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"Mario shoots for the stars!"

Super Mario Galaxy is one of those rare games that comes once in a generation. Not since the plucky plumber's 3D debut have we had such an engrossing and amazing game, and I'm sure you will agree. The game starts out during the Mushroom Kingdom comet festival and Peach has invited Mario. I bet you can tell what is going to happen next, right? Bowser has his own plans, coming and pulling Peach's Castle into deep space. Mario finds out he must gather the power stars in order to fly to the center of the universe and rescue her. Not an original plot, but the dazzling graphics make up for it.

Twist, fly, and run upside-down with Mario as he explores the cosmos. Sure, other games have dabbled in gravity and circular worlds, but no one can do it better than Nintendo. You will constantly be amazed by the new ways the gravity wil be used. You can literally take a running leap and rotate around a small planet several times before landing. Other times you will be forced to navigate mazes where you can't tell which side is up. Trust me, it's fun!You will never get tired of the gravity effect, sometimes going back to old worlds just to watch Mario defy physics.
Nintendo hasn't forgotten the Wiimote. In smaller galaxies, you will use it to guide Mario on top of a ball through a hazardous golf course. The next time, you will be blowing him in a bubble through a poisonous swamp. These are my favorite galaxies.

By beating levels and collecting stars, you will unlock new levels. There is never a shortage of galaxies, so you will always have something to do. It should take you about 15 hours to get to the final boss fight. (There is a surprise for getting all 120 stars, but I can't tell you here. I can tell you it is worth it!)

The music can probably be considered as one of the best ever for a video game. The tunes cver all sorts of ground from a soothing waltz, a creepy ghost theme, to upbeat remixes of your favorite Mario songs. Fully orchestrated, they're amazing. You will unconsciously find yourself humming them throughout the day. Here's hoping Nintendo releases a full soundtrack soon.

My only complaint is the camera system. There have been numerous times when I have died because something has obstructed the camera. Often you will find yourself running toward the camera which makes it frustrating when you don't know what's coming.

All in all, Super Mario Galaxy is a superb platformer and one that should not be missed. It doesn't get old, even if you play it non-stop. You can even add a second player to help you collect star bits (which are used as currency) or to hinder enemies. I would highly recommend this game t anyone, new and old to video games. If there ever was a must-have game for Wii, this would be it. I would even say it's better than Super Mario 64. If you know anything about that game, then you kmow this one has to be good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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