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"Enter the Cosmos!"

Yet another long-awaited Mario game has arrived for the Wii! This time, Mario is hurled into space in search of Princess Peach, who has yet again been kidnapped by the evil King Koopa. In the cosmos outside the earthly mushroom realm, you meet a strange and mysterious woman named Rosalina, who claims to be the keeper of the stars, as well as several star-like creatures named Lumas populating the areas you travel to. There are also Star Bits you can collect; tiny, colorful pieces edible to Lumas that unlock certain places in space depending on how many you can collect and feed to the "hungry Lumas". Now, to the main factors...

Plot: 9/10
As I stated, Mario flies around the universe collecting stars in order to fly to the center of the universe to rescue his special one and thwart Bowser. Pretty basic. However, there is a side-story told in the game that can be read through unlocking stars. It tells of the story of Rosalina as a young girl, and how she flew into space to find a Luma's mother and created the Comet Observatory. I found this as a strange way to tell a story, especially since it never helped when playing. It just... existed. There could have also been many different ways to explain this story other than reading it through a child's storybook, but it was a good story nonetheless, if not a bit pointless.

Gameplay: 10/10
Super Mario Galaxy is pretty much the equivalent to happiness in a disk. You never really stop having fun, and there's always something new and interesting to explore and do. You can choose from six different galaxies each in seven different areas in space, as well as exploring hidden ones by meeting certain requirements. There's always a secret behind every unturned stone, and everywhere you go unfolds an amazing and unique world for you to wander about to your pleasure. With the Wii's controls, this doubles the fun of SMG's gameplay experience. Plus, a co-op mode was added, where a partner playing as Luigi teams up with you as you soar through space and help each other in the game! Really, this section if what makes this game a definitive Wii must-have.

Controls: 10/10
With the Wii's brand new, innovative controls, Super Mario Galaxy gives you a whole new way of playing! Walking around with the Nunchuck is pretty basic, but with the remote, a whole new door of opportunities unlock in front of your eyes- Spinning through Star Portals, collecting Star Bits, soaring across the galaxy, diving under water... Mario's actions are under your command! Though it may be disorienting at first when launched into space for the first time, it only adds to the greatness Nintendo has put into this game. The possibilities are endless... Super Mario Galaxy will unload hours of fun with simply a Wii Remote and Nunchuck in your hand!

Music: 10/10
Finally, some new Mario medleys! As you travel through each galaxy, you'll be welcomed with new, upbeat tunes that match each setting of the galaxies. For instance, be prepared for the dreary and spooky sounds of the Haunted Galaxy, and feel the wind fly past your face as you listen to the adventurous and victorious tune in Gusty Galaxy. Each theme is catchy and enjoyable to listen to, which is a definite plus for this game. On a sidenote, I must say that the Comet Observatory theme is absolutely marvelous. The music was brilliantly performed, and is extremely beautiful and matches the wondrous setting of the area, which is why SMG's music deserves a full 10/10.

Graphics: 10/10
The Wii is at its finest! Uncover each new world and discover the beauty and wonder of every galaxy you take a visit to. Each galaxy is detailed and perfectly proportioned, filled with new creatures and items that makes this over all game magical and simply stupendous. Bright, colorful settings match the beats of the music, and the vast worlds are always leading you to new things to discover. But not just the overworlds. Every character you meet is finely detailed, each having their own personalities and different features, rounding this game into a unique and intriguing game for the Wii. I personally am a definite skeptic on graphics, and Nintendo has simply blown me away where I feel almost ashamed to be looking at the amazing places and people they created.

Play-Time Experience/Replay Value: 10/10
Once you beat the game, you'll definitely want more! Don't worry; your gaming needs will be satisfied when you see there are five other adventures you can replay over and over for the ultimate galaxy experience! Not only that, but if you collect 121 stars, Luigi will be playable under your command as well! This game gives off bundles of joy when playing, something that is most valuable in the game. Once the game is over, you'll want to be playing over and over again, marveling at its greatness, which is why replay value and play time experience gets a full 10.

Over all: 10/10
Superb. Awesome. Ingenious. Wonderful. Amazing. Outstanding. Excellent. A definite 9,000 on the Wow Factor. There are just not enough words to describe Super Mario galaxy in one piece. I think I've generally explained what SMG is all about, so there is no need to further induce the awesomeness of the game. But alas, words are still not enough; trust me- you'll have to play it to believe it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/04/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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