Review by Oblivion_Wind

Reviewed: 01/23/08

Without a Doubt, the Best Wii Game Out So Far!

Super Mario Galaxy came as a sequel to the popular Super Mario 64. While it was believed to be a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, this game is more of a sequel to Super Mario 64. There is no other way to describe this game. It is flawless. It is such a freaken awesome game that it is proudly named a Mario game.

Yes, the story is a little repetitive, but they did a good job with it. The Mushroom Kingdom is celebrating the star festival. Just as Mario arrives, Bowser shows up and kidnaps Peach and her castle and takes it to the center of the universe. Mario is then found at an area with six observatories that contain the stars that Mario has to look for. There is also a side story for a character in the game called Princess Roselina. It isn't necessary to read, but it is still interesting to read.


My gosh, the controls for this game are so easy to use and flow nicely. You play this game with the Wii Mote and Nunchuck. The nunchuck moves Mario, and the Wii Mote performs all of Mario's jumps and crazy moves from the N64 version. There really isn't much to say on the controls other than that they are easy and make gameplay fun.


This game has really great graphics. The 3-D space graphics are awesome, and the level design is great. Each level is designed differently even though it is space-themed. Still, each world is completely original and done beautifully. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the game's graphics.


The Gameplay is where Super Mario Galaxy wins the most. This game has the same objective as the N64 version. You must play through each of the galaxies and collect Power Stars to proceed through the game and unlock new galaxies. The game has adequate difficulty, but it isn't so ridiculously easy that you can breeze through it so easily. The game has its little challenge phases. Also, you only need 60 stars to beat the game, but most people will probably go for all 120. Once you get all 120 stars, you can play through the game again as another character. This game will give you about 20-30+ hours of gameplay easily.


Replay Value
This game has very high replay value. They feature a second playthrough of the game as a different character once you collect all 120 stars. The two quests like that alone will give you about 30 hours+ total. Also, this game is so fun that you'll find yourself putting it in the Wii and playing it more than once.


Rent or Buy?
This is a hands down no brainer. You should definitely buy this game. It is, perhaps, the greatest Wii game out so far. It is fun, enjoyable, and has great everything. I'm telling you, buy the game already. You'll love it. I bet you that, even if you aren't a Mario fan, you will become one after playing this game.

This game, hands down, gets a definite 10 from me. Everything was perfect, and this game was flawless. You will no doubt love the genius aspects that come from this one of a kind game. This game surely doesn't disappoint those who play it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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