Review by Thordain0011

"One of the best games you'll find for the Wii"

When I first picked up Super Mario Galaxy, I wondered if this could be the best game for the Wii. Looks like I was right. This adventure is near perfect , a masterpiece, In my mind better than Super Mario 64.
Story: The game begins with Mario attending a festival dedicated to stars. All of the sudden Bowser swoops in and kidnaps the princess. As Mario is trapped in space he gets help from the Lumas, small creatures that look like store chickens. With the help of the Lumas and one Rosalina, Mario begins searching for Peach by finding stars to power a space station that will lead them to Bowser.

Gameplay: If you're wondering how SMG would play on the Wii, prepare to become astonished. Galaxy's controls work to perfection, with the wiimote's controls finding that balance between over-sensitivity and nothingness. Mario has all of his old moves and can use them with ease. Now to the gravity part. Despite having a bit of shaky ground with the whole space thing, SMG works the gravity controls perfectly. There are rare moments where the camera forgets you but for the most part it works well. Combine this with a good co-op mode for those playing with children(not a bad thing), and you have some great gameplay.

Sound: Nintendo overloaded this game with classic tunes which makes me a happy gamer. There are enough classics here along with new music to make this a solid group. Tunes have come in from all across the Mario universe (no pun intended), to make you whistling them as you leave the house each morning.

Graphics: This is easily the best looking game on the Wii, with each of the planets looking stunning and unique. Mario has never looked this good. Still, Nintendo probably should have worked more on the water, as it is featured a fair amount of times and cannot match-up to Sunshine.

Play Time: With 120 stars to find in all, this adventure can take up as many as 15 hours of your time, as you only need 60 stars to beat the game.

In the End: If you're looking for some reason to buy a Wii or you need something new to intrest you for a while, look no further than Super Mario Galaxy, It is without question the Wii game of the Year, and possibly a dark horse Game of the Year.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/26/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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