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"Epic, Beautiful, Mesmerizing, These things never described a Mario game...until now..."

Truth be told, when I got the Wii, for some odd reason this game was not even a blip on the ole' radar screen here, I wasn't even thinking of getting it until a Gamestop employee encouraged me to reserve it. I did so, and in due time, I paid off the price tag well before the game's release. Boy am I ever glad I did, this hands down has to be not only one of the best games on the Wii, but also one of the most enjoyable games I've played in years.

Everything about it stylistically is beautiful, and it is pulled off with tremendous aplomb. The game is not just a joy to look at, but also a joy to play due to it's simplicity. There is only one minor, niggling flaw, and I can easily over look that. Simply put, Nintendo reminded me why it is that I keep coming back to their products again and again with this game.

Graphics: 10/10

Not too many titles make me say "Wow!" the moment I put them in, but this one did. Simply put, this game looks downright gorgeous, and shows off what the Wii is really capable of. When I first started playing the game, I noticed that everything was colorful and bright like a Mario game should be, but I also noticed the textures of the levels themselves. If I could describe it, it'd be like a patchwork quilt in some cases. Colorful, vibrant, and beautiful.

Stylistically, all the bells and whistles are there, you'd almost find it hard to believe that this is a Wii game. I mean come on, the Wii is supposed to be the weakest of the three consoles, and yet it has proven that it still has the horsepower to harness a truly beautiful game in every aspect.

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Nintendo must've had simplicity in their minds when thinking of this game. Nothing wrong with that at all I says, while you can't do some of the moves you could do in Mario 64, or Mario Sunshine, honestly, I don't believe they're needed here. The controls are really easy to get into, and heck, Nintendo even set up a tutorial level so that way one could get the idea of how they work.

Obviously, you're going to need the Wiimote+Nunchuk combo in order to work this game, and believe me, it's well worth the effort. You use the analog stick on the Nunchuk to move around, and hit C to squat, A on the Wiimote to jump, flick it in order to do a spin attack, or use the Star Gate to transport to the next segment of a level, and you also use it as a pointer as well to grab on to Star Bits, there are more tricks that you can do with this combo that I can describe here, it sounds complex, but in reality, it's not. Once you get used to things, it's all easy street.

The ".5" deduction is simply because of the game's one niggling flaw, the camera, which at times can be poorly angled for platforming. This does affect the gameplay some, as it can be frustrating in many cases.

Soundtrack: 10/10

One would never think in a million years that a fully orchestrated score would be accompanying a Mario game, eh? I was definitely not expecting this when I got the game, so imagine my surprise when upon entering the first level, a beautiful, sweeping, orchestrated melody greeted my speakers, and my ears.

It only got better from there, in some levels, you hear songs that are quiet, soothing and pleasant to listen to, and in others, epic, beautiful, mesmerizing stuff that you'd expect to find in a Star Wars movie. Either way, this is a total winner of a soundtrack. Trust me, when you get to the level known as the "Battlerock Galaxy", be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor.

Believe me when I say this, Galaxy's soundtrack is downright incredible. Beautiful, epic, sweeping and mesmerizing are the first words that come to mind for me. Not to mention, haunting, and in some cases tear-jerking. Hands down one of the best soundtracks I've heard since Dragon Quest VIII and Shadow of the Colossus.

I've even used the soundtrack as a selling point to parents who were on the fringe when it came to buying the game. I said "Flat out, you'll want to stop playing for a while, and just let the music soak into you, it is that beautiful." Thanks to that, a few more copies of the game were sold.

Overall: 10/10

This game deserves a 10, Nintendo really, really outdid themselves with this title. The love, care, and devotion to their product shows. From the jaw-dropping graphics, to the simplistic yet elegant gameplay, and the best part, the epic and beautiful soundtrack, you can tell Nintendo cares about their games.

In spite of the camera angle flaws, the brilliance shines through here, so brightly that you might be blinded by the light. Wii owners, you all owe it to yourselves to pick this game up. It is one of the best platformers of this generation, and probably will be for many years to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/08/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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