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"A near perfect game with one major flaw."

Mario is nintendo's mascot. The first Mario Bros. has the most sales in the world. Here is a review for his most recent game.

Graphics:9/10: The graphics of this game is almost perfect. The setting is put in great detail and the bosses look almost real. The one flaw is that it is sometimes blurry and I cannot see where I'm going and die. The game also has a rather poor camera system. But the graphics make me feel like if I were to break the TV, Mario and the enemies would come out.

Storyline:8/10: This game has a fairly solid plot. Basically the same thing as every mario game with a few other differences. Mario is invited to a festival and Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser. He is then blasted off by Kamek. The storyline is mostly the same as every other Mario game but the things that happen in between are a bit more complex.

Control:6/10:This is where the game pisses me off. The control by itself is fair, but the trouble comes in the following things: underwater, ball, and ray(all these things are in the manual). The control on those things are horrid. Underwater seems to not respond to your command. The ball and ray are the worst things in term of control. You use the wii remote to control the way they move. This is pretty much every game on the wii's flaw. The ray is a small exception because you press the a button to move forward and you can focus on driving. But the ball expects you to both focus on moving forth and drive at the same time. You will die because of the control.

Gameplay:10/10: This is always the main point of a game, to play well. This game exceeded my expectations on this factor. Basically it is the sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, and that game is a sequel to Super Mario 64. You basically get a certain number of things from a world (in this case galaxys) to progress to another world. To complete the game you need about half of the total amount of things(in this case stars). This games mostly plays the same but a little differently. There are "worlds" in this game. There are is a level to play and collect stars. Once you reached a certain amound of stars you unlock another level, and so on. Once you get about 6 more stars then you earned in the previos level, you move on to a small level, with a rather hard boss. Then you go to the next "world". The gameplay is very much like Super Mario 64. You run around killing anyting in your path, sometimes fight a boss, then retrive the item. So in the game you run, jump,and spin. Very simple yet very nice. A new feature is the gravity. You can walk upside down and when you jump close to a planet you automaticly go there.

You are almost guarenteed to like this game. The control is bad on the things mentioned but I'm sure you will be able to overcome that.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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