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Reviewed: 11/20/07

It's a Mario game alright-in space! =)

Once again, Mario starrs in a great platform Nintendo game. It's a Mario game alright- in space! Mario games are not strangers to anybody. Mario games are well known and written everywhere worldwide. Even my friend's who aren't really casual gamers know and love Mario. In this game, players will have fun shooting Mario to different planets and galaxies and collecting stars with the help of Luma's, toads, and Luigi...well...not Luigi very much. However, this game brings back classics and sweet memories that players from the beginning will enjoy and cherish forever.

Gameplay: 9/10

At first, it's not too exciting; you just have the usual: Go to a level, go through obstacles, get a star, and move on to the next. The levels are sort of simple at first, and there are mini bosses like in Super Mario Sunshine and others, but soon it gets pretty creative on the way and includes fun obstacles that you won't see in other Mario games. It's also pretty fun on how you get to pull yourself through many levels by grabbing onto stars and shooting Mario to other places. There's just everything everywhere, and you won't know what will happen next-which is pretty fun. Mario just flies all over the place. Also, I like how they were creative by using the details with space. Really, you can just jump from close up planets all because of gravity and you can get sucked in and black holes...which kills you unfortunately. And they really experiment with all of those details. I won't give away too many details, because all I would be doing is describing levels and giving out spoilers, but all I can say is that Nintendo will give you really new and creative obstacles that you couldn't pull from the top of your head. And I'm not only talking about gravity. ;)

While they didn't put the red coin hunt in this game, they have little special random modes for this game that are a bit challenging and pretty fun. However, they reduced the amount of stars you get from each level-or galaxy in this case, but with all of the features they added, it almost pays off. They also brought back the fire flowers, pipes, flying, and other new transformations as well.

As for the amount of freedom you have freedom, but not as much as in Super Mario 64. The place where you complete levels, which is the observatory, isn't too large, and if you wish to commit suicide because of that bad day you had at school the other day and wish to take it out on Mario- Nope. That's not going to happen. No enemies try to roam around or kill you or anything, but I understand why Nintendo didn't put that in. You don't really have much to explore and look at in this game except for the levels, but the features will automatically draw you in so much that you won't really be able to complain about it.

Story: 8/10

It's nothing really special. It's the same thing in Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario: Peach invites you somewhere, you go, Bowser shows up, kidnaps her, blows you away somewhere, and you meet a new species of people. However, what really makes it stand out is that it's a lot much more in detail. In Super Mario 64, you just go to a castle and...Peachy is gone. Here however, Bowser flies around his ship and attacks everyone, has a short conversation with Peach, and it sort of seems much more movie like. It also includes a piece of music that very old Mario players will point out and say, "Oh! I know that piece of music! I think that was from… was from Super Mario Bros. 3, right? Yeah! It has to be!" However, the stars and Luma's sort of add a little more to the story line and everything else should sum some of it up, so yeah, it is a little different, but of course we all knew that in the first place.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are pretty amazing! Sure, maybe they're not as good as the 360's or the PS3, but there is always something about the Wii's graphics that always seems to amaze me and drawn in the missing pleasures that others are missing. I think the space and everything else looked beautiful. Just plain beautiful. It also gives you this mystical feeling when you play it at night, but everything is worth something to look at. I especially loved how there would be shinning and sometimes glowing things in the levels. Face it: everyone loves shiny and glowing things. Really, I caught myself staring at the big shinning thing that's supposed to be the sun a lot. It's pretty much like space: Stars, colors, darkness, light, shine, glow, comets, black holes, and everything. And they all looked pretty amazing. Everyone looks pretty much the same, except much more advance with the graphics, and when it comes to watching those cut scenes, you’ll be all like "Wow! *_* “I can't really explain much, but once you see it up close, you'll be pretty amazed.

Long story short: Graphics are pretty amazing. Period. But not as amazing as the graphics on Twilight Princess.

Sound: 9/10

All I can say is to the sound is a big "Whoa!” Really, the sound is orchestrated, and the sound is definitely much clearer, close up, and much more amazing than how it sounded on Super Mario 64. It both included new and old music. Really, when players go into the levels that Bowser's in, and when players hear the music, they'll be all like, "Wow! I remember this from Super Mario 64! But...dang, it sounds a lot better!" But really, everything sounds fantastic and many players who played Mario from the beginning will be familiar with all of the oldies in the game, but in this game, it sounds al lot better when it's orchestrated and in higher quality. Thanks Nintendo! =)

The above part sounds like I would give it a 10, right? Well, there was one thing I was disappointed in: What happened to the sound on the Wii mote? Really, when I played Twilight Princess, I absolutely loved the little sound on the speaker that made everything sound so realistic, and I absolutely couldn't live without it...but what happened to that in Mario? I also remember seeing some Wii trailers where this one girl and boy were listening to the coin effects on the Wii speaker, but I didn't. However, I read some of the reviews here, and they said that the sound on the Wii mote speaker really sounded horrible, but I really didn't hear anything or too much, I'm not too sure, but it's sure not enough to catch your attention. However, the music is great, so deserves a 9, or maybe even a 9.5...but I'll give it a 9 for now.

Controls: 8/10

I don't know if it was the game, my controllers, or me, but it was kind of hard to control it at first. Really, for a while, I decided to take a break from the hard core gaming world and turn into an internet geek, and when I played the Mario game, I felt some kind of blockage in the moving, but it changed soon. However, even if it was just me, it was sort of hard to attack the enemies by flicking the Wii mote since timing sort of counted when it came moving towards the enemy, and like in all Mario games, if you even touch the enemy you'll get hurt. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they shouldn't do this; all I'm just saying is that I had a little trouble at first. Besides, that just makes it more fun and difficult, but pretty soon it all evens down and becomes really fun to kill enemies. Once you get used to the controls, it's really fun. What was a little confusing though is trying to move in the level and collecting those little star bits with your Wii mote. Ok, maybe not too confusing, but when it comes to those levels where you really need to concentrate and collect star bits at the same time, then yes it is. I think this is also the reason why they also made it a two player game where one is Mario and the other is collecting star bits, but there are times where not all of us have buddies to play with, but I can't blame Nintendo there.

That was for how the controllers felt, but for how the controllers were supposed to be controlled, Nintendo was a bit creative. Really, at some points of the game, the controls were sort of like Super Monkey Ball when you have to roll around in a ball which was pretty fun for those parts of the game. Also, you get to use to motion sensor on the Wii mote to kill enemies and the Wii pointer to point and grab stuff and collect star bits, which is cool. The Wii does make a difference in games because of its controls.

Long story short: It's a little awkward at first, but pretty fun once you get all of it down, and Nintendo made a little creativity once again.

Overall: 9/10

This is really a Mario game worth playing. I really think you should buy the game since you would have all this fun with the controls, unlocking new levels and galaxies, grabbing more stars, and much more, and the fun won't last forever if you just rent it. Replay ability is not as high as Super Mario 64, but it should probably be enough.

There were some black holes in the game, but over all, it was another fun and successful Mario game. So kids, what did we learn today?

Never doubt Nintendo. Nintendo will always amaze us and never fail completely. They will always find ways to impress us.

Also, big thanks to Shigeru Myomato. If it weren't for him, we would never know of this game. So what now? Christmas is almost around the corner, and this would be a good gift to give to yourself! If you're one of those people who don't know what they want this year, this game should be in your Christmas list. Trust me, you'll love it!

In the name of Nintendo, Shigeru Myomato, and the Nintendo Wii! Amen!

Date written: 11/19/07

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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