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"Super Mario Galaxy, A Revolutionary Game!"

Super Mario Galaxy, in my eyes a revolutionary Wii game. It had many unique features, and even a surprise at the end of the game. This is my review of Super Mario Galaxy. Hi, I'm Game_Reviewer, and this is Video Game Reviews.

Visuals - 9
I give the visuals a 9.
The game had the same "feel" or environment as the Super Mario 64 game, however, they drasticaly increased the details put into characters, stages, and objects. The cinematic scenes are exactly the same in the way of graphics, but they had more unique models or objects in the cinematics. For instance, in the final scene with the comet, that is the only scene like it in the entire game. The process of moving from world to world was pretty good graphics, yet they could be a bit better, like instead of just showing you entering a round world, give players the choice to go into Mario's view, or even right behind Mario while entering the atmosphere. Other than those flaws, the graphics were very well done, even though Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, and any other people that were also in Super Smash Brothers Brawl weren't as detailed as in Brawl.

Sound and Music - 6.5
I give the sound and music a 6.5.
The sounds were pretty good, the voices and the fact that whenever you talk to somebody, they make vocal sounds, was actualy a big step up from any other Mario game...however the music wasn't as good. Some music such as the Cosmic Mario Race had fitting music, however, some, like the Honyhive Galaxy, had very unfitting music. That music REALLY (sarcasm) wanted to make me fight some bad guys...anyway, the music is the reason I rated it 6.5, if I was just rating the sounds, they'd be an 8. Other than the unfitting music, they were good scores. I'm not saying I didn't like the music, it's just that some music to highten the fighting mood would be a little nice.

Gameplay - 8.5
I give the gameplay an 8.5
Gameplay was easy to learn and had a very interesting storyline. This is one game where you couldn't button mash and you wouldn't win. This game requires the skill of gamers, yet is also for people who like the Mario series. It is this reason that I recommend this game for persons over the age of 10, unless the person is an experienced gamer. Also, the style of the worlds was very interesting to me. The idea of being able to walk off the edge, and still survive gave me the feel of it is actualy being pretty realistic, for if Mario were truley in space, this would be a posibility, despite the fact that he would be floating the whole time. There is a surprise at the end, you get to play as Luigi as soon as you collect every star, making fans of "New Super Mario Bros" or "Super Mario DS" go crazy!

Controls - Perfect 10
I give the controls a perfect 10
The use of the nunchuck's analog stick to move was a good idea, along with the usual controls from Super Mario 64, ported, or converted, onto the Nunchuck/Wiimote Combo, making some fanboys and fangirls go crazy, and also making it easy for the classic Mario fans. It is this reason that I recommend this game for persons over the age of 7, for the easy controls. This game's controls can easily be mastered by a person with any previous video game experience.

ETT (Estimated Time Taken)
The estimated time taken to complete Super Mario Galaxy is about 9-12 hours, and that is saying you just have enough stars too defeat Bowser and save Peach. However, if you try to complete the game by collecting every star and completing everything (INCLUDING defeating Bowser as Luigi) if would take about 14-16 hours. The difficulty of some bosses, however make it very difficult to do a speed run, and can also make the total gameplay be around 20-24 hours.

Replayability - 8
I give the Replayability an 8.
This game has many slots to start a new game on. Each planet or "save slot" can be used with a Mii or a character from Mario, to replace the planet with their face, Making the replayability very easy and fun to do. However, like in Chain of Memories, if you have a particular scene you like, play to that point, save, then start a new game on a different planet.

Difficulty - Moderate
I give the difficulty a moderate.
The levels are fairly easy, however alot of bosses take alot of strategy to learn to deafeat. Especialy the final boss, Bowser, which has 3 different stages and takes a fairly decent amount of skill and brain power to figure out how to defeat. I know it took me 4 tries before figuring it out.

Enjoy-Ability - 8.5
I give the Ability to Enjoy the game an 8.5.
The game is very easy to enjoy, especialy due to the unique gameplay and easy controls, however, it is rather difficult to enjoy the game thanks to the songs. The added extra of being able to plat as Luigi also gives the game some credit for enjoyability. The whole difficult boss thing can take some enjoyability down for it can get very frustrating to some players, however, the gameplay and controls once again take it back up.

Overall Rating/Review

Overall I give this game a 9/10.
I would say this this game can be very enjoyable, and has an amazing story plot. I think that the idea of Mario being shot into outer space is a very good idea, and I am hoping to see a sequal. The only downsides to the game is really the songs. Everything else is amazing and very enjoyable. They could have made the graphics a little better, but they were still great graphics and alot of the graphic-sticklers who think the graphics make the game thought that the graphics were totaly kick ***.

This has been my review.

Over and out,

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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