Review by brian88420

Reviewed: 12/10/07

Next Gen Platforming at its Best

Story- It is nothing new really, your typical 'the Princess gets kidnapped by Bowser and you have to save her', but this is the way Mario was meant to be and should always be in my book. The gameplay and beautiful universe make this game not the story. There is a little side story that you unlock through-out the game in the form of a storybook but I won't give any spoilers about it, just play through the game and enjoy.

Gameplay- This is what the Mario franchise is all about, the amazing gameplay. You go through and collect stars by completing tasks on different planets; more planets unlock as you get more stars. It is 3D platforming at its best, you go through planets that have different gravities allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the world exploring the tops and bottoms of planets, it really makes the different tasks given to you a blast to complete. The platforming aspects of the game are top notch, every single task I performed to get a star I had fun with whether it was easy or hard. Each and every boss fight was unique in its own way and made you think to figure out how you were going to take this baddy down. The power ups in this game are also very fun to use and add more depth, Mario turns into such things as a bee (my favorite) and a spring among other things that I will let you figure out on your own.

Controls- The controls feel great; for once the use of the Wiimote doesn't seem like a gimmick. I don't usually play the Wii but I picked this up and was able to learn the controls and get precise with them quickly, the hardest thing to learn was controlling Mario on the bottoms of planets but it wasn't that bad and I got used to it quick enough. After playing this I am looking forward to more platformers on the Wii, but I do have high expectations for the controls of Wii games now.

Graphics/Music- As far as graphics go I think this really shows us what the Wii is capable of, the cartoon graphics are amazing and fit the Mario franchise perfectly. The planets earlier in the game are at the very least awesome but later on in the game the planets seem a little thrown together, but with how many there are you can't complain. The music has some older tunes along with some new stuff, my favorite part was the music they put in their from previous Mario titles, great nostalgia.

Length/Replayability- If you just rush through and get the easiest 60 stars possible you can defeat the final boss in a couple of days on a rental. But if you want to get all the stars as Mario it will definitely take you a lot longer because there are some really tricky ones. There is also a pretty big unlockable for this game that I don't want to ruin it, I will just say if you want to do everything in this game you will definitely be putting some hours into it. The co-op is also fun to mess around with but it does feel a little tacked on.

Conclusion- This is my favorite Mario game since Super Mario World. I would recommend this as a game to buy to old Mario fans, and people new to the franchise. It is next-gen platforming at its best.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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