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    FAQ/Walkthrough by yoshifav

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/04/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Galaxy Wii Walkthrough (has spoilers)
    Platform: Nintendo Wii
    Release date: AU November 28 07 US November 23 07
    Fully Copyrighted by Yoshifav 2007/08 ©
    Version 1.0
    Last update: 1/1/08 (American 1/1/08)
    I also live in Australia. Just so you people know.
    Even though this is my first guide, I am gettign a lot of positiveness
    from a lot of people. Thanks!
    0.) Table of contents
    1.) Introduction
    2.) Copyright info
    3.) Updates (VH)
    4.) Controls
    5.) Characters
    6.) Powerups
    7.) Items
    8.) Story
    9.) Walkthrough
    10.) Secrets/tips
    11.) Story book 
    12.) Glitches
    13.) FAQ
    14.) Credits
    15.) Last message
    1.) Introduction
    First I'd like to say I am happy to provide you a walkthrough. It is my first
    One on Gamefaqs. So I may accept that I will get e-mail that say I did poorly.
    I will disregard them. If I need correction just email it to me. Now, to the 
    game. This game is like a dedication to the Wii, its awesomeness, its coolness.
    Since when do you find a Mario game like this? (Besides SM64) It is one of the 
    Wii's masterpieces. Enough about the game, let me talk about the copyright
    2.) Copyright info
    Do's and don’ts
    1) DON'T ever steal my guide and post it on your website without my permission.
    2) Do post my guide if I give you permission to do so.
    3) If you see parts of my guide taken to other guides, do email me.
    4) If I do see my guide taken to another website without my permission,
    I will send a removal request. If it does not get removed, further action will
    Be taken.
    5) You can put it on your desktop or print this guide BUT however, don't sell
    it for profit.
    6) If you send me mail I will gladly read it if it is positive. If it is hate 
    mail, it goes straight to the bin.
    7) Send me mail if there is some part of this guide incorrect please. I will
    change it ASAP.
    8) You can also send me FAQ (frequently asked questions) and I will put it up
    on the FAQ section.
    9) So far this guide can only be posted on Gamefaqs.com, Supercheats.com, 
    neoseeker.com, cheathappens.com, gamesradar.com and cheatplanet.com 
    That is about it I think. Let's move on to the Updates/Version history.
    3.) Updates (VH)
    1.00 (Mostly done)
    28/12/07 (12/28/07) Started this guide all the way to the fountain. Fixed up
    margins and a bit of punctuation.
    29/12/07 (12/29/07) Continued from the fountain to the kitchen.
    30/12/07 (12/30/07) Continued from the kitchen to Freezeflame's third mission
    in the bedroom.
    31/12/07 (12/31/07) At Gusty Garden, I was busy today so I only finished FF.
    1/1/08 Because of the tiredness of NYE party, I only started Cheats and secrets 
    section, finished the story book section and started the glitches section.
    Started FAQ too and a bit of the credit section. That’s all today
    3/1/08  (1/3/08) Started from GG to the second mission of Dusty Dune. Yeah
    I have been a bit lazy but yeah.
    4/1/08 (1/4/08) Started from DD to Gold Leaf Galaxy’s second mission, patched
    up some mistakes and punctuation.
    7/01/08 (1/7/08) Yeah, I was busy the last couple of days. Continued from GL
    in the engine room all they way to the Garden dome. Started Deep Dark Galaxy.
    8/1/08 (1/8/08) Nearly forgot to add the trial galaxies, I added them and 
    finished the guide. Spellchecked mostly everything. But did not submit as I
    was tired and it was late at night.
    9/1/08 (1/9/08) Added the last messages section. Added the powerups and items
    section too. Then I submitted it to GameFAQS.
    11/1/08 (1/11/08) Updated guide after submitted in Gamefaqs. Also added more
    allowed sites to use this walkthrough.
    27/1/08 (1/27/08) Yeah I was on vacation most of the two weeks, I returned
    today and adding more sites to use this guide.
    4/2/08 (2/4/08) Added more FAQS. That's pretty much for now.
    4.) Controls
    Need Wiimote and Nunchuk to play SMG (Super Mario Galaxy)
    A button: Jump
    B button: Shoot starbits
    D-Pad: Adjust camera and look
    - and + buttons: pause 
    Home button: leads to home or reset
    1 and 2 buttons: Nothing, completely nothing.
    Pointer: Point Wiimote at screen.
    Analog stick: Move
    C button: Adjust camera to Mario
    Z button: Crouch
    Z and A: Back flip
    Z A and moving Mario: Long jump
    Pressing A 3 times while running: Triple jump
    Z while moving Mario: Crouch sneak
    A and Z: Ground Pound
    A against the wall: Wall jump/kick
    Motion sensor Wiimote:
    Shaking the Wiimote: Spin attack
    Vertical: To control ball
    Left and right sides: controlling a stingray.
    Motion sensor Nunchuk
    Shaking the Nunchuck: Spin attack
    That's how you play. Onto main characters.
    5.) Main Characters
    Mario: He is the hero of all plumbers. He is short, he's fat, And HE IS MARIO!
    Obviously the person you play as, rescues Peach.
    Luigi: He is the second hero of all plumbers. He is tall, he's skinny and HE 
    IS LUIGI!!! Mario's brother. If you fully complete Mario, 
    you get to play as Luigi and rescue Peach.
    Peach: A.K.A Princess Toadstool. We don't know if Peach is Mario's girlfriend.
    She is always the damsel in distress. She is pretty, kind and ALWAYS
    KIDNAPPED. Once again she is kidnapped by the evil Bowser.
    Bowser: The KOOPA KING! Only because he breathes fire and has a spiky shell,
    but anyway. He is gigantic he is back and tougher than ever. 
    He is also much scarier and brutal. He has gone into the depths of space
    this time. He kidnaps Peach and to make his own empire. He basically wants 
    universe domination.
    Silver Luma: He is a little cute star. He helps Mario by giving him the ability
    to breathe in space and to do the spin attack.
    Toads: They just like to hang around. You may find them in your adventures as
    they give you hints to the power star, or find and give you the power star.
    Rosalina: A somewhat universe queen. She is the 'mama' of the Luma's. She 
    cares and watches over the Luma's. She controls the observatory your on.
    Star pointer: It ain't noticeable by Mario at all. It helps you shoot starbits
    and grab onto pull stars. 
    Elder Luma: Rosalina's trusted advisor. Has been with her for a long time.
    Now you know basically most of the characters. You will find more but there not
    as important as these ones. To the Powerups.
    6.) Powerups
    Green mushroom: This is a 1-up. I think we all know what this does, it gives
    you an extra live. Duh!
    Red mushroom: This increases your health to six. Will reduce if below 4 back to
    three. Other weaknesses are dieing returning to the star ship. (Observatory)
    Bee mushroom: Transform into a bee to fly. There is a fly meter which will 
    tell how long you can fly for. Weakness is to water or getting hit by enemies.
    Boo mushroom: Transform into a boo to hover around. You can hover around as 
    much as you want. Other Boo's will be attracted to you and if you get hit by 
    them, you lose your powerup. Other weakness is light.
    Ice flower: Transform into ice suit. Freeze water/lava as you walk on it. Your
    spin attack won't work well and your jumps won't either. Can only have it for a
    limited time.
    Fire flower: Transform into fire suit. Spin to shoot fireballs at objects. You
    can still get hurt by lava. Can only have it for a limited time.
    Spring: Transform into a spring to jump around. WARNING: this is hard to 
    control. You will jump about and you can do a high jump to reach inaccessible
    heights. Weakness is getting flunged by a launch star or a sling star. Also
    water is a weakness too.
    Invincibility star: From the old Mario games. Turn invincible for a really 
    short limited time. No weaknesses.
    Red Star: YES flying! You can fly about by jumping then spinning in mid-air. No
    weaknesses. Only lasts for a limited time. (More than Ice and fire flowers)
    That is all the powerups in Super Mario Galaxy. Now, for the items.
    7.) Items
    There are items in the game where you use to attack enemies or some are other
    Coins: Increases health by one. You don’t get a star if you collect 100 of them.
    Purple coins: Collect 100 of these for stars.
    Green shell: Non-homing shell that can be used for throwing and swimming.
    Red shell: Homing shell that can be used for throwing and swimming faster.
    Gold shell: Homing shell that can be used for throwing and swimming much
    faster. It is rare that you encounter these.
    Box: Smash these to get coins or lives. 
    ? Coin: These activate many things. Who knows what surprise is next?
    ? Block: Contains 10 coins or 10 starbits if repeat jumping.
    Starbits: Shoot these projectiles at enemies to stun them. Or feed them to a
    hungry Luma.
    8.) Storyline
    Super Mario games do not really have a story because it is basically the same
    all the time. Anyways let see what this game's storyline is.
    ''Every hundred years, a comet appears in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom.
    The comet was so large one year, it filled the skies and sent countless 
    shooting stars raining down.
    The Toads brought the shooting stars to the
    castle, where they became a great Power Star.
    It should have been a very happy time for the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.'
    ''Dear Mario,
    I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the Star Festival.
    There's something I'd like to give you.
                                                                     From Peach.''
    9.) Walkthrough
    NOTE: Star missions marked with a H next to the name means hidden star. L for
    Luigi star, C for comet star and HH for another hidden star.
    >>>>>>>>>STAR FESTIVAL<<<<<<<<<<
    You see Mario running like he is a plane. You know, what kids do. Anyway he
    goes through the door to the star festival.
    You see many Toad's and star bits. Take your time here to get used to the
    controls. This is a pretty straight forward area as it really is straight 
    forward. Halfway you will find a small cut scene of airships attacking and 
    freezing Toads. Once the cut scene is over keep proceeding straight to the 
    help sign. Another cut scene will happen involving Bowser, lifting up 
    the castle yady yadaya.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE GATE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Mario wakes up with a star which transforms into a star rabbit. You know what 
    this means? Follow and catch. GO! Couldn't get it? Well the bunny leads to 
    three other bunnies. After talking with them, they will play hide-and-seek. 
    You are now controlling Mario. Get use to the planet and its gravity by going 
    upside down. When you are ready the three bunnies need to be found.
    They can be found in the planet's crater, the pipe and the tall grass next to 
    ball-like trees. Once you found all of them, a colosseum like object appears
    with a fairy princess on top. Go talk to her for another cut scene.
    You now learn the spin attack and introduced to the Silver Luma. Shake the 
    Wiimote to break the ice and shake the Wiimote again to shoot off from the
    launch star onto the next planet.
    Yay! The first challenging planet for beginners. Anyway if you talk to the 
    yellow Luma he tells you that he had a launch star ready but a meteorite 
    smashed it up. It is up to you to find the star chips scattered around 
    this planet. The real hazards are the holes. Fall in one, it takes you to a 
    black hole, black hole equals death. You may also find an Green mushroom. 
    Get it for a 1-up. Once you have restored the star launcher, go to it and 
    blast off!!
    Now for this planet. It is simple really, go to the top and speak to the Luma.
    He tells you an enemy has a key in this planet, kill it to get it. Look for a
    dark brown Goomba and kill it for the key, the force field will automatically
    unlock and go talk to the Luma. He transforms into a sling star. Shoot off
    to the planet's twin. Same procedure here. Look for a big Goomba and get the 
    key to unlock the force field. The Luma finds a pipe and he enters it. 
    You enter too.
    Now were inside the planet, its base. After you talk to the Luma, search all
    around the base to find yellow pads. If you step on them, it turns blue. These
    are called flipswitches and they are common around the game. Turn them all blue
    to rescue the grand star. You have now done your first mission.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>STAR SHIP<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    You see a orb gradually turning orange. That is something you will find out 
    later. You see Princess Rosalina again. Another talk with her. Once you’re done
    you find a new dome called the Terrace. Turn left and follow the 
    orangy-creamy cable into the terrace.
    Talk to Polari (the black Luma) then point and touch the pull star. Polari will
    lecture you how to fly to these galaxies. Once you’re done, head into Good Egg
    Galaxy. Select Dino Piranha mission and enter the first galaxy in the Terrace.
    >>>>>>>>>>GOOD EGG GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Mario will fly in to the first planet. You will see many starbits here, collect
    as much as you can from now on. You will need them later in the game. I won't
    be mentioning starbits much. Anyway turn left to see a pipe, go into it. 
    You are now under the planet. (ALSO I WONT BE MAKING YOU EXPLORE THE PLANET 
    UNLESS IT IS IMPORTANT! Basically you will only find starbits. You can 
    explore it if you want) Anyway from the pipe you see a trail going up, 
    follow it and you find another yellow Luma. Talk to him and he will 
    transform into a sling star so you can reach the launch star.
    Once launched off that planet, you find a peanut shaped planet with rolling 
    core red rocks. Be careful of the dark brown parts as that will slow you down.
    Like before, get all the star chips and shoot to the next planet.
    Here you will find a blue alien, a blue thing and a piranha. If the blue thing 
    gets on you, shake it off to kill it. Kill the piranha to make a vine and 
    keep shaking the Wiimote to get up and past this planet. The next planet 
    will attract you by its gravity.
    Now, there are two ways to the next area, an easy but long way OR a hard but 
    short way. If your taking the short way, proceed forward avoiding the rocks to a
    large pink piranha. Use the trees and flick it onto the piranha to finish it.
    Use the vine and go to the next planet.
    If your taking the long way just go right from when you landed to a
    disappearing green platform. Jump off that and kill the piranha into the pipe.
    Here there is a ton of flipswitches, you know what to do. Once you’re done, 
    shoot off to the next planet.
    Now get to the launch star avoiding the blue aliens to shoot off to your first
    boss. The dino piranha. Here you will land and crack the egg. IT wakes up,
    go to its tail and spin attack it. It will fling onto the egg REAVILING the 
    dino piranha. Do the same procedure so it gets angry. Once again rinse, and 
    repeat. Once you have killed it, the star will appear. 
    Grab it for your second star!
    Polari will give you another lecture about starbits. Once that has been done,
    grab the pull star and head into GEG again.
    Same planet again but different route. Anyway. Before I start I advise you to 
    collect a lot of starbits, I mean a lot not 50, perhaps 100. Now back to GEG.
    From where you start take the right bridge and pass by a yellow Luma. 
    Follow the path to a blue Luma which transforms into pull stars. 
    Point and grapple all the way to the launch star.
    To this pear-shaped planet are a lot of spiky enemies. You cannot kill them at
    without coconuts. Thankfully there a ball trees where you can flick them into
    the spike bushes. Find a ice block one and break it. It reveals a launch star. 
    If you have 100 starbits by now, shake your Wiimote all the way to the launch 
    star in mid-space. If not, just ignore it and head onto this red
    planet with rocks.
    On this planet, avoid the rocks and look for ice that’s frozen a launch star,
    break it again to reveal a launch star that shoots you off to the next planet.
    WHATEVER YOU DO IGNORE THIS MID-SPACE LAUNCH STAR, unless you want to go to the
    pear shape planet again. Now this egg planet.
    Explore this egg shaped planet to find a hungry pink Luma. Like I said, 
    you might have 100 starbits. If you do, feed it to reveal a new planet. 
    If you DONT look for another launch star to send you back to the pear planet. 
    Once you shoot to the planet that was born, go around this planet to find 
    higher ground. You need to get higher to get to the launch star. A
    void the spike bushes and enemies. You can get the 1-up here if you want to.
    Now to a interesting gravity tube planet. You are outside of this planet. You 
    need to get inside. To get in, look for ice and shatter it. You will find one 
    that has a hole, so get in it. Now blue background means down and red means up.
