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Reviewed: 11/28/07

I've never been a Mario fan, but this game made me.

As the tagline says, I've never been a Mario fan. Zelda and Sonic always were my favorites. Before New Super Mario Brothers I'd never touched a Mario game. Now I can say for sure I'm a Mario fan. Warning, as this may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

A typical rescue Princess Peach story. On the night of the Star Festival Bowser comes and takes Peach's Castle into space. Mario pursues, but a Kamek blasts Mario for a loop to the Comet Observatory, where Mario meets Rosalina, who tells Mario that to save Peach the observatory needs it's Power Stars back that Bowser stole. Along the way, Mario will get help from Star Children called Lumas, the Toad Brigade, and even Luigi, who you can eventually unlock!

The controls are fairly simple. Use the Analog Stick on the Nunchuck to move, A to jump, Z to crouch, C to look first person. Use B to shoot a Star Bit where you are pointing your Wiimote, and shake the Wiimote or Nunchunk to spin.

The gameplay is simple amazing. You start in the Comet Observatory grounds, and to travel to different Galaxies you must enter domes and use the pull star, then select a Galaxy. Different domes can see different Galaxies, and the more Power Stars you have, the farther out you can go. Each Galaxy has at least one star to obtain. Some Galaxies are like Mario Platforming from 64, but others have you traveling on several different planets with their own gravities. So, you can go upside down on some planets! Mario also uses 3 different types of help stars to travel. The Sling Star, which shoots Mario a short distance, the Pull Star, which pulls Mario towards it with a gravity bubble, and a special Shot Star, which makes Mario fly to a different planet. Sometimes these stars need to be repaired, and to do so 5 Star Pieces must be collected. Star Bits are the little bits of stars that you collect with the Wiimote. They play an important part as Luma food, but other than that serve no purpose. Mario also gets costumes like in older games that give him different abilities, like Bee Mario, which can fly. There are also comets that give some galaxies an extra mission, like collecting 100 Purple Coins or doing a Speed Run.

The graphics in this game are astounding. Everything is bright and colorful. While the level of detail shown by other games isn't present, the game still looks fantastic. Every Galaxy has it's own distinct feel and color, and the Luma look cute.

This game music is simply fantastic. From the cherry sounds of the Honeyhive Galaxy to the serious, determined music of the Dreadnought Galaxy, every Galaxy has it's own great tune. The voice talents, like in other Mario games, only go as far as "It's-a me, Mario!" and often times are just little grunts and "Hello!"'s. This isn't really that much of a problem though.

This game is pretty short. After a weekend or two of playing I had all 120 Stars Mario can collect, and had started on Luigi's story. It's also not very challenging, aside from one or two hard Purple Comets.

Replay Value:
For me, just running around the Observatory Grounds is an adventure in itself. Just visiting other Galaxies is great just to run around and enjoy the view. However, many may find little replay value to the game, after collecting every star.

So, to sum the game up:

-Amazing Gameplay
-Fantastic Music
-Controls are simple and fun

-Little reply value, aside from enjoying running around aimlessly
-To short and not very hard except for a few missions

This game may not be as fast as Sonic, or as long and story-ridden as Zelda, but the gameplay itself will astound any player. Overall, this game gets a 9 out of 10 from me.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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