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"It's good, but it could've been so much more if it had one thing!"

Well, this is the game that is the supposed “true” successor of the classic N64 title “Super Mario 64”. After all the disappointment from “Super Mario Sunshine” on the Game Cube, this game had incredibly high expectations. Now, for some reason, no one like Mario Sunshine, and I don't know why. That game had some great things in it. The game's challenge was based on plat forming in certain areas, there were some of these puzzle elements that made the game feel fresh, and the game was just fun. Now, they're trying to go back to how Super Mario 64 worked, and I see what they were trying to do, but it lacks things that bring this game up on top of the charts.

Now, the best part about the game is its graphics. The visuals are absolutely stunning in this game. The environments are detailed and colored, and it makes the Wii look like it can pull off some top-notch visuals. After seeing a game like this, you'll have to wonder, 'Why can't most of the other developers pull something off like this?' The game is just absolutely gorgeous.

One of the other better things was the audio in this game. It had some great tunes that gave this game a feel and tone to the game. The music is just simply awesome. You'll find some great remixes of older songs as well as original songs from the game. You'll simply never grow tired of the music.

Now, Nintendo's policy is “Graphics don't make a better game”, but because of this, it poses a lot of irony. You would expect for the game to be completely fun. And while there are some nice things to be enjoyed by the game, it lacks one thing, but I'll get on to that in a second.

First off, I find no problems that detracts the gameplay because of poor design. The camera is actually really good. I really had no problem with the camera in this game. Especially with gravity being a big part of the game, it somehow manages to make it all work. There are times where you have to jump from one gravity platform to another and you'll never find yourself not getting frustrated because it didn't go the way you wanted it to.

When you're not on any spherical planets, you'll find yourself sliding around, jumping on a couple of platforms, and swimming. There are different power ups that all work out too. You can transform into a bee, a ghost, and even a spring. The spring Mario doesn't work out to well, because it's pretty hard to control, but thankfully, there are only rare cases where you have to use this. The bee suit is really cool. You can jump on floating flowers that would usually disappear and you can fly for a limited of time. The ghost suit is rather cool too, making you go through areas you can't usually go. You'll also have the rainbow Mario, where you'll flash with colors and, like the star man, it makes you invincible and deadly. The fire flower is back, but it's only used for a limited of time and only needed to get past certain areas. The ice flower is probably the best out of the bunch, because you can glide on water and wall jump off a water falls, and it can be fun.

Now, there really is no technical problems with the game. The camera works out and all the power ups can be fun. The thing I can't stand is that lack of challenged. This game is just way too easy. I'm going on 80 stars (there's a 120 in total) and I really had no difficulty in challenge at all. There aren't that much puzzles to make you think either, the game just shoves you to your objectives. The game is just way too straight forward. This is why I like Mario Sunshine a lot. The game had puzzles to figure out and some difficult jumps to make, and it was pretty darn fun. Here, just take away most of the challenge in problem solving, make so where we had less plat forming going on, and there we have it, a game for 7 year olds.

I don't know if this was an attempt to appeal to casual gamers more, or it was aiming for younger people. They could've at least made a difficulty system, to where you can switch it to be challenging or easy. But we end with a game that just isn't challenging to make it where it could be a blast to play. Most of the challenge I had was just figuring out where some of the secrets were, but once you found that, it holds your hand to the rest of the things you're suppose to do.

Ok, don't get the wrong impression that I'm saying this game is bad, because it's far from that. There are some intuitive ways this game does things to make it stand out more than ordinary games. There are some fun things in this game like jumping, flying around, and just noticing the little things that make this game stand out, like sliding around on ice or using the less frustrating wall jump. The problem is the lack of challenge in this game.

After all the easiness I went through with all the earlier galaxies though, I found myself enjoying that last few galaxies. And I found myself enjoying them a lot. Most of the stages did have most of the things that did do what made the Mario series good in the first place. There were some platforming challenges and most of the puzzles that were making this game really fun to play. I really wish the game introduce this a little earlier, like in the second section of the game. Then it could gradually grow a long its way. It probably would've been one of the best games in existence, because the last few galaxies in this game were some of the best moments I ever played!

Ok, I heard that this was suppose to be more of a family game for anybody to enjoy, but this was a game long time fans like me were expecting to have what some of the previous games had. Yet, I still see a lot of people enjoying this and I've actually seen the three websites that I usually go to for game review give it Game of the Year. So, it's probably just my opinion, but I really wish the game had more to offer in challenge. The sad thing is, I'm actually, really wanting to give the game a higher score than this. I wanted to give a perfect ten and say it was just that awesome, but I have to be honest. The game is decent, it has qualities that make this game stand out, but if it just offered more for gamers like me, it probably would've gotten a ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/23/08, Updated 12/30/08

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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