    Search your way until you find moving platforms. Wait for both of them to go 
    down and run past them to go upwards. Go left for the way to the launch star, 
    or right for a tricky 1-up. After navigating to the launch star and shooting 
    off it, You will be on your last planet of this mission.
    This planet is not too tricky but not easy either. The easy part is collecting
    the 5 blue chips. You can go under this planet, so don't panic. Once you have
    got all of them, pull stars will appear. If you keep going around in circles it
    won’t help. So here is what you do, grab any pull star. From that grab the left 
    or the right pull star, once you’re about halfway to the pull star, 
    quickly point and grab the top one to get the star. 
    IF this does not help, just try long jumping towards the star.
    You have a option to go to the next galaxy or finish GEG. It is entirely up to 
    you but for 100% completion. This guide follows 100% completion so go to GEG.
    Hmph, once again the same planet. There are 2 ways here, boring short way or
    funner interesting way. The short way is triple jumping on top of the house 
    onto the launch star. The fun way is to go into the green pipe on your left. 
    Under the planet, keep going left until you find a orange pipe. Get inside it 
    to be inside the so called house. You’re in a box area, anyway follow the 
    bridges to the ? coin Musical notes will appear with a time limit. 
    So hurry and collect them in order to unveil a long remembered song. After 
    all notes are collected, a 1-up will appear, stay on the top part and wait 
    for the 1-up to come down to you, or upwards towards you. Once you have 
    collected it, go into the orange pipe exit and launch off the launch star.
    On this sand planet with water. Unfreeze the Toad in the ice and he will give 
    you a hint how to kill the spiky bushes. You know how, hit them with coconuts.
    One of the obvious spiky bush has a sling star underneath it. 
    Launch off to the twin planet. Same thing goes here, except it is a giant 
    Pokey. Hit it with the coconuts and then jump on its head to reveal a launch 
    star. Launch off to a little planet with two chomps.
    This tiny planet has a pipe under it, inside you go. Get the ? coin to get your
    first powerup. The invincibility star. Kill all the goombas and quickly kill 
    the two chomps outside to get starbits. Once you are done here, 
    blast to a electrical planet.
    If you still have the rainbow star, just run through the electric onto of the 
    planet. If you don’t, just jump over them. Here you will be greeted by homing
    bazooka bills and blue aliens. Ignore them and get to the top of the planet to
    blast off onto airships.
    Here you will notice two, fat, green, ugly aliens shooting coconuts and flamed
    ones. The NON flamed ones need to be rebounded back to those aliens so you can
    access the second airship by the bridge. Free the Toad for hints, and go to the
    side of the ship. In other words, from when you went on the second airship, go 
    straight forward to a box. You will find your first red mushroom! Health 
    increases to 6. Will reduce back to 3 if you get hit under 4. 
    Now from there, go right past the blue aliens to shoot off to 
    King Kaliente's planet.
    You will find a Luma saying if you need health, shoot at the yellow lights 
    on the floor. Go on top of this planet to find KK. Ughh, more aliens! 
    When will they ever stop! This one lives in lava and is dark red. 
    His attacks are shooting 3 flamed coconuts at a time and spawning blue 
    flames. To kill KK, he often shoots out a normal coconut. 
    Fling it back by using the spin attack. After a hit, he will start reflecting 
    them, I think he want's to play tennis. This means you need to reflect it back.
    Keep doing that same procedure until he dies. Claim the star as yours!
    This star will not appear unless you do a event later in the game and getting a
    letter from Luigi that he needs rescuing. All you have to do is triple jump on
    top of the roof and talk to Luigi. OR you can take the orange pipe way.
    This star will not appear until you beat Bowser three times. 
    Anyway there are 100 in this run. 
    The first 15 are on the first planet. 15/100
    On the way to the red ball planet there are 10 and if you blast from the launch
    star in mid-space, you get another 10. 35/10
    You now should be on the egg planet. There is a trail of 10 coins which lead 
    to a launch star. 45/100 
    Blast off to get 10 and then into the mid-space launch star 
    to get another 10 65/100
    You should now be on the red planet. Get the 15 coin trail to get a score of 
    80/100 purple coins.
    On the way to the mid-space launch star you should get 10, blast off from the
    mid-space launch star to get the last 10. 100/100
    Your destination should be on the pear planet if you followed my walkthrough.
    See how easy GEG purple coins are? Don't worry, these challenges get harder!
    This mission will activate later in the game. You get 4:00 minutes to get the 
    star. What do you do. RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES!!! Nah, kidding. This should be a 
    easy star, forget about the starbits to get to the Dino piranha in time.
    >>>>>>>>>>>HONEYHIVE GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<<< 
    You read that right. It is almost bee Mario time! From where you start, move
    right past the rolling rocks and you will see a ? Coin. Get it to reveal a
    brown and yellow striped mushroom. Get it to become BEE MARIO. Remember your
    flight time is short, so use it wisely. Anyways from where you are, fly up 
    (taking care not to touch the waterfall) and fly behind the waterfall in a 
    path. Move forward to a stump that has a hole in it. Go behind it for a 1-up. 
    Fall in the stump and slide all the way down. If you do not have bee Mario, 
    get it. Now fly upwards and you will see flowers. You can go on them as long 
    as you are not normal Mario. Do not touch the honey as it will slow you down. 
    Keep going to the launch star and shoot to the next planet.
    Here there is a lot of water. You are also greeted by pink aliens. Awww cute! 
    LET’S SMASH EM! If you want of course. Look for a plant that is tall and like 
    a green pole. Once you find it, shake your Wiimote to fling off to several 
    flowers and one big one. Your goal here is to avoid water and get on top of 
    the large flower. Fly up to get the launch star to send you to where the 
    queen is. 
    IF for some reason you do not have bee Mario, walk around and shake a green bud 
    on the ground so a sproutle vine will grow. Spin your way to the bee mushroom 
    and continue going around back to where you started on this planet. You will
    also notice honey against the wall, you can stick on it, trust me. 
    It’s a blast. Proceed upwards until you are facing a hogging piranha. 
    Kill it as it is hogging the sproutle vine to itself, stupid greedy piranha. 
    Anyway shake your way up and a talk with the queen will happen. 
    She says she has a furious itching plague and it is up to you to stop it. Fly 
    towards her to get attracted to her gravity (WTH!) Now this part is somewhat 
    disturbing, you are crawling around her getting star chips and the what she 
    says. Especially that there is a star chip on the bottom! 
    Once you have done this weird part, the launch star will be formed so get to 
    it and shoot off.
    Now you are on top of a tree with a group of toads. Speak to the Captain to
    receive the star.
    There is a lot to do. Firstly the bees are scared that falling rocks come out 
    of the sky. These rocks can be smashed by ground pounding them. 
    You will find a bee saying his Sproutle vine won’t grow because of these rocks.
    Smash this one to ascend the sproutle vine onto the next Sproutle vine. 
    Here you can explore to find a spring to make you jump onto the sling star. 
    Just ground pound it so you can go higher. You are now greeted by a wiggler. 
    You know, angry flower heads? You can kill him for a fair amount of star bits.
    Anyways he is circling a red switch, ground pound it to make a bridge appear. 
    Once across there is a stone switch, ground pound it to make the walls slide 
    down. Your old friend Gil board will tell you how to wall jump. 
    Wait, A TALKING SIGN! No wait, it’s just a Mario game. 
    Everything goes wacky here. Wall jumping will result you going to a higher 
    place. Proceed forward to find two walls for wall jumping. 
    Wall jump to the top and get launched off by a launch star.
    Now you are on a real looking mushroom planet. Ignore the piranhas and 
    go to the bottom of the mushroom. Do a jump so you can get on its twin planet.
    Avoid the wigglers and head to the sling star and sling to the next planet.
    There is a ? coin here, get it for a invincibility star and demolish anything 
    that comes in your way. Once done here, go to the top and fall down in the 
    stump to land on the observation deck.
    On the observation deck, head left and ride past the swing. Keep going left 
    until you find a two walls so you can wall jump to go higher. Fall down next 
    to the spring to find a red mushroom. It is guarded by a angry creature. 
    The bees refer it as a 'mandibug.' Get back on the spring and go and wall jump. 
    Go past a mandibug and ground pound the switch to activate the windmill. 
    Get on top of the windmill to find a happily mandibug and its child. 
    You think they are peaceful and harmless. He thinks you are a threat to his 
    child. He wants to go out all on you. Like other mandibugs ground pound the 
    child to get the mandibug adult angry and frustrated. Ground pound the adult 
    to get a star.
    At least that is my theory. Anyway, there is now a swarm of mandibugs in 
    Honeyhive. First we need to go where ? coin was first in Honeyhive. Instead
    there is a bubble launcher, stand on the block and get shot by the bubble for a
    bubbly ride. Now, go left and fall down in water. Keep going left to find the 
    bee mushroom. BEE TIME! Now, go where the waterfall is and go into that path 
    again. Watch out for the 3 mandibugs there. Once you get to the stump, the 
    queen bee will talk to you about the mandibugs invasion. 
    She will then activate a launch star to settle a score with the king mandibug.
    Launch off to a tiny planetoid.
    This little planet does not need explaining, just launch off this plant to the
    next planetoid, do the same thing again to the big planet.
    It is boss time! King Mandibug! He shoots bombs and flies around in a circle.
    Your aim is to fly on top of him and teach him his weakness is no difference to
    another mandibug. That’s right, ground pound his back. Don't you just love 
    ground pounding? Now he gets angry and flies faster. Do the same thing again. 
    More angrier! This time you need timing as he turns to the side most of the 
    time so you can't get on him. Finish him off for your well deserved star.
    This is easy. Just grab the bee suit and go past the waterfall. Standing on the
    edge of the path, fly towards the left to find a little bug. Luigi on the tree.
    Try to talk to him and he will be more scared. Kill the bug and free Luigi of
    his poor terror of bugs. WHAT! HE IS STILL ON THE TREE! THAT’S IT! JUMP ON HIM
    NOW! That’s better. He tells you he was scared of that bug. If you ask me, 
    that is big cowardness. Anyways, he will give you the star to end 
    this weird mission.
    Prepare for a little time consuming mission. Oh, don't die in this mission, you
    will go berserk. Anyways. This should not be a problem much, but you may die 
    The first 11 coins are right next to you. The eleventh one is behind where you
    started on a little hedge. 11/100
    The next coin is where the rolling rocks fall in the black hole. Do a high jump
    to get this one. 12/100
    Keep going forward to see a coin on a higher platform. Then you will fall into 
    pond of water with a coin in it. You should see another couple of coins near a
    wall jumping area. Get them. Wall jump upwards for more purple coins. Once you 
    are at the top, get two more coins making a score of 22/100
    Where the swing is, jump on it and keep swinging to get this coin. 23/100
    Go to the fountain, (Where the ? Coin was in the first mission) to get 5 more 
    coins. 28/100
    Long jump to the waterfall but don’t go in the pipe yet. Get 2 coins here then 
    go left where a big pile of rocks are. Behind is another coin. 31/100
    Remember where the sproutle vine is? Ground pound the rock and shake your way 
    to the next vine. Keep shaking from that vine to land on a rock covering the 
    spring pad. Break the rock and jump on top of the brown block to get a coin. 
    Move forward to find 5 more coins near a rock. See that fence? 
    You can get on it to get five more coins. Go past the wiggler and get the 
    coin in the water. Then go behind the tree to get 2 more coins. Go left past 
    wiggler BUT do not fall yet. Go towards you, which I mean the person who is 
    playing SMG. If you understand what I am saying, then you should find 3 coins. 
    Then fall into the water and get the three coins above the tiny fence. 
    All of this should make 51/100
    Remember where Wiggler was? Go to there and ground pound the switch to make a
    bridge appear. Cross the bridge and ground pound the stone switch to make the
    wall slide. It reveals two purple coins. After that, wall jump to the top to 
    get 2 more purple coins. Go forward and get the 3 beside the water. 
    Wall jump between those two walls to get another 3. Go right and jump onto 
    the ledge. Careful not to fall off into the depths below. Walk along ledge to 
    get three purple coins. Fall a bit to the left onto a small ledge and slide 
    down to get 5 purple coins. Keep going all the way to find 5 in this area. 
    By now you should have 74/100
    Now go all the way back to where the two walls in the water were. Remember? 
    Past the bridge, wall jumping past Gil board and to the water area with 
    two walls. Get on top of the left wall and jump left to land on a purple coin. 
    This part can be disastrous as it is easy to fall. Be careful. 
    Walk along the edge to another purple coin. Once you got that purple coin, 
    the camera angle should change and you should see a purple coin on a big 
    brown box. Fall on it and fall on the next one too. 
    Now fall near NOT IN the stump. Go towards the gate to get 3 more purple coins.
    Fall in the stump and slide down while getting 5 more purple coins. DONT head 
    into the pipe yet. Go past it to find 2 purple coins next a wall. 
    Back flip then wall jump off the wall, and spin to reach higher ground. 
    There is a trail of purple coins here so get them all to lead to a 1-up. 
    Watch out for the honey though, it lessens your jumps. 
    Now go all the way back into the pipe. 97/100
    From where you are you should see that same sproutle vine you released under 
    the rock. Once again scale it to the next one and land on the spring pad. 
    Go left and slide down to get the last three purple coins. 
    Get the star which should be next to you. 100/100
    FINALLY, that took forever. If you think that was time consuming, 
    just wait until another galaxy make more time consumed. 
    Have a break, give yourself a pat for this achievement. When you are ready, 
    move on.
    This is a friendly race against yourself. Here is a tip when the number 2 
    counts down, hold Z and forward on the Nunchuk. When it is about to say go, 
    press A for a boost! You can jump on cosmic Mario for some Starbits. 
    All I have to say is, this mission goes all the way to the honey area, 
    (where you slow down) where the launch star is. 
    There is no bee mushrooms as it is possible without it with the extra 
    blocks added. Good luck!
    >>>>>>>>>>LOOPDELOOP GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<
    >SURFING 101<
    This is like a swimming course except you are on a stingray. You will learn the
    controls easily. This is not hard as it is not easy either. You need to be
    1:30 for the star, feel confident. Another friendly tip is that you don't need
    to always hold the A button to speed up. If you feel like you are going to
    fall off, let go of A to slow down. Good Luck!
    >>>>>>>>>>FLIPSWITCH GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    This galaxy is easy. You just need to avoid attacks. Basically what you have 
    to do is activate the switches to turn yellow. Get it? You will be 
    painting the  planet yellow. Heehee, to start off go down and turn all 
    the flipswitches there before moving onto the next part of the planet. 
    Should not be a problem at all.
    >>>>>>>>>>SWEET SWEET GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    Woo! A classical theme to this stage. The good old days! Now this stage looks
    tricky because of all the cookie holes. For the first part, stay on the side
    most of the time because there won't be much holes at all. Around the corner
    there are more holes. All the advice here is keep jumping. Once you are with 
    two Toads, which is a halfway mark. This means if you die, you start next
    to the two toads.
    Here it will be moving to the right side. What's worse is that there are star
    shaped holes which are big. Also, get the extra life here as well so you can
    never get game over. Now the last corner, there is more electric lines and
    three circle platforms. With more support there is a flat board with three 
    holes passing too. What you should do is wait for the three platforms and
    start going forward from there. Attempt a triple jump or a long jump to pass
    the electric line. Once over the electric line, you should be able to get onto
    the mint cake. Get your tasty star.
    >>>>>>>>BOWSER JR.'S ROBOT REACTOR<<<<<<<<
    Easy galaxy. No problem at all. Now to start off, do not fall into the black 
    hole. Look for a bazooka shooter will shoot homing bazooka bills out. 
