000)
    Characters: Gollum, Frodo, Sam, Faramir
    A1: as Faramir, shoot target. 
        Goggles: climb the stairs and go left, explode the blocks and build stairs
    A2: As hobbits, use hatch and jump across. Use rope. 
    A1: build slide path and push pillars into place. Jump up and shoot target.
    A2: cross over
    A1: shoot target
    A2: use phial and build hatch. Use hatch and rope. Build bounce object
    A1: shoot orc. Build and climb ladder. Shoot target. 
    A2: build ladder and grab sword. Use sword on Gollum. Climb wall and turn crank.
      Crest 1: jump around building 
        Chest 7: jump up and ring bell
    A1: move right and shoot targets. Build slide path and push statue. Shoot orcs.
        Bubble Pipe: smash glowing bricks
    A2: climb wall and push pillar. Grow plant and light fire. 
      Design: use phial
        Chest 8: after crossing the first gap, there is a rung, high jump up to it 
          to get the stick; after climbing the wall, high jump up to the ledge and 
          smash objects to get the flag
    A1: smash objects and shoot Nazgul 
    A2: dig up and build gear. Smash rocks and fish to get crank. 
          Statue Hat: crack rock, smash crates, use magic to place crates
    A1: move right on lower level shoot Nazgul. Build ladder.
        Chest 2: jump through breach
          Chest 8: explosive
    A2: smash objects and build stairs. 
    A1: shoot Nazgul
    A3: knock over tower to bridge gap. Pick up water tower and dowse fire. Throw 
      rocks to down towers. Cross over and pull on dam supports. 
      Chest 3: pick up water tower and dowse fire
      Chest 4: pick up water tower and dowse fire
      Chest 5: destroy 5 water wheels
      Chest 6: throw 3 rocks at black tower
      Chest 7: throw rock at mine cart on wall next to exit
    Climb up wall.
    Chapter 13: The Secret Stair (85,000)
    Characters: Gollum, Frodo, Sam
    A1: climb wall and push rock. Dig up skull. Throw skull at plant. Use rope. 
      Cross over and use phial. Build slide path and push rock. Build stairs. Use 
      phial and dig up parts. Build turnstile and push. Use rope and build fire. 
      Light fire and build stairs. 
      Chest 1: go up stairs and grow plant 
        Surefooted Greaves: shoot target, track
        Chest 6: crack rock
    A2: dig up and build slide path. Use phial. Climb wall. Push off rock and push 
      to bottom of wall. Use phial. Smash object and pick up rock. Throw rock at 
      spider web. Use rope. Smash spider webs and climb wall. Smash web and build 
      lever. Use lever to move rock. Use hatch and grow plant. Build stairs.
      Chest 2: destroy 5 plants, 1-at start; 2-in dark cave; 3-next to 2nd dark 
        cave; 4-after levered rock on right; 5-use hatch
        Chest 7: shoot arrow slow and jump
        Chest 8: explosive, build chair lift ride up
        Muddy Armor: crack rock, build gear and use
    A3: Climb wall and push off rock. Use hatch. Use Sting to destroy web. Smash 
      skeleton and build rungs. Smash rocks and build scale. Throw rocks at scale. 
      Mithril sneak sword: use Sting to destroy web near egg
      Chest 3: smash web up above where spiders go 
      Chest 4: grow plant near entrance
        Spider Fang: strength
        Chest 9: explosive
        Chest 10: after Chest 3, dig, build, use magic to lift fly to web
    A4: run path
      Chest 5: smash 3 piles of green rocks: right, left, right, 
    Chapter 14: Cirith Ungul (53,000)
    Characters: Sam, Shagrat
    A1: grab Sting and phial. Attack Shelob. Defeat spiders. Attack Shelob. Defeat 
      spiders. Attack Shelob. 
      Chest 1: front right along edge
        Chest 3: throw Gimli, build web
        Chest 4: shoot 5 objects on walls. 3 on left, 2 on right 
    A2: use rope. Throw rock at light. Use phial to get gear. Jump up on chains. 
      Defeat all orcs. 
        Chest 5: crack rock, go around back 
        Chest 6: high jump
        Chef’s Hat: crack rock, build fire pit, explosive, destroy three lamps, 
          light fire, cook food
    A3: get 4 items. 1-throw rock at pipe; 2-light fire, jump on chain, build 
      catapult, ride catapult up and use rope, knock barrels down; 3-build ladder, 
      use cloak, climb ladder, smash objects, get hammer, crack rock, defeat orc, 
      turn crank; 4-light fire, push off crates, build slide path, push pillar. Use
      disguises on orcs. 
