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"Sorry, Mario, but your best game is on the Wii!"

We've been waiting since November 19, 2006 for this game. We've eaten up all the screenshots, saw the demos, and what did we get? A hell of a game! Well worth the 50 bucks!


Amazing. Simply amazing how Nintendo can make it looks like the story is going the classic story of Bowser kidnapping Peach, and then give it the best twists possible. As it turns out, a magical comet comes over the mushroom kingdom tonight, and rains down power stars to all the kingdom. Mario gets an invitation to Peach's castle to watch it with her, and her new star friend, Luma. Once in Toad Town, your nearly a skip away from the castle, when a fleet of airships open fire on the city. You rush to the castle, where you find...Bowser? Doesn't he know there is know way in the world to beat you? He does, so threatens to create a new galaxy, as he takes Peach's castle to space! As Mario walks over the castle gate, lifted up with him to space , a Magikoopa appears. It swings its wand, and knocks him into the empty abyss. Peach cries out, as Bowser and Peach soar away. Left for dead, Mario wakes up on a small planetoid, and is approached by a star. It's Luma! After a brief chat, and a game of tag, he takes you to Rosalina. Appareantly, Boswer stole stars from her observatory, and used them to power his Galaxy creation plan! According to Rosalina, if they find enough stars, they can go to Bowser's galaxy, and save Peach. That's where your journey begins. Well, get going!



In the Mario series, the gameplay only gets better and better. This is the one exception. It gets WAY better. The four main buttons you need to know are these. Teh control stick, the A button, the B button, and the Wii remote itself. The mechanics of the game are basic, but infinitely entertaining. If you're a newcomer to the Mario series, or a longtime koopa killer, just jumping on a goomba will give you a warm fuzzy feeling you haven't felt since the good ol' days of Mario 64. The gravity system works surprisingly perfect. Never ( at least whenever I played it ) has it gone screwy and pulled me back to a planet, or into a black hole. Also, I'd like to add that this is one of the most easy to get into game I've played in a while. Once you collect around, at max, 40 stars you'll be hooked.

If anything was wrong with this at all, I'd say it would have to be a little too easy to beat. You could down this game in about a week. Of course, the replay value of any Mario game is enough to keep you satisfied until the next installment of the game. I'd say the gameplay is perfect.

Gamplay 10/10


Now, the weak point of all the Mario games has seemed to be it's cel shaded and overall happy graphics. Fortunately, this game has managed to somewhat close this gap. The mood has successfully managed to match the game almost perfectly. The boo stages all give a spooky feeling, while the honeyhive galaxy has that sort of " it's so cute! " feeling. OF course, you can never get a true feeling of fright or adventure in this series with out that " so cute " feeling. As for the stages, they're golden. A single level is comprised of huge buildings, plains, and lakes, stationary planetoids, spinning meteors, and moving comets, black holes, spikes, ponds, ships and debris all mixed and mashed into a beautiful collection of galaxies. Of course, the one of the main buzzes of this game is the costumes. The most of any Mario game, every costume has it's own colour palette. The boo suit I swear makes you look like an actual boo. I'd give it a 9/10.

Graphics 9/10


I can't really say much about this.The control scheme is flawless, and easy to make yours. The aim and stun starbit system is very useful, but also very quick to learn. A simple point and click. All you have to do is spend five minutes to try it out, and it'll be done.

Controls 10/10


Ok, think of every Mario game ever, plus some new stuff, and randomly assorted into one game. That's what this is. Some picks for music could've been better, but when you get to Bowser's star reactor, and you hear the Music from "Bowser in the Dark World" in Super Mario 64, you'll go nuts.

Music 9/10


Definatley a game for the record books. If your looking for a Wii platformer for the holidays, look no further. Super Mario Galaxy has arrived from space for your gaming pleasure.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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