    Get one to follow you to a glass cage and make it land into it to break 
    the glass cage. Launch off to Megaleg's moon.
    Boss time. After the talk with Bowser jr. Megaleg will awake and you will have
    KILLED!!! No he is not. First go up to any leg and wait for it to land. 
    Then climb up on it and go past the bazooka bills, past the gears to the 
    glass cage containing the grand star. A bazooka bill should launch out off a 
    cannon on Megaleg's head. Get it to follow you so you can break the 
    glass cage. Once broken, the cage will repair itself and is now protected 
    by moving walls. Talk about protection. Get a motivated bazooka bill to break 
    the wall and quickly find another bazooka bill because the wall wont 
    hesitate to repair itself. Once another bazooka bill has homed on you, 
    make it break onto the glass cage to demolish Megaleg.
    Collect your second grand star and be proud.
    NOTE: When the gate repairs itself, get a bill to home on to you and
    jump over the gate. The bazooka should hit the cage and make the battle
    shorter. Thanks to Joshua Koehn for providing this tip. You go to the 
    credits section.
    Now that you have beaten the Terrace for now, it is time to head for the 
    Fountain. With more fun and exciting stages.
    Here is more like, a watery background.
    >>>>>>SPACE JUNK GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    Woo! Let's play through junk in space!
    Wow! Isn't the music simply calm? Romantic perhaps? Or soothing? Let's get
    Basically you start on a square shaped planet. Point the cursor onto the pull
    star and go onto the icy cylinder planet. From here go to the other side
    and pull yourself all the way past the L-Block planet and onto the three
    balls planet. Here you must collect star chips to form a launch star while
    avoiding the electrical balls. Blast off to a familiar rocket.
    If you have played Pikmin, you should know what this rocket resembles. From
    here get on top of the rocket and pull yourself to the blue ring ball planet.
    Do the same thing past the third planet, pull yourself past the broken 
    asteroids. Get onto a T-shaped planet and head to the top. Here you got to
    free all the Toads from there cold death. The captain and his brigade shroom
    appear while the Toads are criticising him for not rescuing them. Anyway the
    captain has found a shortcut to the power star so use the sling star and head
    onto space junk.
    Here you have to collect all the silver stars, 5 to be exact. The tip here is
    to keep on path and do not run to fast otherwise it is black hole for you.
    Get the star slowly, don't rush to it.
    Kamella has found you and is now taking an assault in Space Junk galaxy. From
    the two shrooms, shoot off onto airships. Once on the first airship, just go 
    and spin the switch to activate the bridge. Talk to the rabbits for tips
    how to do higher and long jumps. Get the 1-up here too. Get onto the sling
    star by breaking the box to get onto another airship. Here, grab the shell and 
    throw it at the treasure chest at the front of the ship to open a launch star.
    You may wish to open the other chests too. You are now launched onto another
    airship. Urghh, remember those ugly green aliens from GEG? They are now back.
    They don't shoot any coconuts anymore. What do we do? Spin the Koopa to grab
    its shell and toss it to both aliens. Cross the bridge for a boss fight with
    Easy boss fight so don't be frightened. Here, run around from her fireball 
    magic until you see green magic. Go near it and just as it is about to touch
    you, spin to form a shell. Throw it at Kamella. Rinse and repeat.
    A spider boss! If you are scared of spiders, don't worry as this is not scary
    at all. From the yellow mushroom ship, talk to the captain if you want. Once 
    you are don’t talking to him, pull yourself to the familiar cylinder 
    icy, planet. From here pull yourself again, but different route past the L-block
    planet. You are now on a icy planet. Look around for a hole and follow the
    broken bridge planks on the floor to a launch star. Blast off to another 
    straight path planet.
    NO THE SONG! IT IS GONE!!! Oh well. From here just follow the path, past the
    spiders and meet a new form of transportation. This here is a sling pod, learn
    to use it then fling yourself to a block planet. Then fling yourself to a 
    familiar rocket.
    Once on the rocket, go to the bottom this time and fling yourself to land on a
    L-block planet. Once again, fling yourself here to the big spider egg. It 
    cracks and reveals a spider web and a spider incubator. You know what to do 
    here, fling yourself onto the incubator to meet Tarantox!
    A ACID SPIDER! OH NOES! Once again, another easy boss fight. Here is what you 
    do, avoid his acid attacks and get behind him. Once you are behind him, look
    for a nearby sling pod and shoot yourself on to his big green butt. He is
    upside down! Get on a sling pod and shoot yourself on each three red circle
    balls. He is angry! What do you except from Super Mario galaxy? The boss always
    gets angry. This time he shoots acid from all parts of his body. DO the same
    thing by flinging yourself on to his butt, then his three red balls. He should
    be dead now! Grab on a sling pod and shoot yourself onto the sticky star.
    Does this mean Yoshi is back. No, no, no. Its just his head. COLLECT A LOT OF
    Luma is on the icy planet. Feed him and meet Yoshi head planet, with acne!
    Well it looks like acne. All those Goombas, infesting Yoshi head. Poor Yoshi.
    Let's get rid of them. Notice the number when you jump on the heads? after
    number 8, you will start getting lives if you keep killing Goombas without
    touching the ground. Once you have killed all of them, get the star on Yoshi's
    nose. Think of that as his gratitude.
    Spacewalking? Aren't you already doing that? Anyways purple coins here are
    grouped and timed. You have exactly 2:00 minutes to get all purple coins in 
    Space Junk. Here is a tip, DON'T run around and get random grouped coins.
    Here is what you do.
    --7-- --8-- --9-- --10--
     --6-- --5-- --4--
        --2--  --3--
           / X  \
    Get them in that order. It makes everything easier. X marks where you star and 
    where the star is. Hope this helps!
    You get 4:00 to do the same route as the pull star path mission. Advice here 
    are ignoring starbits. You should be at the end with roughly about 45 seconds,
    so... Good luck!
    There is Space Junk complete. Now off to Battlerock
    >>>>>>>>BATTLEROCK GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    I keep asking myself this question, is the title true? Is it really a 
    outrageous war in this galaxy? You are about to find out. Also this is one of
    the three galaxies that have 7 stars, yes SEVEN!
    The name does not sound good... You know what this means? Right? Welcome to one
    of the fun galaxies with awesome music. Star fox anyone?
    You start on a metal saucer with blue star chips. Navigate all around and find
    every single blue star chip to form a pull star. Pull yourself to a launch 
    star and be prepared of what is going to happen on the next saucers.
    This saucer has spring pad. Bounce up onto the next gravity attracting saucer.
    Get on top of the blue screw and spin to screw it in the saucer to get it 
    working. The saucer is now moving, wha.. what's that? AHH CANONBALLS!! AVOID
    THEM AT ALL COSTS! Basically the saucer is moving right, so use your dodging
    skills and dodge them. There are also electric fences, you can either high 
    jump over them or going under the saucer. The choice is up to you. Eventually,
    the saucer stops at the end with a power star on the next saucer. Too bad it is
    trapped in a glass cage.. go to the next, bigger saucer and get a bazooka bill 
    to follow you to break the glass cage. Release and grab the power star!
    Yep, it is time to infiltrate the Battlerock and defeat the enemies in war.
    Once again you are on a metallic saucer. Grab a bom-omb and use it to break
    the glass cage containing the launch star. Launch to a three atom couloured,
    planet. There are chomps here so be careful. Grab the bom-omb on top of the
    green coloured atom and grab the bom-omb here. Run on top of the yellow atom
    and blow up the glass cage. Grab the rainbow star (I call it invincibility star
    sometimes, you may have noticed I change the names at times) and go smash
    every chain chomp for a good amount of starbits. Anyways grab another bom-omb
    and get on top of the red atom and free the Luma. Talk to him so he can 
    transform into a sling star to sling onto the launch star to shoot to the 
    next planet.
    Dramatic song change. Yay? Now this can be tricky, there are air mines
    EVERYWHERE. Pull yourself slowly past these mines and get the 1-up if you want.
    Get the red mushroom too if you want. Then, pull yourself to the launch star
    and shoot towards the Battlerock rocket. From here just go left into the pipe.
    You are now inside the rocket, grab a bomb and throw it to blow up the glass
    cage. Get into the cannon and aim at the middle. When the yellow cursor is in
    line with the yellow Luma, SHOOT! He then turns into a launch star so quickly
    shake the Wiimote to launch off. If you fail, just blow up this glass cage
    and get into the cannon to shoot.
    The rocket blew up, yay you broke into it and exploded it. Now you are on a
    missile. Grab the bom-omb and quickly avoid and get to the top of the missile 
    to throw the bom-omb between the glass cages to get both extra live and the 
    cannon at the same time. Aim at the star and shoot with timing to get the
    well deserved power star.
    Topman? cool! They are spinning blades of DOOM! Nah, there easy, especially
    Again you are on the metal saucer, go to the third one and then pull yourself to
    the next saucer. Sling to the next saucer and dodge the mines as the saucer
    moves forward. After that, blast off from the launch star.
    Firstly get the red mushroom. Now, see the red topman? spin him into the 
    electric cage to set free the Luma. The Luma then turns into a launch star.
    You are now on the side of the Battlerock. Here just break the box behind the
    mole to proceed this mission.
    WOO! 2-D-ness! Ok see the arrow? It means that's how the gravity is shifted.
    If you spin it, it points down, which means the gravity is shifted down. You
    can keep going or get on top of the ? block and back flip for a shortcut. 
    Assuming you took the shortcut, go left and prepare to shifted upwards!
    Go right and don't get squashed on the way by the 'up n down' platforms. Once
    you get to a purple thingy, jump on it so you can bounce down, or up if you 
    were Mario. Now enter the pipe as well as you have finished the 2-D area.
    There is a purple thingy again spreading electric waves, bounce on him and
    mini launch off the sling star. The saucer is now going down... GREAT MORE
    TOPMAN! Spin one into the left side electric, and one on the other electric 
    side to activate the door open. The gravity is pulling you out, quickly
    shake the Wiimote before you get sucked into space...
    YAY! MORE BLOWING UP! You are now on the Topmaniac saucer. Go to the top and
    talk to the shop Luma to buy either a red mushroom or a 1-up. Then, go to the
    very top and face a boss battle with Topmaniac, himself.
    First, jump on his button, once his spikes are deactivated, spin him into the
    electric on the sides to show his weakness is no difference with any other 
    Topman. The only way you can get hurt in this battle, is either touching the
    electric or touching the Topmaniac's spikes. You need to hit him two more times
    before you can claim your prize.
    Take the same path as the first mission of Battlerock. Yes, face the cannons
    again... Once you have a bazooka bill on your tail, go under the saucer with
    the power star to find Luigi trapped in a glass cage. (How did HE get there!?)
    Break the cage and receive your first green star, or second. 
    You then have a conversation with Rosalina if this is your first green star.
    She talks about that they can lead to another world. She says talk to the
    green Luma for more info. He just says find two more like him.
    Remember the 4 coloured atom planet? Go there. Also gather starbits too. Find
    the hungry Luma on the yellow atom and feed him 30 starbits. A new planet is
    This can be easy or frustrating to some players. Basically you need to blow up
    all the trash in 30 seconds. Some tips are if you jump and throw, it goes
    furtherer. Another tip is to throw the bom-omb in between the trash so you
    can get mostly three at a time. Also throwing on top of the yellow lights may
    help too. You can make a sort of chain reaction too.
    This is easy yet annoying to most players. It is the same route as Battlerock
    barrage. Just avoid the cannons and try your best. Good luck!
    First daredevil run ever. It is easy, the thing you need to watch out is 
    Topmaniac's spikes. Keep jumping and this should be a piece of cake.
    Well done for beating Battlerock, did you like it?
    >>>>>>>>ROLLING GREEN GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    You are on a rolling ball. You need focus, precision and a bit of luck. You
    need to roll your ball through a series of holes. Go slow there is no need to
    rush. Also ignore the ? coins, they may kill you. If you get experienced
    enough, you can get them and the extra life. Seriously should not be a problem.
    >>>>>>>>>HURRY-SCURRY GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    There is a series of green platforms disappearing. Just run, run and RUN! Once
    you sling star out of that part, your supposably on the 'shrinking satellite.'
    Just keep running while you are collecting the musical notes. Once they are
    all collected, fall off and the power star will gravity attract you.
    >>>>>>>SLING POD GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    This apparently is one of the hardest galaxies. I agree.
    Many, many sling pods! You need exact precision to get to the next sling pod. 
    Maybe a hint of luck also. As well as that, you need timing without getting hit
    by a cannon or getting burnt. The first part consists of cannons. Beat that 
    part, and it is a halfway mark for you! The next part is easy. Pull yourself
    past the mines and to the ? coin at the right of the sling pod. This will help
    you aim a bit. This time, there are fire, also it is a halfway point as well.
    Keep slinging until you get to the star. Good luck!!
    NOTE: You can get a lot of starbits. Get every single starbits and die. Rinse
    and repeat. (I say that a lot)
    >>>>>>BOWSER'S STAR REACTOR<<<<<<
    The first Bowser battle. The stage is not that hard. You will get used to it.
    It starts of with fire swinging. Follow the twisty path into a platform with
    fire and a Thwomp. At the right timing rush above the fire and below the Thwomp
    to go onto a green platform that gets shifter because of the gravity. 
    On a new shifting gravity planet, jump on the pink background to be shifted up.
    Proceed right and wait for the platform to come. Jump down to land on it then
    jump up when it stops. Pass the fire and the Thwomp and stand on the yellow
    platform to be shifter back up.
    On a new planet, there is swinging fire, so jump when it comes near you. Get
    the 1-up if you want and proceed past Thwomp and fire. Keep going and use
    matrix like dodges to pass through the fire.
    Bowser will now be shooting at you, RUN AND RUN, GET THE RED MUSHROOM AND
    FLEE TO THE TOP! For a showdown with him. After talking with him, gravity will
    bring Bowser and you up on a ball planet.
    What you need to do is stand on the blue pad and wait for him to do a high
    jump. When he does, move out of the way so he breaks the blue pad and sets his
    tail on fire. Heehee, now go to the opposite way he is running, when he turns
    around and runs spin his tail to turn him upside down. He then spins on his
    shell around the planet. When he comes near you, spin attack him so that is 
    counted as a hit. Watch out for his fire balls too and electric fields. Rinse
    and repeat. Except the third time he spins upside down faster, spin him to
    kill him. 
    Get you 3rd grand star!
    Well you have done a quarter of the game. Be happy and take a rest if you want.
    The cooking area. Not too plain. Let's head into the pull star and into Beach
    Bowl Galaxy. The tropical paradise... Maybe..
    Welcome to a tropical paradise, I like to call this mission, cheaters paradise.
    Know why? Because this mission can be done in less then 30 seconds taking
    my way. Move to section B for my way, or continue reading for the proper way.
    You begin on a little island, immediately go under water and your objective here
    is to find all five star chips.
    There is one in a box.
    There is one in a bubble near a tilted totem pole.
    There is one in a clam.
    There is one in a bubble on a small rock near a penguin.
    There is one near the eels in a bubble.
    Once assembled shoot off to a higher destination. Here, get the ? coin and 
    follow the notes to make a sea sound from a familiar game. After collected
    all notes, you should see a ! switch, ground pound it to form a bridge.
    Follow the bridge and get the 1-up if you collected all the notes. 
    Higher ground :D Now, ground pound the ! switch and wall jump you way up and
    then spin the crystal to free the power star.