      Chest 2: destroy 5 webs. 
      Mithril ice bow: 1st alcove along slide path
        Rotten Drumstick: explosives, build fish spot and use
        Chest 7: climb wall
        Beard Comb: strength
        Chest 8: explosive, use cloak to sneak past to get key, unlock chest
        Chest 9: crack rock, grow plant, jump up, smash 20 blue barrels 
        Chest 10: smash glowing pillars, build crossbow, shoot, cross tightrope
    Go to Edoras
    Chapter 15: The Paths of the Dead (94,000)
    Characters: Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas
    A1: use Aragorn to kill shades. Walk along side of tunnel. Break glowing rocks 
      and build ramp up. Crack rock and build hatch. Jump up and shoot arrow. Jump 
      up and push off crate. Build ladder and crack rock. Shoot targets and build 
      bridge. Crack rock and build rung. Jump up and shoot arrow. Jump across and 
      push off crates. Destroy glowing rock and crack rock. Destroy glowing rock 
      and push statue. Cross tightrope and throw Gimli to Legolas. Crack rock and 
      build hatch. Use hatch and use turnstile to open gate. 
      Chest 1: smash objects on wall after 1st dig spot and build 
      Chest 2: destroy glowing rock on right side 
      Chest 3: shoot target above glowing rock
      Chest 4: in alcove under tightrope
      Mithril Shield: walk up left side and jump to ledge 
        Chest 6: smash 2 grey urns, use rope, strength 
        Skeleton Key: dig up near left skull mound after glowing ramp
        Calcium Armor: explosive 
        chest 7: use phial
        Golden Axe: strength
        Chest 8: light fire, build stairs
        Chest 9: explosive, climb wall
        Chest 10: grow 5 plants. 1-after 1st tunnel; 2-near glowing ramp; 3-near 
          right skull mound after glowing ramp; 4-under ledge; 5-next to exit
    A2: crack rocks and build platform. Jump on platform to attack King of the Dead.
      Build platform and use to attack King of the Dead. Build platforms and use to
      attack King of the Dead. 
      Chest 5: shoot 3 banners on walls 
    Chapter 16: The Battle of Pelennor Fields (95,000)
    Characters: Eowyn, Merry 
    A1: run course
      Chest 1: on ramp
      Chest 2: 3 brown crates
      Chest 3: in a chest at the end of the run
    A2: wait until winged beast gets stars over head and then attack (3x). Stand on
      bait platform, then attack when mace gets stuck. Build 2nd bait platform. 
      Smash plants on top of 3rd bait platform. Use Merry to hamstring Witch-king. 
      Attack with Eowyn. 
         Glowing Shield: shoot targets, defeat enemy
         Chest 5: shoot targets, build lever, jump on lever
         Chest 6: crack rock
         Chest 7: grow 2 plants, dig up and build wagon, strength, give first aid 
    A3: defeat 5 oliphants. Smash glowing bands on Oliphant. Attack Oliphant. Shoot
      arrows at Oliphant. Climb up arrows and rope to platform. Defeat all enemies. 
      Chest 4: crack rock
        Chest 8: explosive to get water, dowse fire
        Golden Carrot: grow plant
        Mithril Top Hat: explosive 
        Flower Pot: near fire
        Chest 9: dig up item 1, item 2 near foreground fire, light fire
        Chest 10: explosive to get water, dowse fire, smash crates
    Shoot target on boat next to Osgiliath to lower bridges.
    Chapter 17: The Black Gate (12,000)
    Characters: Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Gandalk, Merry, Pippin
    A1: crack rock and build bait platform. Bait troll and then attack. Smash 
      objects and build 2nd bait platform. Smash glowing rocks and build 3rd bait 
      platform. Shoot winged beast. Shoot troll. Build platform. Use hatch to jump 
      on troll. Shoot troll. Shoot winged beast. Destroy glowing armor. Build arrow
      slot. Build bait platform. Shoot arrows and jump up. Use bait platform and 
      shoot troll. 
