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"It'sa Mario! In space, on the wii, and rocking it big time!"

Mario has finally debuted in his own 3d game on the Wii, with a style of game that is similar to Sunshine and 64, and it is INCREDIBLE. This game has got plenty of new elements, takes advantage of the Wii remote and nunchuck control system, and has the same good old style that was so enjoyable in the previous 2 mentioned games. There are a few problems here and there, but the pros in this game pretty much rule out all the cons. If you're a Mario or platforming fan, you will definitely enjoy this game, and if you're both... well chances are, you already bought it, and if not, it will be on your most wanted game list.

Story: The plot is basically the basic Mario thing, in a new twist. It plays out like this. Every 100 years, a comet of sorts passes by Marios home planet, and there is a festival to celebrate it. And once again, the 100 years have passed, and the festival is being held, with Mario joining the festivities. This time however, it is raining Space Rock Candy shaped like crystals (star bits), and everyone is collecting them. Mario races off to Peaches castle, only to eventually have the festival crashed by Bowser, who has obtained new weapons and powers. And yes, he proceeds to kidnap Peach AGAIN! Mario races to her rescue, only to be blasted off the castle stone bridge entrance by a koopa wizard, while the castle and Peach are being dragged off into space. Mario wakes up on another planet, and meets the Lumas and their "Mama," Rosalina. She gives Mario a new power to spin and travel through the galaxies, and from there the goal becomes the usual Mario 3d platform thing, Travel through worlds, gather the stars (and newly added GRAND stars), return power to the place the stars were stolen from, and use them to enter new worlds, and get new stars, blah blah blah, until eventually you have enough to find Bowsers secret hiding place, so you can stop his evil plans and rescue Peach. All the while throughout the game, you will also learn about the origins of Rosalina and the Lumas, and rescue the poor toads who were turned crystal by Bowser at the start of the game. The plot features quite a few new characters, as well as some returning old ones, and keeps to Marios orginal theme. But at the same time, it also gives you something new, and fresh to look at and ponder over. Overall, I think it deserves a 10.

Gameplay: Where to start? Well for Marios specific abilities, as usual, you have Marios incredible jumping skills to help you look for stars and get to places and such, and you also have the new ability to spin, which you can use to bash enemies, activate some switches, bash blocks, and travel throughout the universe via Launch Stars, as well as some other things. You can also use the wii remote to point a star shaped cursor on the screen. Pointing this at star bits will pick them up, and you can then shoot them at enemies to stun them, block projectile attacks, and feed hungry Lumas. You can even team up with another person this way, and use two wii remotes to do the cursor. You can also use the cursor to pull Mario toward blue pull stars by pressing A on the said stars. Status wise, you have coins, star bits, and a 3-life count bar. The life bar may seem pretty bad, but there are plenty of coins you can get to replenish lost health, and you can even upgrade the life bar to 6 by collecting a red mushroom, even though it is only for the stage, and can be brought back down to 3 by having 3 hit points left. As for collecting stars, each one has its own mission. Each big stage or galaxy has 3 stars that can be gathered by clearing each mission one by one, as well as some "prankster comet" challenge stars, which require to do a certain thing such as race a fake Mario, beat a boss with one hit point, clear a mission within a time limit, and other such challenges, each comet with its own star for each big galaxy, each one appearing at random. There is also one "hidden" star which can be found in a specific mission by looking around. As for smaller galaxies, these usually have only 1 star, which is usually found by solving a puzzle, or playing a small minigame. Lastly, there are the boss galaxies, in which you will fight Bowser or Bowser Jr. for a Grand Star, which will gain you access to new galaxies. Now going into the game stages themselves, there are basically 3 types of planets that make up galaxies. First there is the "round" planet, which you can run around in one direction and go in a circle. Second there is the "straightfoward" planet, were you just move foward until you find the end. And lastly there are the "gaping hole" planets, which have holes that if you fall through, you will either fall endlessly through space, or get sucked into a black hole into another dimension with no means whatsoever of returning. There are also some unique new power-ups and some old ones that are used in this game, which transform Mario and allow him to bash through enemies, solve puzzles, or move ahead, such as Rainbow Mario, Ice Mario, Fire Mario, Boo Mario, and Bee Mario. There are also a few hidden galaxies that you will need to unlock by collecting stars and star bits, as well as the good old challenge of collecting every star the game has in it. Some of the missions in the game hard, some are easy, and some of them appear at different times. Plenty of things to do, and lots of bonus things to unlock. A perfect 10 if you are looking for endless things to do.

Graphics: Not really much to say other than they are the best of all the Mario games thus far. The game is very pretty, the characters look great, and the special effects are nothing short of awesome. Realistic looking, and yet it still retains the colorful Mario look. Another 10 for Nintendo!

Music: An orchestra playing Mario music? Now that is sweet! There are even some "ho ho hum hums" for Bowser boss fights! This has great music, and it all fits the stages very will. Some of the old Mario music has become a lot more beautiful sounding, and the new tunes are very impressive! 10!

Voice Acting: The same good old Mario voice, nice Peach voice, and the new characters sound very good too! Bowser cannot talk like normal people anymore when he speaks, but his grunts still sound pretty good. I give this a 10!


Story: 10. Pro: New characters, newly mixed famous old plot, and a setting beyond the mushroom kingdom. Nicely put together. Con: Same old look for stars to stop Bowser and rescue the princess thing, just done in a different way. Not really an issue though.

Gameplay: 10. Pro: Many missions, many stars, so many darn things to do an redo, you may be playing the game well until Marios next big thing. Con: Short if you just want to beat the game, and the missions disrupt the pace by being randomly difficult and easy.

Graphics: 10. Pro: Wonderful! Better than any previous Mario game, and still just as colorful! Con: N/A

Music: 10. Pro: New music, old music redone, and an orchestra to boot! Nicely performed, and fits the game perfectly. Con: N/A

Voice Acting: 10. Pro: New and old characters sound great. Con: NO MORE TALKING BOWSER?!

Overall Score and review: This game is one of Nintendos best for the Wii, and Just about all Mario fans will not be disapointed with it. There are a few bad things here and there, but they are barely noticeable, and don't affect the game too much to get in the way. There are plenty of things to get, unlock, and have fun with in the game, and even when you are all done, you will probably want to go back and do everything again. If you own a Wii, you should buy this game as soon as possible, because Mario is simply moving past all competition with it, and you can not go wrong with this game if you love platformers, or Mario games. All in all, a perfect 10, and a must have for any wii owner!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/28/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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