    B.) So you decided to take my shortcut eh? Well it saves time. From where you
    start, head straight forward and ONLY forward. Past a coconut and jump up the
    rocks to be near the waterfall. as soon as you are on the structure, do not
    proceed near the waterfall, instead, turn around and do a back flip + spin
    to get up the palm tree. Then either triple jump or back flip onto the same
    place as you would of been launched from the star. You should know what to do
    See how short that was? Don't worry, the second mission is just as short.
    NOTE: Now, the library should be open. Go there and read a chapter told by
    Rosalina. As you get more stars, more chapters will be unlocked. Or.. if you
    can't wait to read it all. Scroll to bottom of this walkthrough and find the
    story book section to read Rosalina's life (My theory)
    Swimming time! From where you start, head past the incomplete bridges and talk
    to the big coach penguin. He says grab the gold shell for the gold medal.
    Go underwater and seek a penguin with the gold shell. Steal it off him by 
    spinning onto it and go talk to the coach with the gold shell. He will then
    reward you the power star.
    See short!
    From where you start, go underwater and find a shell. Then go to the part where
    you see a penguin in front of a big crack in the wall. Throw the shell into
    the cracked wall to open it. Proceed in and break the boxes to get to the 
    launch star. Blast off onto the cyclone stone.
    This can be tricky, there are Tox boxes and Thwomps. The first area is easy,
    then the area with moving platforms is also easy. After that, it becomes
    two Tox boxes in a area. Take the shortcut by jumping past the disappearing
    platforms. Do the same for the next area. Now, pass the Thwomp and release the
    power star. If you are having trouble, keep moving or else you could get 
    What? Three stars already? Nintendo couldn't come up with much ideas for this
    galaxy. Oh well, there are still three to go.
    Choose the third mission, which is the secret undersea cavern. Now, grab a 
    shell and surface. Remember the waterfall? Go there now. Once you are there,
    go right until you find a chest. Break open the chest and launch off to a
    waterfall island!
    Here, there are Cataquacks, old foes from Super Mario Sunshine. Here, you
    must lead one to follow you all the way under the ? coin, which is high in air.
    Once you are directly under it, get hit and the Cataquack will send you up 
    and getting the coin. Ice flower appears!! Grab it and go between the waterfall
    that is much closer together. Here, wall jump up and keep on going. Soon you 
    will face a pink piranha, defeat him as I think he will give you another ice
    flower powerup to continue up the waterfalls. Now you are in a icy area.
    Grab the ice flower then make the Cataquack follow you all the way to the end
    this should have the star high in air. Get hit and the Cataquack will send you
    in air, causing you to get the power star.
    This mission is easy, easy and easy. There are five under water in the main 
    area and the rest are in the main area. The purple coins will be either high
    in the air or on top of a palm tree. Which are both accessible by spring 
    powerup near the waterfall. Trust me, this is easy. The only problem is spring
    powerup, be careful not to fall off the level though.
    This is hard for many beginners, as this is the third mission, IN FAST MODE.
    All I can say is, take it faster than you would usually would. The Tox boxes
    are faster than you so it is a miracle if you can escape from them. This
    will take a few tries I assure you. Just go crazy fast! Good luck!
    There, Beach Bowl galaxy all done! Lets move onto a creepier galaxy.
    >>>>>>>>GHOSTLY GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    Welcome to the creepy galaxy. It is also the home to the first out of two 
    hard, daredevil runs.
    Spooked yet? Well Luigi is. Lets go rescue Mario's bro Luigi!
    We started on a green mushroom brigade ship. Go to the bottom and launch to a
    rock planet. Go a bit to the right and spin attack the cone rock. Get the
    rainbow star and smash everything in your way, including the chomps on the
    bridge. You are now inside the mansion, locked in.. SCARED? Good, I didn't
    expect you to be. 
    Here, run to the boo painting upstairs and hit him with the rainbow star,
    IF BY ANY CHANCE you did not make it, go downstairs and hit that switch. 
    Persuade the boo to go into the light to get his key.
    Second area of mansion.
    We are delving deeper and deeper into this boo mansion, what lies for us next?
    Here, you need to collect all star chips. Whether it is on the wall or on the
    ceiling. Get them all then launch off the star. 
    NOTE: go to the ceiling and ground pound the crack to enter a sling room. Hit
    the switch to make many coins appear.
    Were outside now... Go left to see Luigi. Go right to rescue him.
    For starters, get the key by jumping to it, then quickly pull yourself to a
    pull star. Enter the spooky door..
    Get the ? coin at the end for a white mushroom. Hmmm, get it..
    BOO TIME! Float to the top and get ? coin to release the 1-up so get it. 
    Avoid the light as that will revert you back to Mario. Shake the wiimote to 
    turn invisible. Pass through the bars and then pass through the right part of
    the bars in the next area. Get hit by the light then bounce off the spring
    pad to talk to Luigi. Get the star after talking to him.
    The reason why I told you to get rid of boo, is because poor Luigi thinks you
    are an actually ghost. So he cowards and shudders. 
    NOTE: Now you can unlock the Luigi star missions, talk to mail toad to check
    if he has mail about Luigi.
    Yes, spooky sprint.. I BET YOU ARE SCARED NOW! No? Fine..
    Again you are on the green mushroom. Go to the bottom and launch off...
    Get the invincibility star if you want and pull yourself to the launch star.
    Talk to the big boo to start the spooky race.
    Basically, you need to pull yourself to the end. Avoid obstacles. About halfway,
    there is a sling star, get it for a shortcut. This shouldn't be a problem much.
    HAH! NOW YOU ARE SCARED!! BEWARE OF BOULDERGEIST!! What, your don't care? Party
    Green mushroom again. You know what to do.. At the next newly rock structure,
    make you way past the bridge and into the mansion again, mwahahahahha!
    Here, spin attack the bomb boos and hit it against the Bowser statue in the
    fireplace. Launch off here.
    This planet looks like a pinball planet, heehee. Kill the last spider and get
    onto the sling pod. Shoot yourself to the next couple all the way to the sling
    star then quickly launch off to another pinball like planet.
    Here do the same thing except collecting the star chips. Pull yourself to the 
    launch star to a bouncy ball planet. BOUNCE! BOUNCE!! Ground pound for a higher
    bounce :D Now get the extra life and shoot off from the launch star. Nothing
    too hard here was it?
    The boss planet, buy an red mushroom, you will be needing it for this battle.
    Go to the front and battle Bouldergeist. His attacks are slow, the tip here
    is too keep running around and find a black meteorite. When it shoots to the
    ground, it forms to a bomb boo, grab the boo and hit it at Bouldergeist. Rinse
    and once again.. repeat..
    Tis over? NOPE! Second form! This enhancement is with two hands. His weakness
    is still the same but the hands get in the way most of the time. Hit him 4 
    times to finish Bouldergeist.
    The level is good as the name sounds. Many people like this, especially there
    is another one of these 'Matter Splatters.'
    Choose the second mission, the spooky sprint one. Shoot off the green mushroom
    and onto the rock planet. Remember where the rainbow star is? Above it is 
    something sparkling in the rock. Break it to reveal a launch star. Off to
    Matter Splatter mansion!
    There a spotlights here that move, catch up with it or else you fall. This is
    not hard to find out where to go. It is pretty straight forward. Soon, you will
    be going vertical, not horizontal. Same rules apply here so be quick. You will
    find the last key and reveal the star. 
    This one is timed. Only 60 seconds to get 100/150 coins. This is hard for 
    beginners so it may take a few tries. The advice here, is to keep pulling,
    don't stop pulling and you will get a lot of purple coins. Also get the red
    mushroom on your way because you are rushing through pull stars. There are
    aero mines so you may bang into them. Good luck!
    Get ready for major kills. One of the hardest Daredevil runs in Super Mario
    galaxy. The only tip here is what I said before. Keep running to avoid his
    meteorite attacks. When he pulls spikes from the ground, you should see black
    mist coming from the ground. That is the signal to stop and run the opposite 
    way. Don't expect to beat him on your first try...
    When you have beaten this, give yourself a pat on the shoulder.
    >>>>>>>>BUBBLE BREEZE GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    This galaxy can be a pain. Your in a bubble, trying to avoid hazards that
    will pop the bubble and release you into the toxic marsh. The first area
    consists of star chips. There are two ways, up or right. Take right as that
    is easier than going backwards.
    The second area is more easier plus this is the checkpoint. Here, Just avoid 
    the mines all the way to the end.
    >>>>>>>>>BUOY BASE GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    This galaxy has been known to have the best music in Super Mario galaxy. They
    made it sound like star fox 64.
    First, head underwater and get a torpedo Ted to follow you. Find the big
    glass cage that contains the chain holding Buoy Base. Once the torpedo Ted 
    has ran onto it, the Buoy base will become a floating fortress. 
    Now surface and start scaling Buoy base.
    At halfway, you need to screw a wheel to stop the bubble machines and also
    activate a spring topman. Jump on him and continue.
    At the top, you need to find 5 blue star chips. They are all in the top, no 
    where else so finding them should not be a problem.
    At the Pokeball planet, go to the top and screw the machine in to open half
    the pokeball. Swim in the water and claim the power star as yours.
    Yep, this is the first and only mini galaxy that has two stars. 
    Same thing applies but different route. Go underwater and get a torpedo Ted on
    your tail. Instead of the big ball glass cage, look for another cage which 
    holds a pipe. Break it and the suction of the pipe will lead you in it.
    Now you are at the bottom of the whole galaxy. Don't fall off the red path 
    otherwise you will phase through the wall and can't get back, taking the pipe
    way. At the end of the red path, get a bazooka bill to follow you to break
    the glass cage and thus, releasing a GREEN star.
    NOTE: You then have a conversation with Rosalina if this is your first green 
    star. She talks about that they can lead to another world. She says talk to 
    the green Luma for more info. He just says find two more like him.
    >>>>>>>>>>DRIP DROP GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<
    Here, you got to defeat all the eels that are scaring away all of the penguins
    from the sea. Just grab a couple of shells and defeat them all. The underwater
    power star is on the sunken ship
    >>>>>>>>>BOWSER JR.'S AIRSHIP ARMADA<<<<<<<<
    Yep. Second meeting of Bowser Jr. You start on the bridge so proceed on to the
    airships. Go to the front of the airship and into the cannon to shoot at three
    destinations. One is a shortcut, another is the proper way and the last is a 
    bonus planet which gets you a 1-up then leads back the normal way. If you 
    choose the shortcut, aim left until you see a airship high in the space and
    shoot at the pole on the airship. If you take the normal way, keep reading.
    Shoot at the centre of the ring to land on a pole. Then go at the front of this
    airship for another cannon. Shoot at the pole once again to get to another
    airship. Go past the mandibug and fire up the ride. After the ride, go up the
    sling star and prepare for a battle with Bowser Jr.
    This fight is basic and easy. All you have to do, is avoid his attacks and take
    the Koopa shell. Then, shoot it at the airship. Rinse, and repeat. (I like 
    saying that line you know. It matches the subject of it)
    Well done, you have completed the kitchen as well as done practically half the
    game. It is time to go to the bedroom.
    This is where people sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary here.
    Now there has been a slight change here, there are now three big galaxies and
    one small galaxy. That is how it is going to be for the last two domes. Now
    lets get on with Freezeflame galaxy shall we?
    >>>>>>>>>>>FREEZEFLAME GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Welcome to a nice, cold, icy galaxy. Where is the flame you ask? You will see.
    This is a okay, a bit fun kind of galaxy. We start on a ice ring. So lets get
    skating. Go left and talk to the penguin, he wants you to chase after him,
    once you catch him, he will let you use the launch star to shoot off to the
    freeze in Freezeflame.
    Slide down on the slippery slope and turn right and keep going until you find
    a ? coin. The ice flower will appear above the fountain. Go get it. Once you
    have got it, turn right and make a ice trail all the way to the sling star.
    Sling up onto the slippery slide and get the red mushroom and fall back down.
    Get the ice flower powerup again but this time, go all the way left. Past the
    ? coin on the fountain until you see a wall jumping wall in the water. Wall
    jump up and get the third ? coin for this level to make another sling star.
    Now your almost at the peak. Go left from where you landed and get another ice
    flower powerup. Move all the way forward, up the path, past the three moving 
    side-side faced platforms and up the sling star on to fountains. Freeze the
    fountains and travel to the peak of Baron Brrr. 
    This boss fight is easy. Take the left path and break the crystals in the mini
    cave to acquire another ice flower. Now go to the centre, (where you landed) 
    now go straight and wall jump up to Baron. Move under him then move out of 
    the way while jumping to avoid the shock waves. If you fall, go get the ice 
    flower again. Once he is dazed on the snowy ground, spin attack him to shrink 
    him. Spin attack him while he is tiny to damage him. Repeat this 2 more times. 
    Once you killed him, get the cold power star.
    You heard the name right. It is time for the 'flame' part in Freezeflame galaxy
    so yeah...
    This time on the ice ring planet. Find 5 star chips to get into the core.
    Be careful of the fire here. It burns! Navigate your way to the gate and either
    triple jump + wall jump + spin to get the ? coin. Or go all the way around. 
    It still leads to the same way. Once you get the ? coin, you have activated the
    new powerup, FIRE FLOWER!! It fire time!! Grab the fire flower and burn the
    enemies and go to the gate. Set fire to the torches to open the gate and then
    quickly run left from the gate to set fire to more torches and open another 
    path. Get the red mushroom if you want. At the top of the stairs, jump and get
    gravityfied. (I know it is not a word..) 
    Anyway proceed forward past the  rolling structure. Get the fire flower
    powerup in the bubble and run to the left torch. You can see another torch 
    on the fire. Set fire to it then run right and set fire to that torch to 
    proceed. Wall jump upwards then get shifted downwards to a new path. 
    Go past these rolling structures and past the platforms moving in the lava. Go
    right for another fire flower powerup. Once you have got it, run all the way 
    left and down to jump on another moving platform. While it is moving, set fire
    to both torches to trigger a bridge. Hop on the bridge and get the hot power
    You got to admit, this mission's name is pretty cool huh? If you disagree, then
    then.. I don’t know..
    Look's like the core erupted. Watch out for fire here. Ice skate all the way
    to the launch star and launch off to the cooled down, second core. NOT THE 
    MAIN ONE. Here it is all water, COLD water so do not touch it otherwise you 
    will  start losing health.
    Go all the way go the gate and go left a bit. There should be a wheel, screw it
    out to open the gate and proceed through. Back to fire again >_> Start left
    and work your way through to the other side. A bit left from the gate, when the
    lava is down, there should be another wheel, screw it to open the gate. Yay!
    More havoc with the fire flower. You need to rush here, so here is what you do.
    Grab it then run all the way to where you landed in this second core. There 
    should be two torches there, set fire to them then blast off the planet on to
    the hot and cold area.
    Here, just grab the ice flower and work your way to the cold, yet hot. Power
    Start off from the first mission. Remember where the ? coin was to activate
    the ice flower? Get it then get the ice flower. Now, see the two moving faced
    platforms? Cross them to find two fountains. From the ground, jump on to the
    fountain, then jump on the next one and triple jump on to the cliff. Use the
    sling star to start travelling to the summit.
    Here, go left and get the fire flower, melt the snowman and wait for the 
    powerup to stop. Grab the fire flower again and run past the melted snowman,
    up the three faced platforms and melt that snowman to reveal a sling star.
    Now, grab the fire flower and melt the snowman while avoiding the rolling rocks
    and go past the faced platforms. Now there should be another fire flower
    powerup. Get it and proceed on while avoiding more rolling rocks and melt the
    snowman to reveal another sling star.
