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"Deserves every bit of praise it gets."

For every gamer, there are games that appeal to him or her. One gamer might like a good old fashioned puzzle game, whereas his or her friend might enjoy an off-the-hook, bloody shooter. Whether it be because of the gameplay, or because of the graphics, sound, characters or all of the above, these tastes are often very different, because of the wide variety of games available to the general gaming public. But, once in a blue moon, a game comes along that makes you stop in awe. These games are few and far in between, and I believe that Super Mario Galaxy deserves to be called such a game.

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the most fun games I have played in a very, very long time. This game came out in a month of high-profile games, and I had to make a very hard decision in choosing this game. While I am a Nintendo fan from when I was a little kid with a NES, I had to decide if I wanted a freeroaming action game, a Mario game, or a highly anticipated RPG. I chose the most familiar one, Mario, and I was not disappointed.

The graphics, for the Wii, are amazing. All the cutscenes are done with ingame technology and it looks fantastic. There are no framerate issues, none at all, everything is seamless, and when the first scene plays, you feel like you're watching a movie (albeit a very strange, Mario-esque, movie...what movies have turtles who fly around raining hot death on toadstools? =P). All the characters we are so familiar with (Mario, Peach, Bowser, koopas and the various denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom) are animated in near-perfect detail, and they look as vibrant and colourful as ever. They tell the story without fault, nothing can be misinterpreted at all, because the graphics are as detailed as they are outgoing.

The sound and music are incredible, with every Mario noise we've ever heard over the many years reintroduced into this game, and they honestly make the game that much more fun to play. From splashing around in water, to wall-jumping, to stomping Goombas to stealing a koopa's shell, this game has every sound delineated with astounding detail. The music is one of my favourite parts of this game. Since popping the disk into my Wii, I've often just stopped to listen to the beautifully orchestrated music. For me, music is a very large part of a game, even more so than normal. SMG takes the music we're all familiar with, and adds elements that make it exciting to listen to. The original theme song, the underground music, the various remixes that have been added, this game is simply a pleasure to listen to.

In most (if not all) games, the gameplay is what makes or breaks a game. A game could have a amazing story, but executed so poorly, that you don't want to play it anymore. This couldn't be farther from the truth in Super Mario Galaxy. Mario's more conventional abilities of being able to punch and kick have been removed, but within the first ten minutes of the game, you gain the ability to spin, both on the air and in the ground (as well as in space, of course!). This is crucial to the game, and it is very easily executed by a quick flick of the wrist and Wiimote. Apart from the easy-to-grasp controls, the very atmosphere and worlds that you encounter are just plain fun. You can travel from galaxy to galaxy via the main hub world (comparable to the castle in Super Mario 64), and it is all very straightforward. I have also spoken how a lot of the elements in this game are familiar to the average gamer. This does not mean, by any meaning of the word, that SMG is a simple rehash of Super Mario 64. No, SMG has its own style, and there is simply not another game out there that can compare to the experience that it gives you. This game can be picked up by a platforming veteran and be played as easily by someone who has not ever played video games in their entire life.

I really did make the right choice that day when I purchased SMG from my local video games dealer. From floating in the space between stars listening to the amazing soundtrack, to jumping off a planetoid only to be dragged to a different one by the forces of gravity, to simply looking at Mario doing triple jumps in the vacuum of space, Super Mario Galaxy is a form of art, in its own amazing way.



Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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