      Chest 1: shoot 5 men on platforms in background
        Chest 2: climb walls
        Chest 3: strength
        Chest 4: use rope
        Handprint Breastplate: use rope, light fire, dig up key, unlock chest
        Mithril Tinderbox: behind rocks next to Handprint Breastplate
        Flaming Hat: dig next to rope point   
        Chest 5: explosive, smash barrel, turn crank
        Chest 6: explosive, smash glowing pillars 
        Chest 7: explosive, ride through course 
        Chest 8: explosive, grow plant
        Chest 9: explosive (2x)
        Chest 10: crack rock
        Elven Lute: explosive, strength
    Chapter 18: Mount Doom (85,000)
    Characters: Frodo, Sam
    A1: smash crates and build ramp. Jump lava and use rope. Climb up rungs. Use 
      rope and jump on platform. Use phial and push block. Dig up rock and throw. 
      Dig up rock and throw. Cross lava and use phial. Jump on upper platform. As 
      Frodo, smash rocks on upper level, then drop down onto platform. Dig up 
      bridge and build. Use rope. Smash rocks and build platform. Use rope. Slide 
      platform over. Use phial. Knock over rock. Jump up than switch to Frodo. Move
      left and use hatch. Throw rocks at Gollum. 
      Chest 1: near the last hatch, jump down where lava used to flow 
        Chest 3: explosive
        Trophy shield: smash objects, build fish spot and use 
        Chest 4: climb wall, jump up rocks on lava flow
        Chest 5: climb up, crack rock
        Chest 6: shoot target, build stairs 
        Chest 7: shoot target, build stairs, get water, dowse fire, use hatch, 
          smash crate
        Palantir Hat: shoot target, build stairs, jump across lava flow, strength, 
        Mithril Climbing Boots: shoot target, build stairs, jump across lava flow, 
          jump to upper level, shoot arrow slot
        Chest 8: shoot target, build stairs, jump across lava low, jump to upper 
          level, smash glowing brick, ride floating platform up
    A2: defeat Gollum. Throw Gollum. Switch. Throw Gollum. Build ledge and jump up.
          Throw Gollum. Build rope spot and use. Build platform and jump up. Switch
          and throw Gollum. Throw Gollum. Switch and build ledge. Switch and jump 
          up. Attack Gollum. Pull up Frodo
        Chest 9: use spring boots to jump up
        Magna Rock: use boxing gloves
    A3: run course
      Chest 2: near beginning 
    Middle Earth
    Collect 1,000,000 studs
     4 quests
      Quest: House Key in “Mines of Moria”, shoot target near map stone
      Quest: Stop watch in “Amon Hen”, use rope on door next to map stone 
      Quest: Golden Carrot in “Battle of Pelenor Fields”; south of Bag End, 
     1 red brick
      Poo studs: forge Mithril rope, destroy glowing rock north of Bag End
     3 characters
      Bilbo Baggins (Old)
      Tom Bombadil
     9 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 1: Ride pig around course on path next to “BLACK RIDER”
      Mithril Brick 2: grow plant on top of house near Rosie, smash rock
      Mithril Brick 3: shoot at targets counterclockwise from fish spot 
      Mithril Brick 4: to right of Rosie, crack rock
      Mithril Brick 5: smack 10 gophers in area down path to left of Tom Bombadil
      Mithril Brick 6: destroy glowing lock in far west
      Mithril Brick 7: near Quest for Stop Watch; jump up platforms, shoot arrow, 
        cross tightropes
      Mithril Brick 8: night, light fireworks in party area, 
      Mithril Brick 9: night, light fire east of MB 6
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril Paintbrush: fish spot near map stone
    Character Customizer: Bag End
     5 quests
      Quest: Soup Pot in “Black Rider”
      Quest: Fancy umbrella in “Dead Marshes”, use rope on building across street 
        from Prancing Pony
     3 red bricks
      Quest Finder: forge Mithril Trowel, Prancing Pony
      Mithril Brick Finder: forge Mithril Boxing Gloves; explosive, south of map 
      Minikit Detector: forge Mithril Stud Mallet; strength
     1 character
      Radagast the Brown
     8 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 10: turn crank near blacksmith
      Mithril Brick 11: use hatch near blacksmith
      Mithril Brick 12: dig up and build 3 skeletons to right of gate
      Mithril Brick 13: shoot 3 arrows at spots near Prancing Pony, jump up 
      Mithril Brick 14: shoot 5 targets near Quest for Soup Pot
      Mithril Brick 15: high jump up side of Prancing Pony, left of door, cross 
        bridges and tightropes
      Mithril Brick 16: jump to top of rock north of Ferry, push block, jump to top
        and open chest
      Mithril Brick 17: next to MB 16; crack rock, fish out key, jump across water,
        use key, smash glowing rock, 
     2 blacksmith designs
      Mithril Whistle Sword: smash glowing rock next to Prancing Pony
      Mithril Hairbrush: smash glowing lock
     2 quests
      Quest: Mushroom crown in “Black Rider”; west of Bree in cave 
     1 red brick
      Regenerate Hearts: forge Mithril Ice Axe; explosive
     2 characters
      Ringwraith: night 
      Ringwraith (Twilight): strength 
     12 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 18: fish out crank, use crank to open gate on right side of 
      Mithril Brick 19: ride goat through the course
      Mithril Brick 20: use Legolas to shoot at arrow slot to the left of fish spot,
       cross using Legolas, grow plant on far right of opposite bank, use Gimli to 
       break cracked rock
      Mithril Brick 21: dig up in cave 
      Mithril Brick 22: next to Quest for Mushroom Crown; jump up to vines and 
        climb up. 