    Here, just walk along the path and wall jump when the faced platforms are in.
    Be quick, as they will come out and push you off the level. Finally at the 
    summit, get the power star.
    These purple coins are not timed and there is 100 of them. This is easy because
    there are no freaking bats to annoy you or any other sort of enemies.
    The first 2 purple coins are right behind after sliding down on the icy slide.
    Get the next 2 and talk to the Toads to find out there are no purple coins in
    the water. Get the next 6 all the way to the ? coin. Hit the ? coin to get the
    ice flower. Make your way to the ice flower getting 10 purple coins on the
    way. 20/100
    Now start by going right, remember where the red mushroom slide is? Go there
    and slide down. By doing all of that, you should have gotten 5 more coins.
    Now, go to the ? coin that activates a heap of normal coins. There should be
    one on a star bit. And another one opposite of the starbits coin, high in the
    air. Back flip + Spin to get it. Go get the ice flower again and go past the
    ? coin which activated the normal coins and wall jump upwards to find another
    ? coin. Sling upwards to get a coin. 28/100
    Start by going left to get 4 coins from where you landed. Then go right
    for 3 coins from where you landed. No go onto the icy platform and get 5 more
    purple coins in the air. Go to where the ice flower is on the raft to get 
    another purple coin. Go forward with the ice flower to get 2 more purple coins.
    Go past the faced platforms and shoot on to the fountains and up onto the peak.
    Now get all the purple coins here including where Baron Brrr would be. Upon
    leaving the peak. You should have 69/100. Yes 69...
    Now go to where you found 5 coins on the air from the block of ice. You should
    see a ? block and two coins next to them. Now, you should see a purple coin
    next to the wall in air. Simply back flip to get it. Now go right, getting the
    purple coins above the faced platforms and following the path until you end up
    near the fountains. 78/100
    Go left and get all the purple coins there and get the ice flower and retrace
    the way back to the fountains. Now get the one between the fountains and the
    one next to the sling star. Now head into the sling star and start your journey
    once again, to the summit. 82/100
    You know what to do here. After this part of the summit, you should have 
    In the next part, you should know what to do here too. Once you have exited
    this part of the summit, you should have 90/100
    Here is also obvious, wall jump here needs timing too. Now you are at the 
    summit! WHAT! YOU DON'T HAVE ALL 100 PURPLE COINS! Um, let me finish please.
    Can you see the last 2 purple coins? All the way down there!?! You will need to
    do a long jump just as captain Toad says. You should make it and get the last 
    two. Now sling off right next to the power star. See! I told you to let me 
    This is the same route as hot and cold collide. This should be easy! You may
    die by falling off but that is hard to do. This should only take max of 1-4
    Well, you have now completed Freezeflame galaxy. Lets head to Gusty Garden.
    This has one of the best music in this game.
    >>>>>>>>GUSTY GARDEN GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    Like the music? It is good! Now this galaxy mainly consists of small planets,
    just like Good Egg Galaxy.
    You start on a tiny planet. Talk to the bunny for info how to ride the floaty
    fluff. Spin to grab the floaty fluff and shake wisely to the next planetoid.
    Grab another floaty fluff and float all the way to the next bean shape 
    planetoid. Now, on this planetoid, kill one of the hogging piranhas that is
    hogging the sproutle vine. Now spin and make your way past the sproutle vine
    and on to acorn shaped planetoid. Kill the next piranha to advance on by the
    sproutle vine. Kill the piranha here then kill the next pink piranha on the
    next planetoid for a extra life. Go under this planet and shake the sproutle
    seed to climb up the sproutle vine and end up upside down. Go to the top of 
    the planetoid and demolish the pink piranha here to reveal the first and last
    launch star for this mission.
    On the puzzle cube, follow and catch the bunny for a power star.
    Same planetoid here, just do the same thing by the floaty fluff all the way to
    the mole inhabited planetoid. Once you get near this dirty digger, ground 
    pound the floor then he plops out. Spin him to kill him. Yay a sling star!
    Yay! To the ? planet. This planet is not interesting as it seems, firstly it 
    is inhabited by pesky moles. Defeat every single one of these and the launch
    star will be revealed! Don't you just love these ways of transportation?? 
    Once you are about to pass the ring planet, quickly point on the pull star for
    a extra planet to be on. Here just follow the path of starbits and the extra
    life to the launch star. On to the next healthy planet!
    Woo! Apple planet, an apple a day keeps the doctor away... Ok I know you have
    heard of that. Anyways, look for a log and stomp on it. A caterpillar comes
    out!! EW, I SURE WOULDNT EAT THAT APPLE! Climb on it to the next apple. Do
    the same here by ground pound on the log to hurt the caterpillar. Higher, to 
    the third apple! Now, butt stomp the log to get onto the caterpillar's head. 
    Launch off to the second last planetoid. Butt stomp the log here and chase
    after the red mushroom. When ready, launch off to major burrows's hideout
    He is chasing a poor and helpless bunny. That is very mean, so teach this 
    bully a lessen by pounding near when Burrows is half out of the ground. 
    Then spin to hurt him. Do the same thing again except this time he comes out, 
    get him! Now, he's last hit will be annoying. He is angry so he chases you, 
    get him out and he tricks you by going back in, teach him that you have 
    enough power to butt stomp to get him out. Spin to kill..
    Yep, a gravity scramble, meaning a gravity shuffle. Still don’t understand? Well
    then wait till we get to that part of this level
    Same planetoid again, use the floaty fluff all the way to the next planetoid.
    Kill the piranha here and the next one on the next planet to get to a ball
    connector planet. For some reason, I will call this the chain ball planet. 
    Why? Don't ask... Now proceed past the spiky bushes and rolling rocks and the
    golden chomp... GOLDEN CHOMP!! He will be needed for the next couple of
    missions. Blast off to spinning disc planet.
    Here is very simple, just get the star chips. One the first disc, two on the
    next disc and the last two on the last disc. Launch off to begin the gravity
    Get to the end of the ? path and flick the arrow to be scrambled to the
    next ? blocks. Go to the top and shift the gravity to the next ? blocks. Go to
    the top and shuffle the gravity here to the next ? blocks. Go down this time
    and get scrambled on the next ? blocks. Go right then down while avoiding the
    cannonballs. Go right while avoiding the cannonballs. Release and Grab the 
    power star.
    Select the third mission. Get all the ? coins all the way until you unlock
    the rainbow star. Get it and quickly get onto the chain ball planet. Run
    to the gold chomp and smash it for the star.
    2:00 minutes to get the star. All you have to do is get all the purple coins
    on the floor and the ones on top of boxes/crates/grass hedges. Which should 
    lead to 60-80 purple coins. Then get the higher ones. The star is located at 
    the fountain in the beginning of this mission.
    Well this should be a easy daredevil run if you keep running. Seriously, this
    should only take you 5 tries or a bit more. The tip here is too run on top
    of the planet but not going at the bottom of the planet. Other than that, this
    should be easy-intermediate.
    The Gusty garden is done, did you like the music? Well let's go to Dusty
    Dunes, fabled to have the hardest speed comet. Plus, this level is annoying
    especially the lack of checkpoints. Oh well, just watch you step.
    NOTE: This galaxy has seven stars, just like Battlerock.
    >>>>>>>>>>DUSTY DUNE GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<
    Home to the hardest speed comet.
    Now, spin on to the tweesters and float all the way to the next tweesters,
    then the next then into the pipe.
    This is a big underground area. So watch your steps. Navigate your way down
    until you can see a small opening cutting across the screen. Crawl your way
    across the sand and jump over the hole. When the time is right, run past
    the three Thwomps and get the red mushroom. Now fall down and go right.
    Flip the two flipswitches for a pack of starbits around the wheel. Jump on to
    the wheel and then jump on to the next wheel. Get all starbits then get the ?
    coin on top of the brown block. Now, fiery time! Burn the piranhas then escape
    the rolling rock and use the sling star to get into the pipe and out of the
    tunnel. Outside, ahh, fresh warm air! Shoot off to and star climbing the 
    Start climbing by soaring off the tweester and land on the moving brown blocks.
    Now soar off the tweester here and land on the blocks. Make your way right and
    soar on to the ? coin to activate two sling stars. Sling off from one of them
    and then soar to the ? coin. Start wall jumping upwards. At the top, lean 
    against the wall going downwards and about halfway, wall jump on to the 
    platform. Wall jump up all the way to the top and break the ice to get the
    warm power star.
    Go to the centre of the land here and wait for all those green pokies to come
    at you. As soon as they have circled you, spin to kill all at one time. When
    the big red pokey comes out. Jump and spin his head to reveal a launch star.
    Shoot to the sandy planet.
    Proceed left and use the sling star to sling to the launch star. Now you are
    really blasting through the sand. Take Mario for a quick ride by going on to
    the sand and use the sling star to get on more sandy planets. Here, grab the
    shell and get most of the blue chips all the way to the treasure. Then, ride
    on and break the crystal to get another. Take the same route again to get
    the last ones.  Go to the chest and pull your way to the launch star.
    Now you need to get to the pipe by taking the green arrow way. Now get the ?
    coin and follow the notes for the same tune as GEG's house. Get three lives
    then exit out.
    Now go into the opposite way of the ring rock to be on a blue path. Keep going
    right taking care not to fall in the sand and go into the ring rock to be back
    on the yellow path. Avoid the rubbish tweesters and pummel the switch on top
    of the structure. Quickly, backtrack to the blue ring rock and instead of going
    in it, go forward and quickly get on top of this structure to get the power 
    Hit the red switch and go all the way up avoiding the bird and getting squashed
    so you can get the extra life and the red mushroom. Now blast off and 
    start collecting the star chips by raising the sand castle by thwomping that
    blue switch. Get to the top and launch to the next planet. Kick the coconut
    in to the red bush to reveal the launch star. Now you need to sling off this
    planet by getting to the bottom. Now spin the coconuts on to the twin planet
    and sling back up there. Spin the coconut into the giant pokey and then jump
    on its flat head to reveal the next launch star.
    OH NO! THE CAMERA STUFFED UP!! No, it is meant to be upside down.. Fall down
    the sand castle and look for a big box. Smash it to enter the sand box. Pretty
    soon the sand will be rising up so RUN! Around the castle as you are going to 
    the top to get the power star.
    Choose blasting through sand proceed all the way to the part with a ring
    planet with rolling rocks. Go under the sling star platform to get a rainbow
    star and smash to collect a pack of starbits. Go under the starting platform
    to feed a hungry Luma which is about 30-50 starbits. (I can't remember) and
    enter the pipe. 
    Inside the pyramid you will need to collect the scattered silver stars then
    get the green star. Yes, your last green star!
    NOTE: I won't go to the trial galaxies yet so finish of the bedroom first.
    Yeah, I know there not called bazooka bills but who cares, they were called 
    that in super Mario world.
    Choose the third mission, sunbaked sand castle and go all the way to the planet
    with the big spiky bush. Kill it and wait, you will notice that the planet is
    shrinking and expanding. As it is shrinking, look for a log and ground pound 
    it, follow the notes then shoot off to another bazooka bill cannon. Raise
    the cannon by ground pounding the blue switch then go stand on the red switch
    and wait for it to rise. DON'T GROUND POUND IT! Just keep jumping until you 
    get a bazooka bill homed on you. Lead it to the glass cage containing the power
    This is another frustrating mission of purple coins...
    The first five are right in front of you. The sixth is in the middle of the
    ring rock. Enter the yellow ring rock area. 6/100
    Get all of the purple coins on the that don't need tweesters which should lead
    to 24 coins. Get the ones in air, includes the ones above the Thwomp. The
    total should be 33/100
    Now cross the sand by getting on to the platform getting 5 coins. Get three on
    the floor then three in the air. Go to the yellow ring rock to and get three
    purple coins there and the one in the ring rock. Get the purple coin in the
    air once you get on to the blue ring rock. 49/100
    Go forward and do a jump + spin to get the purple coins above the sand then
    get the one where the rock structure would be soon. Backtrack to the blue
    ring rock and this time go right. 55/100
    Get all the ones on the floor then get the air ones. Go through the blue ring
    rock and get five as you go on to the yellow ring rock. 79/100
    Get every single one here, including the ones in the air and behind the rock
    structure. Get on top of the rock structure and do a back flip + spin on the
    switch to get a purple coin in air. 94/100
    Hit the switch and backtrack quickly to where the star of this mission would
    be if we were doing blasting through the sand and get the last purple coins
    here. 100/100
    Was that annoying or what! Well there is still one more star left, and it is 
    the hardest one of Dusty Dunes.
    The hardest speed run comet in the game!
    This is the same route as the blasting through the sand mission. The tips here
    is to watch your step as well as being quick. As soon as you get to the part
    where there are two directions, how one leads to a pipe, DON'T GO THAT WAY AS
    THERE IS NO PIPE! Instead, go right and shoot off from the launch star.
    If you die, you got to restart from the start. Well, good luck!
    >>>>>>>>>HONEYCLIMB GALAXY<<<<<<<
    Not too hard, just grab the bee suit and climb your way to the star. 
    The first area has moving honeycombs. The second has rolling rocks, the third
    has mandibugs. This galaxy should only take a few tries and that's all. No big
    >>>>>>>>BIGMOUTH GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    Here, grab a shell from the Koopa and surf all the way to a coral and sea-weed
    part. Collect all the star chips and sling star up to get a gold shell. Go 
    backtrack and hit the gold shell on to the gold chest. If you miss... that is 
    very concerning because you will need to go all the way back. Talk to captain 
    Toad to get the power star.
    >>>>>>>>BOWSER'S DARK MATTER PLANT<<<<<<<<
    This is the hardest Bowser level in Super Mario Galaxy. It is frustrating,
    annoying and medium-hard.
    Now you can see dark matter, yeah.. don't touch that unless you want to 
    disappear forever. Meaning, you will lose a life. Start off by proceeding past
    the platforms and follow the green carpet past the moving platforms and
    in to out of whack gravity.
    This part is tricky. Get on to the L-platform and proceed past the mechanisms
    and on to another L-platform. Get on top of it so you don't fall because of 
    the gravity. Navigate the path and get onto the pink platforms. Careful of the
    square gaps as that is counted as dieing. Once you are past here, prepare for
    another tricky part. Watch out for the square gaps and proceed. Get the 1-up 
    and follow the green carpet to the trickiest part of this level.
    Get on to the platform and proceed until you get to a cross platform. As it 
    begins to move, you need to watch the gravity accordingly, for instance, go
    left as the gravity is shifted right. The next it shifted up so when the time
    is right, go to the bottom the cross platform. Do this pattern all the
    way to the green the check board platform. Free all Luma's to get to Bowser.
    Remember how to beat him? Do it again, the only difference is that he does a 
    spin attack, counter it to get him to do a high jump so you can burn his tail
    and do the rest.
    Fourth grand star! WOOT! Off to the engine room. Let's begin with trial 
    >>>>>>TRIAL GALAXIES<<<<<<<
    A harder version of loopdeloop. This place is what I call looping as you go
    in a loop at a part. The record says 1:30, the coach penguin says three minutes
    so listen to the penguin and do not rush your time. Go slowly around sharp 
    turns, maintain your cool and you should beat this level.
    NOTE: If you beat a minute and a half, you get to sling off from a sling star
    around the course getting 200 starbits.
    >>>>>>>ROLLING GIZMO GALAXY<<<<<<<
    Another harder version of Rolling Green galaxy. I find this one fun and awesome
    as long as you take your time to enjoy the ride. Don't go fast at all and slow
    down if you want. There is no big rush at all, you can spend all time here if
    you like. But lets get on with the walkthrough.
