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"The best one so far"

Super Mario Galaxy was released on the Nintendo Wii in November of 2007. It is the third 3-D Mario platformer, however, it feels like the true sequel to the classic Super Mario 64, rather than the somewhat Black Sheep Super Mario Sunshine. This is the best of the bunch.

As you can tell, it is based around space. Since it's a Mario game, I'll tell you the story. Bowser and his army come to invade Princess Peach's castle, and they eventually kidnap her as usual. Their mission is to build an empire in space, so Mario better follow. This all takes place in the midst of a star festival. So, you have the varied level themes again, but in a space setting. Pretty cool.

Luigi is finally featured in a 3-D Mario game. And he's even playable! Once you get all 120 stars as Mario, it's Luigi's turn. There's 242 stars in total. Most of the levels aren't very challenging with some practice, but some will give you some trouble, namely the purple coin missions.

New characters are featured, such as Princess Rosalina, who plays a pretty big role in the storyline. Most of the classic Mario enemies are present as well. Mario's vast moves from Super Mario 64 are back, like the long jump, his flip, and he has an attack as well. A new one. Simply shake that Wii remote for Mario or Luigi to spin in a Crash Bandicoot manner, used to inflict damage on enemies and break objects. New in the game are lumas, or in simple terms characterized, colored stars. Their have a role too, but nothing to cause an impact on the story.

Super Mario 64 featured a lot of races, Super Mario Galaxy has too but not as good actually as the old ones. Still fun however. I liked the huge range of galaxies, over 40 to be exact. Lots are varied, whether it'd be a penguin based beach, or haunted mansion for Luigi. You'll hear a lot of classic Mario music, even little music notes of old remedies.

The graphics are amazing, everything looks great. The eye candy in all the galaxy themes are really a sight to see. Nothing bad to say about the graphics. Music and sound effects are catchy, Koji Kondo never disappoints.

The game just somewhat doesn't have the feel of a 'perfect game'. I mean, don't get me wrong, it is a fantastic game, but it does not give me that warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I play a perfect video game. The observatory in this game does not compare to Super Mario 64's castle, but I guess that's why that game is a classic and this one is not.

You might wanna play through the game a couple of times. But with no challenge factor, you'll eventually put it down pretty quickly. It's great though while it lasts.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/12/09

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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