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"Super Mario Galaxy-as good as Super Mario 64? Check. Ultimate Platformer? Check. Fun? Check."

Ah, Super Mario Galaxy. Let me start off by saying that this game IS as good as Super Mario 64. It's a revolutionary game. It combines the smooth controls and great level design of Super Mario 64 with new ideas for the franchise, such as gravity. I'll get to more of those later, however. Let's start with the main review, shall we?

What can I say about the story? It's just like any other Mario game, with Bowser kidnapping Peach. But there's a twist this time. The story starts out with a comet. The comet circles the universe, and every 100 years it passes by the Mushroom Kingdom. The comet was brighter than ever this time, and was dropping more star bits and star clumps than ever this time. Peach invited Mario to her castle to celebrate, and with a letter, like in Super Mario 64. It even has voice as well. Mario get there, and sadly, then Bowser and all his goonies decide to crash the party. Bowser has UFOs this time too. Mario goes to save Peach. He gets to the sidewalk of the castle and then out of nowhere, the UFOS start to shoot beams out of themselves, creating a circle around Peach's Castle. Bowser's ships then shoot chains into the ground within the circle. They then fly up. And for this game, they take Peach's Castle with them. Mario, of course is all ready to go into her castle when a Magikoopa appears when they're in space. Mario then gets shot off the castle and into space. He get awakened on a different planet, and I'll leave it at that. I give it a 9 because it still involves Bowser kidnapping Peach.

This is where this game shines. This game emits Xbox 360 graphics. On the Wii. They're that good. Mario is very VERY detailed. He has his standard clothes, but just imagine him on the 360. There ya go. Every character is very detailed. Toads have perfect detail, star bits have perfect detail, and just about EVERYTHING else has perfect detail. I have absolutely no complaints with the graphics. However, the most amazing thing about the graphics is the water. The water is AMAZING. If you went and got a cup of water, shined a flashlight on it at about a 70 degree angle, and turned the lights out, you'd have the graphics for the water in this game. It's that amazing. Needless to say, the graphics get a perfect 10.

The game play is also another perfect point. The game play is very, very smooth. You use the control stick on the nunchuck to move Mario, you use the A button to jump, the B button to shoot star bits, and the D-pad to move the camera. You also shake the Wii Remote or Nunchuck to get Mario to attack.Speaking of star bits, they are a type of currency in the game. You can collect them two ways; one is to walk into them. The second is to move your cursor over them, simply by pointing at them. There is also another point of it: gravity. Gravity plays a MAJOR role in this game. On the first planet, you can long jump off the side of the planet, then get pulled onto the bottom of it. It's just fun to experiment with the gravity as well. The gravity, simplistic controls and the star bit collecting all make the gameplay a perfect 10.

The design is AMAZING. For the first two planets, one is a space theme, and another is a type of bee theme. The first one is a type of demo for the gravity, as you'll be shooting from planet to planet in no time flat. The second one, however is a type of demo for the flat terrain you'll be going through in the game. Both are wonderful places, and they will probably be the first galaxies that you get all 6 stars for. Speaking of stars, there are 120. For each galaxy, there are 6. There are also miniature galaxies which only have one. There are probably 17 or so 6 star galaxies and probably 20 or so 1 star galaxies. The first boss is also very imaginative. It has 3 GIGANTIC legs and then a head, which is where you need to attack him at. There's no way to describe how you feel the first time you beat him. There's a probably 200 or 300 feet tall robot which you defeated. it just makes you feel good. It gets a perfect ten.

It gets a 9.7 only because of the story. But that rounds up to 10, so it gets a ten. This game IS the defining game for Wii, with it's revolutionary gravity engine and the ultra-smooth and good looking graphics, as well as it's simplistic gameplay. If you don't have this game, but you have a Wii, then go buy this game. You'll feel good about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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