    >>>>>>>BUBBLE BLAST GALAXY<<<<<
    Once again, another harder version of Bubble Breeze galaxy. Except this one is
    frustrating because you need to collect star chips. Easy? No, dodging electric
    and mines are easy? Dieing then collecting all those star chips again equals
    frustration. All I can say is go slowly and do not rush at all. Don't take
    those 1-up risks or those ? Coins risks.
    The second part is a relief because the halfway mark but there is bazooka bills
    homed on you. Easy? Wait till you get to the end with hordes of bazooka bills.
    Just take your time but be fast when a bazooka bill has homed on you.
    Trial galaxies complete! Be happy and get to the engine room.
    ><><><><><><><>ENGINE ROOM<><><><><><><><>
    This is the engine room, where all activities in the observatory are powered.
    You are greeted by those mechanic robots, he says its starting to get tough,
    I say the opposite. Lets start this dome with sea slide galaxy. 
    >>>>>>>>>>>SEA SLIDE GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Sea slide is home to the most time consuming purple coin challenge in this 
    game. So don't expect to beat that mission fast, however this mission is short
    and the next one.
    Talk to the penguins and they mention that a shark called Guppy won't let them
    swim around the sea. Go teach him a lesson by swimming up to him and 
    challenging him to a ring race.
    Now, grab a shell and swim through eight rings to get a star.
    Same issue here. Except you need to talk to the penguin in red (the coach) and
    enter the penguin race. Grab a shell and race them to the end like Guppy's
    course. Receive your wet star.
    Now here is a normal mission! Start by going to get the bee powerup and fly up
    on top of the palm tree and then fly to the cloud. Get the silver star on the
    arch rock and fly forward. Get to the cannon and shoot to the red mushroom
    toad brigade ship. Get the silver star there and pull your way to the sling
    star. The next one is next to the lighthouse area. There should be a tall palm
    tree right of the lighthouse. Fly on top of the palm tree to get the third
    silver star. Use the sling star back to the area where you started and go
    backwards with the bee suit. Get to the tree and scale it all the way to the 
    top to get your fourth silver star. Head past the tree to find a grey area. 
    Rotate the small gear there by spinning on it then travel the water slide to 
    the island in the middle. Get the ? coin and follow them for a good song and 
    get the 1-up. Get the last silver star on the top and shoot off and head to 
    the shiny power star.
    What a catchy mission name. Start collecting starbits (40 to be exact) and go
    to the cannon area. Talk and feed the hungry Luma and you might want to grab
    the bee suit for a easier way of beating this mission. Now, shoot off from the
    cannon on to the new born planet. Collect every single note as it is on every
    single platform and do not fall in to the black hole. It should be easy with
    bee Mario. Fall off and get the star once you have gotten all the notes.
    NO! THIS TAKES FOREVER!! Well we better get it done or it will never will!
    Now, get the bee suit and fly onto the cloud. Get the three purple coins
    that are in air to the next cloud. From there, fly to the palm tree. Get the
    one on the palm tree and the two on the cloud mover. Get the one on the arch
    rock and the three towards the cloud. The next ones are on top of the palm tree
    and the rocks poking out of the water. Fly up to the cloud and get the ones
    on the red mushroom toad brigade ship. Turn left and fly to the cloud and the
    next cloud with three coin in the air. Fly below the ? block and get another
    coin. Fly right to get another three in air. Get the next three leading to
    another cloud and get the other three under the starting sign. 28/100
    Now, fly on top of the palm tree and get the purple coin and have a rest. 
    When you are ready, get the three that are leading to the cloud and get one on
    top of the higher cloud. Get the four leading to the palm tree and get the
    next couple leading off the palm tree. Circle the lighthouse for a purple coin
    and then get on top of the lighthouse for more purple coins. Fall down behind
    the light house to see three above water. Lose the bee suit if you must but
    don't worry as there is another one next to the lighthouse. Get the two across
    the bridge. Now continue the level as you are getting to the blue mushroom
    toad brigade to get more coins. Fly down to see 4 purple coins leading from
    a cloud to another lower or higher cloud. Fly on top of the yellow mushroom
    toad brigade ship. 55/100
    Fly on to the island as a toad has greets you with purple coins. Get off the
    island by exiting form the other side and find 4 purple coins leading to a 
    cloud. There is another 4 if you look up form where your standing. Once you 
    have gotten them, get to the green mushroom toad brigade ship for a coin. Get
    on to the grey area with a big gear. There are 5 purple coins awaiting you.
    That's 73/100 bored yet? Almost done!
    Get on the closest cloud that is moving up and down and jump on to the big
    leaf for a coin. Fly to a higher leaf for another coin. Fall down on to a cloud
    for 3 coins and a coin on a big leaf of the tree. Fly back to the previous leaf
    you were on and fly to the top of the tree. Get three on the top and another
    one on the top. Jump on the cloud and fly to the cloud that has 3 purple
    coins on it. Turn around and get another three leading back to the top of
    the tree. Go to the other end of the top to find a cloud that has 4 purple
    coins leading to another cloud. Turn around and get another coin on a cloud.
    Fall down right on to the leaf of the tree to find 2 more coins. You should 
    see a purple coin on a rock poking out of the sea. Get it and fly back to the
    previous leaf. Fly up on the cloud and you should see the last 3 purple coins,
    get them and be happy. Oh yeah, DON'T DIE AS THE STAR SHOULD BE AHEAD OF YOU.
    This is easy, just grab a shell and swim to the light house. Once you are on
    land again, throw the shell and speed to the star.
    Lets go to a copycat galaxy called Gold leaf galaxy.
    >>>>>>>>>>GOLD LEAF GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Why is this a copycat? Why, it is as if Honeyhive galaxy has seasoned in 
    Autumn and has been shifted opposite. Except some parts are closed and there
    are new planets. Even the song is the same!
    Talk to the star bunny and he says there are blue star chips scattered around
    Gold leaf. Your mission is to get them all.
    There is one where there are three logs with a star bunny. Thwomp all logs
    to reveal a sling star and get the blue star chip.
    There is one in a box next to the waterfall.
    Ride the swing and sling off from the sling star. It is on top of the fountain.
    Behind the swing area, there should be a star bunny at the edge, go past him
    to find walls. Wall jump upwards and get the blue chip.
    From the start, spin up the flower and fling from it on to higher ground. Get
    bee suit and fly on the flower. From the flower, fly up then go behind the
    piranha and spring upwards and get the blue chip.
    Now pull yourself up and then launch off to a ball planet. Catch the bunny
    and get the power star.
    Navigate your way to the first Cataquack trapped around a pen. Get flunged in 
    air and then sling off to higher ground. Grab the bee suit and wake up the
    Cataquacks in order to fly higher ground. Now get flunged in the air and fly
    to the red switch. Ground pound it and follow the trail of starbits to the 
    launch star.
    You lose your bee suit here because you landed in water. Get the Cataquack
    to follow you to the top of the planet which has a Cataquack symbol craved
    in the ground. Get flunged from there to the next planet.
    Find a Cataquack sleeping on the ground, wake it up and lure it to the
    Cataquack symbol craved in the floor at the other side of the planet. Get
    shot up in air to land on a M planet.
    Get to the other side of the M planet while luring a Cataquack to shoot you
    upwards on to a launch star and then blast off to the last planet of this 
    Scale around the planet to find a Cataquack. Lead it right to find a green
    patch of area and to see a bee powerup in air. Shoot up in air then grab the
    bee suit. Lead the Cataquack to the totem building made out of wood. Shoot
    up then fly to get on top. Follow the flowers to the power star.
    Another catchy title. Well that’s what I think.
    Woo! Rain in Gold leaf! Which means there is a bee suit which also means that
    rain will make you revert back to Mario. Go to the swing and then keep swinging
    until you get power to jump off on to the cloud which has a bee bubble.
    Once you have the bee suit, head past the flowers and follow your way to the
    observation deck while avoiding the rain. Keep scaling the deck while avoiding
    rain to get to the very top which has a mole. A bubble shooter mole.
    I would not include this a boss as this mole reappears with different elements
    of power. You just need to fly up on the helmet of the machine and ground pound
    it. Keep doing that and it will eventually break revealing your deserved power
    Select the second mission, Cataquack to the skies. Now get to the part where 
    you first get the bee suit. Look around the tree to find a bubble producer.
    Get into the bubble and then move to the bell to make it ring. Follow the notes
    for a old song and the power star will be your reward for collecting all the
    notes. Be careful though, Don't miss much notes as they are timed.
    This mission is easy as, even though it has time, you can do it on your first
    couple of tries.
    As long as you do not fall off the deck you are ok. I don't really need to put
    a guide for this part because the bees on the way should tell you how much you
    need. Like the first one says ''Have you got all 25 coins here?'' Or, ''You
    should have 50 up to this point.'' This is not really hard at all.
    The last Cosmic comet in the game!
    This is another easy mission of cosmic races. You are racing all the way to the
    front of the deck. Long jumps and not falling off should do the trick. Get
    the power star to end Gold leaf.
    Well, now it is time to go to Toy Time Galaxy, a very fun galaxy!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>TOY TIME GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<
    Oooh! It is toy time here!!! Well lets get started.
    Ride the toy train to the launch star to get started on this galaxy.
    Now, head forward and get onto the pink gravity scale wall. See the little
    thing path heading right? Drop from the pink wall and follow the path to a
    red mushroom. Get back on the pink wall and rotate the screw in the fan for 
    some starbits. Rotate the next screw out to unlock the cage. Get off the pink
    wall and look for a screw that is already in. Screw it out and then get in the
    hole to find a spring pad to land on. There should be another screw in there,
    screw it in then cross the bridge on to the pink wall. Scale up to then launch
    Head to the ? coin to activate a silver mushroom. Get it to become SPRING MARIO
    and prepare for hard controlness. You need to time pressing the A button to 
    jump higher. Anyway, whenever I say jump with the spring Mario, I mean do the
    high jump. Go forward and jump up to get on higher ground. Keep going up until
    you get to the belt part. See the blue pencil? There should be starbits making
    up a arrow pointing right. Follow the arrow and eventually you will jump to
    get to the launch star.
    Now you are on a plate. Get the spring mushroom and jump upwards. Then crack
    the rock and launch to the metal mecha-Bowser.
    Go to the left leg and screw the screw in and enter the orange pipe. Screw the
    next screw in and get up to the next area. Screw all four screws in and then
    enter the green pipe. Now proceed forward all the way to the tongue. Now
    head forward and get the spring powerup around the head. Head back to the
    tongue and jump all the way on top of rocks. Break all the rocks to stop the
    heavy metal mecha-Bowser from doing anymore havoc. Get the power star and
    move on to the next mission.
    Yay! CLONES! Well not really, it is future Mario meet old school Mario.
    Take a ride from the toy train to the launch star and then blast off.
    Find all the star chips here as it should not be that hard. Now get on to the
    launch star and meet old school Mario.
    Here, there is a bunch of disappearing platforms and flip platforms. There is
    also lava so avoid that. Leave some way back to the start because you will need
    to go back so you can get the power star. Collect all silver stars and get 
    back to the start for the power star.
    Mmm, cake, we are going to see lots of sweets, more than sweet sweet galaxy!
    Now take another ride from the toy train and to the launch star and blast off.
    Grab the spring power up and jump onto a wall and the spring will automatically
    wall jump upwards. Take the tasty right way and jump over the yummy chocolate
    blocks to the other end of the mill. Fall down on to the plate with a piece
    of cake on it. Jump on top of the cake and go all around the orange and jump
    at the end for a sling star. Or you can take a easier way by getting on top
    of the spoon then jumping over the white chocolate.
    Song change to Freezeflame! You know why, because it is time to see the icy
    treats. Get on top of the ice cream and pole jump all the way across the icy
    poles on to the lollipops. Get to the other side crossing icy platforms on to
    more lollipops. Once you are on the ice platform, go to the other side for a
    red mushroom then wall jump upwards into the cannon. Shoot to the launch star.
    Mmm, cake. Keep jumping past the spoons and get on top of the birthday cake.
    Go near a candle and spin to douse it. Do the same for the other four candles
    then blast to Monty mole's cake battle.
    Same thing with Gold Leaf except you need to get to the spring powerup. Get
    the red mushroom if you need too as well. Once you have killed him, get the 
    power star.
    Choose Mario meets Mario mission. Go to the part where you need to collect star
    chips. On one of the platforms, there is a hungry Luma. Feed him 30 starbits
    and proceed on.
    Here, you need to avoid getting squashed and hit all flipswitches to turn 
    yellow. Once you have done that, get the power star.
    Mwahha! Apparently people have trouble on this really badly. Me? I loved it,
    it is one of my favourite purple coin missions. Too many people complain that
    they keep falling off. Well here is a tip.
    Start on the outer board of Luigi first, don't just run around anywhere as that
    will cause easy death. Long jump over dark matter to get many purple coins. 
    Leave the start available to come back at as that is where the power star is.
    Time should not be a issue in this mission.
    The last fast-foe comet in the game is here!
    Same mission as the Flipswitch chain. Except faster, be cautious and this 
    mission will be easy. Also, do not take risks either, risks lead to easy death.
    Well did you like Toy Time? Yes? No? Not sure. Oh well, lets move on to Bonefin
    >>>>>>>>>BONEFIN GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    This is a underwater boss. A skeleton shark. The easy part is, getting the 
    shells and throwing them at him. The bad part is, he has babies that follow
    you like a homing Torpedo Ted. Being underwater can be difficult because you
    need to get bubbles or coins for air. It takes like 6 hits to kill this boss
    for the power star.
    >>>>>>>>>>SAND SPIRAL GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    Yes, choosing a MUSHROOM snack.
    After the broken ship, choose Boo for easy path. Or bee for a more challenging
    path. They both are the same way. Once you get out of the barrel of sand, there
    are invincibility stars galore. Get them and keep running all the way right
    and you will get closer to the moon planet. Once as close as can, jump on the
    moon planet that has little gravity and get the power star.
    >>>>>>>>>>BOWSER JR.S LAVA REACTOR<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Yeah, that red octopus returns for more revenge.
    Go to the end of the first planet to find a bazooka bill machine, get a bazooka
    bill on your back all the way to the start of the planet and break the glass
    Get the red mushroom then keep running forward and launch off to King Kaliente.
    Same movements and attacks here. The difference are the platforms, keep running
    so you do not get caught in the lava. Once you have killed Kaliente, get the
    spicy power star.
    Woo! Engine room is complete. Lets go to a familiar place, somewhere we have 
    been before.
    <><><><><><><><>THE GATE><><><><><>
    Yeah, we have been here before!
    Nope, we have already done this mission. 
    This is the first and only mission of purple coins that is accessible without
    beating Bowser the final time.
    Well get on top of the colosseum and talk to Rosalina, then a red Luma. He says
    he will give you his power somewhere else if you earn his trust. His power is
    the red star powerup. A.K.A Flying. YES! FLYING! Get the thirty purple coins
    in the air then get the rest on the ground for a red power star.
    >>>>>>>>>>BOO'S BONEYARD GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    Head to the pipe on the first planet.
    Get the Boo suit and verse the spooky speedster with the boo suit this time.
    Get familiar with the course as this may take you a couple of tries. Once you
    have beaten him, get the ghosty power star.
    Yep, this dome is done already! Now it is time to go to the last secret dome
    of this game. The Garden.
    <><><><><><><>THE GARDEN<><><><><><><>
    Hmm, beautiful scenery here? I think so too. Let's start with Deep Dark Galaxy.
