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"Space never looked so good"

Mario is back in the next-gen console, and this time he has a few new tricks up his sleeves. This game in itself is superior to almost all of the Wii titles out so far, and it is pretty hard to debate against this game. Space is being approached in an all new way in Super Mario Galaxy, letting you fly, go upside down, and do amazing abilities that gamers everywhere are eager to try out. Here is a break down on what is great about this game and the other things that aren't so great.


Super Mario Galaxy approaches a new style of gameplay that lets each player discover the Universe in an exciting way. From being shot off a sling star to discovering a world you never thought possible, this installment of a fun and innovative Mario game might fill that black hole in your heart. The superb storyline really fits in with the game, and the new abilities that are introduced make you feel like your not on Earth. The length of the game is also very nice, and the 100 coin collection on each area for a secret star from Super Mario Sunshine and earlier Mario installments has been replaced by Prankster Comets, which keep you on your toes and let you think differently about each level.



The new scores introduced in Super Mario Galaxy can not really be described because your mouth will not be able to do anything but hang down at the amazement of the orchestrated music. It is both new, upbeat, and will make you want to replay a level just to hear the music, which will bring a smile to your face. The game also brings back some old style Mario tunes and fixes them up to sound like a brilliantly talented orchestra, which is all you could ever ask for.



The graphics in this game are quite superb and amazing, and it will make you wonder and think about the graphics jump from the gamecube to the Wii. Nothing else to mention here.


This is really where the games flaws all lead to, but they aren't anything too major. The game runs nice and smooth, but unfortunately at times the camera angle can get a bit off and it will not let you see some things that you want to. Sometimes there are only 1 or 2 options on the D-pad to look: most of the time it is just right, left, and forward, but other times it may be just forward. Also, the main problem is the movement in water which will cause some frustration. The basic directional value seems to be a bit flawed, but it is nice that travel underwater is made easier by shells.



Beating Bowser at the center of the universe isn't the end of the game. You need 60 stars to beat the final boss, but you need 120 to officially beat the game. After completing the "final" mission against Bowser, a new chapter of the storybook appears as well as a new Prankster Comet, purple. Also, after you beat the game with 120 stars, you get to do something else which will have you playing this game for a long time more.



This game is amazing, and everyone with a Wii should go out and buy it immediately without a second thought. This is the golden opportunity for a new and stylized type of gameplay that you will not want to miss!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/09

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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