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"Strangely disappointing, but still an enjoyable game"

The Good: Strong level design, sharp character models and environments, same gameplay as 64.

The Bad: Gameplay hasn't evolved much since 64, camera can be a pain at times, lack of full voice acting leaves a lot to be desired, a tad bit too easy.

Over a decade ago we were given what many considered a gaming revolution at its time. The game was called Super Mario 64, and it put an innovative spin on the classic Mario formula by making it 3D. Several years later we got Super Mario Sunshine, a slightly disappointing yet solid game. Super Mario Galaxy, the newest game in the Mario franchise, fixes many flaws of past Mario games, but fails to deliver the revolutionary gaming experience we've desired since Sunshine. Read below to find out why.

GAMEPLAY: 7 out of 10
What is easily the most important part of any game is how it plays. Galaxy plays well, but its lack of innovation really pulls it back. The same formula from 64 (enter level, perform task, collect star) is still here, and it seems they've removed the coin missions, which is a disappointment to me. The platforming is easier than past Mario games, so Mario vets may feel like their hand's being held through much of the game. However, the levels are well-designed and the strong gameplay will likely please you most of the time. There are some minor camera issues here and there, but they never ruin the game and the controls hold together quite well. Overall, the gameplay won't impress you much, but is still fun play.

GRAPHICS: 9 out of 10
While they don't compare to most 360 games, Galaxy has easily the best graphics on Wii right now. The art direction is superb, easily the best in any Mario game to date. The characters are brought to live by vivid colors, and the combination of strong level designs and beautiful environments makes for an incredible-looking game.

AUDIO: 8 out of 10
Like its graphics, Galaxy features the best soundtrack in a Mario game to date. The music is orchestrated, so it should hopefully please those who were disappointed with Twilight Princess's (IMO) lackluster soundtrack. However, Mario's overused "Wooh! WAHAH!" sound effects can get annoying at times, and the Wii remote's speaker sounds terrible.

STORY: 6 out of 10
Mario games were never known for their story, so it's no surprise that Galaxy has a fairly weak one. Mario is invited by Princess Peach to attend a festival at her castle, but when he comes, disaster strikes. Bowser and his gang are there, and only moments later, Peach is kidnapped and Mario has been launched into outer space. The game takes a more cinematic approach than previous installments, so the end product feels awkward and un-Mario-like, unfortunately.

VALUE: 8 out of 10
Galaxy can be finished by just about any Mario vet in under 10 hours, which I found relatively disappointing. I haven't beaten it 100%, but I can safely say it won't take you much longer to collect all the stars. Any casual gamer can likely beat this game in less than a week.

OVERALL: 7 out of 10
Galaxy is a fun, enjoyable Mario game with great level designs, an amazing soundtrack, and beautiful graphics for a Wii game. Although you're sure to enjoy yourself while playing through its short but sweet levels and collecting stars, you may feel a pang of disappointment as you realize just how many elements it's borrowed from previous Mario games. Still, Galaxy provides plenty of joy-filled hours to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/07/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (JP, 11/01/07)

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