    Notice there isn’t any Bowser base here, the villains don't even KNOW this dome.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>DEEP DARK GALAXY<<<<<<<<<<<
    Welcome to another kinda spooky galaxy! It is another water one teehee. Oh! The
    Toads are helping, no wait, there only on vacation. Stupid lousy Toads.
    Firstly go on to the cannon. There are three places to go to. One to the gate
    planet for coins, another for a rainbow and fire flower powerup and the cheat
    way. Shooting to the cheating way is hard for beginners. All you have to do
    is aim left until you see two yellow moving platforms. Time and shoot to the
    second platforms side so you can bounce off then fall in the water to proceed.
    This is the normal way.
    First shoot at the rainbow star and demolish every alien there. Grab the fire
    flower and get back on the planet. Light the torches and proceed onwards into
    the water.
    SONG CHANGE! I like this better, it is full of suspense.
    Swim downwards until you find a starbits arrow. Follow it and spin the lever to
    open the gate. Now swim upwards and spin the switch there to open that gate.
    Get on the ghost ship to fight Kamella.
    Her attacks are the same but different. Instead of shooting one fireball she
    shoots three. Other than that, her weakness is still the same by shooting 
    shells at her. Now you will fight her on the top deck, same attacks here but
    small area. Keep running to avoid the fireballs of Kamella and two magikoopas
    she summons. Once killed, get the power star.
    Well you know how to kill this mole OR you can kick coconuts on it. Which ever
    way is up to you. Get in to the cannon after the mole is killed and either
    shoot the cheating way or to the alien planet. If you cheat, keep wall jumping
    on top of the blocks and proceed forward past the Magikoopa, climb the pole
    and get blast off by the bubbles. If you are at the alien planet, get the fire
    flower and light the torches outside and inside the gate to reveal a ice flower
    powerup. Get it and jump on top of the fountains. Keep proceeding until you get
    to higher ground and blast off from the bubble shooter.
    I thought THESE enemies would not return! It is the return of the cheep cheeps!
    Well only for this planet. Sad thing is that they only inhabit this planet and
    no where else. Stump the logs and blast off to a glass planet.
    This has seriously got to be the weirdest planet and mission yet! You need to
    ground pound the tennis balls right under you into the watermelon to make it
    bigger. Do it to the other two to get the power star out of the melon. Three
    letters, WTH. That is what you were thinking of. I am a psycho. No wait! 
    Physic, PHYSCIC!!
    All you have to do is get under the lake and beat Guppy in his own game. Like
    sea-slide? Simple.
    >BOO IN A BOX< (H)
    Well choose the third mission and swim underwater where Guppy is. Grab a shell
    and toss it a mine in front of the abandoned shipwrecked ship. It will break
    and reveal a launch star. Launch off to a box with a Boo in it.
    The Boo has a power star, we must KILL IT! Hit the gravity shifter all three
    directions until you are at the right side of the box. Break the crystal and
    lure the Boo into the light. Hit the gravity arrow again and get the power 
    Ok so there are 12 in the water behind you. There are 7 just touching the water
    anywhere. There are a total of 17 on land, 12 submerged in the water where the
    ghost ship is. 3 leading on to the ghost ship and 13 around the ghost ship NOT
    on the ghost ship. What I mean is that only accessible by falling on to them
    or jumping to get them from the water. 38 on the ghost ship and the last one
    in air that’s accessible from long jumping the top deck. Total 100 purple coins.
    You start right next to the Ghost ship. This can be easy or can be hard 
    deciding how agile you are. The only thing you need to do is dodge all attacks.
    After 5 tries, you should be done.
    To my favourite level in the game with machines! A copy of Battlerock, 
    Dreadnought galaxy!
    >>>>>>>DREADNOUGHT GALAXY<<<<<<<<
    Woo! My favourite galaxy in SMG. This level is like Battlerock. Of course, 
    this is also most a mere copy of Battlerock with the theme and the music.
    Just like Battlerock's second mission. Now from the first planet, avoid the
    electrical spotlights and get to the top of the planet to launch off. Kill the
    enemies to get into the pipe here.
    Woot! More 2-Dness taken right from Battlerock. Proceed forward and wall jump
    between the walls. Go to the left of the wall for a red mushroom, go right to
    proceed on. Here spin the arrow to shift the gravity and get up on top of the 
    platforms. Change the gravity and jump on to the moving platforms. Proceed in
    to the pipe to get outta here!
    Now, Keep jumping up from the Topmaniacs here then wall jump upwards as two 
    walls are moving up. Launch off to a cube planet.
    Look around for a sling star. This planet is dry, we need to get a bazooka bill
    to home on you and break the glass cage. The water will be released then get
    on to a higher platform. Jump on the electrical spotlights and take a ride to
    the power star.
    Yeah, more like Battlerock barrage. Get the bolts moving by running sideways.
    Get to the next platform and flip all flipswitches to stop those baby chomps
    in there tracks. Get the starbits and proceed to the next platform area which
    is after the bolts. Killing the aliens, proceed to the launch star.
    Now prepare for a barrage here. Same thing with battle rock but longer path and
    gravityfied platforms. Avoid the cannonballs and get to the end with the power
    star awaiting.
    Ooh! I smell some revenge here! I guess the Topmaniacs don't give up easily.
    Lets go teach them for twice and for all.
    Go to the top of the metal UFO and jump off the spring Topmaniac on to the 
    sling star. Get both red Topmaniacs to collide with the electric cage to free
    the Luma. Talk to it so it TRANSFORMS! Into a sling star.
    Ground pound the red switch and get all simple blue chips. Pull yourself to the
    launch star and blast off!
    Firstly, go under the missile to get a red mushroom. Now Carefully pull past 
    the cannons and get the M'shrooms on the way. Launch off to a runway?
    Grab the shell and open all chests. One of them will have a red shroom so get
    it. Get to the end avoiding the electric fields to the launch star. It is time
    to kick Topman's butt again.
    There is a shop Luma here so buy a extra life or a red mushroom if you want.
    Get to the top and defeat Topmaniac again. The only difference in this battle
    are lessened electric and more Topman. 
    Oh no! Not this again, but HARDER! Grr, to get there, go under the first UFO
    you land on and into the pipe to the Ammo Deport.
    You know what to do, make a chain reaction with bombs and jump to throw bombs
    furtherer. All I can say is good luck. Oh and throwing the bombs on the yellow
    lights don't work in this situation.
    The hardest purple coin challenge is here! Well for most players, like me!
    Well the tip here is to avoid the cannonballs and not missing a single coin.
    Miss one means instant suicide. Another tip is don't move up and down, only
    left on right otherwise you will mess up getting the purple coins when you 
    are on platforms which are gravity attracted up or sideways. Also, don't panic
    when you get to the end as you SHOULD have 99 purple coins. Launch to get the
    purple coin in air and right into the star. Trust me, some people go satanic
    not knowing that the last purple coin is in the air, such as my cousin XD. 
    Especially that he killed himself to get the purple coin he missed until I 
    clarified him. Anyways, good luck.
    Yep, the last speed comet in the game. Should not be too hard as you have a 
    whopping six minutes to get to and defeat Topman.
    Well, well, well. You finished my favourite galaxy in the game, did ya like it?
    did ya? DID YA!?!? Anyway lets move to the last big galaxy of the game, Melty
    Molten galaxy, almost like the sun in our universe.
    >>>>>>>>>MELTY MOLTEN GALAXY<<<<<<<<<
    Lets start by heading past the flame geysers and to the ever falling bridges.
    Now we need to ground pound the stone switch and WAIT for the flame geysers to
    stop blowing. Wall jump upwards and sling star to the volcano. Fall in for
    starbits then quickly hit the launch star and blast off from the erupting
    volcano. Pull yourself to the three ball planets and rest. Continue by 
    pulling yourself past the magma planets that can attract you to burn. Launch
    off to then quickly launch to a planet in fire. Collect all the star chips to
    form a launch star to get to the sinking lava spire.
    Here, this spire is sinking, Scale the spire avoiding burns and get to the 
    power star.
    Go to the sinking bridges to find its not there! How will we ever proceed, 
    there are torches here but who cares! There is nothing to light them with.
    My dear friend, you are wrong. Get the flamy enemies to light the torches to
    reveal a launch star.
    A 2-D planet! With Thwomps! This planet is easy, just walk past the Thwomps
    to the next launch star.
    Collect all star chips here to repair the launch star. Fly to the next
    A curvy planet here, get to the end then get a bazooka bill to home on you. 
    Without it hitting on the obstacles, lead it to where you landed to crack
    open the launch star.
    Get on the ball for another one of those rolling levels. Roll your way past
    meteors, holes and lava to get the power star.
    So many bosses, RETURNED! Ok, lets get a move on.
    Get to the same route past the different bridges and wall jump upwards and into
    the pipe. Now you are on a sunken UFO. Sling off onto the next planet in lava.
    This planet looks oddly familiar, remember from the first mission of MM? Hmm?
    Anyway you must kill all enemies to proceed to the next planet.
    This planet moves so don't touch the lava at all or the swishing fireballs or
    there tails at all. Get to the other side of the planet and fly to the next
    planet. This planet is easy, get the M'shrooms here and all star chips to
    advance to the next planet.
    SOOOO, MUUUUUUCH, LAVAA!!! Well don't touch it that’s all. Keep slinging to
    the shop Luma. Buy something will ya? Then get to the next and last planet.
    Fiery dino piranha.
    This boss may be the hardest boss without any sort of comets at all. Beside
    Kingfin, I think this IS the hardest boss.
    His new attacks are make himself too hot to touch. He leaves a trail of fire
    behind him so be careful. His tail also turns hot so plan your spin 
    efficiently and effectively. Sometimes he shoots fireballs out of his mouth so 
    dodge them. Hit him three times and his gone for good! Get the burning power 
    star to end this mission.
    Choose the first mission. Gather a lot of starbits, total of 80 in fact. Talk
    to the hungry Luma on the three balls planet and launch to a fire tide planet.
    This place is annoying so don't take risks at all. Get all silver stars and get
    the power star.
    Owie! These coins are hot. So ignore the burn and get them.
    Get all the coins in the first area before moving to the sinking bridges. 
    First we are taking the right path bridge, the one in the first mission. Get
    all purple coins that are under the falling bridge. When you get on land, you
    should have 52/100
    Get the purple coin hiding behind that pillar you jumped off from. Get the 5
    purple coins on the geysers and the one in air. Thwomp the stone pillar and 
    wall jump upwards and get all purple coins up here. Before you sling off the
    sling star, you should have 72 purple coins.
    Sling into the volcano and get all five purple coins. Get out of the volcano
    and slide down to get three purple coins. 80/100
    Get the 3 next to you and get all of the ones on the falling bridged all the 
    way to the area where the pipe is in the third mission. Go backwards on more
    sinking bridges to get the rest of the purple coins. 100/100
    Go get the power star.
    Another difficult daredevil mission. Like Bouldergeist's one. Now the tip here
    is to avoid enemies, if the flamy gets close to you, spin so it can't hurt.
    Be patient when you Thwomp the stone pad. Wait for the geysers to stop blowing.
    The next hard part is the pull paths, just wait until the fireball passes, 
    don't just think it is passed and pull to the next one. You are guaranteed to 
    die so be patient here.
    Another hard area is where you collect star chips. Remember, kill the enemies
    if you have to, be patient with the geysers and wait for it to stop blowing.
    Now, the lava spire... Just rush and be patient when the rocks come out. You
    can pass through two of them but the third one is when you have to wait for
    it to pass by. Kill the enemies to get them out of the way.
    Or you can take a handy shortcut here. When you get to the part where there
    are three yellow rock stairs are in the ground, (which is at the start) jump
    on the third rock stair and back flip upwards to see an alcove. Keep back 
    flipping past the alcove to a crystal which contains a extra life. Jump right 
    and you will be at the stone pad part where you must butt stomp it so you can 
    wall jump upwards. Taking this path is safer and easier as you have more time 
    to wall jump while the lava rises up. 
    Once you have done this mighty daredevil star, pat your shoulder and 
    congratulate yourself for doing the last and hard daredevil comet.
    Woot! All main galaxies done, only a couple more and you will be on your way
    to 100% and finishing my guide to =].
    >>>>>>>MATTER SPLATTER GALAXY<<<<<<<
    Another Matter Splatter mansion. Just proceed past the magikoopas and into the
    pipe. Proceed and time your wall jumps up on to higher ground. Follow the spot-
    light back and forth to wall jump upwards. Proceed past the Magikoopa and into
    another pipe. This is where it gets difficult, grab the ? coin and the spring
    powerup and wait for the spotlight to rise to reveal platforms. Bear in mind
    that you can only jump through the pink grates, nothing else. Once at the top,
    go into the last pipe for the level and for the game! LOL. Now you need to
    follow the spotlight to the end carefully, without falling and dodging the
    magikoopas to get the splatty power star.
    Another Bunny capture mission. Thankfully its the last one in the game. 
    On the first planet, go under to get a shell and break open the chest to reveal
    a sling star.
    Now, the time limit is really short even though it looks long. It would take
    you a whole 150 seconds if you didn't know where to go. Ok, firstly get all
    the flipswitches, there’s some uncovered on the ground, some on the bottom and
    top and some in the snow. Use the star pointer to uncover the ones in the snow.
    Now that the hatch has opened, get the fire flower and burn the snowman to 
    uncover a bunny and a shell. Catch the bunny and get the shell. Throw it at
    the chest and capture the second bunny. The last is in the cracks under snow,
    use the star pointer to uncover it. Capture the last bunny and get the icy,
    fluffy power star. Oh, if you didn't have enough time, well you die. How? 
    Mario has a heart attack because he didn't catch all bunnies. Seriously? Why 
    ask me? Go ask the PROGRAMMERS! Yeesh.
    Your almost done! You should have 119 stars by now, if not, go refer to my 
    guide to find the ones you missed. C’mon! Were so close to finishing Super
    Mario Galaxy.
    Talk to Rosalina to travel to the centre of the universe. After the cool
    cut scene, begin Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.
    The second last star mission. Hmm? what? Not last? Of course not! There is 
    still the Gran-- *gets injected with memory loss needle* Uhh, what was I 
    saying.. Oh yeah, the fate of the universe. The second last star mission.
    OK begin by touching the gravity spotlights. Do that formula all the way to
    the launch star to begin Bowser's new galaxy and a new way of transportation.
    Ok, first element, fire planet. You could either a.) Proceed the planet. OR
    B.) Long jump diagonally down left and get burnt to the next gravitation 
    spotlight. Either way is up to you.
    Second element, ice planet. Like SJ, platforms will form for you but this time
    break if your not fast enough. Sorry, no shortcuts for this planet.
    Third element, sand planet. After the rotating three gears at the start. Long
    jump + spin diagonally up right to the moving sand platforms to end up next to
    the gravitation spotlight. Happy? Another shortcut just for you..
    Fourth element, Ice planet. No wait, let me clarify that. Junk planet. Like
    the ice planet, hurry or die. Get to the spotlight at the end to get off this
    planet and also, no shortcuts here :(
    Now, on a lava barrel planet. Avoid the bazooka bills and the large one and
    get to the end to fly off from the launch star on to Bowser's stairs in air!
    Get the red mushroom and the green mushroom before the stairs collapse on you.
    Get to Bowser and face him to a last battle.
    Yes, same procedure here, no wait, no blue glass tiles here. WHAT DO WE DO!
    Ok, calm down! Basically wait for Bowser to turn into his new attack, a rock.