      Mithril Brick 23: southern Trollshaws; ford river to get water, use phial
      Mithril Brick 24: strength, west of Quest; jump up rungs, swing on vine
      Mithril Brick 25: strength, north of MB 24; grow plant, jump onto vine, cross
        bridge to right to chain 
      Mithril Brick 26: strength, night, north of MB 25; defeat 10 scorpions 
      Mithril Brick 27: strength, north of MB 26; explosive
      Mithril Brick 28: explosive, use rope, crack rock, shoot arrows, cross 
      Mithril Brick 29: smash rock, key 
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril Skeleton Sword: smash rocks at base of Weathertop
     3 quests
      Quest: Luminous Stone in “Pass of Caradhras”
      Quest: Quill in Weathertop; east of MB 31; smash objects to clear path, slide
        platform along path, use hatch
     1 red brick
      Studs x2: forge Mithril Gloves; across lake from MB 30, shoot target, jump 
     4 characters
      Bilbo Baggins: to left of start point, up stairs
      Elrond (Second Age): night, south of map stone, use Gandalf to build stairs
      Elrond (Third Age): north of Minikit Room, next to MB 33
      Gloin: explosive
     7 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 30: go up stairs to right of Minikit Room, crack rock, jump up 
        with Legolas, shoot target, smash object
      Mithril Brick 31: east of Bilbo; throw Gimli from wooden platform, shoot 
        target, jump across ledges
      Mithril Brick 32: east of minikit room, next to waterfall; break glowing rock 
      Mithril Brick 33: shoot arrows, jump up and cross tightrope, shoot arrows, 
        cross tightrope and jump up, smash rock and use hatch; smash 6 statues 
        holding lutes  
      Mithril Brick 34: south of MB 32; use rope and high jump to bridge, jump 
      Mithril Brick 35: east of MB 34, behind waterfall; climb path up and climb 
        wall, go out onto ledge, grow plant, jump up and crack rock 
      Mithril Brick 36: south of MB 36, behind waterfall; shoot arrows, climb path 
        up and climb wall, follow path down and cross tightrope, jump across to 
        vine and swing 
      Mithril Brick 37: southeast of MB 33; strength, drop onto bounce pad, get 
        water, jump up to vines, dowse fire, smash rocks to get crank, use crank, 
        use hatch, use rope, smash crate 
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril Spring Boots, use Gandalf to build stairs across from Minikit Room, 
        drop down into area across Bridge
    Minikit Room
    The Pass of Caradhras
     4 quests
      Quest: Sun Hat in “Weathertop”; east of MB 38, fish to get crank, turn crank 
        to raise gate
      Quest: Magma Rock in “Mount Doom”; south of “Pass of Caradhras”, strength
      Quest: Beard Comb in “Cirith Ungol”; north of “Pass of Caradhras”, strength
     1 red brick
      Boss Disguises: forge Mithril Music Horn; east of MB 41, use rope, shoot 
        target, jump across, explosive  
     8 Mithril brick
      Mithril Brick 38: destroy all boats in lake near map stone
      Mithril Brick 39: west of “Pass of Caradhras”; smash glowing lock
      Mithril Brick 40: northern island west of MB 39; use rope, shoot target, jump
        across, crack rock 
      Mithril Brick 41: south of MB 40; use rope, shoot target, jump across, smash 
        glowing rock, use phial  
      Mithril Brick 42: north of “Pass of Caradhras”, strength, use rope, cross 
      Mithril Brick 43: north of MB 42: strength, shoot arrows, jump across
      Mithril Brick 44: west of map stone; explosive 
      Mithril Brick 45: south of MB 38; jump up to tightrope and cross, smash 
       glowing rock
     3 quests
      Quest: Golden Axe in “Paths of the Dead”; northeast of map stone, strength
     2 red bricks
      Fall Rescue: forge Mithril shockwave axe
      Attract Studs: forge Mithril carrot bow, west of Lothlorien
     4 characters
      Lothlorien Elf
     8 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 46: smash 5 plants to left of Celeborn 
      Mithril Brick 47: use phial due south of map stone
