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"Mario Galaxy is truly something special"

Go back to 1997. Super Mario 64 had just come out, and lots of eager Americans sat down on their couches, eager to see their favourite plumber enter the 3D world, and how happy were we to see that the game was practically flawless. It was fun, it was pretty, and most of all, it was Mario. The sensation of experiencing 3D for the first time will probably never be obtained again. Now jump back to 2007. Super Mario Galaxy is here, and the expectations have never been more meet. Super Mario Galaxy gives that feeling we had when we first played Super Mario 64, but it does in completely new, yet nostalgic way. Put it simply, Super Mario Galaxy is truly something special.


Mario is on his way to star festival, a celebration that takes place every 100 years in the Mushroom Kingdom, celebrating when a comet went over the plumber's home land. On his way however, the party is crashed by none other than Bowser, who comes in with a fleet on battleships. Bowser than proceeds to lift Princess Peach's castle out of the sky using enormous chains, and Mario gives chase, only to be blasted out into the black abyss that is space. Mario then wakes up on a strange planet, where he meets up with a new character named Rosalina,who offers her observatory as Mario's gateway to the stars.

Not the best story, but it works, and what else could you expect from a Mario story?


This is where Galaxy truly shines. Like most Mario games, you got your standard moves, you got your triple jumps, your backflip jump, and one of my favorites that has been back is the long jump, which wasn't anywhere to be found in Sunshine, and I thought was a huge dissapointment. However, while all these really cool gymnastic like moves help the gameplay,what really makes Galaxy better than any other Mario game is the way to levels play out to the end. The levels in this game are far more linear than Sunshine or 64, but don't be sad, because these levels are far more fun than both those games combined. Instead of running around a large level, not knowing what the hell do next, you have a level that's seperated indifferent parts, each having their own special task to do before you blast off to the next part, and personally, I feel it's a huge improvement. Not only that, but the new Wii controls are thrown into the mix, but they aren't shoved in your face like most Wii games nowadays. They are suttle, yet a add greatly to the game. For instance, one of Mario's main new moves is called the spin attack, which is performed by simply shaking the Wii remote. You'll be using this constantly throughout the game and it always feels good to use. Also, there are certain galaxies in which you will have to use special Wii controls in order to complete. For example, there is the Rolling Green Galaxy, in which Mario rides atop a glass ball, and you must hold the Wii remote like a flightstick in order to control him, and it feels great and is a ton of fun to control Mario by simply pushing in the way you want to go. These new Wii sensors are fun and make you happy that the Wii is so innovative, instead of making you feel you would rather just have a regular controller to do all these tasks, as is the case with some Wii games. Also, there are over 40 galaxies to play and explore, and 120 stars to collect, not to mention a option to play the whole game through again as Luigi. This game is practically bursting with replay-value, not to mention that the game is so much fun you'll wanna do it all over again anyways. Like all Mario games, there needs to be some kind of hook to the gameplay. In Mario 64, it was 3D, and in Sunshine it was FLUD, the water pack, and in this game, its gravity. Every piece of land just floating out in space in Mario Galaxy has its own gravity, and its a blast just jumping out and seeing how the gravity around him will affect Mario's travel. Sometimes if you just keep jumping around, something really, really cool will happen and you will try as hard as you can to replicate it.You will simply never get tired of the gravity fun in this game, as Galaxy nails the formula right on the head.


If you remember correctly, Super Mario Sunshine was not the best presented game ever made.It had a lame intro movie, some boring and quite annoying tropical music, and a tropical themed look to everything. Galaxy's presentation, however, is simply out of this world. The game's artistic graphics are nothing short of astounding, with fantastic lighting effects everywhere. The art style was clearly worked to perfection in this game, and it really pushes the Wii's hardware. If the fantastic graphics weren't enough, the games soundtrack is absolutely superb. Almost every tune in the game is orchestrated and sounds simply incredible. Each tune is cachy and fits perfectly with every world, and they are so catchy infact, you'll be hard pressed to find yourself not humming some throughout your day. It's that good. Overall, the games presentation is just fantastic.


Super Mario Galaxy is even better than what we all would of dreamed. With absolutely fantastic level design, innovative and fun gameplay, superb presentation, and Mario, of course, the game is nothing short of flawless. Wii owners this the game you have been waiting for. Mario fans thisis the game you have been waiting for. Hell, I don't care who you are, all I care about is making sure as many people as possible play this game, as it is truly astounding.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/26/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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