    When Bowser face pops out of the rock, spin on it to get him upside down. Do
    it one more time to face him on the next planet.
    Ok, still no blue glass tiles. Wait for him to do his other attack which is
    spiky shell rolling, get the timing right and spin the tree on to him to get
    him upside down. You can get him without him rolling - When he is shooting
    Last planet, wa.. wai. WAIT! I SEE BLUE GLASS TILES HERE! Yep, you know what
    to do. Just avoid him and finish Bowser off for good.
    Well you have beaten Bowser, now sit back and enjoy the ending...
    ...Well did you understand it? I didn't.. much. Wait, why am I talking to you?
    The credits are rolling, so go away and wait until they finish...
    ...Ok you can talk to me now. At the end, you get a text saying you have 
    unlocked the last chapter of the story book. You have also unlocked purple 
    comets! Go refer to my guide on how to do em. Once you have all 120 stars talk
    to me for a bonus spoiler!!!
    you can control Bowser's side of the game. Get a different ending too!
    I’m kidding, jokes. But I bet you believed for a bit there. Talking seriously,
    you unlock Super Luigi Galaxy. Yeah, you can play the game as Luigi. He is
    faster and jumps higher, but he slips. He has asthma too because when you spin
    underwater, his air gradually loses faster. The game is supposed to be harder
    with him, but I find it the same as Mario's quest. You start on the Luma planet
    so you miss star festival. Oh and, Rosalina will call you Luigi, the missions
    originally with Mario in it turn to Luigi. Except the Mario meets Mario mission.
    It is Luigi meets Mario. When you rescue Luigi from ghostly galaxy, NOT MARIO!
    He blabbers about clones and stuff. You will get used to it.
    Now once you have beaten the game with Luigi, all 120 stars, you unlock the
    Grand Finale Galaxy. No jokes, the GFG is the star festival, with the mission
    of purple coins. Oops! I guess I lied about the last purple coin mission.
    This one is the last purple coin mission. Heehee.
    To access this galaxy, go to the trial galaxies area and search for another
    green Luma that will take you to GFG
    >>>>>>GRAND FINALE GALAXY<<<<<<
    This mission is too easy, don't complain about dieing here because it is not
    possible. Burning yourself is the only way to die. I think there are torches.
    Now purple coins are straight forward. I'd say the only hard one is the one
    on top of the mushroom toad brigade ship. Of course back flipping isn't hard
    to get on to but that’s the only purple coin that can be missed if you don't 
    see it probably. But yeah, even the one on the mushroom toad brigade ship 
    is easy, I'm just saying that’s the hard one for this galaxy since there is 
    not any hard coins to get. Lol, I am not even making sense here...
    Talk to all the characters if you want but you will be forced to talk to mail
    Toad. He will mail you with as both Mario and Luigi, giving you a letter of
    achievement for beating Super Mario Galaxy. Get the power star and be proud
    as you have gotten all 121 stars for both Mario and Luigi.
    You can see the death count now but I won't add it to the secrets section 
    because there is no point. You can either now play again or look for secrets
    or glitches for me so I can include that secret/glitch to the list and your
    credit of course.
    10.) Secrets/tips
    Secrets and hints about Mario galaxy. I am happy to share secrets from me. 
    Others are welcome too, they will be added to the credits section.
    Cosmic Mario race boost.
    When the number two counts down, hold Z and forward on the nunchuk. As soon
    as it says go, press A for a boost.
    Homing butt stomp.
    This is not really a secret but it is worth to know what it does. To perform
    this move, jump + spin in the air then immediately butt stomp to perform a 
    homing one. This homes on anything, from enemies to coins, to characters.
    11.) Story book
    Once you have gotten a certain amount of stars, the library will open with 
    Rosalina telling you a story. Anyway here it is.
    Chapter 1 The celestial duo
    Our story beings a very, very long time ago with a young girl. One day, this
    girl spotted a rusted spaceship holding a small star child.
    ''What's your name? Are you lost?'' The girl asked the star child. ''I'm Luma, 
    and I'm waiting for Mama. She's coming for me on a comet!'' Said the star
    child, who had been waiting day and night.
    ''Don't worry. I'll wait with you'' the little girl promised Luma.
    At nightfall, the little girl borrowed her father's telescope and peered into
    the sky. She looked and looked, but she saw nothing. Hours turned into days
    and they years, but still the sky revealed nothing. Finally, the little girl
    sighed and said to Luma, ''If we stay here looking much longer, I'll be an old
    lady soon." But then she had an idea.'' Why don't we go out there and find your
    mother ourselves?"
    The girl and Luma fixed up the rusty spaceship, and then the two set sail into
    the starry sky. And this is how the search for the celestial mother began.
    Chapter 2 Starbits
    Days passed with no sight of the comet, or even a single planet. Instead,
    asteroids extended for as far as the eye could see. ''If I had known it was
    going to take this long, I would have packed more jam'' said the little girl,
    above the rumble of her belly.
    Before they left, she had packed all the essentials: telescope, butterfly net,
    stuffed bunny, bread, milk, jam, and apricot-flavoured tea, but...
    ''I forgot to bring water!'' At this, Luma burst into gales of laughter, 
    and the girl began to pout. ''As long as I have Star Bits, I'll be fine," Said 
    Luma. ''Want some?'' The little girl couldn't stay mad after hearing this.
    Luma continued to laugh, and the girl couldn't help but join in. ''Alright,
    maybe just a nibble.''                          
    Leaning far out of the ship, the pair began to collect Star Bits with the
    girl's net. They almost fell out a few times, but they kept on collecting.
    The Star Bits tasted like honey.
    Chapter 3 The comet
    A beam of light pierced through the ship's window. Thinking it was the morning
    sun, the girl peered through the ship's window, only to find a turquoise blue 
    comet shimmering at her. The little girl shook the sleeping Luma awake and 
    shouted excitedly, ''We HAVE to get that comet!''
    The pair descended on the comet and found that it was made of ice. They looked 
    high and low, but Luma's mother was nowhere to be found. Exhausted, the little 
    girl sat down with a flop, utterly unable to take another step. ''Look!''
    Peering down at the icy ground where Luma was pointing, the girl suddenly
    noticed clusters of Starbits encased in the ice. ''Pretty good, huh? Finding
    Star Bits is my specialty!'' said Luma, beaming. ''There's ice here, but it's 
    so warm, I'll bet there's water here too.'' The two decided to stay on the 
    comet for a while. Riding the turquoise comet, the pair continued their 
    search for Luma's mother.
    Chapter 4 The dream
    One night, the girl dreamed about her own mother. ''Where are you going?'' she
    asked her mother's retreating back. Without turning, her mother replied,
    ''Don't fret, dearest. I'm not going anywhere. I'm always watching over you,
    like the sun in the day and the moon in the night.''
    A wave of sadness washed over the girl. ''What about when it rains, and I can't
    see the sun or the moon?'' Her mother thought for a moment before responding.
    ''I will turn into a star in the clouds and wait for your tears to dry.''
    When she awoke, the girl's face was damp with tears. ''You have Star Bits in
    your eyes!'' said Luma to the girl. Wiping her face, the girl replied, ''These
    are tears, not Starbits. I'm crying because I'll never see my mother ever
    again!'' At this, Luma began to cry too. ''Mama, oh, Mama... Waaah!''
    The pair travelled through the starry skies, and though they encountered many
    other comets, not one of them held Luma's mother. Luma was despondent. ''Now,
    now, Luma. the rain clouds won't go away if you keep crying,'' the girl said,
    giving Luma a squeeze. ''I'll give you a present if you stop.'' The girl closed
    her eyes and said gently, ''I'll take care of you.'' With these words, she felt
    a small spark in her heart.
    Chapter 5 Home                                    
    ''The kitchen will go here, and the library will go over there,'' the girl said
    busily to herself. ''We'll put the gate here.'' Ever since the girl took Luma
    under her care, she'd been bustling about at a feverish pace. ''It's a lot of
    work, but it's worth it to make a happy home.'' It turned out that Star Bits
    weren't the only things buried in the ice. There were tools and furniture
    unlike any they had ever seen, and the girl used them to build a home.
    Looking at the complete house, Luma remarked, ''Don't you think it's awfully
    big for just the two of us?'' With a library, bedroom, kitchen, fountain, and
    gate, it was certainly spacious, but still, something seemed to be missing.
    ''If only my father, brother, and mother were here,'' the girl said wistfully.
    Indeed, the house was too large for its two small residents.
    That night, clutching her favourite stuffed bunny close to her heart, the girl
    fell asleep in the star ship.
    Chapter 6 Friends                                        
    Then one day, while the girl sat sipping tea, a tiny apricot coloured planet
    appeared on the horizon. From the planet, another Luma of the same colour
    emerged. ''Do you two know each other?!'' the girl asked the two Lumas
    gleefully. Despite the girl's excitement, they seemed uneasy.
    The two Lumas neither drew closer nor backed away from each other. Instead,
    they just stared. Then one Luma broke the silence. ''My mama!'' At once, the
    apricot Luma parroted back, ''My mama! My mama! ''My mama!'' ''My mama!'' 
    The two Lumas began to dance around the girl frantically, and neither showed 
    any sign of stopping. The girl was so charmed by this adorable scene that she 
    couldn't help but laugh. And that's when something very strange happened.
    Suddenly, more Lumas began to pop out from the apricot planet. They were all
    different colours, but they all shouted the same thing. ''My mama!'' 
    ''My mama!'' The sight of all the shouting Lumas only made the girl laugh 
    harder. ''What am I going to do with all these children?!'' The Lumas just 
    stared blankly as she doubled over laughing. ''I guess we'll have to name each 
    and every one of you.'' Tomorrow, once she had finished naming them all, 
    she would begin moving all the Lumas into the new house.
    Chapter 7 The telescope                                    
    After seeing their 100th comet, a sudden thought popped into the girl's head.
    ''I wonder if my home planet is still as blue as it was." That's when she
    remembered her father's telescope. 
    Peeking into the telescope, a tiny blue dot floated into sight. It was smaller
    than a Star Bit. ''How strange... It's so far away, but it feels so close.''
    She twisted the knob of the telescope, and the blue dot grew until she could
    make out a grassy hill dotted with flowers. It seemed very familiar to her.
    Zooming even closer, a Terrace on the hill came into view. ''I used to go
    stargazing there when I lived on my home.''
    She remembered rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she followed her father
    up that hill to look at the stars...
    She remembered how she and her brother would sled down that hill...
    She remembered having picnics with her mother on that hill on bright and windy
    ''I want to go home! I want to go home right now!'' The girl burst into tears,
    and the Lumas didn't know what to do. ''I want to go home! I want to go back to
    my house by the hill! I want to see my mother!'' The girl was shouting now, her
    face wet with tears. ''But I know she's not there! I knew all along that she
    wasn't out there in the sky! Because...because...''
    ''She sleeping under the tree on the hill!'' The girl's cries echoed through 
    the stars, and a hush fell over the area.
    Chapter 8 The wish 
    Though usually quite cheery, one day the girl became sad again. Luma drew
    close and tried to comfort her. ''Mama, you still have me!'' ''And don't be sad
    about your mama, because she's a part of you! That means she's always close
    by!'' ''It's like me. I love Star Bits because they remind me of my mama.''
    ''No...no...'' the girl said, unable to stop the tears.
    A lonely look flickered across Luma's face, but it was soon replaced by a wide
    grin. ''I have an idea!'' ''I will transform into a comet, a soaring comet that
    can carry you all on this journey!''
    With that, Luma, trailing bands of white, soared high into the sky and just as
    quickly started to plummet back down. KABOOM! KABLAM! The ground shook, and a
    bright light poured out of the crater that the Luma had created.
    The bands of light twisted together to form a comet tail. And then Luma 
    emerged, reborn as a comet.
    The girl could scarcely believe her eyes. ''But...how?'' she kept asking. ''Our
    destiny as Lumas is to transform into different things.'' Said a red Luma who
    had suddenly appeared. ''Stars, comets, planets... We can become all of these
    things!'' ''When I grow up, I want to become a star that makes someone special
    smile," said a green Luma. A blue Luma chimed in, ''That Luma turned into a
    real cutie of a comet, didn't he!''
    All of the Lumas together said, ''No more crying, Mama!'' ''Thank you...'' said
    the girl in a whisper, and she pulled the Lumas close and hugged them. From
    that day on, Starbits no longer fell from the girl's eyes.
    The comet set forth for the girl's home planet, its long tail blazing proudly
    behind it.
    Final Chapter (9) Family
    With its many Lumas and telescopes, the comet was quite a sight to behold. The
    girl and the Lumas were proud to call it home. At a welcoming party for a new
    Luma, the girl gathered everyone in the kitchen and said in a louder voice
    than usual... ''All right, everyone! Let's make a cake! A cake sprinkled with
    Starbits! Then it will be a star cake!'' The Lumas excitedly began to gather
    the ingredients.
    As she watched the Lumas scurry about, the girl smiled and thought to herself,
    ''This is my family now, and I will stay with them until they're ready to leave
    the nest. And when they do leave, I'll see them off with a smile.'' ''Because
    that's what makes a mother the happiest.''
    That night, when the girl lay down to sleep, a soft light enveloped her and
    reminded her of the blue planet she once called home. ''But it would be nice to
    return home once every one hundred years to nap in my favourite sleeping nook.''
    The comet carrying the Lumas and the girl continues on its journey to this
    very day. With more ''family members'' in tow than can be counted, it's said
    that the comet visits the girl's home planet once every hundred years, its
    proud whit tail glittering in the sky.
                                     THE END!
    You may understand the story until the last couple of chapters. That is where 
    I zoned off a bit.
    12.) Glitches
    Yeah, there is not much here. But I am happy for you to send me some glitches.
    You will go down in the credits section
    1.) At some galaxies, you can go through the floor. An example is sea-slide.
    Choose the first mission, then look for a sling star behind you. Shoot off on 
    to the mushroom brigade ship. Shoot off again and hold forward on the Nunchuk
    to phase right through the floor. Mario will then be in a swimming position. 
    Jump to get out and back on to the ground. I tried once more but it did not 
    work. The chances were luck for me but maybe if you reset it. You can do it 
    I also heard you can go through a Goomba too.
    13.) FAQ
    Well this is where Frequently Asked Questions go. 
    Q: How do I beat the _______ mission, how do I get to that part?
    A: Refer to my guide please.
    Q: I don't see any hidden star mission on your guide..
    A: Well scroll down a bit more and you will see a mission marked
    H for hidden.
    Q: How do I unlock purple coins?
    A: Beat the centre of the universe to unlock the purple coin
    missions. The only one you can do before the centre of the
    universe is The Gate.
    Q: On top of the bedroom, there is a Luma that has a secret
    and he won't tell me what it is. How do I find out.
    A: Beat The gate galaxy mission purple coins and then he will
    give you a flying star powerup next to him.
    14.) Credits
    Myself, Lol! Well because I kept on continuing and was not lazy to provide 
    this walkthrough for you guys.
    RockyStarPro, for helping me get started on this walkthrough.
    CJayC, for creating this awesome site.
    The mods, for letting this walkthrough in.
    Parents, for getting me into video games.
    God, creating this world and me.
    Nintendo, for making such a great Mario game.
    Joshua Koehn, for providing the Megaleg tip.
    15.) Last message
    I enjoyed writing up this walkthrough as you read it. It was loads of fun 
    writing this up on my favourite game of the Wii. I don't know if I will submit
    any other walkthroughs for other games. This game, I just felt it NEEDED
    another walkthrough. See you later, or next guide.
    "May the Cosmos be with you!"

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