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"Mario is back and better than ever."

Ever since Mario was first fully rendered in 3D back in Super Mario 64, people have been waited for its true sequel. Yes, there was Super Mario Sunshine, but to most people, that just didn't cut the cake. The lack of long jump and the addition of a very annoying and talkative water backpack just didn't bring back the happiness I experienced when I first played Super Mario 64. However, after playing Galaxy, I think we may have received something even greater than the original 3D Mario game.

Graphics and Design
The level designs and environments in this game are absolutely gorgeous. Nintendo really outdid themselves when dreaming up this game. Sometimes I would stop playing for a minute just to absorb the sheer beauty of the game. Also, these are definitely some of the best graphics on the wii. It's one of the few wii games that you don't say, "Well, it's got good graphics..for the wii." Instead, you say, "It's got good graphics." Period. It truly is a great game to look at.
Graphics and Design: 10/10

The story is meh. It's the same old Mario story, rinsed and repeated again. Nothing special. Bowser kidnaps princess. Mario goes to rescue princess. Mario beats Bowser several times (this time he beats Bowser Jr. as well). Then princess is saved. Ya, nothing too special. However, they do introduce a new character, Roselina, a space princess who owns the space station you fly around on (the hub). As you play through the game, you unlock more of her story. However, the story is boring and more of a hassle to watch. It was pretty useless if you ask me. At least they're trying.
Story: 5/10

Music and Sound
The music and sound in this game are absolutely amazing. Mario's classic tracks have been completely redone and orchestrated. All the music in the game was recorded by an orchestra making for beautiful and memorable tracks throughout the entire game. Sound effects also work perfectly, as usual. They haven't changed much, but still leave the same effect.
Music and Sound: 10/10

Ah, yes, the part everyone cares about: Gameplay. The gameplay in this game is absolutely incredible, although you probably already knew I would say that based on the rest of the review. For some reason, I was not hyped about this game at all. I saw a picture of Mario in a bee outfit and that's when I figured it would be another semi-decent 3D Mario game, maybe about as good as Sunshine. I could not have been more wrong. My friend went to buy the game a week after it was out and I told him to pick me up a copy. As soon as I started playing it, I was totally hooked. I think I played eight hours straight the first day I had it and only stopped because I had stuff I had to do. The next day wasn't much different. I simply could not stop playing it. Level after level, goal after goal, I enjoyed every bit of it. The game was so creative, so addictive, I simply could not put the wiimote down. I love the use of gravity in this game. At moments, I would find myself completely disoriented. That isn't a bad thing, quite the contrary actually. The mind-bending gravity in the game is part of what made it great. The story itself is pretty easy to beat, I don't recall exactly how long it took me. However, the story, as in most Mario games (save, perhaps, for SMRPG and the other Mario RPGs), is not what makes the game fun. You beat the game after collecting a mere 60 stars, leaving the second half of them for you to collect after Bowser is beat. I spent hours upon hours getting them all and had a great time doing it. That isn't to say all the goals are easy. The comets bring very challenging goals. Some of those purple coin goals just made me wanna explode. Of course I played the goal until it was beat, but I considered quitting at times. Also, the control scheme works perfectly in this game. I thought the spin move Mario uses in this game was much more effective than punching and jerking the wiimote to do so felt fine. Also, collecting star bits via the wiimote worked great as well. The only disappointment I had with the controls was the lack of the dive. However, the long jump was brought back which, in my opinion, is much more important anyways. Oh, ya, about star bits. They are mostly used to bribe the Lumas (star-like creatures that live on the space station) to give you levels or help with goals. You can shoot them at enemies, but I do not even remember more than maybe one or two instances where this was more effective than attacking them with any other method. Overall, the gameplay is perfect enough to warrant a ten for this section.
Gameplay: 10/10

As expected, there was no real multiplayer in this game. I think it would be cool to have Mario and Luigi be able to run around at the same time, each controlled by two different people, but this would be pretty difficult to implement effectively. However, a second person can join in at any time and collect star bits with the wiimote as well as help with jumping. It is a nice addition, although the game wouldn't lose much without it. However, since there is no true multiplayer, this section gets an average score.
Multiplayer: 7/10

I kept coming back for more with this game until I beat the game to death. I played for so many hours and not once do I regret it. This game truly was an experience worth experiencing. I still go back to it every now and then just to run around and play with the gravity or to replay fun goals. This is definitely a solid entry in the series.
Replayability: 10/10

Closing Comments
Super Mario Galaxy is a game that everyone with a Wii must play. Do not even think about it. Go out right now and get this game. It is by far better than every game on the Wii right now, I'd say even better than Brawl, but that's just me. I honestly can't remember enjoying a game this much for quite some time. I have always said a game should only get a 10/10 if there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Although I pointed out a few minor things, I don't even think I would've enjoyed this game much more at all because I simply couldn't love it more than I already do it seems. That is why this game received the score it did.

-Great, orchestrated music, new and old.
-3D Mario play that brings back hours spent on Super Mario 64.
-Amazing gameplay with very fun game mechanics.
-Very appealing graphics that push the Wii to its limits.
-High replayability that keeps you coming back for more.
-No more annoying water backpack.
-Same old Mario story, rehashed yet again.
-Little improvement on multiplayer.

Overall Score: 10/10 (not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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