      Mithril Brick 48: go up stairs next to map stone, at landing shoot arrow. Go 
        to where Celeborn is and jump gap behind him. Cross tightrope and jump to 
      Mithril Brick 48: north of Lothlorien, grow plant, jump onto tightrope and 
        jump over platforms
      Mithril Brick 49: southwest of Lothlorien, jump across platforms, shoot arrow,
        cross and shoot arrows, cross tightropes, jump across and smash crate
      Mithril Brick 50: west of Lothlorien Elf; climb wall, use hatch, crack rock
      Mithril Brick 51: east of Haldir, below waterfall; throw Gimli, 
      Mithril Brick 52: north of MB 48; explosive, smash chest
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril Skeleton Bow: next to Quest for Golden Axe; strength, smash objects  
    Amon Hen
     3 quests
      Quest: Toy Snake in “Dead Marshes”; east of MB 54, ring bell
      Quest: Feathered Cap in “Helm’s Deep”; south of MB 56, use boat, jump across 
        and up pillar
     1 red brick
      Studs x4: forge Mithril Fishing Rod; west of Quest for Feathered Cap
     1 character
     8 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 53: north of map stone; use rope, climb stairs, smash 7 statues
      Mithril Brick 54: west of MB 53; whack 10 gophers
      Mithril Brick 55: east of MB 53; drop down, shoot target under cliff, smash 
      Mithril Brick 56: east of MB 55; shoot targets, bounce across 
      Mithril Brick 57: next to “Amon Hen”; climb wall next to MB 56, use hatch, 
        jump up, climb wall, hit object, cross tightrope
      Mithril Brick 58: night, northwest of Emun Muil; smash orc 
      Mithril Brick 59: west of map stone; explosive, crack rock
      Mithril Brick 60: north of MB 59; fish to get crank, turn crank to open gate,
        clear slide path and push platforms, explosive, crack rock, shoot target
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril camouflage tome: night, next to MB 58; attack orc 
    Emun Muil
     2 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 61: use phial next to “Taming Gollum”
      Mithril Brick 62: use rope on object next to "Taming Gollum”
     2 quests
      Quest: Handprint breastplate near “The Black Gate”, north of Isenguard
    1 red brick
      Fast Build: forge Mithril music boots, south of Isengard
     2 characters
      Grima Wormtongue: night, strength
      Saruman: strength 
     7 Mithril brick
      Mithril Brick 63: south of Isengard, ride through course
      Mithril Brick 64: strength; turn gears to get water. 1-use rope to jump to 
       platform; 2&3-on surrounding wall; 4-dig up and place on surrounding wall; 
       5-smash glowing rock next to water wheel; 6-smash rocks, get water, dowse 
      Mithril Brick 65: strength; shoot arrow, jump across and up rungs, use rungs,
        use Mithril climbing boots, jump to top of tower
      Mithril Brick 66: night, strength; defeat 10 orcs 
      Mithril Brick 67: east of blacksmith design; smash objects, use phial 
      Mithril Brick 68: south of map stone; crank
      Mithril Brick 69: drop from the top of the tower 
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril Ice Sword: above Red Brick; crack rock
    Helm’s Deep
     3 quests
      Quest: Uruk Sword in “Amon Hen”, west of map stone
      Quest: Decorative Horseshoe in “Warg Attack”, north of Berserker
     1 red brick
      Studs x8: forge Mithril shield, east of map stone
     4 characters
      Uruk-Hai: night
      Rohirrim Soldier
     6 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 70: south of “Helm’s Deep”, destroy 7 statues
      Mithril Brick 71: east of Berserker; jump on platforms and shoot targets 
      Mithril Brick 72: by Berserker, use rope, climb wall, shoot arrow, light fire 
      Mithril Brick 73: north of MB 72; explosive
      Mithril Brick 74: west of MB 72; strength, push crate, use hatch 
      Mithril Brick 75: west of “Helm’s Deep”; smash glowing crate 
     5 quests
      Quest: Chef’s Hat in “Cirith Ungul”; in Fangorn Forest 
      Quest: Ent Draught in “Track Hobbits”; grow plants next to Red Brick 
