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"The best game yet."

Mario. Almost everyone loves Mario. Donkey Kong to Super Mario 64 were some of the greatest games ever, and cemented Mario's place in history as one if not the best video game series' ever. However, Super Mario Sunshine, while still a good game, was considered by most to be a disappointment. At E3 2006, the newest Mario game was unveiled for the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy had incredibly positive previews and immediately became part of all gamers wish lists. It's 1.5 years after its unveiling, does Super Mario Galaxy live up to the hype?

Graphics: 10/10
Simply sublime. The game simmers like a next-gen game should. All of the environments and characters are very detailed, and the animations are great too. But the part of the graphics that really shines is the art found in the game. Everything is just so colorful and beautiful and gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Definitely the best looking Wii game.

Sound: 10/10
Despite the complete lack of voice acting, sound is the strongest point in SMG and is possibly stronger than any other video game. The soundtrack is a mix of new and old. The new songs are some of Mario's best, extremely epic, beautiful, and simply great to listen to. All of the music is orchestrated in SMG, and you can really tell. Everything just sounds so high quality and good, especially the old songs returning from previous games. Possibly the greatest soundtrack ever.

Gameplay: 10/10
The most important part of the game, SMG is similar to Super Mario 64, but with many changes and improvements. The most noticeable change are the levels. Instead of being areas of land, they're small planets in space. You can move all the way around these planets which makes for more interesting platforming. The level design is superb like all Mario games. The focus is on platforming as opposed to the large amounts of exploration found in 64 and Sunshine. The platforming is simply better than all games before it, and the variety of platforming and levels is incredible.

The controls are similar to SM64. You have your jump, duck, and camera buttons like in SM64. There are a couple of big differences, however. The Wii-mote is used to pick up star bits (which can be used to stun enemies or as currency), and to unleash Mario's spin attack. The biggest improvement in the controls is the camera. It is near perfect, and almost never needs to be manually controlled. This greatly improves the gameplay as the biggest flaw in previous 3D Mario games was the camera. Overall, the controls are just how you'd want them to be.

The mission design of SMG is better than SM64 and leaps and bounds better than SMS. Most of the boring coin collection missions have been removed, and most of the ones that remain, the Purple Coin Challenges, now have time limits and or linear structures to make them much more interesting. There are some of clever mini-games thrown in with the standard levels that use the Wii-mote to surf, roll, and fly in a bubble. While short, these mini-games provide a nice change of pace and help complete the game.

I have never played a game that seems so flawless as SMG does. You can try to nick pick and find nothing. Everything in the gameplay is executed near perfectly. The controls, the level design, the pacing all of it feels exactly as it should. You almost never get frustrated, even though some parts are difficult, you just enjoy almost every part of the gameplay.

Value: 10/10
Super Mario Galaxy isn't the longest game in the world to complete with minimum percentage. However, to complete everything takes 40-45 hours, and the replay value is extremely high.

SMG is the best game I've ever played , period. The game isn't extremely innovative like some of the other instant classics like Metroid Prime or Super Mario 64, but it takes a great established formula and takes everything to the next level. Everything is just amazing. I cannot say anymore.

Pros: Perfect controls and camera, best level design ever, best looking Wii game, one of the best soundtracks in gaming, extremely high replay value, great bosses, much improved mission design.

Cons: None


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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