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"The Best Game On Wii By A Mile"

The Mario series has always been one of Nintendo's biggest areas of interest. It has always been clear that Nintendo don't rush a Mario game, and that they craft every detail of the game that they can to perfection. Super Mario Galaxy is further proof of this. It has been a long 4 or so years since we got to play Super Mario Sunshine, and the Wii has been in dire need of a Mario game to firmly stamp its mark on the gaming community. and boy has it delivered. Best Mario game ever you ask? It's highly likely, ask me in a year! It has the same revolutionary qualities that Super Mario World had, that Super Mario 64 had. This is a game that will stand the test of time and be regarded as a gaming classic, no doubt about it.

Story - 9/10

The age old story of almost every Mario game. All is happy, then Princess Peach gets herself kidnapped by the rogue monster that is Bowser. And Mario, being the true gentleman he is, runs off to rescue her. Thus, the game begins. This game sticks to the Mario tradition more than ever before, which is the only reason this area gets a 9 rather than a 10. A little diversity to the story would be welcome after all these years, but hey, this is an excellent story non-the-less.

Gameplay - 10/10

Absolutely mind blowing. This game is, truly, the next step in the evolution of platform games and, possibly, all games alike. No longer are we held back by 2D, or even 3D limits. Clearly not 4D, but the level design on this game pushes the boundaries more than any other. You will find yourself flying through space, getting a rush off the sense of gravity that you feel. Walking around planetoids, being disorientated but loving it at the same time. Sometimes the planetoids aren't even planetoids; giant robots, rivers that seem to float in space, even asteroid belts. And whilst all this sounds a little too bizarre for a Mario game, you are wrong. This new take on Mario games is both different, but the same at the same time. The new features that are constantly in use are the Pull Stars and the Launch Stars. The Pull Stars are usually a feature that enable you to travel between planetoid and environments, but are often fraught with danger. Launch stars are what send you flying from one planetoid to another, leaving you to admire the view from up high in the atmosphere. Another feature of this game that pops up from time to time are the power-ups. Remember in Super Mario Bros. 3 where you could turn into a boot, or turn into Raccoon Mario? Well this game offers a similar feature to that. Such power-ups include the Bee Mario, Ice Mario, Fire Mario, even a Spring Mario, where you bounce around bizarrely! This is a very welcome addition to the Mario series, and I hope it stays.

Controls - 10/10

Again, beautiful. Absolutely nothing wrong with these controls, but that isn't the reason why this should get a 10. It gets a 10 because it tries to be different and accessible, and succeeds at both with blinding accuracy. ITs also very good for a newcomer to the Wii, or even a newcomer to games; the fact that the Wii allows you to use the remote to interact in such a personal way makes it extremely accessible to anyone, and this is the perfect game to use as an example.

Graphics - 10/10

The best graphics on Wii. Personally, graphics aren't a huge factor in deciding whether a game is good or not to me, but for others it is vital. These graphics are sublime, simple as that. THe colours are so vibrant, it makes the whole experience just that little bit more special. Everything is very shiny, and it is clear that Nintendo wanted to send out a message with this game. The message being that, despite the Wii not being linked with having as good graphics as other consoles, it can still deliver a breathtaking punch.

Sound - 10/10

As a musician, I am more attracted to the sound and music of a game than anything else, sometimes even the gameplay. So it was a great suprise to me when I played this game. The fact that they included a lot of "old school" Mario tunes on this game is incredible, and I found myself singing along to every single tune, even though it years since I have played, for example, Super Mario Bros. 3. Retro fans and new fans alike will adore the music on this game.


This is such a great game, that you, your parents, and your grandparents should all be playing this game. Gaming perfection, thank you Nintendo!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/07/07

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (EU, 11/16/07)

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