      Quest: Bandages in “Helm’s Deep”; use rope, above gate 
     2 red bricks
      Studs x6: forge Mithril top hat, south of map stone
      Disguise: forge Mithril cluster bow; north of map stone, grow plant, bounce 
        up to get water, dowse fire 
     5 characters
      Grishnahk: night, east of MB 67
      Gamling: in Fangorn Forest
      King Theoden (Cursed) 
     8 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 76: shoot arrow near King Theoden and jump up
      Mithril Brick 77: south of Edoras, use phial
      Mithril Brick 78: south of Fangorn Forest, smash 5 red posts
      Mithril Brick 79: south of MB 78, crack rock
      Mithril Brick 80: south of Amun Hen map stone, whack 7 gophers
      Mithril Brick 81: north of Red Brick; light fire
      Mithril Brick 82: northeast of Edoras; key (found north of Osgiliath on west 
      Mithril Brick 83: night, south of Soldier of Dead; defeat 15 dead soldiers
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril Bottomless Bucket: explosive
    Minas Tirith
     2 quests
      Quest: Statue Hat in “Osgiliath”, next to map stone
      Quest: Surefooted Greaves in “Secret Stair”; west of MB 85, ring bell
     5 characters
      Citadel Guard
      King of the Dead
      Gondor Soldier
      Boromir (Captain) 
     8 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 84: smash fountain next to map stone
      Mithril Brick 85: west of Minas Tirith, whack 10 gophers
      Mithril Brick 86: north of Minas Tirith, run course
      Mithril Brick 87: Use rope south of Osgiliath to get crank. Use crank to open
        gate. Use Gandalf’s staff to get key. Use key to reveal target. Shoot 
        target to lower pillar.
      Mithril Brick 88: by King of the Dead; jump up cliff, shoot arrows and jump 
      Mithril Brick 89: east of MB 86; shoot targets 
      Mithril Brick 90: night, southeast of MB 89; defeat 3 orcs
      Mithril Brick 91: Minas Tirith; grow plant, climb tower, light fire
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril disco phial: shoot 7 targets around map stone, jump up rungs
    The Dead Marshes
     3 quests
      Quest: Muddy Armor from “Secret Stair”; north of map stone
      Quest: Skeleton Key in “Paths of the Dead”; south of map stone 
     1 red brick
      Mithril Hearts: forge Mithril Headdress; north of marshes, climb wall,  
     1 character
     8 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 92: follow path north and light fire. 
      Mithril Brick 93: follow path right of MB 92, jump across moving platform and
        climb up
      Mithril Brick 94: west of Quest for Skeleton Key across platforms
      Mithril Brick 95: south of Quest for Skeleton Key, use phial
      Mithril Brick 96: east of MB 94, shoot target, dig, smash rock 
      Mithril Brick 97: southern end of Dead Marshes, jump across platforms and 
       smash 7 plants
      Mithril Brick 98: west of Quest for Muddy Armor; smash glowing rock
      Mithril Brick 99: night, north of Quest for Skeleton Key; bounce across, 
        destroy 3 enemies on upper ledge 
    Minas Morgul
     4 quests
      Quest: Glowing shield in “Battle of Pelenor”, north of Gondor Ranger
      Quest: Elven lute in “Black Gate”; northwest Osgiliath  
      Quest: Artist’s hat in “Mines of Moria”; east of map stone, use rope, shoot 
        target, bounce across
     1 red brick
      Character Studs: forge Mithril fire bow, west of map stone
    3 characters
      Gondor Ranger
      The Witch-King 
      Moria orc
    8 Mithril bricks 
      Mithril Brick 100: southeast Osgiliath; use Gandalf to stack blocks. Jump up 
        and cross bridge
      Mithril Brick 101: northeast Osgiliath; smash 5 brown statues
      Mithril Brick 102: along path going to Dead Marshes. Jump up and crack rock
      Mithril Brick 103: night, south of map stone; defeat 10 orcs 
      Mithril Brick 104: west of MB 103; go up cliff; crack rock 
      Mithril Brick 105: southwest Osgiliath; fish to get key, shoot arrows, jump 
        up to unlock chest 
      Mithril Brick 106: south of “Cirith Ungol”; cross bridge, use rope and jump 
