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"Super Mario Galaxy is Out Of This World!!!"

Super Mario Galaxy was a very fun game for me. It had all the aspects of a typical great title -- innovation mixed with classic gaming, touchy-but-not-too-touchy controls, an intriguing plotline, and aspects that I imagine would have taken months to design -- but there are a lot of things that make this game not-so-typical. Or at least a not-as-typical-as-you-would-expect-from-Nintendo level of typicalness.

The gameplay is the holy grail of video games. Or at least, to me. If I was a teacher, and the game was my student, gameplay would be worth, like, 50% of its final grade. Anyway, the gameplay here, like I said, is innovative and classic at the same time. I know what you're thinking. "Hey, review writer, how can that be possible?" Well, curious gamer, it is! From the brilliant minds who brought you Mario, Zelda, and Samus Aran, comes exactly what you wouldn't expect from those people: GALAXY. Join Mario in his quest to save the cowboys from the Indians -- no wait, Princess Peach from Bowser -- spawning over great lands, this adventure brings the many forms of Mario through Luma-talking, Goomba-bashing, star-spinning adventures. And what do these look like?

Expanding over vast lands and spaces, GALAXY's graphics can only be described as awesome. From Mario gliding through space to Mario sliding on ice, the graphics couldn't be better. Well, I guess technically they could, but what game has perfect graphics? (not an actual question.) The Comet Obserbvatory has never looked better, but that's because it was never in a game before. Same could be said for Lumas, Rosalina... all the new stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, innovation is everywheres to be seen. (no spelling error there.) You know, like the new pointer that shoots and collects Star Bits, Lumas, a plot that connects and doubles back on itself. It's like a big, literate bassoon. Anyway, like I said, innovation is everywhere. Turn a corner, and innovation will be like "Hey, gamer," and you'll be like "Yo, inno'."

SOUND: 8/10
You won't actually hear anyone say that, but you will hear stuff. What do you hear, you ask? Great sounds. Awesome sound effects coming from the Wii Remote might be distorted, but not in this game. Whether you're shooting Star Bits, talking to Rosalina, collecting coins, bashing baddies, jumping and spinning, collecting a 1-Up, or listening to the cute bips of the Lumas, the sound is great.

PLOTLINE: 7.5/10
So, this is the story. I'll try not to give much away, but in the very end of the game... no, I'm just kidding. But pretty much, Bowser goes all Paper Mario again and lifts the castle to the sky, and Mario has to help Rosalina get Stars to power the Observatory, so it can go to the center of the universe which is where the castle is, and you have these little star things called Lumas, and you can spin, and all this will make more sense when you play the game.

You should buy this game. Um... it's awesome. It's a pretty straightforward question. What else do you want?

I did the math, and the average of all these scores here is 8.5, so you can round that to 9. GALAXY, coming soon to a system near you. *WHOOSH SOUND*

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/21/09, Updated 05/15/09

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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