Review by RainbowstarRS

Reviewed: 01/05/09

The Coolest Game ever!!!!!!

This is the first review I've ever written on Gamefaqs, so please be considerate. I've played many Mario games before. Mario and Sonic at the olympic games? Not that great of a game. Mario Party Ds? Meh. Boring. Super Mario Galaxy?! The Best Mario game ever created!!! I got this game last year, and I'm STILL not bored of it yet!!!! Here's what I think of Super Mario Galaxy:

Story: Mario gets an invitation from Princess Peach to the Star festival. Mario rushes over there, sees everyone happy, and then......OOOH NOOO! Bowser shows up and takes Princess Peach,like he did many times before. (Why is Bowser so interested in this girl, anyway?) Mario tries to save her, but he gets blasted into the sky, and lands on a planet with cute fluffy bunnies!! Mario then meets Rosalina, another princess that guards the cosmos. Not only is Peach gone, Rosalina's starship lost it's power! Mario must help Peach and Rosalina! (Mario is soo busy, isn't he?)

In order to save Peach and help Rosalina, Mario must travel to insanely cool galaxies! to get the stars and battle Bowser along th way. With ao many thins to do, this story gets a 10/10!

*Spoilers in some of the sections*
Sound: The sound is amazing! I have never heard anything better! The sounds suit the galaxies. For example, Deep Dark has music that sends a tingle down your spine! Toy time galaxy has such cute little music! The music gets me very excited beacause the soundtracks are sooo good!

Graphics: Oh my Gosh, the graphics in Super Mario galaxy are so good that any other games graphics are not nearly as good! In fact, soo good that it seems real! The water looks real, The flames in Melty Molten Galaxy look very cool! The galaxies have a very sharp look. When you use a launch star, seeing Mario blasting in spae is pretty cool!

Characters: At first, you can only play as Mario, but when you collect all 120 power stars, you unlock someone very special!!!! I'm not telling!

Rent or buy: Definetely buy it! No renting needed!\

Controls: The controls are simple. A to jump, Shake the wii remote to attack, B button to shoot a star bit, and so on. The only thing bad is that shaking the wii remote constantly to attack can hurt your hand, but its not a very huge problem. 9/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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