Were are all the hidden stars?

  1. Were are all the hidden star located at and mostly were is the golden leaf galaxy hidden star at?

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  1. In Gold Leaf Galaxy, choose the second mission. Have a Cataquack launch you to a Sling Star, use it to move to the high ledge with a big tree. Walk around the tree and you'll see a bubble cannon. Enter a bubble, push it up until you see a bell. Shake it with your pointer and a Rainbow Notes trail will appear. Collect 'em all to get the star!

    To get to the mission with hidden stars available, choose a mission with ? in mission select screen. Most of those mission require you to find a hungry Luma and feed him Star Bits (Space Junk, Battlerock, Dusty Dune, Sea Slide, Toy Time and Melty Molten galaxies). In Sea Slide Galaxy, you'll need a cannon to reach a new planet as the Launch Star won't appear. In Toy Time Galaxy, Fast-Foe Comet won't appear unless you get a hidden star, since that comet mission is based on the new planet with Tox-Boxes and flipswitches that appears after feeding Luma.

    Three of the stars are available when Luigi sends you a letter with a picture (Good Egg, Honeyhive and Battlerock galaxies). But Luigi will start to find the stars after beating first mission in Ghostly Galaxy.

    Here's a list how to get to the hidden stars in another galaxies:
    Beach Bowl - grab a shell and open a chest on the solid ground with it for a Launch Star. On the new planet, Ice Flowers and Cataquacks can help you to get it.
    Ghostly - spin a glowing pillar on the ledge for a Launch Star. Take your path in Matter Splatter Mansion, use the keys to open the doors.
    Buoy Base - have a Torpedo Ted smash the cage with a pipe, go through it, then have a Bullet Bill destroy a glass dome with a star.
    Gusty Garden - be sure to collect all 5 ? coins to get a Rainbow Star just before you go to the Launch Star that takes you to the planet with some Chomps. As Rainbow Mario, defeat the golden one for the star.
    Freezeflame - after you jump on first two waterjets, move right and be sure to triple jump on next three waterjets, still as Ice Mario and use the Sling Star on the ledge to go further. Here, you can burn snowmen as Fire Mario, it will help you to progress.
    Dusty Dune - on the small planet with some crabs, wait for a wooden pillar show up, groundpound it and collect all the Rainbow Notes for a Launch Star. On the next planet, Bullet Bills and groundpound switches can help you.
    Deep Dark - throw a shell into the mines surrounding a sunken ship. Move forward with Launch Star. You will have to kill a Boo with a light that can be revealed with breaking the crystal.
    Dreadnought - walk underneath the first planet and go through the pipe. The mission is similar to one in Battlerock.

    Battlerock and Dusty Dune galaxies have two hidden stars each.

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