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"Mario Goes up Into Space! A Solid Mario game"

Its been a while since I played a 3-D Mario "action" game. The last one I played was Super Mario Sunshine which I only get the chance to play it when I bought the Wii (I don't have a GameCube) and I didn't like it that much. Anyway, here comes Super Mario Galaxy, the latest installment of the Mario series. After start playing it for sometimes, I can say that this is way better than Super Mario Sunshine. Enough with the introductions, lets get starting with the review.


From what I've been playing so far, the process is similar to the previous games. You start a mission, complete the objective and get a Star... BUT! The big difference is that this time, you're in space and you jump from planet to another planet with different environment, enemies, and puzzles to solve. Lets just say that its fun. Very [i]fun[/i] indeed and it's not difficult as well so you won't be getting frustrated like when you play Devil May Cry (clearing that Dante Must Die is really HELL) but even so I have to say that I have problems with the camera views when you go on the planet up-side-down but that doesn't really hinder the game play much. I just can't stop playing the moment I boot this game up and start playing. The control is quite simple, actually it's similar to the old 3-D Mario games but it make uses of the Wiimote functions such as shaking the WiiMote to spin, point the WiiMote on the screen and collect stars or shoot em' at your enemies. The "Mini-games" in Super Mario Galaxy also makes you uses more of your WiiMote functions to do stuffs like surfing and errr... lets just leave it to that. I also like the extra add-on Player 2 features in the game.


Mario got invited to a party by Princess and... Bowser shows up and crash the party. Taking the Princess away and now Mario had to bring her back not just by going through various worlds this time but going through GALAXIES. Anyway, the core story is pretty much like the other Mario games but this wouldn't let down the game play so it doesn't matter.


Probably the best I saw after Metroid Prime Corruption (which I seem to suffer from motion sickness while playing) for a Wii game. Okay, it may not be mind blowing compare to some of those games in Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 but it's probably the one of the best in the Wii system. Its very colorful and runs very smoothly. I also enjoyed the orchestra music in SMG, it really suits the stage. Probably the best soundtrack in the Mario series right now.


You can beat this game in less than a week or even in less than 24 hours if you are willing to sit through it. Its not really that long. Most people wouldn't bother to revisit the planets after they finish the game and collect all the secrets unless... well, I'll let you find that out yourself.


You should just buy this game whether you're a Mario fan or not. If not, renting would be fine because the game won't take too long to finish. You can always buy it later if you really want it. Its entirely up to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/08/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (JP, 11/01/07)

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