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Reviewed: 02/04/08 | Updated: 02/19/09

Mario, you need some new ideas

Mario has been like the leading franchise for several years now. But we must realize Mario is getting too repetitive and old, and it is shown in this game. If you want a 3D Mario game, play Mario 64 (the original) or the DS version remake, or even Sunshine (it was not that great, but at least it had new ideas). This game would have been more fun if it came out before Mario 64 or Sunshine. However, this is not the case, and because it came out afterwards, and it has glaring repetition to the 3D Mario platformers before it.

Story: 6/10
Ok, this is just getting old. Bowser has captured Princess Peach (yes, it happened again). Now Mario must stop Bowser and put an end to his evil plan, collect stars again (how original), and save the princess. Not only is this so repetitive, do you actually know how great Nintendo is at making one of their characters completely helpless? That’s Peach for you. She gets captured again, and must be saved (hard to believe she even has her own adventure game, but that’s besides the point). The story is too repetitive, and the boss battles with Bowser will remind you much of the good old days on the N64 (except with Gravity, but other than that, they are basically the same). Mario 64 has more meaning since it was the original, this is just a newer game of that one with some lost luster. Sure the bee suit is new (and I admit that was fun), but it is used sparingly throughout the game, and the game isn’t based on “Bee Mario”. Many of the levels look very similar to those of Mario 64, and while they were beautiful, they did not attract me to them, because of the repetition. The planets were probably the best addition to the levels because they were new and fresh, but still, they did not account enough for what the terrain looked like, so close to previous Mario games.

Gameplay: 8/10
Can’t argue here, the gameplay is good, but not the best. Mario plays just like in any other 3D game, the thing is the wii controller isn’t the easiest thing to use. If a gamecube controller could be used, I would prefer that. I was never a huge fan of the wii controller, as it makes gaming more complicated. This game was not that bad with controls, but it was not easy to control at times. The gameplay could be boosted with the use of a gamecube controller. Other than that, Mario plays well; it’s just hard to always connect the wii controller to Mario’s moves.

Music: 9/10
The music is fine. I never really noticed it working into the game, but it did not distract me, so it was fine. Also, you could collect musical notes in a correct order and hear a classical song from them. Nothing wrong here, the music is fine, but it’s not enough to make the game a great one.

Graphics: 10/10
This is by far where the game excels the most. The graphics are the greatest I have ever seen on a Nintendo game. The lush environments do lure you to play the game, but unfortunately, it does not last if you get bored. The star chips bounce magically on the level in front of you, and they just add some pretty colors to the game. The planets look amazing, as do many of the enemies and the landscape. These graphics are the best of Nintendo’s prime- I don’t think they will be beaten any time soon.

Replay Value: 6/10
This game has too much originality, and lacks newer concepts to Mario’s games. It may be fun at first, but it does not have much to play for (except Luigi). And even if you do get Luigi, you have to bore yourself playing the game over again (how repetitive). Other than that, get all the stars, and then see if the game is fun to play. It is too much like Mario 64 and Sunshine that it does not have much to replay the game for. If you have fun constantly jumping on goombas, then you do that, but I’ll play this game once (and maybe not even that long) and get bored.

Overall: 6/10
Nintendo shocked us with the graphics, music, and the gameplay. However, this did not account for how boring the game was to play through. I’ve said this the whole time and will say it again, it is too repetitive to other Mario games. I don’t own a Wii, but I have played this game at my cousin’s house with mediocre interest. I am amazed to see so many 9 and 10s for this game, and while much of it is no doubt a great game, look deeper into it and see it’s repetition. If you want this game, rent it first. However, if you are a die hard Mario fan, this game is for you. I’ll pass though, I for one do not dislike the game, I just did not enjoy it’s lack of fresh storylines, levels, and gameplay. We must realize Nintendo is going to keep on doing this: Mario Party 8, and a new sports game for every generation. It’s all for money. Please look deeper into the game and realize that these games are not much different to their predecessors. Nintendo is probably laughing with shades of money in their hands. Anyway, I did not enjoy this game very much; I’d rather play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (which offers replayability and an awesome adventure) any day. Oh, and by the way, the gravity affects were implemented in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle before Super Mario Galaxy.

This game would traditionally earn an 8, but because it bored me to play through it's repetitive missions, and wasn't that fun, I give it a 6. Great music, graphics, but bad story and execution of the game and making it fun. Mario needs a new direction.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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