      Mithril Brick 107: dowse fire, dig, shoot arrow, jump around tower 
    Cirith Ungol
     5 quests
      Quest: Shimmering Armor in “Prologue”; south of map stone, shoot arrows and 
        jump up
      Quest: Ice Lolly in “Pass of Caradhras”; in Mt Doom 
     3 red bricks
      Action Assist: forge Mithril whistle sword, next to “Cirith Ungol”
      Studs x10: forge Mithril squeak sword, east of MB 108
      Invincibility: forge Mithril tinderbox; on path to Dead Marshes 
     1 character
      Gil-galad: crank
     8 Mithril brick
      Mithril Brick 108: east of Mt Doom, jump up platforms, avoiding fire
      Mithril Brick 109: west of map stone; climb wall
      Mithril Brick 110: south of Quest for Shimmering Armor; key
      Mithril Brick 111: east of MB 110; crack rock, whack 6 gophers 
      Mithril Brick 112: night, northeast of Studs x10; defeat 35 orcs 
      Mithril Brick 113: southeast of Studs x10; smash glowing rock, explosive, 
      Mithril Brick 114: north of Mt Doom; ride course
      Mithril Brick 115: path up Mt Doom; jump up ledges, use rope, shoot arrow, 
        climb wall 
    The Black Gate
     2 quests
      Quest: Bubble Pipe in “Osgiliath”; west of MB 127, crack rock
     1 red brick
      : forge Mithril Climbing Boots; south of map stone, shoot arrow and jump up
     3 characters
      Mordor Orc
     14 Mithril bricks
      Mithril Brick 116: east of Dead Marshes; climb wall, crack rock
      Mithril Brick 117: east of map stone; use rope 
      Mithril Brick 118: north of MB 117; explosive, push platform, jump up, smash 
        glowing rock 
      Mithril Brick 119: south of MB 117; defeat 20 orcs 
      Mithril Brick 120: northeast of MB 119; smash rocks on slide path, push 
        platform, use hatch
      Mithril Brick 121: southeast of MB 120; explosive, climb wall
      Mithril Brick 122: southeast of MB 121; jump across moving platforms 
      Mithril Brick 123: west of MB 122; explosive, get water, dowse fire, climb 
      Mithril Brick 124: west of MB 123; smash glowing rock, jump across, smash 
        glowing rock 
      Mithril Brick 125: west of MB 124; smash glowing rock
      Mithril Brick 126: south of MB 123; crank, jump up and cross tightrope
      Mithril Brick 127: west of MB 125; strength, go up ramp, use rope 
      Mithril Brick 128: south of MB 127; strength, use rope
      Mithril Brick 129: north of MB 128; explosive 
     1 blacksmith design
      Mithril fireworks: south of Barad-dur, jump up ledges 
     Frodo (Shire)
     Arwen Evenstar (Ranger)
     Gandalf the Grey
     Gandalf the White
     King Theoden (Armor)
     Frodo (Orc Disguise)
     Sam (Orc Disguise)
     King Theoden
     Eowyn (Dernhelm)
     Merry (Rohirrim Squire)
     Aragorn (Gondor Armor)
     Pippin (Gondor Armor)
     Frodo (Weary)
     Sam (Weary)
     Aragorn (Royal Armor)
     Mouth of Sauron
     Elrond (Second Age):   200,000
     Gil-galad:             125,000
     Bilbo Baggins:         125,000
     Tom Bombadil:          125,000
     Rosie:                  25,000
     Ringwraith:            200,000    
     Ringwraith (Twilight): 200,000
     Elrond (Third Age):    200,000
     Gloin:                  25,000
     Moria orc:              25,000
     Uruk-hai:               25,000
     Lurtz:                 200,000
     Galadrial:             200,000
     Celeborn:              200,000
     Gondor Ranger:          25,000
     Easterling:             25,000
     Grishnakh:             125,000
     Radagast the Brown:    500,000
     King Theoden (Cursed): 200,000 
     Eowyn:                 125,000
     Hama:                  125,000
     Gamling:               125,000
     Grima Wormtongue:      200,000
     Haldir:                200,000
     Lothlorian Elf:         25,000
     Berserker:             200,000
     Eomer:                 200,000
     Gondor Soldier:         25,000
     Saruman:               500,000
     Mordor Orc:             25,000
     King of the Dead:      500,000
     Soldier of the Dead:    25,000
     Rohirrim Soldier:       25,000
     The Witch-King:        500,000
     Denethor:              125,000
     Gothmog:               125,000
     Citadel Guard:          25,000
     Corsair:                25,000
     Haradrim:               25,000
     Boromir (Captain):     200,000
     Bilbo Baggins (Old):   125,000
     Lurtz (Newborn)
    Red Brick 1: Poo Studs – 25,000
      In Hobbiton, north of Bag End, forge Mithril Rope
    Red Brick 2: Disguises – 50,000
      In Edoras, forge Mithril Cluster Box
    Red Brick 3: Boss Disguise – 100,000
      In Pass of Caradhras, forge Mithril Music Horn
    Red Brick 4: 8-Bit Music – 200,000
      In Black Gate, forge Mithril Climbing Boots
    Red Brick 5: Studs x2 – 250,000
      In Rivendell, forge Mithril Gloves
    Red Brick 6: Studs x4 – 1,000,000
      In Amon Hen, forge Mithril Fishing Rod
    Red Brick 7: Studs x6 – 4,000,000
      In Edoras, forge Mithril Top Hat
    Red Brick 8: Studs x8 – 8,000,000
      In Helm’s Deep, forge Mithril Shield 
    Red Brick 9: Studs x10 – 10,000,000
      In Cirith Ungul, forge Mithril Squeak Sword  
    Red Brick 10: Quest Finder – 50,000
     In Bree, next to Prancing Pony, forge Mithril Trowel
    Red Brick 11: Minikit Chest Finder – 50,000
      In Bree, forge Mithril Stud Mallet 
    Red Brick 12: Mithril Brick Finder – 75,000
      In Bree, forge Mithril Boxing Gloves
    Red Brick 13: Character Studs – 25,000
      In Minas Morgul, forge Mithril Fire Bow
    Red Brick 14: Attract Studs – 100,000
      In Lothlorien, forge Mithril Carrot Bow
    Red Brick 15: Action Assist – 25,000
      In Cirith Ungol, forge Mithril Whistle Sword    
    Red Brick 16: Fast Build – 100,000
      In Isengard: forge Mithril Music Boots
    Red Brick 17: Fall Rescue – 75,000
      In Lothlorien, forge Mithril Shockwave Axe
    Red Brick 18: Mithril Hearts – 25,000
      In Dead Marshes, forge Mithril Headdress
    Red Brick 19: Regenerate Hearts – 100,000
      In Weathertop, forge Mithril Ice Bow
    Red Brick 20: Invincibility – 500,000
      In Cirith Ungol, forge Mithril Tinderbox 
    Complete All Story Level:     18
    Complete All True Adventurer: 18 
    Complete All Minikits:        18
    Complete All Treasure Items:  18
    Find all Blacksmith Designs:  18
    Complete All Quests:
    Complete Bonus Level:          1
    Around Middle-Earth:         129
     Mithril trowel:             2
     Mithril whistle sword:      4
     Mithril rope:               3
     Mithril top hat:            3
     Mithril stud mallet:        8
     Mithril fishing rod:        3
     Mithril music boots:        3
     Mithril climbing boots:     8
     Mithril carrot bow:         3
     Mithril music horn:         3
     Mithril shield:             3
     Mithril tinderbox:          8
     Mithril headdress:          3
     Mithril gloves              4
     Mithril shockwave axe:      4
     Mithril fire bow:           8
     Mithril boxing glove:       4
     Mithril squeak sword:       4
     Mithril ice bow:            8
     Mithril cluster bow:        4
     Mithril disco phial:       16
     Mithril bottomless bucket: 16
     Mithril camouflage tome:   16
     Mithril spring boots:      16
     Mithril skeleton sword:    16
     Mithril hairbrush:         16
     Mithril paintbrush:        16
     Mithril ice sword:         16
     Mithril fireworks:         16
     Mithril skeleton bow:      16
    Copyright 2012. Ruth Hays
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
      use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
      without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site 
      or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
      of copyright.
    Thanks to Halon50 for Chest and Icy Lolly in “The Pass of Caradhras” and 
      Flaming Hat in “The Black Gate”.
    Thanks to anubis1 for Chests in "The Black Rider" and "Osgiliath".
    Thanks to Talaeladar for the Ferryman’s Hat in “The Black Rider”.
    Thanks to Dandi for information on location and cost of The Witch-King.
    Thanks to Diomonkey for Goggles in "Osgiliath".

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